How to watch American Horror Story Season 3 in Canada| Tested!

watch American Horror Stories Season 3 in Canada?

Halloween is right around the corner, and what’s a better way to welcome the spooky season than watching spine-chilling content? Good news, horror fans, as the third installment of American Horror Stories will launch on Hulu very soon. The Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s unearthly anthology is back with a bang, bringing fear, mystery, and everything eerie to your screens. 

In this blog, we will discuss everything related to the series, especially where and how to watch American Horror Stories Season 3 in Canada.

How to watch American Horror Stories Season 3 in Canada?

The third season of American Horror Story is heading to Hulu in the United States. Since Hulu is only accessible from the United States, you will need a reliable VPN to watch American Horror Story Season 3 from Canada.

Follow these steps:

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American Horror Story Season 3 release date?

Although the spin-off resembles the original award-winning American Horror Story series quite a lot, it’s ready to deliver unique, fresh, and captivating stories in each episode in this upcoming season.

The third season is set to premiere on October 26, 2023; you can watch the four episodes on the same date as a part of the much anticipated Halloween event.

Though the previous season brought us seven episodes, it’s unfortunate that the recent stream will be much shorter. But if the stories are as blood-curdling as they promise, we’ll take that as compensation.

As of this moment, there is no word on the international release date of the series; therefore, it’s highly advised to invest in a premium VPN to access Hulu from Canada and watch American Horror Story Season 3. We have also tested it to watch American Horror Story in New Zealand, and it worked perfectly.

American Horror Story Season 3 trailer

The American Horror Stories – Season 3 trailer has been released on YouTube. If you like watching movies and TV shows, watch Penn & Teller: Fool Us Season 10Pet Sematary, Our Flag Means Death, Ruby and the Well, LEGO Master, and Hell’s Kitchen.

What’s the Story in American Horror Stories?

Let’s dive into the scoop on American Horror Stories Season 3. While the creators are keeping the juicy details under wraps, they’ve let slip the official episode titles. These titles give us a little taste of the chills that await. We’ve got “Backrooms,” possibly venturing into the found-footage horror realm, and “Tapeworm,” promising a spine-tingling tale. Each episode is gearing up to serve a distinct and spooky story that’ll keep us glued to our seats.

Cast and Returning Characters

American Horror Stories always brings in a mix of fresh faces and some familiar ones from the American Horror Story series. While they haven’t spilled all the beans on Season 3’s cast, we know that Lisa Rinna is on board and set to appear in the third episode. You might recognize Rinna from hit shows like “Days of Our Lives” and “Real Housewives.” 

Her addition adds an extra layer of intrigue to an already captivating lineup. And for the returning characters, get ready for surprises and connections to past seasons. That’s one of the show’s trademarks – diving into the backgrounds of beloved characters from the American Horror Story universe. Other popular characters that might return are Devyn LaBella (Yellow Jackets, Quantum Leap), and Troy Castaneda, best known for Barbie and Fast X.

The confirmed cast members are listed below,

Here is the list of cast members you will see in the series,

  • Emma Halleen As Shelby Brubaker
  • Jessica Barden As Bestie
  • Allius Barnes As River
  • Jeff Hiller As Mr. Nevins
  • Seth Gabel As Mr. Brubaker
  • Amrou Al-Kadhi
  • Grace Aiello Antczak As Chazlyn

Critical Reception and Fan Expectations

As for how the series has been received, it’s been a bit of a mixed bag. Season 1 had its critics, but Season 2 stepped up its game, winning over both viewers and critics. The show’s knack for intertwining the tales of iconic American Horror Story characters with fresh narratives has been a big hit with fans.

Now, with Season 3 on the horizon, expectations are soaring. Fans are on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the next installment of bone-chilling storytelling. They shot this season in and around Sandy Hook, New Jersey, and the episode titles hint at a range of themes and genres. 

Reviews so far have been a mixed bag, leaning towards positive. According to IMDb, it’s clocking in at 6.2 out of 10, according to around 24k user votes. The positives highlight the season’s atmosphere, performances, scares, and twists. On the flip side, some critics mention pacing, tone, logic, and originality as points of contention.

What else can you watch on Hulu?

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Wrap Up

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