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Forrest Gump is an American comedy-drama novel-based film. Robert Zemeckis directed, and Eric Roth wrote this film. The film stars include Tom Hanks, Robin Wright, Gary Sinise, Mykelti Williamson, and Sally Field.

The film phase of the main scenes took place mainly in Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina between August and December 1993. Significant visual effects were, and the soundtrack features songs reflecting the several periods seen in the film. Forrest Gump was released in the United States on July 6, 1994.

An Indian remake of Forrest Gump was released on August 11, 2022. The movie is called “Laal Singh Chaddha,” and Amir Khan will lead.

How to Watch Forest Gump on Netflix in 2023

Forrest Gump Netflix
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Forrest Gump is streaming on Netflix in limited libraries. We recommend using a reliable VPN to change your IP address if you are unable to find Tom Hank’s Forest Gump on Netflix in your country.

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  2. Download the VPN app on your device of choice
  3. Select a Belgium Server from the list
  4. Open Netflix on your browser or in-app
  5. Search Forest Gump on Netflix
  6. Enjoy the movie

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Watch Forrest Gump (1994) On Netflix with ExpressVPN

The Academy Award-winning movie Forrest Gump is available on Netflix but in a limited number of regions. The film was previously available in Australia, the UK, and several other countries but now is restricted to a few.

Follow these steps to watch Forrest Gump on Netflix from anywhere:

1- Get ExpressVPN for Netflix

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3- Connect to a Belgian Server

After downloading the VPN app, select a Belgian IP address from the country list in the ExpressVPN app. ExpressVPN has physical servers in Belgium perfectly optimized to watch Forrest Gump on Netflix.

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4- Enjoy

Since Forrest Gump is only available in the Belgian library of Netflix, you must connect to a Belgian IP address, open Netflix on your browser or in-app, and search for Forrest Gump on Netflix from anywhere. You can now see Forrest Gump appearing on your screen, so enjoy.

Forrest Gump Netflix
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Forest Gump – Trailer

Forest Gump – Plot

The film follows the life of a kind yet simple man named Forrest Gump, portrayed by Tom Hanks. Despite his below-average IQ, Forrest experienced monumental events throughout American history.

As a child, Forrest is bullied for his disability but finds friendship in a girl named Jenny. Although their lives diverge, Jenny is the love of Forrest’s life.

Forrest becomes an unexpected football star in college. After graduation, he enlists in the army and befriends Bubba, meeting Lieutenant Dan as well. Tragedy strikes when Forrest survives an ambush in Vietnam that injures Lt. Dan and kills Bubba.

After the war, Forrest becomes an inspirational ping pong player and invests money from a endorsed shrimping business into Apple stock, making him very wealthy. However, he remains focused on reconnecting with Jenny and honoring Bubba’s dream of commercial shrimping.

Jenny resurfaces with a young son she claims is Forrest’s child. They finally marry, but she soon dies from an unspecified illness. In the end, Forrest shares his life philosophy of optimism and integrity with strangers before sending his son off to school.

Forrest’s journey highlights his guileless character in contrast to the cynicism, greed and violence surrounding him. His decency and values touch lives despite his cognitive limits. The film underscores perseverance and retaining hope through difficult times.

Forest Gump – Cast

Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump

  • Hanks is a beloved Oscar winner known for films like Big, Philadelphia, Saving Private Ryan, Cast Away, and the Toy Story movies.

Robin Wright as Jenny Curran

  • Wright starred in The Princess Bride early on and later in critically acclaimed projects like House of Cards and Wonder Woman.

Gary Sinise as Lieutenant Dan Taylor

  • Sinise is an Emmy winner renowned for roles in Of Mice and Men, Apollo 13, Truman, and CSI: NY.

Mykelti Williamson as Benjamin Buford “Bubba” Blue

  • Williamson is recognizable for roles in Heat, Con Air, Black Dynamite, Justified, and other action titles.

Sally Field as Mrs. Gump

  • Field is a two-time Oscar winner famous for roles in Smokey and the Bandit, Norma Rae, Places in the Heart, and The Amazing Spider-Man films.

Haley Joel Osment as Forrest Gump Jr.

  • Osment rose to fame as a child in The Sixth Sense and starred in A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Secondhand Lions, and The Boys.

In summary, the cast was led by Tom Hanks’ emotional performance as Forrest Gump, surrounded by strong supporting talent like Robin Wright and Gary Sinise. The ensemble brought Winston Groom’s story to life under Robert Zemeckis’ direction.

Forest Gump – Reviews & Ratings

Forrest Gump received favorable reviews for Zemeckis’s direction. Critics highly praised the performances of Hanks and Sinise. In addition, viewers liked this beautiful movie’s visual effects, music, and screenplay. IMDb rates it 8.8/10, and Rotten Tomatoes gives a 70% rating to Forrest Gump.

What Other Movies can I watch on Netflix with a VPN?

There are a number of movies and TV shows streaming on Netflix but not available in the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom due to copyrights, Use a VPN to unblock Netflix’s full potential. We have listed some good movies on Netflix but not in the US.

Forest Gump can be streamed on a number of streaming platforms. Some of them are listed below:

  • In the US, you can watch Forrest Gump on Netflix (with a VPN). Paramount and Pluto TV also has Forest Gump in USA.
  • You can stream Forst Gump on Sky GO, Now TV Cinema, in the UK. The movie is also available for rent and digital purchase on Sky Store, Rakuten TV, Chili, etc.
  • In Canada, the movie is only available on Paramount Plus.
  • Australian streamers can watch Forest Gump on Stan, Prime Video, Netflix and Paramount+.

Here is a list of platforms where you can rent the movie.

  • Amazon Video
  • Google Play Store
  • Sky Store
  • Rakuten TV
  • Fetch (Australia)
  • Cineplex (Canada)
  • Vudu

The film was an enormous success as it became the top-grossing film in America, released in 1994, earning over US$678.2 million worldwide. In addition, it was the second-highest-grossing film of 1994. Forrest Gump won six Academy Awards and was nominated for Golden Globes, British Academy Film Awards, and Screen Actors Guild Awards.

There is no confirmed news about Forest Gump's release on American Netflix. However, you can still watch the movie on Netflix with the help of a reliable VPN.

Unfortunately, Forest Gump is not streaming on Hulu of Disney Plus in the Untied States. The movie is available on Paramount and Pluto TV.

The movie was created with a small budget of $55 million and grossed $678 million globally. Forest Gump was a blockbuster of 1994 and was nominated for several Oscars and won six of them, including Best Picture.

The viewers and critics both loved the movie. In his praise-filled review, Roger Ebert described Forrest Gump as a truly original film and Tom Hanks' portrayal as a remarkable achievement balancing comedy and drama. He remarked that the movie resists easy categorization as just a comedy or drama. Ebert noted the screenplay's sophistication resembles modern fiction writing. He felt attempting to summarize the film risks making it sound more conventional than it is. Ultimately Ebert expressed that Forrest Gump contains an abundance of both big comedic moments as well as quiet emotional truths. He deemed it a magical movie rich in nuance, unlike any other he's seen - led by Hanks' breathtaking, multi-faceted performance at its core.

  • Savannah, Georgia - Savannah stood in for multiple settings like Forrest's hometown of Greenbow, Alabama and the scene where Forrest starts his cross-country run. Locations included Chippewa Square and the Savannah Theatre.
  • Beaufort, South Carolina - The town of Beaufort and surrounding sea islands were used for scenes set in the 1950s and 60s. Bluffton was used for road scenes when Forrest begins his run.
  • Washington, D.C. - Forrest is digitally inserted into archival footage at major D.C. landmarks like the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument.
  • Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina - The Blue Ridge Parkway overlooking the Appalachian Mountains was used for the scenic woodland scenes during Forrest's cross-country run.
  • Monument Valley, Utah - The iconic Monument Valley landscape appears during Forrest's run through the Southwest.
  • Greenbow County, South Carolina - Purpose-built sets modeled after an idyllic Southern town were constructed in various parts of South Carolina for Greenbow scenes.

Final Words

Still wondering if Forest Gump is on Netflix. The answer is yes, and you can watch it right now. You only need an active Netflix subscription and a VPN if the movie is unavailable in your region.

Forest Gump is also streaming on Prime Vidoe, Crave, Sky GO, and Stan; the movie can be rented from Amazon Videos, Sky Store, Vudu, and other above-listed platforms. But the best way to stream Forest Gump is on Netflix.

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