How To Fix Hulu HDCP Error In 2023? (Updated In November)

How To Fix Hulu HDCP Error In 2023

Are you getting a Hulu HDCP error message on your television or monitor? It can occur due to so many reasons, and it can stop you from viewing your desired content. 

But don’t worry, you can overcome them by using simple fixing methods. So, give this guide a read and learn about how you can fix Hulu HDCP errors.

How to Fix Hulu HDCP Error?

You can resolve Hulu HDCP errors by identifying the real cause while streaming Hulu. Below are some methods that help fix these errors:

  • Check the HDMI cable¬†
  • Verify device compatibility¬†
  • Restart your devices¬†
  • Perform power cycle¬†
  • Disconnect unnecessary devices¬†
  • Try a different HDMI port¬†
  • Test on a different display device¬†

Check the HDMI Cable 

While using HDMI cable, you must make sure you’re using a high-quality cable that supports HDCP and is capable of transmitting high-bandwidth content easily. To fix the Hulu HDCP error, you can change the cable if necessary and go for a high-quality HDMI cable that supports HDCP 2.2. 

Verify Your Device Compatibility

Check your streaming device and your display device, such as if you’re using Hulu on Xbox¬†on your TV; they must be HDCP compliant. You can ensure compatibility with HDCP standards by checking the manuals or specifications of your streaming device.¬†

Restart Your Devices 

If you want to fix the Hulu HDCP error quickly, restart your device. It may fix a lot of technical issues. By restarting your streaming devices, you can get rid of frustrating HDCP errors or other annoying errors on Hulu as well. So, whether you are watching Hulu on Smart TV or any other device, simply turning it off and then on can be helpful. 

We have mentioned the simple steps to restart some of the popular streaming devices to fix Hulu HDCP error below:

How to Restart Roku device:

To access Hulu on Roku without facing any errors, try to restart your Roku device. Follow the simple steps to restart your Roku device:

  1. Press Home Button on your Roku remote 
  2. Go down and click the settings option 
  3. Choose System
  4. Go for the power 
  5. Click system restart 

How to Restart PS4:

Restarting a PS4 device can fix a lot of issues. If you are watching Hulu on PS4, restart your device by following the steps below: 

  1. Press and hold the PS button on your controller 
  2. Now click Power 
  3. After that, choose to Turn off PS4 or Restart PS4 

Perform Power Cycle 

To fix Hulu HDCP errors, you can turn off both your internet router and streaming devices. Unplug the power cords from the devices and wait for about 1-2 minutes. After that, plug them back in and power on the devices. It will help you to reset the HDCP handshake and fix glitches. We have used this approach while watching Hulu from China, and it proved to be an effective solution. 

Disconnect Unnecessary Devices

If you are unable to fix the Hulu HDCP error by following the above methods, you can also try disconnecting any additional device between your streaming device and your display devices. For instance, HDMI splitters, audio extractors, or AV receivers. 

Try a Different HDMI Port 

Try connecting your streaming device to a different HDMI port if your display device has multiple HDMI ports because specific HDMI ports on the display devices may have better HDCP compatibility. 

Test on a Different Display Device 

Check your streaming device with a different TV or monitor to see if the Hulu HDCP error continues. This way, you can check whether the issues lie in your streaming devices, the display device, or the HDMI connection itself.

Common Hulu HDCP Errors

There are a few HDCP errors that occur when you’re streaming content from Hulu. Here are the common HDCP errors that you may encounter: 

HDCP Unauthorized

This error usually occurs when the HDCP encryption handshake between the streaming device and display devices fails or encounters an issue. The factors that can cause this error include incompatible HDMI cables, outdated firmware, or content protection conflicts. 

HDCP Error 020 

This error can be caused when there’s a disturbance in the HDCP handshake process. Also, it can occur when the streaming device and display device fail to establish a secure connection. 

Error P-DEV322 

It is an HDCP issue that prevents content playback. You can get this error on different devices, such as smart TVs, streaming devices, or gaming consoles. When we were using Hulu on LG Smart TV, this particular error proved to be a significant hurdle. Here is a complete guide to fix Hulu Error P-DEV322 in 2023m, which is another error often faced by Hulu users.

Error P-DEV313

This error may occur when streaming Hulu content. You will get this error when you’re finding problems with the HDCP handshake or a compatibility issue with the streaming or display device. We faced this error while we were accessing Hulu from South Korea. To overcome this, we updated our devices and checked the HDMI cable.¬†


You will get this error on certain Samsung TVs. When you use Hulu on Samsung smart TVs, you can see the issue with the HDCP copy protection protocol. 

HDCP Error S-0104 

This error appears on Roku devices while streaming Hulu content. The reason for this error is the compatibility issues or a communication problem between the Roku device and the display device. 

What is the Hulu HDCP Error?

It is a digital rights management designed to prevent unofficial copying of copyrighted material. High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection makes sure to give a secure connection between your streaming device and the display device. If you ever see Hulu HDCP errors, it may be because of compatibility and integrity issues. 

What Causes the Hulu HDCP Error? 

While streaming content from Hulu on various devices, you can get Hulu HDCP errors. These are the errors that are related to a security feature applied to prevent unofficial copying of digital content. Below, you can see some of the common causes of Hulu HDCP errors:

Incompatible HDMI Cables 

When the HDMI cable connecting your streaming device to your display device doesn’t support the HDCP, you’ll get Hulu HDCP errors while streaming its content. 

Outdated Firmware 

There is firmware in streaming devices and display devices that control their operations. When you have outdated firmware, it causes compatibility issues and gives you Hulu HDCP errors.

HDCP Handshake Issues 

HDCP handshake issues are another cause of Hulu HDCP errors that occur when you’re having problems with video or audio on your display. It happens for various reasons, which include temporary glitches or misconfiguration.  

Content Protection Conflicts 

When you set up other devices, they can interfere with the HDCP process. It causes compatibility issues and Hulu HDCP errors. 

Display Device Limitations 

There are older TV models and monitors that may have limited HDCP support. You will get Hulu HDCP errors if your display devices don’t go along with the HDCP standards that are required by the streaming platform. 

Temporary Service Disruptions 

Sometimes, Hulu HDCP errors are caused by temporary service disruptions or server-side issues. If you tried to fix all the potential causes and still get the errors occurring across multiple devices, this might be because the problem may lie with Hulu’s servers, and you might just have to wait for it to fix on its own. 


Are there any device-specific solutions to fix HDCP errors on Hulu? 

Indeed, there are device-specific solutions to fix HDCP errors on Hulu. Different streaming devices, such as Roku, Apple TV, or gaming consoles, may have unique settings and error-fixing steps. You might not be able to follow the same approach to fix the HDCP error to watch Hulu on Apple TV as you might on Roku.

Why do HDCP errors occur occasionally on Hulu? 

HDCP errors on Hulu can occur due to temporary factors, such as network fluctuations, server-side issues, or communication glitches between streaming devices and the display device. To resolve these issues, you can reboot your devices, ensure a stable internet connection, or check your HDMI cable or port.

Is there a permanent solution for HDCP errors on Hulu? 

There isn’t a permanent solution for HDCP errors. But you can fix it by following simple processes, such as keeping your devices up to date, using compatible HDMI cables, and ensuring HDCP compliance. It can reduce the Hulu HDCP errors occurrence. 

What can you watch on Hulu? 

If you don’t know what to watch on Hulu, check the list of recommendations below and choose the title that suits your taste:

Wrap Up 

Hulu HDCP errors are annoying, and they can stop you from streaming your favorite content on Hulu. So, it’s better to overcome them as soon as possible. If you want to get rid of Hulu HDCP errors, follow the methods we’ve listed above. They might help you in getting resume your streaming journey.

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