How to watch American Horror Stories season 3 in New Zealand| Watch it On Hulu

watch American Horror Stories Season 3 in Canada?

The third season of American Horror Stories will be released soon on Hulu. This anthology horror series was created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, known for making spine-chilling shows.

The upcoming season promises to bring more fear, mystery, and creepy stories to screens. Horror fans can look forward to being thrilled and spooked by the new episodes.

For viewers in New Zealand wanting to watch, American Horror Stories will be available to stream on Hulu. New Zealanders can access the platform using a Hulu subscription along with a VPN service to view the region-locked content.

This blog post provides the details on where and how to watch American Horror Stories Season 3 in New Zealand. It’s the perfect show to get into the Halloween spirit and experience some freaky scares.

How to watch American Horror Stories season 3 in New Zealand| On Hulu

The third season of American Horror Story is heading to Hulu in the United States. Since Hulu is only accessible from the United States, you will need a reliable VPN to watch American Horror Story Season 3 from New Zealand.

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4- Open Hulu and search American Horror Story Season 3 from New Zealand

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American Horror Story Season 3 release date?

The new season of American Horror Stories looks a lot like the popular TV show American Horror Story. But it will have unique, fresh, and interesting stories in each episode.

The third season starts on October 26, 2023. You can watch the first four episodes on Hulu that day as part of their Halloween event.

The last season had seven episodes. But this new one will be shorter, with only four episodes. That’s too bad. But if the stories are as scary as promised, that makes up for having fewer episodes.

Right now, there is no word on when the show will be on TV outside of the US. So people in New Zealand will likely need a VPN to watch American Horror Stories on Hulu. A VPN lets you access Hulu from New Zealand. We tried it, and it works great.

So get ready for some scary stories when the third season of American Horror Stories comes out on Hulu this October! It will be fun to watch if you like being spooked. We have also tested ExpressVPN to watch the previous seasons of American Horror Stories from Canada and it worked perfectly.

American Horror Stories Season 3- Trailer

The American Horror Stories – Season 3 trailer has been released on YouTube. If you like watching movies and TV shows, watch Penn & Teller: Fool Us Season 10Pet Sematary, Our Flag Means Death, Ruby and the Well, LEGO Master, and Hell’s Kitchen.

American Horror Stories Season 3- Plot

The creators are keeping most details secret about American Horror Stories Season 3. But they have revealed the official episode titles. These titles give us clues about what to expect.

One episode is called “Backrooms.” This could be found-footage horror. Another is called “Tapeworm.” That one sounds creepy!

Each episode will tell a different scary story. The titles make it clear the new season will have lots of chills and thrills. Every tale will be unique and spooky.

Even with little info, the episode titles get us excited. They suggest we are in for some serious scares. We can’t wait to see what freaky stories American Horror Stories has in store this season! It’s going to be edge-of-your-seat entertainment for horror fans.

The cast of American Horror Stories Season 3

American Horror Stories always has new actors and some familiar faces. We don’t know the full cast yet for Season 3. But we do know Lisa Rinna will be in episode 3. You may know Rinna from Days of Our Lives or Real Housewives.

Adding Rinna makes the cast even more interesting. For returning characters, get ready for surprises and links to past seasons. The show often explores the backgrounds of popular characters from American Horror Story.

Other actors who may come back include Devyn LaBella from Yellow Jackets and Quantum Leap. There’s also Troy Castaneda, who’s been in Barbie and Fast X.

The mix of new and returning actors adds excitement. We can expect intriguing connections to previous storylines too. That’s a trademark technique of American Horror Stories that keeps fans guessing.

Here is the list of cast members you will see in the series,

  • Emma Halleen As Shelby Brubaker
  • Jessica Barden As Bestie
  • Allius Barnes As River
  • Jeff Hiller As Mr. Nevins
  • Seth Gabel As Mr. Brubaker
  • Amrou Al-Kadhi
  • Grace Aiello Antczak As Chazlyn

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Wrap Up

American Horror Stories season 3 will be more terrifying than the first two seasons, you can watch American Horror Stories season 3 in New Zealand on Hulu with ExpressVPN.

We have tested ExpressVPN to access Hulu from Australia, and other countries, and it worked perfectly. Which is why we highly recommend it to all our users.

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