Where to Watch It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia in Canada & UK

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“It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia” is one of the finest American sitcoms screened on August 4, 2005. This comedy TV show was broadcasted on FX and then from the beginning of the ninth season, the series was moved to FXX. Rob McElhenney creates this live-action comedy show with the assistance of Glenn Howerton and Charlie Day. However, the cast includes these executive producers and writers accompanied by Kaitlin Olson and Danny DeVito. 

This sitcom is based on the gang of five friends running an Irish bar in Philadelphia. All of the five characters are seen reliant on one another doing miserable acts. Attributes like cruelty, selfishness, and fraud are frequently displayed in this series. The gang can manipulate and dump one another; hence there is no certain unity. Moreover, there is no shame in any character while doing disgusting and shocking activities.

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How to Watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on Hulu in Canada & UK

Hulu is currently unavailable in Canada & UK but you can watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on Hulu from outside the US. Just follow these simple steps to stream It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia in Canada.

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  5. Search It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia on Hulu from Canada or UK
  6. Enjoy the sitcom

How to get a Hulu subscription Outside the US?

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It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia – Trailer

It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia – Plot 

Charlie Day as Charlie Kelly is the former co-owner of the fictional Paddy’s Pub, and Mac is the childhood friend of Charlie. The group also includes twin brother-sister Dennis Reynolds and Deandra Reynolds. Dennis is the co-owner of Charlie’s bar and high school friend, while Deandra is the main barmaid of Paddy’s Pub. The gang is still incomplete without Frank Reynolds, the biological father of Charlie and legal father of twins Dennis and Deandra. 

The alcoholic Charlie constantly suffers from mental issues leading to personality disorder. Mac, whose full name is Ronald McDonald, revealed in the seventh season, is seen as athletic and always takes up arms against anyone, which means his sense is imbalanced and inappropriate. The superficial Dennis is highly self-centered and selfish. These traits are because of his prolonged Ivy League education. Apart from this, his thinking and words also hint that he is a rapist and a serial killer.

The gang doesn’t count Deandra as a member. Instead, she is just considered a worker who works for them. She is mainly mocked by the team calling her lazy and ugly. The captain of this gang is Frank due to his 51% shares in the bar. He can make most of the business decisions in Paddy’s Pub.

It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia – Ratings

It’s always Sunny is worth watching due to its high audience rating as IMDb rated this series 8.8/10. Even after fifteen seasons, it still manages to live up due to its exciting and optimistic dialogues making it the longest-running series with some remarkable stories.

Is It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on Netflix?

It was streaming on Netflix but due to distribution rights, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia was removed from Netflix in 2022. But don’t worry you can stream it on Hulu with a VPN. If you like comedy sitcoms then Netflix has FRIENDS and The Office for you. 

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Wrap Up

If you are into the comedy genre this show is for you, see how the gang of friends continue teasing each other and still be friends. You also have the option to purchase this series on Apple iTunes, Amazon Video, Vudu, and others.

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