How to watch Love Island UK 2023 in the United States for free| Watch it on ITV

Watch Love Island UK 2023

Love Island fans better prepare for a winter of intense relationships, fragile friendships, savage fights, and scorching drama. Yes, the popular British reality dating show is gearing up for its latest season, which will see brand-new islanders cozying up in a luxurious villa in hopes of finding their one true love. 

Winter Love Island Season 9 is set to hit the airwaves on January 16, 2023. Narrated by comedian Iain Stirling and hosted by actress Maya Jama, the show will focus on a group of men and women from the United Kingdom who will take residence on the enchanting villa in Franschhoek Wine Valley, South Africa, for six or more exhilarating weeks. 

Considering the past seasons spanned six to eight weeks, the longer duration of the upcoming season means more quarrels, love stories, and tantrums.

How To Watch Love Island UK 2023 In US For Free |Quick Guide

watch Love Island UK 2023
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The ninth season of Love Island is around the corner, and if you are super excited about the reality TV show and wondering where to watch Love Island 2023 for free, ITV should be your stop.

Love Island UK 2023 season 9 will stream on ITV 2 for free; you can only watch it if you reside in the UK. For those who are in the US, Canada, or outside the UK, follow these steps:

  1. Get ExpressVPN for ITV ($6.67/mo with a 30day money-back guarantee)
  2. Download the VPN app on your device
  3. Select a British IP address from the country list
  4. Now open on your browser
  5. Search Winter Love Island UK 2023 (season 9) on ITV 2 from the US
  6. Enjoy the show
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Watch Winter Love Island UK Season 9 in USA for Free | Detailed Explanation

Love Island UK Season 9 will stream exclusively on the ITV hub in the UK. Since ITV is geo-restricted and only available in the United Kingdom, you have to use a VPN with a British IP to stream Winter Love Island 2023 in the US for free. Follow these detailed steps:

1- Get ExpressVPN for ITV

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2- Download the VPN app on your device

ExpressVPN work on almost every device. The VPN has dedicated Windows, Mac OS, Android, and Linux applications. You can also use ExpressVPN on gaming consoles like PS4 and Xbox. With a single subscription to ExpressVPN, you can simultaneously secure/stream five devices.

3- Connect to a British server

To stream Love Island UK 2023 from US for free, you will need to connect to a UK IP address in the ExpressVPN app. ExpressVPN has several highly optimized servers in the UK, perfect for watching Love Island Season 9 from the US or anywhere else.

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4- Enjoy

After connecting to a British server, you can now access ITV from the USA or anywhere outside the UK.

Open and search Love Island season 9. You can now see Winter Love Island 2023 appearing on your screen so enjoy.

watch Love Island UK 2023
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What Happened In The Villa

The recent episode of Love Island was full of excitement and sorrow. The islanders were excited as the iconic baby challenge returned to the villa. Will named his baby after a dead sheep “Rufus”, which left fans amused.

Kai Fagan and Sanam Harrinanan named their baby “Bruno” after famous footballer Bruno Fernandez and Shaq and Tanya named their baby after their name “Shanya.”

On the other hand, Ron called Lana’s parenting style unattractive, and he was slammed later by fans. The electronic baby was crying out, and the couple decided to change their clothes. Lana struggled to button up the baby, and Ron criticized her for this. He said, “When girls are good with babies, it’s really attractive, and you have not done that…I’ll be completely honest.'”

Casey and Rosie were dumped from the villa, leaving fans in shock. Tom, Casey’s buddy, cried upon her departure from the villa. Casey got the least votes which led to her elimination from the ITV show. Upon hearing this news, Tom became emotional with tears, later, he was comforted by his partner Samie.

The series is set to reach its final episode on Monday, and the winning couple will be announced.

Love Island UK Season 9 Couples

The islanders met and had a party in the villa. Here are the couples that are formed in Love Island Uk 2023:

  1. Jessie Wynter and Will Young
  2. Sanam Harrinanan and Kai Fagan
  3. Tanya Manhenga and Shaq Muhammad
  4. Lana Jenkins and Ron Hall
  5. Samie Elishi and Tom Clare

Where To Watch Love Island UK Season 9 In The US?

Wondering where you can watch Winter Love Island UK in the US? Well, all the previous seasons of Love Island UK are now available on Hulu in the United States. A Hulu subscription will cost you around $7.99/m, and you can watch Love Island UK in the US (All previous seasons).

If you are here to find out where to watch Love Island UK Season 9 2023 in the United States? Then ITV is your stop. Access ITV from the US with an ExpressVPN subscription. Since ITV is a free-to-stream streaming service in the UK, you need an ExpressVPN subscription to unblock it from the US.

Where to watch Winter Love Island UK 2023 Online in USA for Free

Love Island is a reality-based TV show which is surrounded by controversies, romance, love, and deaths. The first season of Love Island aired on June 7, 2015, and it instantly became a new sensation.

After the success of Love Island UK, the franchise expanded to different countries and launched a local version of Love Island, and the list includes; Love Island Australia, Love Island Germany (Love Island – Heiße Flirts & wahre Liebe), Love Island Poland (Love Island. Wyspa miłości) and Love Island USA. Here is a list of VOD/OTT services on which you can stream season 8 of Love Island UK.

Where to watch Love Island 2023 in the US | Watch Love Island Season 9 on Hulu


Love Island season 8 was released on Hulu a little after its initial run. Love Island season 8 was released on ITV on June 6, 2022, and was made available on Hulu after some weeks, on June 21, 2022.

We can expect Love Island UK 2023 to land on Hulu after two weeks of its initial run, but a release date from Hulu is yet to be confirmed.

Hulu is available for $7.99/mo, and the ad-free plan is $14/mo.


Watch Winter Love Island UK Season 9 online for free in Australia

9 NOw

For those who are in Australia and wondering where to watch Love Island 2023, Channel 9’s VOD service 9Now is your stop. Every episode of Love Island season 9 will be available for streaming for free.

9Now is free to stream service only if you are in Australia, for those who are outside Australia, get ExpressVPN to stream Love Island on 9Now for free.


Where to watch Love Island UK Season 9 in New Zealand

Neon TV

Love Island season 8 will be available on Neon TV; if you are in New Zealand and want to stream Love Island 2023, Noen TV is your go-to service.

The monthly plan cost around NZ$15.99, and the annual subscription is available at a 16% discount, $159.99.

If you are traveling outside New Zealand, then employ a VPN to stream Love Island 2023 online for free.

Where to watch Love Island 2023 in Canada

Unfortunately, Love Island is not available on any streaming service in Canada. We have checked Crave TV, CTV, etc., and none of them will broadcast Love Island 2022.

The only way out for Canadians is to use ExpressVPN and stream Love Island 2022 for free on ITV. A VPN will help you bypass geo-restricted content and watch Love Island in Canada. Find more on watching Love Island 2022 in Canada.

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Love Island UK Season 9 Release Date

Winter Love Island 2023 is set to premiere on January 16, 2023, at 9 PM (GMT) on ITV. The official end date for media partners is still not confirmed. You can also watch Love Island UK in Ireland on ITV 2 with an ExpressVPN subscription.

The sixth series ran for six weeks, shorter than the usual Love Island stint on screen. We can only anticipate the number of weeks and episodes in Winter Love Island UK 2023 to be six or ten weeks.

Winter Love Island UK Contestants 2023 | Love Island UK Season 9 Cast 2023

Meet the islanders for the Winter Love Island UK 2023:

1- Tanya Manhenga

Age: 22
Country: Liverpool
Occupation: Influencer, Biomedical Student
Social Profile: Instagram – @talkswithtt_

Tanya was rumored to join the cast of Love Island 2023 before the cast was confirmed. Upon asking the reason for joining the dating show, she said that she was looking for a boyfriend and thought living in the villa for multiple days or weeks would help her get what she wanted. Tanya has problems with guys who don’t prefer wearing socks in the house and has vitiligo on her lips.

2- Kai Fagan

Age: 24
Country: Manchester
Occupation: PE & Science Teacher
Social Profile: Instagram – @kaifagan_

Fagan is a Jamaican citizen living and working in Manchester as a Science teacher. He describes himself as a loving, caring, and good guy. Upon asking about his relationship status, he said that he was waiting for the right girl to commit to, which is why he is single. He added, “I don’t feel I should commit to someone unless I’m buzzing over them because it’s not fair on them.”

He also loves playing rugby and has played in rugby 7s for Jamaica. He is currently playing semi-professional rugby for Burnage RFC.

3- Ron Hall

Age: 25
Country: Essex
Occupation: Financial advisor
Social Profile: Instagram – @ronhall__

Ron describes himself as the most genuine person you can ever meet and said, “I’m genuine, caring, and I’m a nice person – which you don’t find these days.”

He also said that he is blind in one eye, which is a result of an accident that happened in a football game when he was a child. He also has two different colored eyes, one is blue and the other one is green.

4- Lana Jenkins

Age: 25
Country: Luton
Occupation: Makeup artist
Social Profile: Instagram – @lanajenkinss

The Makeup guru is entering the villa in Love Island 2023. She has been the makeup artist in tv series like Still So Awkward, The Responder, Brassic, etc. She revealed that she has worked with several celebrities during work.

She also added that she would quickly fall in love because she tends to know about the other person quickly.

5- Will Young

Age: 23
Country: Buckinghamshire
Occupation: Farmer
Social Profile: Instagram – @farmer_will_

Will is a farmer by profession and wants to join the villa to find true love. He said it is difficult to keep up with the relationship and work while growing up on the farm. He further added Love Island would be the perfect place for him to take a break from the farm and find love. He said, “I think I’m at the time of my life where I’m mature enough to go and find a wife.”

6- Shaq Muhammad

Age: 24
Country: London
Occupation: Airport security officer
Social Profile: Instagram – N/A

Shaq wants to meet the love of his life by entering the villa. He didn’t find any luck in his previous relationships and wants to come out as a winner with his future wife. Shaq is a person who falls in love easily, with quick emotions, which is a blessing and a curse.

Upon asking, he said he had dated a few girls in the past, but no one could ring the bell. He also added that he takes time to commit to a relationship, and he is not difficult to be with.

Casa Amor Bombshells 2023

The villa was rocked with the entrance of new bombshells. A total of 12 new islanders were introduced in the latest episode of Love Island UK, which created a ripple effect among the old couples.

Here is a list of Islanders inducted into the villa:

1- Sanam Harrinanan

Age: 24
Country/City: Bedford
Occupation: Social Worker
Social Profile: Instagram – @sanamiee

The Bombshell In Love Island UK 2023

Tom was added to the villa after a public vote, Ellie was never eliminated and there is a possible chance we will see here. On Monday, Jessi Wynter and Aaron Waters were inducted to the villa.

◊ Jessie Wynter

Age: 26
From: Sydney, Australia
Occupation: Personal trainer and Influencer
Social Profile: Instagram – @jessiereneewynter

Jessie has done it all before in Love Island, Australia. She was in the final four couple with Todd Elton but could not manage to make it to the final prize. After getting eliminated from the villa, her relationship with Todd didn’t last long, and they broke up in 2020.

Jessie is a personal trainer and a social media influencer. She spoke about her previous relationship with Todd before ending the villa. She said: “I’d been on the show for quite some time before he came on, so I feel like the relationship was slightly unbalanced in that way – he knew a lot more about me than I knew about him. When we got out of the Villa I thought everything was great and fun, however, I just don’t think we were both on the same page.”

◊ Tom Clare

Age: 23
From: Barnsley
Occupation: Footballer (semi-professional)
Social Profile: Instagram – @tomclare__

The semi-professional footballer from Macclesfield Town can be the first one to enter the villa as a bombshell. The football club “Macclesfield FC” has confirmed the leave approval for Tom Clare in order to appear in Love Island 2023.

Tom’s reason for entering the villa is to find the love of his life. She had a girlfriend in the past and has been single for years. Since she left, no one has clicked Tom, and he is not going to settle for less. He is looking to get married to the next person he feels is the best to be with.

◊ Samie Elishi

Age: 22
From: London
Occupation: Senior estate agent
Social Profile: Instagram – @samieelishi

The newest bombshell entered the villa with a loud entry. The day was over at the villa, and everyone was preparing for the next day when the text message buzzer sounded, and everyone went to the firepit to welcome the new entrant.

Before joining the reality dating show, she spoke about joining the villa. She said that all her friends are settling down, and whenever she suggests a girl’s trip, everyone’s staying in with their boyfriends,” she explained, “I want someone to do that with, too!”

Samie Elishi is from London and has a straightforward attitude toward relationships. She said, “I won’t take rubbish from anyone, especially when it comes to guys!”

◊ Jordan Odofin

Age: 28
From: London
Occupation: Senior HR Adviser
Social Profile: Instagram – @snapsofjords.

Jordan said he is after a genuine connection in the villa. He has been single for a long time and has spent his 20s building his carrier. Jordan is 6ft 5in tall, making him the tallest person in the villa.

Who Has Been Dumped in Love Island Season 9 2023?

The dumping started with the elimination of David Salako on January 20, 2023, when Lana decided to couple with Will and left him. He was the first islander to be eliminated from the show in Love Island Season 9.

David was joined by Haris Namani and Anna-May Robey after the Australian Islanders were given the task of elimination to choose between the couples who received the least public votes.

The Islanders were in shock after both of their inmates said goodbye to the villa one last time. The night had a surprise of two bombshells on the same night, Ellie and Spencer.

Feburary saw the sad departure of Zara Lackenby-Brown after Tom decided to leave her and couple up with Ellie. Right after Zara, two boys were eliminated from the reality show after getting the least votes from the viewers and the girls. Aaron Waters and Spencer Wilks left the show on February 5, 2023.

After Jordan Odofin coupled up with Ellie Spence, Tanyel Revan had no choice but to leave the villa. In the 33rd episode, the villa was introduced with twelve new Casa Amore bombshells. Three of them were picked by the original islanders, and the rest were sent home. This included: Kain, Layla, Ryan, Sammy, Frankie, Cynthia, Bayley, Lydia, and Lynda.

The March 1st episode ended with the shocking news that Maya broke to the viewers and islanders. She announced the results of the public vote, which translated into Olivia and Maxwell receiving the least votes. The islanders were left in shock after they heard the sad dismissal of fellow islanders Olivia.

On the March 7th episode of Love Island, Casey and Rosie were eliminated from the ITV dating show due to low votes received by the viewers.

How To Vote For Your Favourite Couple in Love Island UK 2023

The best part of Love Island is the power it gave fans to choose their favorite couple. This is the reason Love Island has become the most popular dating reality show in the world. Fans can participate in the dating show by voting for their favorite couple and choosing the next bombshells.

Love Island fans were left to choose between Ellie Spence and Tom Clare for the first bombshell to enter the villa. The voting closed on January 13, and results are yet to be announced. The voting does not require any fee, and you can get into the game just by downloading the Love Island application on Google Play Store or App Store. The Love Island UK app is available for iOS 9 and later and Android 4.4x and later.

Follow these steps to download the Love Island app and vote during the series:

1- Head over to the App Store on iPhone and Google Play Store on an Android phone

2- Search for the Love Island app

3- Click on the download button

4- Open the Love Island app once it has been downloaded on your phone

5- Sign up with your email address if required

6- Cast your vote!

Who Will Host Winter Love Island 2023 Season 9?

Maya Jama will be hosting the Winter Love Island 2023. Laura Whitmore, who hosted the Love Island season 6 and 7, and Love Island: Aftersun, was replaced with Maya Jama after Whitemore stepped down as the host in 2022. She had some personal reasons for quitting the reality show, which she didn’t disclose.

Maya Jama is a British actress and tv & radio, presenter. She is best known for ITV’s Cannonball. She has also co-presented BBC One’s “Crouchy’s Year-Late Euros” with Peter Crouch and Alex Holmes.

Jama is deep into the fashion world and was included in the list of influencers across all industries, “The Progress 1000” by London Evening Standard. She also has a clothing line with PrettyLittleThing and is a brand ambassador for Addidas, Aussie, and GAP. She also launched her own face and eye mask in December 2020, which sold in less than 24 hours like hotcakes.

What Is Love Island | How Does The Game Work?

A spin-off of a celebrity dating game show, Love Island, revolves around a group of people living together on an exotic island while being cut off from the outside world. These folks are referred to as islanders and reside in complete isolation at an enormous villa where they only have each other for company.

In a true reality television fashion, cameras capture these participants’ every move, who have one ultimate goal: forming a couple with another islander. The contestants who fail to find a partner by the end of the coupling or those who are perceived to be the weakest pair are at risk of being sent home. Therefore, in order to survive on Love Island, the islanders must form alliances and succeed in all the challenges the showrunners throw at them.

During the season premiere, the islanders tend to couple up based on appearances and first impressions. However, as the weeks go by, the contestants are forced to find new partners as they face numerous tasks and hurdles, some of which have sparked controversy for being too gross or simply indecent. 

That being said, all of the games featured on Love Island are specifically designed to test the physical and mental strength of the couples. Moreover, the winners enjoy some grand prizes and extraordinary perks, such as an opportunity to go outside the villa for a romantic evening with their other half. 

Meanwhile, those who fail to keep up with the partner swapping are dumped from the island. Usually, the viewers are the ones who decide who stays on and who goes by voting through the Love Island app. Nevertheless, there have been many shocking instances where other contestants were asked to vote and eliminate one of their peers.

At the end of the Winter Love Island 2023 Season 9, the winning couple will receive a prize of £50,000. 

Who won Love Island UK Season 8 2022?

The winner of Love Island Season 8 was Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu and Davide Sanclimenti. They split the winning prize of £50,000. Ekin-Su was seen angry on social media over Sanclimenti partying with girls, and it looked like their relationship was falling apart.

Davide silenced all those rumors by giving Ekin-Su a beautiful ring. Ekin-Su looked happier than ever, and the couple has fueled the rumors of their engagement.

In Love Island Season 7, Liam Reardon and Millie Court won the coveted prize, though Toby Aromolaran and Chloe Burrows came close to snatching the top position. 

It is also worth mentioning that the winners of the sixth series, Finn Tapp and Paige Turley, only had 1% more votes than the runners-up, Luke Trotman and Siânnise Fudge.

Frequently Asked Questions to watch Love Island UK in US Season 9 (2023)

» Where is Love Island UK 2023 filmed?

Love Island Season 9 will be in Franschhoek Wine Valley, South Africa. The villa is called “Ludus Magnus” and is located in the center of majestic mountains and beautiful meadows, with some luxurious rooms, halls, and a pool.

» What care protocols are taken for islanders of Love Island 2023?

press release was published on ITV’s website stating that several care protocols and security measures were taken for participants’ welfare this year.

A complete overview of the welfare service offered to islanders includes: 

  • Full-scale psychological support
  • All Islanders will be trained to handle social media’s positive and negative impacts.
  • Islanders will be trained beforehand in the financial management
  • A detailed discussion with Islanders regarding the pros and cons of participating in this reality show
  • An aftercare package will be given to every Islander participating in the show
  • Guidance and advice on taking on management after the show

Additionally, it was revealed at the start of January that the Love Island villa would be guarded by private armed forces in addition to the security cameras, electric gates, and alarms. The villa will have a police hotline and private armed response companies as a response to any threat to the islanders and crew members.

» Where to watch Love Island UK Season 9 in the United States?

Love Island UK season 9 will be available on Hulu with a delay of 2 weeks. The release of season 9 is expected to be on January 30, 2023, on Hulu, with the episodes made available from Monday to Friday.

If you want to watch Love Island UK Season 9 as it airs on ITV, get an ExpressVPN subscription and watch the reality dating series online.

» Is Love Island UK Season 9 coming to Direct TV?

No, Love Island UK fans won’t get the chance to watch the ninth season of Love Island UK on Direct TV. The series will stream on Hulu two weeks after it airs on ITV.

» What is the winning prize in Love Island UK Season 9?

The winners will grab a prize of £50000. The viewers determine the winning couple through a voting system which makes love island so popular among other reality shows.

To win the game, a couple has to stay together till the end and portray themselves as the best choice.

» Who is doing the narration in Love Island UK Season 9?

Iain Stirling will be doing the job of the narrator in Love Island season 9. He has been a part of the Love Island team since its inception and has done a tremendous job. Stirling has been busy in hosting and narrating reality shows like All Over the Place, The Dog Ate My Homework, CelebAbility, and Love Island USA.

Stirling has been married to Love Island host Laura Whitemore, and they have a daughter, Stevie Ré.

» How many Islanders are there in Love Island UK Season 9?

As of writing this blog, the initial list of islanders is 10 to enter the villa, with two bomb shells announced before the show starts. We are expecting the number of islanders to reach 32 or more with the passage of time.

» Love Island controversies | What are they?

Love Island was developed in a format in which controversies are usually expected. But eyebrows were raised when three people committed suicide. The show host, Caroline, was found dead in her apartment, and contestants Sophie Gradon and Mike Thalassitis both died 20 months after the show.

After this death, the management of the reality TV show developed an extensive welfare program for everyone participating in the show.

In 2018 4100 people launched complaints about the show’s integrity and what message it is giving to society. The Mental Health Foundation also criticized the format of the gameplay and how it can impact the viewer’s mental health.

» Who has won the Love Island | Love Island winners

The following are the winners of the Love Island UK edition:

Series Episodes Islanders Days Winners
1 29 23 41 Jess Hayes & Max Morley
2 37 26 45 Cara De La Hoyde & Nathan Massey
3 43 32 52 Amber Davies & Kem Cetinay
4 49 38 59 Dani Dyer & Jack Fincham
5 49 36 58 Amber Gill & Greg O’Shea
6 36 32 44 Finn Tapp & Paige Turley
7 49 37 58 Liam Reardon & Millie Court
8 49 58 36 Ekin-Su and Davide

What Happened To The Previously Crowned Couples| Are They Still Together?

Jess Hayes and Max Morley were the first Love Island UK winners. The series aired on ITV from June to July 2015 and was able to attract 500k viewers. Despite being crowned the winning couple, Jess and Max broke up six weeks after leaving the villa.

Max went forward in life, finding new partners so did Jessica. Max started dating Celebrity Big Brother winner Charlotte Crosby but ended their relationship when he caught Charlotte kissing ex-boyfriend Gaz Beadle from Geordie Shore. He gave himself another chance to love and went on dating Zara Holland, Miss Great Britain 2016.

Things went down quickly, and Max broke up with Zara and said she was boring in reality and in bed. He went forward to date fellow islander “Laura Anderson.”

On the other hand, Jessica’s love life is stable and better than Max’s. She is engaged to Dan Lawry, and the couple has a son who is two years old now. Jessica broke up with Lawry after losing her second son, teddy, during pregnancy and went public about it eight months after the breakup. She posted cozy pictures with her new boyfriend.

The second season of Love Island UK saw the perfect team of Hannah Elizabeth and Jon Clark, who entered the villa and teamed up on the first day to win the show. The couple is considered the most perfect couple in Love Island history as they got engaged in the series.

The super happy couple managed to carry their relationship for three months after winning Love Island 2016. The couple broke their relationship over Hannah’s glamour modeling career, which Jon was not ok with, and left her.

Jon moved forward to find love, joined Towie (The Only Way Is Essex), and started dating Love Island 2017’s star “Chloe Crowhurst,” which didn’t last long, and Jon moved forward to date models and tv personalities.

Hannah also moved forward and confirmed her indulgence with George Andreetti, an ex-stockbroker. The couple had a son and ended their relationship in 2019.

In the third season, we saw Kem Cetinay and Amber Davies walking out of the villa as the winning couple. Their relationship in the villa was full of turbulence, but they managed to win Love Island UK 2017, which has proved to bring fortune for both.

Amber headed to theaters and joined the prestigious West End theater to star in the musical 9 to 5, while Kem went to ITV’s Dancing On Ice the next year. The couple announced with sadness that they were parting ways because they wanted different things in life.

Kem confessed that they did not have a good amount of sex, which dropped drastically after winning the show. The Sun also reported about the couple blocking each other on social media.

The fourth season of Love Island saw Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham winning the show with 79.6% votes in their favor, which is the highest winning number a couple has received to date. Their relationship did not last a year, and Jack announced on social media their break up in April 2019. The announcement came one day after Dani celebrated the launch of her book.

Jack and Dani moved into an apartment after the British dating show was over. They started filming their own show in the flat, and it became a workhouse kind of thing. Dani broke the silence over their breakup on The Jonathan Ross show. She said that Jack is not an easy person to live with and they often fight over silly things about keeping the house clean. The couple has moved forward in life, finding true love.

Survival of the Fittest contestant had been in a relationship with Sammy Kimmence before appearing on Love Island Season 4. After her breakup with Jack, she was seen with Kimmence, and it was reported that their love had been reignited again, which was later confirmed by Dani.  Dani and Kimmence had a son in 2021 before splitting again after Kimmence went to jail for 3.5 years. Recently Dani appeared on a TV interview with Mo Gilligan, where she confirmed her relationship with Westham’s winger Jarrod Bowen.

Jack Fincham had a painful journey after exiting the relationship with Dani. He started dating NHS officer Casey Ranger, but the couple separated after some time. In 2020 Jack and Casey had a daughter together and named her Blossom.

The winners of Love Island UK 2019 were Greg O’Shea and Amber Gill. Greg is a professional rugby player, and Amber was a beauty therapist at that time. Like every other winning couple, Greg and Amber separated just five weeks after leaving the villa as crowned couple.

Amber feels used by Greg to win the dating show after he dumps her over a text message. She was devasted by Greg’s decision and let the world know about her feelings on her social media account. Amber complained about Greg’s nonserious attitude towards her after leaving the villa. He didn’t put effort into continuing what they had in the villa, and it was she who traveled to London to meet him.

After moving forward, Gill appeared on Love Island: After Sun, Good Morning Britain, Celebrity Mastermind, and several other tv shows. She has co-authored a book, “Until I Met You” which was released in 2022. She has appeared as a contestant in Channel 4’s SAS: Who Dares Wins.

On the other hand, Greg had his moment of dumping Amber but was followed by angry fans. He lost millions of followers on social media and was severely depressed after the 2021 Olympics. It was reported that he was having suicidal thoughts.

Nowadays, he keeps himself busy with his fitness app and Virgin Media’s Six O’Clock Show. Upon asking, he revealed that he is single again and will join Love Island if given a chance again.

What else can you watch with a VPN?

With a VPN service, you can virtually travel the world with a single click. Here are some of the movies and TV shows which are geo-restricted and can be watched with a VPN from anywhere:

Wrap Up

The bottom line is you can stream Love Island UK 2023 for free on ITV from the UK. If you are located or traveling outside the United Kingdom, employ a VPN at your service and watch Love Island UK Season 9 in US. You can also catch up on Love Island’s previous season on ITV, 9Now, and Hulu.

Five seasons are available for purchase on Apple iTunes if you are interested in purchasing a digital copy of Love Island.

Written by Mickel Clark

Mickel is a streaming aficionado who loves nothing more than to pen down his thoughts about the movies, anime and TV shows he has watched and likes sharing hacks on how to stream them online.