Where to Watch Ink Master Season 15 in Canada| Watch it on Paramount+

Watch Ink Master in Canada

After being canceled in 2020, Ink Master is returned to Paramount+ with a panel of new judges, a new host, and a new prize. Formerly known as Spike, the popular reality competition features experienced tattoo artists, giving them a platform to showcase their skills.

The upcoming season will consist of ten episodes, and if you are wondering where to watch Ink Master in Canada, then read on.

How to Watch Ink Master Season 15 in Canada on Paramount+

How to Watch Ink Master Season 15 in Canada

Formerly known as Spike, the reality TV show is returning for Season 15 to Paramount Plus in the United States. If you are in Canada and wish to watch Ink Master Season 15 on Paramount, then follow these simple steps:

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6- Enjoy

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Ink Master Season 15- release date

The fifteenth season of Ink Master is heading to Paramount in the USA. There is no word on the international release date of the series, we expect to see it streaming on Paramount. Three episodes of Ink Master Season 15 will be released on November 1st, with the rest to follow a weekly release schedule on the same day.

If you reside in Canada and wish to watch Ink Master Season 15, we recommend getting an ExpressVPN, which will help change your IP address to an American IP so you can easily watch the reality show.

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Ink Master Season 15- Trailer

The YouTube channel “Paramount Plus” released the official trailer of Ink Master Season 15 on Oct 17, 2023. The clip shows fan-favorite tattoo artists returning to the competition to win the cash prize and the legendary title of Ink Master.

Ink Master- Plot

Ink Master is a reality television competition that evaluates tattoo artists on the basis of their tattooing skills and artistic capabilities. All episodes of the show, except the finale, follow a similar format that includes two challenges. 

The first is Flash Challenge, where the contestants are asked to participate in a task that tests their non-tattoo-related talents – such as painting, etching, haircutting, etc. Those who excel in this round win the right to select their human canvas for the following challenge. The winner can also choose human canvases for the rest of the contestants.

The Flash Challenge is followed by the Elimination Challenge, where the tattoo artists are given four to six hours to tattoo their designs onto their human canvas. These designs are examined by a panel of judges, who then select four contestants to represent the two top and two bottom artists of the week. Though the breakdown can change, the episode usually ends with one contestant going home.

Who is hosting Ink Master Season 15?

It is also pertinent to note that Good Charlotte lead vocalist Joel Madden will host the upcoming season of Ink Master.

Who are the Judges?

Ink Master Season 8 winner Ryan Ashley, celebrity tattoo artist Nikko Hurtado, and three-time champion DJ Tambe will serve as judges on the show.

What is the winning prize of Ink Master S15?

The prize money has also been increased to $250,000 for Season 15.

Ink Master- Release and Reception

Ink Master has a rating of 7.4/10 on IMDb based on 4.1k user reviews. Executive produced by Glenda Hersh, Steven Weinstock, and Andrea Richter, Ink Master debuted on January 17, 2012, and ran for 13 seasons before getting a brand new edition, which streamed last year on Paramount+.

Who are the contestants in Ink Master Season 15?

Here is the full list of contestants in Ink Master 15

David Martinez is 32 years old and from Philadelphia. He has been a tattoo artist for 4 years. He specializes in black and line work tattoos. David says, “I always felt called to be a tattoo artist. I studied graphic design and photography then became a tattoo artist. My goal is to become one of the most influential artists of my time.”

Freddie Albrighton is 32 years old and from the Midlands, UK. He has tattooed for 9 years. He specializes in solid-color tattoos. Freddie says, “I learned from artists in London and Europe. I want to showcase my art on people’s skin and share my artistic vision.”

Glenn Cuzen is 41 years old from Reading, UK. He has tattooed for 20 years. His specialty is geometric dot work tattoos. Glenn says, “I build up dots to create optical illusions on skin. I work with the person’s muscles to make the tattoo become part of them.”

Joel Mejia is a 25 year old tattoo artist from California. He says tattooing is his life, and he was born to compete on Ink Master. With his fun vibe and black and gray realism tattoos, he represents a new generation of artists. Joel is determined to win the competition.

Dave Patel is a 44 year old tattoo artist from Long Island, New York. He specialized in black and gray tattoos. Dave was a graphic designer for 15 years before becoming a tattoo artist 7 years ago. He hand-draws designs before showing them to customers. Dave couldn’t turn down the huge opportunity to be on Ink Master.

Charlene Ngo is a 31 year old tattoo artist from California with 12 years of experience. Her style focuses on the entire tattoo experience. Charlene wants to compete on Ink Master to prove she’s the best against top artists. She aims for her customers to look back on their tattoos as an amazing time.

Jenna Kerr is a 38 year old tattoo artist from the UK. She specializes in ornamental, flowy pretty tattoos. Jenna wants to push herself by competing against other artists on Ink Master. She believes strategy and cleverness make her the next Ink Master.

Jon Mesa is 40 years old and from the Dominican Republic but raised in NYC. He has 16 years of tattoo experience. Jon says he is versatile and does the cleanest tattoos. He specializes in Japanese style tattoos. Jon hopes to create his best work ever on Ink Master.

Koral Ladna is 36 years old, originally from Ukraine. She has tattooed for 11 years. Koral believes she has unmatched creativity and an alternative artistic vision. She specializes in colorful, modern tattoos she calls “cosmic colorism.” Koral wants to document her Ink Master journey to show her son you can achieve your dreams.

Aaron Davis-Holloway is a 29 year old tattoo artist living in Atlanta, from Florida. He has tattooed for 4 years. Aaron specializes in Afro-Americana tattoos, celebrating black history and culture. He wants black people to feel proud of their skin and know great black artists can tattoo them. Aaron aims to showcase the greatness of black culture on Ink Master.

Sydney Dyer is a 33 year old tattoo artist from Canada with 10 years of experience. She specializes in vintage girly tattoos with fine lines, beadwork, and circular designs. On Ink Master, Sydney wants to prove she can compete with top artists and has what it takes to be there.

Jessica Valentine is a 40 year old tattoo artist from New York, inking for 10 years. She specializes in bright, bubblegum traditional tattoos. Jessica knows Ink Master is a marathon requiring her best work daily. She wants to prove to herself she can be an Ink Master.

Bryan Black is a 36 year old tattoo artist from California with 9 years of experience. He specializes in black and gray traditional to realistic tattoos. Bryan was drawn to tattooing after being tattooed himself and seeing the magic. He’s on Ink Master to test his skills.

Jozzy Camacho is a 30 year old New York tattoo artist with 11 years of experience. He specializes in black and gray female portraits and calligraphy lettering. Jozzy wants to showcase his unique style and be a different kind of Ink Master contestant.

Bobby Johnson is a 35 year old from San Diego who has tattooed 13 years. He likes bold, eye-catching designs. Bobby has loved art and creating since childhood and started tattooing at 17. He just wants to be himself and do tattoos on Ink Master.

What else can you watch on Paramount+ From Canada?

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Wrap Up

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