How to watch Gremlins: Secrets of Mogwai from Canada? watch it on HBO (Tested)

watch Gremlins: Secrets of Mogwai on HBO from Canada?

Remember the creepy green creatures with evil eyes that plagued your nightmares as a child? Well, the fuzzy yet deadly critters are getting their own animated series with Gremlins: Secrets of Mogwai. Based on the cult-favorite black comedy from the 80s, the television show is heading to HBO Max on May 23, 2023. 

Here is what we know about Gremlins: Secrets of Mogwai and where to watch it in Canada.

How to watch Gremlins: Secrets of Mogwai on HBO from Canada?

Gremlins: Secrets of Mogwai is an upcoming American show set to premiere on HBO Max this month. If you reside in Canada, get a reliable VPN to unblock HBO and watch all episodes of Gremlins: Secrets of Mogwai in Canada on HBO Max.

Here are the steps you need to follow.

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6- Enjoy

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How to get an HBO Max account in Canada?

HBO Max is expanding its reach, but the streaming service is yet to reach Canada. But that does not mean you can not have an HBO Max account from Canada! Follow these steps to get one:

  1. Buy ExpressVPN for HBO Max (12+3 month free special deal)
  2. Download the VPN app on your device of choice (PC, Mobile, or Smart TV)
  3. Connect to a¬†US server¬†from the list (USA ‚Äď New York)
  4. Get an HBO Max gift card from Mygiftcardsupply [it will cost you $25 or more]
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  6. Open and create your account.
  7. Enter your gift card code, Zip code (92027,92039), and State (California)
  8. You have now subscribed to HBO Max
  9. Open and sign in with your credentials.
  10. Watch Gremlins: Secrets of Mogwaion HBO Max from Canada or UK

Where to watch Gremlins: Secrets of Mogwai in Canada?

Gremlins: Secrets of Mogwai is heading to HBO Max in the United States. If you are in the US, get an HBO Max account subscription for $9.99/mo and watch Gremlins: Secrets of Mogwai. Since HBO Max is not accessible from Canada, you will need a reliable VPN to access HBO and watch Gremlins: Secrets of Mogwai in Canada.

Gremlins: Secrets of Mogwai release date

Initially, it was thought that Secrets of the Mogwai would make its debut sometime in 2022, but the release has been postponed to 2023. Enthusiasts can watch the animated series in full splendor from May 23, 2023, onwards. The series will premiere on Max, and Cartoon Network will also broadcast the episodes on their channel within the ACME Night block.

There is no word on the international release date of the animated series. Therefore the best way to watch Secrets of the Mogwai in Canada and the UK is with an ExpressVPN account on HBO Max.

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Gremlins: Secrets of Mogwai trailer

The upcoming series will consist of ten episodes featuring the vocal talents of Izaac Wang and Ming-Na Wen. It will focus on the story of a young boy who came into possession of a Mogwai before embarking on an adventure with the tiny creature and a girl with slick fingers.

What to Expect from Gremlins: Secrets of Mogwai

Weaving the threads of mythology with pop culture, Gremlins: Secrets of Mogwai takes the viewers on a wild and enchanting ride through the countryside in China. The show will go back in time to share the early years of Gizmo ‚Äď the only famous Gremlin that did not wreak havoc in Kingston Falls on Christmas Eve in the Chris Columbus classic.¬†

Sam Meets Gizmo

The series will center on a little Sam meeting Gizmo for the first time. The duo teams up with a street urchin to reunite the furry creature with his family and find treasure. However, their path is obscured by foes from folktales and a battalion of evil fuzzy beings. Since Gizmo is among the only Mogwai without a speck of maliciousness, the viewers will have to watch with bated breath as the trio of young heroes overcome their rivals. 

The Three Rules

The original movie established three rules for raising a Mogwai: no sunlight, no contact with water, and no food after midnight. Failing to abide by one or all of these rules can have disastrous consequences. It will be interesting to see if the same restrictions apply to Gizmo in Gremlins: Secrets of Mogwai. Given that the animated series is the extension of the popular franchise, the same rules likely stand in the animated universe.

Who Are the Villains?

The villains in the upcoming show include mythological creatures, greedy capitalists, and of course, vicious Gremlins looking to create chaos. However, since the series is intended for a young audience, there is bound to be a lot of adventure, action, and some memorable messaging.

The cast of Gremlins: Secrets of Mogwai

The much-awaited animated series, “Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai,” is set to release in May 2023. The show delves into the origins of the beloved Mogwai and Gremlins, giving fans a fresh take on the popular franchise. One of the most exciting aspects of this upcoming series is its incredible lineup of voice actors. Today, we will introduce you to the cast and highlight some of their notable works.

  1. Matthew Rhys Voicing an undisclosed character in the series, Matthew Rhys is a versatile actor best known for his role as Philip Jennings in the critically acclaimed FX series “The Americans.” Rhys has also appeared in hit shows like “Brothers & Sisters” and, more recently, HBO’s “Perry Mason.”
  2. Riley Greene A young and promising talent, Riley Greene is part of the “Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai” cast, although her role remains unspecified. Keep an eye out for her as she begins to make her mark in the industry.
  3. Ming-Na Wen Ming-Na Wen, known for her role as Melinda May in “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” and as the original voice of Disney’s “Mulan,” lends her vocal talents to the series. With her extensive experience in both live-action and voice acting, Wen is sure to captivate the audience. She has also appeared in Young Sheldon as a guest star.
  4. James Hong The legendary James Hong, who has appeared in more than 600 films and television shows, joins the cast of “Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai.” Hong is best known for his roles in “Blade Runner,” “Big Trouble in Little China,” and as the voice of Mr. Ping in the “Kung Fu Panda” franchise.
  5. BD Wong BD Wong, recognized for his work in “Jurassic Park,” “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” and “Mr. Robot,” will also be lending his voice to the series. Wong’s diverse acting background ensures he’ll bring a unique touch to his character.
  6. Gabrielle Nevaeh Gabrielle Nevaeh is an up-and-coming talent joining the cast of “Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai.” Though her role in the series is unspecified, her previous work in “Greenhouse Academy” and “Just Add Magic” showcases her potential.
  7. A.J. LoCascio A.J. LoCascio, the voice behind Gizmo in the series, is known for his versatility in animated series and video games. Some of his notable works include “Voltron: Legendary Defender” and “Back to the Future: The Game.”
  8. Izaac Wang Izaac Wang voices Sam Wing in the series. The young actor has already made a name for himself with roles in “Good Boys,” “Think Like a Dog,” and “Raya and the Last Dragon.”
  9. Randall Park Randall Park, known for his roles in “Fresh Off the Boat,” “Ant-Man and the Wasp,” and “WandaVision,” joins the cast, showcasing his talent beyond live-action performances.
  10. George Takei The iconic George Takei, best known as Hikaru Sulu in the original “Star Trek” series and films, brings his legendary presence to “Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai.”
  11. Sandra Oh Sandra Oh, known for her roles in “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Killing Eve,” lends her distinctive voice to the animated series, adding to the show’s star power.

Why do you need a VPN to watch Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai in Canada?

Owing to content licensing and geographical limitations, HBO, the renowned streaming platform, can only be accessed within the United States. However, for those residing in Canada, a dependable VPN with a US IP address is required to enjoy HBO’s offerings. After examining numerous VPN options, we found that ExpressVPN excels in delivering the finest streaming experience.

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Can I watch Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai in Canada with a free VPN?

Using free VPNs is not something we advocate for a variety of reasons. For starters, a free VPN cannot ensure total online security, leaving you vulnerable to cyber threats. Furthermore, these services lack dedicated servers for optimal streaming speeds.

Our team has evaluated numerous free VPNs, and unfortunately, none met our expectations. We encountered sluggish streaming speeds and regular disconnections. As a result, we strongly encourage investing in a paid VPN to enjoy seamless HBO streaming from Canada while watching your favorite shows.

What else can you watch on HBO Max?

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Wrap Up

Relive your childhood memories by checking out Gremlins: Secrets of Mogwai on HBO Max this May. Our team has tested ExpressVPN to unblock HBO from Canada and the UK. It worked perfectly. Therefore we highly recommend it to all our readers.

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