How to watch Bullet Train on Netflix from the UK or Anywhere Else? | Stream Bullet Train (2022) on Netflix in 2023

David Leitch created a 2022 American action humor movie titled Bullet Train from a script by Zak Olkewicz. The movie’s original creator, Antoine Fuqua, also serves as producer. Brad Pitt plays a reluctant assassin in the film who must fight other murderers while traveling on a fictionalized profile of the Tokaido Shinkansen.

Is Bullet Train on Netflix?

Bullet Train is now available on Netflix, but the movie is streaming in a limited number of countries. This disparity is due to the distribution rights that other streaming services or movie theaters have. But don’t worry if you are unable to find Bullet Train in your Netflix library. We have prepared this guide for you, and you can watch Bullet Train on Netflix after reading it to the end.

How to watch Bullet Train on Netflix? | Quick Guide

watch Brad Pitt's bullet train netflix
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Brad Pitt’s Bullet Train has recently landed on Netflix, but sadly the movie is not streaming globally. If you reside in Canada, Australia, or the United Kingdom and search “Bullet Train” in your Netflix library, you won’t find it.

All hope is lost? No. All you need is a workable VPN with an Indian IP address to watch Bullet Train from the UK, Canada, or anywhere else. Follow these steps:

1- Sign up to ExpressVPN for Netflix (You’ll get three extra months free with a 12-month plan, plus a 30-day money-back guarantee)

2- Download ExpressVPN on your devices of choice (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and more)

3- Open the app and connect to an Indian server from the country list

4- Now open Netflix in your browser or in-app

5- Search Bullet Train (2022) on Netflix from the United States, Canada, etc.

6- Enjoy

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Watch Bullet Train on Netflix | Detailed Explanation

Brat Pitt fans from every corner of the world keep searching and wondering where to watch Bullet Train on Netflix or When Bullet Train is coming to Netflix. Well, guess what! Bullet Train has been released on Netflix, and here are the steps you need to follow to watch it from the UK, Australia, or Canada.

1- Get ExpressVPN for Netflix

You will need a VPN to change your Netflix region and stream Bullet Train on Netflix. You can get three extra months free of ExpressVPN with their annual plan. That’s 15 months for the price of 12. A single subscription supports five devices simultaneously and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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2- Download the ExpressVPN app on your device

ExpressVPN supports almost all devices, including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, and more. You can also use ExpressVPN on your smart TV or gaming consoles using their smart DNS.

3- Connect to an Indian Server

After downloading the ExpressVPN app, open up the ExpresVPN app and connect to an Indian server to get an Indian IP address. Since Bullet Train is only available on Indian Netflix, you will need an Indian IP address to access the Indian Netflix library and watch Bullet Train on Netflix.

watch Brad Pitt's bullet train netflix
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4- Enjoy

After connecting to an Indian server, open Netflix in your browser or in-app and search for Bullet Train (2022) on Netflix from the UK or anywhere else. Now you can stream and enjoy the new Brad Pitt movie on Netflix.

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Bullet Train – Netflix Countries

Fans of Brad Pitt are looking for where they can stream his latest action comedy film Bullet Train on Netflix. The movie is available for streaming on Netflix but, unfortunately, only limited to a number of regions. We have done extensive research and have listed down the countries where Bullet Train is available on Netflix.

  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Lithuania
  • Malaysia
  • Netherlands
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • South Africa
  • South Korea
  • Thailand
  • United States

Where to watch Bullet Train online?

The new Brat Pitt movie is streaming on Netflix and a few other streaming services. We have created a research document country-wise, which will help you watch Bullet Train online.

Where is Bullet Train Streaming in the United States?

Unfortunately, no streaming services or cable TV has the distribution right to stream Bullet Train in the United States. We have specifically checked Direct TV and Xfinity’s websites and asked their support department for the Bullet Train release date, but they were clueless.

However, you can watch Bullet Train in the USA on Netflix with an ExpressVPN subscription. The subscription will cost you around $6.67/month with a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, there are some good movies and tv shows on American Netflix, like The Originals, In the Dark, Death Note, etc.

If you are looking for a digital purchase or want to rent Bullet Train, Apple iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Play Movies, and Vudu are your best options. A digital purchase will cost you around $19.99, and the renting cost is $5.99.

Is Bullet Train streaming in the United Kingdom?

No, the new Brad Pitt movie “Bullet Train” is still not availabe for streaming in the United Kingdom. We have checked Virgin TV and Now TV’s website and could not find any news on Bullet Train releasing in the UK for streaming.

There are tons of movies and tv shows streaming on British Netflix, like Friends, The Office, The Big Bang Theory, Better Call Saul, etc.

But that does not mean you can not watch the new Brad Pitt movie on Netflix. We have tested ExpressVPN to watch Bullet Train on Netflix from the United Kingdom, and it worked perfectly in changing the Netflix region. What else do you need if you can get Bullet Train on Netflix for less than £6 with a 30-day money-back guarantee?

If you are looking to rent Brad Pitt’s new movie or get a digital copy of it, head over to Chili, Rakuten TV, Amazon Video, or Google Play Movies. Bullet Train is available for ¬£3.49-rent, and you can grab a digital copy of it for ¬£9.99.

Is Bullet Train on Netflix in Canada?

Canadian Netflix has some of the best movies and tv shows; the list includes Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Prison Break, Titans, The Notebook, etc., but Bullet Train has not yet reached the Canadian Netflix library.

But you can watch it with ExpressVPN for just USD 6.67/m with a money-back guarantee. If you are looking to rent Bullet Train, head over to Cineplex, Google Play Movies, or YouTube, it will cost you around 4.99 Canadian dollars and CA$24.99 to grab a digital copy of the movie.

Where to watch Bullet Train in Australia?

You can stream Bullet Train on Netflix from Australia. All you need is an ExpressVPN subscription to change your IP address, and you are all set to watch Bullet Train on Netflix in Australia. Although there are other things, you should check out on Australian Netflix, like Knives Out, Godzilla vs. Kong, The Conjuring, and The Blacklist.

We have checked all Australian streaming services like Binge, Stan, and Foxtel Now, but there is no news of Bullet Train coming to any Australian streaming service.

If you are looking to get a digital copy of the movie Apple iTunes, Telstra TV, and Amazon Video are some of the best options you have, and to rent it, head over to YouTube or Google Play Movies. The renting price is A$24.9, and the digital purchase will cost you around A$19.99.

The best way to watch Bullet Train on Netflix in Australia is with ExpressVPN’s Indian IP address, it will cost you as low as A$9.95, and you can return it if you don’t like the product.

Bullet Train – Release Date

Bullet Train was released in theaters on August 5, 2022. It was the same day Hulu released Prey, and Peacock released They/Them, a slasher horror film set at an LGBTQIA+ conversion camp. Lal Singh Chaddha, which is an Indian remake of Forest Gump, opened in theaters the next week.

The movie was well-received by fans and critics alike and garnered a 7.3/10 rating on IMDb. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a rotten score at just 54%, but it was contrasted by an impressively positive audience score of 76%. It also became a huge box-office success by collecting $239 million on a small production budget of approximately just $85.9‚Äď90 million.

Bullet Train – Official Trailer

The trailer for Bullet Train was released on the official Sony Pictures YouTube channel and has managed to get more than 30 million views. The trailer was released on March 2, 2022.


Bullet Train – What to Expect from the Movie?

Bullet Train is an action thriller film set on a high-speed bullet train running through Japan, where a mix of assassins finds themselves on the same train. Brad Pitt plays the central character, an assassin known as Ladybug.

Ladybug’s Assignment

Ladybug is given a mission by his boss to retrieve a mysterious suitcase on the bullet train. The bullet train is a known meeting place for assassins, and Ladybug knows this mission will not be easy. As the train departs, he prepares for a bloodbath.

Encounters on the Train

Once on the train, Ladybug encounters a series of unique assassins. Among them are the lethal Tangerine and the skilled Lemon, and the deceitful Hornet with their own objectives. Tensions rise, alliances form and break, and violence ensues. Ladybug finds himself in several battles but manages to hold his own.

Confrontation with Tangerine

In one intense sequence, Tangerine confronts Ladybug, leading to a fierce fight. Despite the odds, Ladybug manages to defeat Tangerine but is seriously injured in the process. As he recovers, he gains more clues about the importance of the mysterious suitcase.

Unexpected Alliance

Lemon, initially an opponent, forms an uneasy alliance with Ladybug, recognizing a common enemy in The Hornet. This alliance helps them navigate the train, deal with other assassins, and get closer to their respective goals. Their alliance also provides some unexpected moments of humor amidst the high-stakes action.

Race to the Finish

As the train nears its final stop, the battles become more desperate and violent. Ladybug, despite his injuries, is determined to complete his mission. The Hornet makes her move, leading to a tense standoff. In a final confrontation, Ladybug uses his cunning and skills to outwit and defeat The Hornet.

The Mysterious Suitcase

Ladybug finally manages to retrieve the suitcase, but not before learning its surprising contents: it’s not a weapon or classified documents, but something deeply personal, providing a major twist to the narrative. As the bullet train pulls into the final station, Ladybug, weary but victorious, departs with the suitcase.

End of the Journey

Although the journey has been dangerous and harrowing, Ladybug emerges from it with new perspectives and alliances. He also discovers that he has been part of a larger game, leading to potential sequels. The final scenes hint at new missions, promising more high-stakes action on the horizon.

Bullet Train | A Review as a Fan

Bullet Train is a star-studded action-comedy movie with Pulp Fiction-like vibes.

There’s too much gore, but it’s not repulsive. And we give full credit to its cinematographer, Jonathan Sela, for choosing such stylish, subtly vibrant color and artistic images. If it were not for his cinematography, the movie – based on the terrible carnage – would be too hard on the eyes.

I won’t be wrong if I say that this movie doesn’t have a single protagonist. This movie consists of major and minor antagonists – all of which have a backstory that shaped them into what they are.

All the characters are well-crafted. Brad Pitt is shown in a different light, and he does full justice to his character. He’s funnily pathetic but good at his job.

Two other characters, “Tangerine” and “Lemon,” were amusing. We have a feeling that they would be the most popular characters among the audience.

For us, one of the most shrewd antagonists, “Prince,” takes the cake. Joey King plays it. And OMG. SHE IS SO IMPRESSIVE. She switches from an innocent girl to a real b.i.t.c.h. in ONE BREATH in MANY SCENES. What acting chops! She is so good at it that it’s hard to imagine anyone else in her role. We enjoyed her acting the most.

If you are a Bratt Pitt fan, this movie is a must-watch. It may not be on Tarantino level, but it’s close.

Watch it with your friends for witty liners, eye-catching cinematography, exceptionally interesting characters, great plot twists, and exciting action.

The Cast of Bullet Train

Hollywood never fails to astound us with its ensemble casts, and ‘Bullet Train’ is no exception. The action-packed thriller is teeming with talent from all corners of the film industry. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the stellar cast and their noteworthy past roles.

  • Brad Pitt as Ladybug

No introduction is needed for Brad Pitt, the versatile actor leading the ‘Bullet Train’ cast. Pitt’s wide-ranging filmography is impressive, with his portrayals in ‘Fight Club,’ ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,’ ‘Inglourious Basterds,’ and the Oscar-winning ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.’ In ‘Bullet Train,’ he steps into the shoes of an assassin named Ladybug, further expanding his diverse repertoire.

  • Joey King as Prince

Joey King’s career took off with her role as Ramona Quimby in ‘Ramona and Beezus,’ but she truly captured the spotlight with the Netflix series ‘The Kissing Booth.’ Her dramatic range was proven with an Emmy-nominated performance in ‘The Act.’ In ‘Bullet Train,’ she portrays Prince, an assassin whose motives are a true mystery. She has also worked on projects like “The In Between” and “The Princess.”

  • Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Tangerine

From playing the lead in ‘Kick-Ass‘ to a standout role in ‘Nocturnal Animals,’ for which he won a Golden Globe, Aaron Taylor-Johnson is a proven talent. He’s also known for his role as Quicksilver in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron.’ He brings his multifaceted acting chops to ‘Bullet Train’ as Tangerine, a skilled assassin.

  • Brian Tyree Henry as Lemon

Brian Tyree Henry, widely recognized for his role in the acclaimed series ‘Atlanta,’ has displayed his remarkable talent in ‘Widows‘ and ‘Class of ’09.’ His ability to weave complex characters is well demonstrated in his portrayal of Lemon in ‘Bullet Train.’ Brian has also done voice acting in the critically acclaimed animated film “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.”

  • Zazie Beetz as The Hornet

Zazie Beetz, who plays The Hornet, is best known for her role as Domino in ‘Deadpool 2‘ and her powerful performance in ‘Joker.’ She also stars in ‘Atlanta‘ alongside Brian Tyree Henry. Her performance in ‘Bullet Train’ promises to be equally mesmerizing. She has also worked in the sketch comedy series “History of the World, Part II.”

The remaining notable mentions from the cast of Bullet Train are:

  • Andrew Koji¬†as Yuichi Kimura
  • Hiroyuki Sanada as The Elder
  • Logan Lerman as The Son
  • Karen Fukuhara as Train Crew Member
  • Michael Shannon as The White Death
  • Benito A. Mart√≠nez Ocasio (Bad Bunny)¬†as The Wolf
  • Sandra Bullock as Maria Beetle

Why is ExpressVPN the best choice to watch Bullet Train on Netflix?

If you’re in search of the best VPN for unblocking Netflix’s global content, ExpressVPN should be your first stop. We personally tested the service and found it to be successful in getting access to Netflix libraries worldwide.

From our location in the UK, we had no trouble streaming the movie Bullet Train from Netflix’s Indian library using ExpressVPN‚Äôs server based in India. ExpressVPN has a wide range of servers in 94 countries, which makes it possible for you to view Netflix content from any regional library.

Our speed tests showed promising results. On an internet connection with a speed of 100Mbps, we were getting download speeds reaching 97Mbps and upload speeds of up to 88Mbps. ExpressVPN’s advanced features like Split Tunneling, Internet Kill Switch, and MediaStream DNS significantly improved our online safety and streaming experience.

ExpressVPN works well with different operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android. It’s compatible with numerous devices like smartphones, smart TVs, laptops, and even gaming consoles like PS4 and Xbox¬†if you have it set up on your router.

For a fair price of only $6.67 per month, ExpressVPN provides excellent value. Right now, they are offering a 49% discount, and they have a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not completely happy. We believe you’ll appreciate their service. They are currently running a promotion that offers an extra three months of service for free when you sign up for the annual plan. Plus, ExpressVPN provides 24/7 customer support to help with any problems at any time.

Can I watch Bullet Train on Netflix with a free VPN?

We have tested dozens of free VPNs, and none of them provided satisfactory results. We often encountered the infamous Netflix Proxy Error along with slow streaming speed and frequent disconnection.

Therefore we recommend you invest in a premium VPN like ExpressVPN and watch Bullet Train or any other tv show or movie of your choice on Netflix. You can also create a watch party and stream Bullet Train with your friends and family by sharing a Netflix screen on Discord without a black screen issue.

Bullet Train – FAQs

1- Is Bullet Train a good movie?

The reception to Bullet Train among critics has been varied, as opinions differ on its action sequences and comedic elements, while some critique its intricate storyline. Ultimately, the judgment of whether it’s good or not remains subjective. However, it’s evident that the movie delivers an engaging experience, featuring a talented ensemble, exhilarating action sequences, and clever humor.

2- What is the actual plot of Bullet Train?

Ladybug, an ill-fated hitman, is resolute in pursuing his profession harmoniously following a series of botched assignments. Nevertheless, destiny appears intent on diverging from his intentions as his current task propels him into a head-on collision with deadly foes from various corners of the world. Their aims intertwine, yet clash, aboard the world’s fastest train.

3- Who is the Prince in Bullet Train?

Joey King portrays The Prince, an antagonist in the 2022 film Bullet Train. The Prince is the daughter of The White Death, an influential figure who presides over Japan’s dominant crime syndicate. She acquired the moniker of The Enigma as her father aspired for her to embody qualities traditionally associated with a male heir.

4- What happens at the end of Bullet Train?

The ending of Bullet Train delivers an electrifying conclusion that seamlessly weaves together all the narrative strands, intricately connecting each character and unveiling the purpose behind their presence aboard the Bullet Train. Unveiling a shocking revelation, the enigmatic orchestrator, known as the White Death, intentionally assembled this diverse group of assassins with the sinister intention of provoking their mutual demise.

5- What Else Can You Watch On Netflix after Bullet Train?

There are several movies and tv shows that are not globally availabe on Netflix due to copyrights. Here are some of them you should check out:

Wrap Up

Bullet Train is now streaming on Netflix but sadly not in the UK, Canada, or even Australia. But with an ExpressVPN subscription, you can easily watch the movie on Netflix from anywhere in the world. Therefore we highly advise getting an ExpressVPN account for $6.67/month and watching Bullet Train (2022) on Netflix from the comfort of your home.

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