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Love Island UK is back with another season, and this time it is back in its original location, Spain. What started as a dating show has become one of the highest-watched reality tv shows over the years. In this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know about the reality show and how and where to watch Love Island 2023 in Canada for free.

How to watch Love Island UK 2023 in Canada for FREE

watch Love Island UK 2023
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Love Island 2023 is streaming on ITV for free in the UK. To access ITV from Canada, you will need a reliable VPN with a British IP, since ITV is only accessible from the UK.

Here are the steps you should follow to watch Love Island 2023 in Canada.

1- Sign up to ExpressVPN for ITV (You’ll get three extra months free with a 12-month plan, plus a 30-day money-back guarantee)

2- Download ExpressVPN on your devices of choice (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and more)

3- Open the app and connect to a British server (UK- IP address)

4- Now open in your browser or in-app

5- Search Love Island 2023 Season 10 on ITV from Canada (ITV account is free)

6- Enjoy

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Watching Love Island UK 2023 in Canada for Free| Step-by-Step guide

Love Island 2023 will stream exclusively on the ITV hub in the UK. Since ITV is geo-restricted and only available in the United Kingdom, you must use a VPN with a British IP to watch Love Island Season 10 in Canada for free. Follow these detailed steps:

1- Get ExpressVPN for ITV

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2- Download the VPN app on your device

ExpressVPN has dedicated apps for almost all devices and operating systems. We have used ExpressVPN on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Android devices. We have also tested ExpressVPN on gaming consoles like PS4 and Xbox.

You can use a single ExpressVPN subscription on five devices simultaneously and watch Love Island 2023 from Canada.

3- Connect to a British server

Love Island 2023 is streaming on ITV, which you can access from Canada with a British IP. We recommend connecting to London in the ExpressVPN app after you have purchased it.

watch love island online free
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4- Enjoy

Open and search Love Island season 10. You can now see Love Island UK 2023 appearing on your screen, so enjoy.

watch Love Island UK 2023
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Love Island UK Season 10 (2023)- Release Date

ITV just confirmed the Love Island UK Season 10 2023 start date, which is Monday, June 5, 2023, at 9 pm BST on ITV2. Once the dice get rolling, you can expect a new episode every day except Saturdays.

The series can air for eight weeks or can end up in six. The end date is still not confirmed; however, a source tipped The Sun on the grande finale to be eight weeks later, on August 13, 2023. The air time is 9 PM (GMT).

What Happened In The Villa| Who is the Winner 2023

Wow, what a dramatic finale for Love Island! After weeks of romantic ups and downs, we finally discovered who won the viewers’ hearts. Jess and Sammy took home the big prize money – they got a whopping 34% of the public vote! Good for them.

I wasn’t surprised to see Whitney and Lochan come in second place. They were a solid couple with 27% of the votes. Ella and Tyrique just barely missed out on second, coming in third with 24%. Poor Molly and Zachariah were clearly the least popular couple, with only 14% voting for them.

After the announcements, we got to see footage of all the couples dressed up for the fancy ball on their last night in the villa. It looked like they had a blast together before heading back to reality. Good times!

Anyway, congrats to Jess and Sammy on winning this season of Love Island and finding love! Excited to see if they stay together outside the villa.

Love Island UK Season 10 Couples

The islanders met and had a party in the villa. Here are the couples that are formed in Love Island UK 2023:

  1. Kady McDermott and Zachariah Noble
  2. Whitney Adebayo (single)
  3. Ella Thomas and Tyrique Hyde
  4. Catherine Agbaje and Scott Van Der Sluis
  5. Jess Harding and Mitchel Taylor
  6. Sammy Root (single)
  7. Leah Taylor and Montel McKenzie

Where To Watch Love Island UK Season 10 In Canada For Free

There is no streaming service in Canada on which you can watch the tenth season of Love Island for free. The series will be streaming on Crave in Canada after its initial stint on ITV.

The best possible way to watch Love Island Season 10 in Canada for free is by subscribing to an ExpressVPN account subscription and watching it on ITV2 with a British IP address.

What Channel is Love Island UK 2023 In Canada?

If you reside in Canada, you can find a few seasons of Love Island UK on CTV and Hayu. Five seasons of the reality dating show are streaming on Hayu, which is available for CAD$6.99 per month.

If you are a Prime Video subscriber, you can stream the previous seasons of Love Island UK with the Hayu channel on Prime Video. You can also watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians, The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and several other reality shows with a Hayu subscription.

However, if you are looking for a free fix to stream it, four seasons of Love Island UK are streaming on CTV in Canada. All you need to do is open the CTV website and search for the reality dating show.

Love Island Season 10 will be streaming on ITV2 in the UK, and you can watch it with an ExpressVPN subscription. You can also watch it on 9Now with an Australian IP address or on NEON TV from New Zealand.

Love Island UK Contestants 2023 | Love Island UK Season 10 Cast 2023

Love Island UK Season 10 cast members

The cast of Love Island Season 10 has been revealed by ITV and is mentioned below.

1- Kady McDermott

AGE: 27

From: Hertfordshire

Occupation: Influencer

Instagram: @kadymcdermott

In 2016, Kady entered the villa as a make-up artist, prior to the show gaining its current fame as a breeding ground for influencers.

Despite this, Kady made a significant impact, transforming into a highly influential figure upon her departure from the show.

Fast forward seven years, Kady, now boasting an impressive 1.2 million followers on Instagram, made a comeback for the show’s 10th series.

Now more mature and insightful, Kady expressed her desire to find a life partner on the show with whom she can settle down and raise a family.

2- Tyrique Hyde

AGE: 24

From: Essex

Occupation: Footballer 

Instagram: @tyriquehyde

Tyrique Hyde, a 24-year-old semi-professional footballer, wishes his fellow contestants to be aware of his hearing impairment, stating, “I’m deaf in my right ear.”

As a tribute to his functioning ear, he has a tattoo near his left ear, symbolizing strength and power.

He admits that he has always been single and hints at his struggle with commitment issues.

In his search for a potential partner, Tyrique values three physical attributes: attractive teeth, beautiful hair, and captivating eyes.

3- Catherine Agbaje

AGE: 22

From: Dublin 

Occupation: Commercial Real Estate Agent

Instagram: @catherine_agbaje

Catherine Agbaje, a 22-year-old commercial estate agent from Dublin, lightheartedly comments that she’s been single for what feels like “forever,” and admits it’s “a bit unfortunate.”

In her search for the ideal partner, she amusingly states she is open to “anything that essentially breathes.” She notes, “If you manage to make me laugh, it’s highly likely that I’ll fall for you.”

Regarding her flirting style, she confesses that she relies on her expressive gaze, or as she puts it, she just needs to “give people the eyes.”

4- Ella Thomas

AGE: 23

From: Glasgow 

Occupation: Model

Instagram: @ellathomas_

Ella Thomas, a 23-year-old model from Glasgow, identifies with all forms of love languages. She aspires to find a respectful man who treats her with the royal regard she believes she deserves.

Ella emphasizes her readiness to offer abundant love and boldly refers to herself as the “complete package for a wife”.

5- Mitchel Taylor

AGE: 26

From: Sheffield 

Occupation: Gas engineer 

Mitchel Taylor, a 26-year-old gas engineer hailing from Sheffield, proudly cites his teeth as his best feature, emphasizing that they’re genuine and not artificially enhanced.

As for his romantic preference, he is drawn towards women who are shorter than him, given his own height of six foot one.

Mitchel also underlines the importance of excitement in a relationship, saying, “I need some dynamism. A relationship with a nice girl without any thrill would likely bore me.”

6- Jess Harding

AGE: 22

From: London

Occupation: Aesthetics Practitioner

Instagram: @jesshardingox

Jess Harding, a 22-year-old aesthetics practitioner based in London, admits to being a fan of affectionate gestures like “a smooch.”

She stresses the importance of good kissing skills in a partner, saying, “If someone is not a good kisser, they’re simply not for me. They should be like a sloth, not a lizard, if you catch my drift?”

Confident in her qualities as a partner, the London native claims to be a “very good girlfriend” and boasts of possessing a “heart of gold”.

7- Zachariah Noble

AGE: 25

From: South East London

Occupation: personal trainer and basketball player

Instagram: @zachariah_noble97

Meet Zachariah Noble, a 25-year-old fitness enthusiast and passionate basketball player hailing from South East London.

When queried about his decision to dive into the Love Island experience, Zachariah responded with an insightful philosophy, “Growth as an individual often comes when we step out of our familiar territories,” he reflected, “Given how Love Island is a stark contrast to my usual lifestyle, it would be unwise not to take up this exciting opportunity.”

At the age of 25, he finds himself standing at life’s intersection where the thrill of a youthful life meets the longing for a serene, harmonious life that only the right partner can offer.

Already making waves and causing quite a stir amongst the islanders in the debut episode, this charismatic hunk has marked his territory on the show.

As for what unique element he would bring into the villa, Zachariah expressed, “I’m a laid-back individual, always authentic and genuine. I am known for my straightforward nature and never have trouble making friends. I have a strong inclination towards caring for others.”

Reflecting on his current single status, he candidly admitted, “Youth is fleeting, and it would be quite nice to meet someone special and capture some unforgettable vacation snaps while I still retain my youthful charm!”

8- Whitney Adebayo

AGE: 25

From: London

Occupation: Entrepreneur

Instagram: @whitbrownsx

Whitney, a spirited 25-year-old entrepreneur from Camden Town in North London, promises to bring “good vibes” to the Love Island villa. Known for her adaptability and ability to gauge the room, she can be both hilariously funny and profoundly thoughtful.

Described by her mother as stubborn, her friends see her as the life and soul of any party. Whitney’s energetic nature is something viewers can expect to witness more of as the show progresses. She anticipates providing her co-islanders with some light-hearted moments, much like Danica from series 8 who gave twerking lessons by the pool.

When it comes to her ideal partner, Whitney values a good sense of humour, emotional depth, and someone who prioritizes her. Nail-biting and skinny jeans, however, are deal-breakers for her. She also admits to having a peculiar attraction to nice hands.

Acknowledging her own strong personality, Whitney admits, “Sometimes, I can be a handful, and perhaps, that intimidates people. I know what I desire and I’m highly selective.”

9- Sammy Root

Age: 22

From: Kent

Job: Project Manager

Instagram: @sammyroot_

Sammy made his entrance as the third surprise entrant on Love Island 2023. His introduction involved inviting Jess, Molly, and Ella to The Hideaway for several get-togethers. Self-described as “somewhat of a sparkler,” he asserts that he’ll be the person infusing the villa with liveliness. Regarding his reasons for joining the show, he quipped: “I’m always thinking about girls, so there’s no better place to find a lovely lady than the Love Island Villa!”

10- Leah Taylor

Age: 27

From: Manchester

Job: Business owner

Instagram: @leahjtaylorr

Leah is set to enter the villa together with Charlotte on June 12. She asserts that she has come to a clear understanding of what she seeks in a romantic relationship and pledges to contribute “plenty of fun, positive energy, sound advice and hopefully all the love that I’m prepared to offer to the right man.” Regarding her decision to join, she stated: “Past experiences have led me to a firm understanding of what I seek in love. I’m prepared to discover it now and I’m not planning on hesitating. I’ve identified what I desire in a partner, thereby setting my standards exceedingly high.”

11- Scott Van Der Suits

Age: 22

From: North Wales

Job: Footballer

Instagram: @scottvds17

Scott Van Der Sluis, a 22-year-old football prodigy hailing from Connah’s Quay in North Wales, is the latest sensation to join the Love Island series 10 lineup. When quizzed about his motivation to join the reality spectacle, he said, “Football has been my life’s script thus far, my whole world. So, venturing into this show presents a thrilling twist and a welcome variation in my life.”

12- Montel McKenzie

Age: 25
From: East London
Job: Account Manager and semi-professional footballer
Instagram: @montelmckenzie

Montel says of signing up: “I just haven’t found someone I want to date, I’m always so busy with work and football!”

He also added that Catherine, Leah, and Ella are his top priority, especially Ella.

Love Island 2023 contestant rumors

Love Island’s carousel of romantic encounters is already spinning, yet dedicated fans are aware that more intriguing personalities are set to make a splash. So, who else might sashay into the sun-kissed Love Island villa?

Social media maven Chloe Baker’s name has been floating in the rumor mill. She was supposedly on the brink of joining the previous season, making her potential arrival this season highly anticipated.

Aiden Hammond, son of television personality Alison Hammond, has allegedly been extended an invitation to join the love fray in the villa. However, insider sources suggest he courteously declined the enticing proposition.

Who Has Been Dumped in Love Island Season 10 2023?

On the June 9th episodes, we saw the sad dismissal of George Fensom from the villa after the recoupling.

Subsequently, during Tuesday’s recoupling, the islanders found themselves at a crossroads, forced to select between Ella and Ruchee, who found themselves without partners. Their decision swayed in favor of Ella, indicating a departure for Ruchee Gurung from the villa on June 14.

Friday. June 16 saw the sad dismissal of Andre Furtado and Charlotte Sumner to home. Both of them were eliminated by public vote.

On June 23, Molly Marsh left the villa after Kady chose to couple with Zach. On June 27 the viewers saw the double dumping of Mehdi Edno and Mal Nicol.

Catherine Agbaje and Elom Ahlijah-Wilson were left out of no option but to leave the villa due to the least amount of votes they recived.

How To Vote For Your Favourite Couple in Love Island UK 2023

The best part of Love Island is the power it gave fans to choose their favorite couple. This is the reason Love Island has become the most popular dating reality show in the world. Fans can participate in the dating show by voting for their favorite couple and choosing the next bombshells.

The voting does not require any fee, and you can get into the game just by downloading the Love Island application on Google Play Store or App Store. The Love Island UK app is available for iOS 9 and later and Android 4.4x and later.

Follow these steps to download the Love Island app and vote during the series:

1- Head over to the App Store on iPhone and Google Play Store on an Android phone

2- Search for the Love Island app

3- Click on the download button

4- Open the Love Island app once it has been downloaded on your phone

5- Sign up with your email address if required

6- Cast your vote!

If you are into sports and love watching cycling. Here is the complete guide to watching Tour de France 2023 in Canada for free on ITV.

Love Island UK 2023- Format

The show’s format involves a few contestants called Islanders, who live in an isolated villa under constant video surveillance. To survive, the Islanders must pair up with another contestant in the name of love, friendship, or money; in the end, the winning pair wins a whopping amount of £50,000. There will be fights, companionship, and love stories, with people throwing dirt on each other, with one goal: The finale. 

Love Island UK Season 10 will be filled with hilarious, dramatic, exciting challenges, controversial couplings, and shocking dumps in the dumping ground. Here is a complete guide to watch Love Island UK 2023 in Germany.

How Long Is The Show Going To Last?

The show will be hosted by Maya Jama, alongside Ian Stirling’s hilarious comedic narration of the Islander’s activities. However, the show is not for those who find it difficult to focus because Love Island 2023 is expected to be ten weeks long like the previous season.

All the previous seasons typically had a time of 6-8 weeks, but in 2022, ITV2 extended the show to a whopping ten-week tenure. Here is how to watch Love Island UK from Norway.

Where is Love Island UK Season 10 being filmed?

Love Island is returning to Spain for another steamy season. The previous season was filmed at Cape Town Villa in South Africa and is considered one of the best Love Island seasons in history. The villa for Love Island Season 10 is built near Sant Llorenc des Cardassar and was renovated last year for Love Island Season 8.

The villa has all the necessary amenities like a huge fire pit, pool area, fully furnished bedrooms, and lounge.

On Sunday, June 4, 2023, ITV gave a complete video tour of the villa used in Season 10. Here is the complete video.

How To Apply For Love Island 2023

The show’s announcement on ITV says: “ITV2 is looking for young singles who wish to travel to the sun in quest of love from all around the UK. The selected cast will spend time getting to know one another in a luxurious villa. Still, to stay in paradise, they must win the hearts of viewers and other Islanders, who ultimately decide each cast member’s fate on Love Island.”

Candidates for Love Island UK season 10 must meet the following requirements, according to the network’s official website:

  1. Candidates must be at least 18 (eighteen) years old at the time of application.
  2. Candidates cannot currently be employed by the network, Motion, the Broadcaster, or any business that is a subsidiary of ITV plc, nor may they be living with a person or an immediate family member (such as a parent, child, brother, sister, or child) of someone who works on the program.
  3. Candidates must have a passport valid for at least six months after the program’s finish date or be willing to get one (which will be notified). Additionally, the passport must be less than ten years old. The candidates must be able to travel to the designated Program destinations.
  4. For the duration of the program’s production, candidates must be entirely available for a time of ten weeks.

After submission, the network will contact the chosen contestants for the upcoming Love Island UK season 10. For more details, click here.

What happened in Love Island Season 9?

The ninth series, which concluded in March, crowned Kai Fagan and Sanam Harrinanan as the villa’s king and queen, with a £50K prize to their names.

Since the conclusion of the winter series, four couples have parted ways, while only four remain together: Kai & Sanam, Ron Hall & Lana Jenkins, Tanya Manhenga & Shaq Muhammad, and Will Young & Jessie Wynter.

Who is hosting Love Island Season 10?

Maya Jama will be hosting Love Island Season 10, 2023. She has also hosted the previous season of Love Island and is ready for another rollercoaster ride.

Laura Whitmore, who hosted the Love Island season 6 and 7, and Love Island: Aftersun, was replaced with Maya Jama after Whitemore stepped down as the host in 2022. She had some personal reasons for quitting the reality show, which she didn’t disclose.

Maya Jama is a British actress and tv & radio presenter. She is best known for ITV’s Cannonball. She has also co-presented BBC One’s “Crouchy’s Year-Late Euros” with Peter Crouch and Alex Holmes.

Jama is deep into the fashion world and was included in the list of influencers across all industries, “The Progress 1000” by London Evening Standard. She also has a clothing line with PrettyLittleThing and is a brand ambassador for Addidas, Aussie, and GAP. She also launched her own face and eye mask in December 2020, which sold in less than 24 hours like hotcakes.

Who is doing the narration in Love Island UK Season 10?

Iain Stirling will be doing the job of the narrator in Love Island season 10. He has been a part of the Love Island team since its inception and has done a tremendous job. Stirling has been busy in hosting and narrating reality shows like All Over the Place, The Dog Ate My Homework, Celebability, and Love Island USA. If you reside in Belgium, watch Love Island UK on ITV.

Stirling has been married to Love Island host Laura Whitemore, and they have a daughter, Stevie Ré.

What is Love Island and how it started?

‘Love Island UK’ is a reality TV show that’s more than just sun, sea, and a swimming pool. It’s a captivating amalgamation of romance, competition, and drama. The concept was born in the United Kingdom in 2005 under the original title ‘Celebrity Love Island.’ The series initially featured twelve single celebrities sent to an island to find love and win public votes. However, after two seasons, the show was axed due to lacklustre ratings.

Fast forward a decade, ITV2 revived the series in 2015 with a refreshing twist: ditching the celebrity requirement, they instead cast everyday singles, seeking love under the sun. It was a risky move that paid off in dividends. Since then, Love Island UK has enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity, garnering millions of viewers and transforming into an international phenomenon.

Love Island UK Format: Romance in a Tropical Paradise

The primary premise of Love Island is simple yet engrossing. A group of single men and women (called “Islanders”) are sent to a stunning villa in a tropical location. Their mission? To couple up and find love.

The Islanders must pair up (romantically or as friends) to avoid elimination. Every few days, they participate in “recouplings” where they can choose to remain with their current partners or swap for someone new. Islanders who end up without a partner face the risk of being “dumped” from the island.

But Love Island is not just about forming couples. It’s also about winning public approval. Viewers have a significant role in the show, voting for their favourite couples or individuals during key periods in the series. The couple who receives the most public votes wins the series and a cash prize of £50,000.

Notable Records and Moments

Love Island has given viewers numerous memorable moments and record-breaking events. Season 2 winners Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey made Love Island history as they are the first (and so far, the only) couple to marry after meeting on the show.

Olivia and Alex Bowen from Season 2 hold the record for the longest relationship formed on the show, having been together since their series in 2016, married in 2018, and still going strong.

In terms of ratings, Season 4 (2018) was the most-watched series in Love Island history, attracting an average of 3.96 million viewers per episode.

The Impact of Love Island UK

Love Island has become a cultural phenomenon in the UK and beyond. Its influence reaches far beyond the screen, affecting fashion trends, popular slang, and sparking conversations about modern relationships and mental health.

Moreover, it has sparked a global franchise, with local versions popping up in various countries such as the United States, Australia, and Germany.

From its engaging format to the fascinating dynamics between Islanders, Love Island UK continues to captivate audiences worldwide. As viewers, we not only get to witness romance unfolding but also join the Islanders on a journey filled with love, laughter, and life lessons. This addictive blend of elements is perhaps what makes Love Island UK an unmissable spectacle in reality TV.

Frequently Asked Question to watch Love Island UK in Canada

1- Is Love Island UK 2023 available on Crave In Canada?

Unfortunately, Love Island Season 10 will not be available on Crave in Canada. The only Love Island streaming on Crave is Love Island USA. Additionally, you can also watch Temptation Island and HBO’s Fboy Island on Crave. A Crave subscription is available for CAD$19.99/month and

However, you can watch the previous four seasons of Love Island (UK) on Hayu.

The series is also availabe on Virgin Media Two in Ireland, although you can watch Love Island UK 2023 from Ireland with an ExpressVPN subscription for $6.67/m.

2- What security protocols and care features are included in Love Island 2023?

Due to the rising negativity and social basing, the management of Love Island decided to include the following protocols in the training of islanders:

  • Full-scale psychological support
  • All Islanders will be trained to handle social media’s positive and negative impacts.
  • Islanders will be trained beforehand on the financial management
  • A detailed discussion with Islanders regarding the pros and cons of participating in this reality show
  • An aftercare package will be given to every Islander participating in the show
  • Guidance and advice on taking on management after the show

Additionally, ITV’s reality show Love Island has announced a new policy banning contestants from using social media during their time in the villa. The aim is to shield contestants and their families from online abuse following several high-profile instances of harassment and tragic suicides related to the show. The policy was tested during the winter series and will be fully implemented for the upcoming 10th season.

Prior to joining the show, contestants will undergo training covering various topics to prepare them for the experience. The show’s producers have also committed to providing psychological support and an aftercare package once participants leave the villa.

3- Where to watch Love Island season 10 in Canada?

All the previous seasons of Love Island were available on Hayu, and one season was on Crave. Things have changed, and now only four seasons of Love Island UK are availabe on Hayu in Canada, and the series is completely removed from Crave. The series is also streaming on in Sweden.

If you want to stream Love Island UK 2023 in Sweden & Canada, watching it on ITV with ExpressVPN’s risk-free subscription plan is the best option.

4- Love Island winners | Who have won the Love Island UK

The following are the winners of the Love Island UK edition:

Series Episodes Islanders Days Winners
1 29 23 41 Jess Hayes & Max Morley
2 37 26 45  Cara De La Hoyde & Nathan Massey
3 43 32 52  Amber Davies & Kem Cetinay
4 49 38 59 Dani Dyer & Jack Fincham
5 49 36 58 Amber Gill & Greg O’Shea
6 36 32 44 Finn Tapp & Paige Turley
7 49 37 58 Liam Reardon & Millie Court
8 49 36 58 Ekin-Su and Davide
9 49 35 58 Kai Fagan & Sanam Harrinanan

5- What is Love Island: Aftersun and where to watch it?

Love Island: Aftersun is a spin-off reality tv series directly associated with Love Island UK 2023. You can watch your favorite islanders and get all the information related to them in the Aftersun episodes, Here is how you can watch Love Island: Aftersun 2023.

To put it simply, Love Island: Aftersun provides viewers with an opportunity to dissect each detail of the weekly episode of the reality TV series and learn all about the latest gossip on the Island. You can watch both editions of Love Island UK on ITV from Finland.

6- Who are the winners of Love Island Season 9 2023?

Kai Fagan and Sanam Harrinanan won Love Island Season 9 and shook the world. They became the first Casa Amor couple to win the prize of 50000. Since leaving the show, the couple is still together and enjoying their relationship in England.

Recently the couple was seen in a restaurant celebrating Sanam’s 25th birthday. In a carousel of snaps on Kia’s Instagram account, the couple looked happy and madly in love with each other.

He captioned the post: “Happy birthday to the most amazing, beautiful girl that I have ever met.

“Thank you for being you! I feel so grateful to have you in my life. Can’t wait to celebrate many more birthdays with you”.

What Else Can You Watch With A VPN?

You can virtually travel the world with a single click with a VPN service. Here are some of the movies and TV shows which are geo-restricted and can be watched with a VPN from anywhere:

If you love watching reality shows, check out all spinoffs of the Real Housewives on Peacock TV, like The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip, The Real Housewives of Miami, The Real Housewives of Dubai, etc.

Summing it up!

So, the countdown to the most dramatic show of the year is finally on, as Love Island UK – season ten premieres on ITV2 on June 5, 2023. Will it be exciting? Exhausting? Or just pure fun? Will all the drama in the show be worth your time and focus? Well, let us hope for the best. 

We have tested ExpressVPN to watch Love Island 2023 from Canada on ITV, and it worked flawlessly. Therefore we highly recommend it to all our readers.

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