How to watch Coraline on Netflix from the US, UK, or Anywhere Else? | Stream Coraline on Netflix in 2023

Watch Coraline On Netflix

Coraline is an American animated 3D stop-motion dark fantasy horror film directed and written by Henry Selick. Released in 2009, it is based on Neil Gaiman’s novella of the same name. It covers the story of an idealized version of a parallel universe that the main character discovers behind a secret door, unleashing the sinister and dark secrets behind it.¬†

If you are here to find out if Coraline is streaming on Netflix or which country has Coraline on Netflix, you have landed on the right page.

Is Coraline On Netflix in 2023?

Coraline is available on Netflix, but the animated movie is not streaming internationally on Netflix. This is due to the copyrights of the movie that Netflix has in limited countries. But don’t worry, we have the ultimate hack through which you can easily watch Coraline on Netflix from anywhere in the world.

How To Watch Coraline On Netflix? | Quick Steps

Is Coraline On Netflix?
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Coraline is streaming on Netflix in Canada and Japan. If you are in Canada or Japan, you will need an active Netflix subscription to watch Coraline. If you reside in the United States, the UK, or anywhere else, get an ExpressVPN account for $6.67/m with a 30-day money-back guarantee and change your IP address to a Canadian IP to watch Coraline on Netflix.

Follow these steps:

1- Get ExpressVPN for Netflix (12+3 month special deal with a 30day money-back guarantee)

2- Download the VPN app on your preferred device (ExpressVPN works on Android, iOS, Linux, and Windows)

3- Select the Canadian IP address from the country list

4- Now open on your browser or in the app

5- Search for Coraline (2008) on Netflix

6- Enjoy the movie

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Watch Coraline on Netflix | Detailed Explanation

Coraline is streaming in the Canadian library of Netflix. If you are not in Canada, get an ExpressVPN account to watch Coraline from the US, UK, or anywhere else. Follow these detailed steps:

1- Get ExpressVPN for Netflix

Coraline is available in limited Netflix libraries. Get ExpressVPN to watch it on Netflix from anywhere in the world. ExpressVPN offers an amazing 3-month free special deal on their annual subscription plan with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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2- Download the ExpressVPN on your device

ExpressVPN offers applications for every device you use, like PC, Mobile, or Smart TV. The VPN service has dedicated apps for PS4 and Xbox. You can secure five devices simultaneously with a single paid subscription.

3- Connect to a Canadian IP address

Since Coraline is available in the Canadian library of Netflix, you have to connect to a Canadian server in the Express VPN app to stream Coraline on Netflix.

Is Coraline On Netflix?
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4- Enjoy

After connecting to a Canadian IP address, open Netflix and search for Coraline on Netflix. You can now see the movie in front of you, enjoy.

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Coraline – Netflix Countries

As mentioned above, the critically acclaimed animated masterpiece by Henry Selick, Coraline, is available on Netflix but not globally. As per our thorough research, access to this movie is only limited to Japan and Canada. If you reside outside these regions, you are going to need to rely on ExpressVPN to watch Coraline on Netflix.

Coraline – Release Date

This amazing animated movie was released on February 6, 2009, in the United States and then worldwide and has managed to gross $124.6 million. The movie became an instant hit and was nominated for numerous awards. It was nominated for Academy Award in the Best Animated Feature category but was beaten by UP. Along with its accolades and impressive box office collection, Coraline also managed to receive a 7.7/10 rating on IMDb and a certified fresh score of 90% on Rotten Tomatoes.

In 2009 we also saw the release of Sherlock Holmes, The Hangover, Avatar, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Coraline – Official Trailer

Coraline – What to Expect from the Movie?

Coraline Jones, the story’s main character, faces difficulties adapting to her new life in Oregon when her workaholic parents move from Michigan. She ends up meeting Wyborne “Wybie” Lovat, the landlady’s grandson, who gives her an eerie ragdoll from his grandmother’s trunk that strangely resembles Coraline. The ragdoll leads Coraline to a portal to a parallel universe by guiding her through a small door in her apartment concealed by a bricked-up wall.¬†

Warnings Overlooked 

In the parallel universe, she meets her Other Father and Mother, who are doppelgangers of her parents, only button-eyed and more caring and attentive. Upon her return to the real world, she receives several cryptic warnings from apparently eerie people around her, but despite the warnings, she returns to the Other World twice more. On her third visit, her Other Mother offers Coraline to stay in the Other World permanently, provided that she sews buttons over her eyes. A horrified Coraline tries to escape from the Other World, but her Other Mother imprisons her in a room behind a strange mirror. 

Uncovering Realities 

Captured, Coraline discovers the past victims’ ghosts and learns that the Other Mother used ragdolls to lure people into the Other World and robbed them of their souls when they agreed to live in the Other World permanently. She also discovers that she can only free the ghosts by retrieving the essences of their souls hidden by the Other Mother throughout the Other World. Although Coraline manages to escape, she is forced to return when the Other Mother kidnaps her real parents.¬†

A Battle of Essences 

Coraline fights through all odds to find the essence of the souls and confronts the Other Mother in her original arachnid-like form. She narrowly escapes from the Other World as it begins to disintegrate after finding the essence and returns with her parents, who do not remember anything about their kidnapping. However, the Other Mother manages to reach beyond the Other World as well, and Coraline seeks help to annihilate her completely, once and for all.

The Cast Of Coraline

Coraline is a successful animated movie of 2009. The talented cast is one of the key factors behind its success. Here is the list of the main cast members in the movie.

  • Dakota Fanning as Coraline Jones

Dakota has led the cast by voicing Coraline in the movie. She is best known for her role in Twilight movies as Jane. She is joined by Teri Hatcher as Melanie Jones, the mother of Coraline. Hatcher has been active in the industry for decades and has appeared in Tomorrow Never Dies, Spy Kids, and Desperate Housewives. She has also appeared in 2023’s Fantasy Island.

  • Teri Hatcher as Mel Jones / Other Mother

Teri Hatcher, known for voicing both Coraline’s real mother, Mel Jones, and the sinister Other Mother, boasts a long and successful career in both television and film. Her breakout role as Lois Lane in the popular TV series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1993-1997) brought her widespread recognition; the series has been rebranded as Superman and Lois. Teri is also famous for her role as Susan Mayer in the hit television series Desperate Housewives (2004-2012), for which she received a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress.

  1. John Hodgman as Charlie Jones / Other Father

John Hodgman, who lent his voice to Coraline’s father, Charlie Jones, and the Other Father, is a multifaceted talent known for his work as an author, actor, and humorist. While he might be best recognized for his role as the “PC” in Apple’s popular “Get a Mac” ad campaign, John has also made numerous appearances on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and has guest-starred on various television shows, including The Flight of the Conchords (2007-2009) and Bored to Death (2009-2011).

  1. Ian McShane as Mr. Bobinsky:

Ian McShane, the voice behind the eccentric Mr. Bobinsky, has a diverse acting career spanning over five decades. Known for his roles in both film and television, Ian is best recognized for his portrayal of Al Swearengen in the critically acclaimed HBO series Deadwood (2004-2006), for which he won a Golden Globe Award. McShane has also appeared in the Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011), John Wick (2014), and American Gods (2017-2019), where he played the enigmatic Mr. Wednesday.

  1. Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French as Miss Spink and Miss Forcible:

The hilarious duo Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French, who voices the quirky retired actresses Miss Spink and Miss Forcible, have enjoyed a long and successful partnership in comedy. They are best known for their sketch comedy television show French and Saunders (1987-2007), which earned them numerous awards and accolades. Individually, Jennifer Saunders is famous for her role as Edina Monsoon in the hit British sitcom Absolutely Fabulous (1992-2012), while Dawn French is known for her portrayal of Geraldine Granger in the beloved British series The Vicar of Dibley (1994-2007)

The remaining voice cast of Coraline is listed below:

  • Robert Bailey Jr.¬†as Wyborne “Wybie” Lovat
  • Keith David¬†as The Cat
  • Carolyn Crawford¬†as Mrs. Lovat
  • Aankha Neal, George Selick, and Hannah Kaiser as the Ghost Children
  • Marina Budovsky and Harry Selick

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Can I watch Coraline on Netflix with a free VPN?

We have tested dozens of free VPNs, and none of them provided satisfactory results. We often encountered the infamous Netflix Proxy Error along with slow streaming speed and frequent disconnection.

Therefore we recommend you invest in a premium VPN like ExpressVPN or NordVPN and watch Coraline on Netflix. You can also create a watch party and stream Coraline with your friends and family by sharing a Netflix screen on Discord without a black screen issue.

Coraline – FAQs

1- Can kids watch Coraline?

Parents should be aware that Coraline may be unsettling for young children. While slightly less eerie than its source material, the movie still possesses a dark tone. The alternate world Coraline discovers transforms into a menacing and perilous place where there is a genuine risk of harm, as evidenced by the fate of ghost children.

2- Is Coraline mentally ill?

There is no clear indication or suggestion in the narrative of Coraline that she suffers from any form of mental illness. Coraline is depicted as a young girl who embarks on an extraordinary journey in a parallel world. The story primarily revolves around her experiences in this fantastical realm and the obstacles she confronts. Although Coraline encounters psychological and emotional challenges along the way, these do not necessarily indicate or imply a mental illness.

3- What is the message of Coraline?

Coraline ventures into a realm where countless enigmas await her. Everything seems to unfold without concrete explanations, highlighting the peril of pursuing perfection. This stop-motion masterpiece serves as a gentle reminder to meet people where they are and appreciate the beauty found in imperfections.

4- What else can you watch on Netflix after Coraline?

When it comes to content, Netflix is still the best. In the first quarter of 2022, Netflix lost 200,000 subscribers and was considered a sinking ship. But Netflix is still the biggest shark in the sea of content. Some of the best movies and TV shows on Netflix that can be enjoyed after Coraline are listed below:

Wrap Up

Coraline is available on Netflix but in a limited number of regions. If you are unable to find it in your Netflix library, get an ExpressVPN account and watch Coraline on Netflix from anywhere in the world. We have tested ExpressVPN to change our Netflix region many times, and it worked perfectly, which is why we strongly recommend it.

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