How to watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Season 1-15) on Netflix from the US or Anywhere Else? | Tested in July 2023

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” is one of the finest American sitcoms ever, and it debuted on FX in 2005. Rob McElhenney created this comedy show with the assistance of Glenn Howerton and Charlie Day. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia takes place within a run-down Irish bar, where a group of self-absorbed individuals traverses extraordinary escapades, illuminating their comically dysfunctional interactions and offering a satirical perspective on matters within society.

The cast includes the executive producers and writers of the show, accompanied by Kaitlin Olson and Danny DeVito.

If you are wondering if It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is available on Netflix, then you have landed on the right page. We have crafted this blog to enable you to watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on Netflix from anywhere in the world.

Is It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on Netflix?

Fifteen seasons of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia are available on Netflix, but only UK viewers can enjoy this celebrated sitcom. Due to regional and copyright rules, fans outside the UK won’t be able to access the show on Netflix.

To conquer these hurdles, ExpressVPN emerges as a reliable ally, allowing users to surpass geographical restrictions and unlock unrestricted access to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on Netflix from anywhere in the world.

How to Watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on Netflix in 2023?

Watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 15 on Netflix?
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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is available on Netflix but in a limited number of regions. If you reside in the United Kingdom, then all you need is an active Netflix subscription, and you are all set to watch the famous sitcom It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on Netflix.

If you are outside the UK, then all you need is a workable VPN to watch it; follow these steps:

1- Sign up for a reliable VPN to unblock Netflix (We recommend ExpressVPN and NordVPN after testing)

2- Download the VPN application on your preferred device. (Both ExpressVPN and NordVPN have dedicated apps for several devices like PC, Mac, and Android devices)

3- Select a British server from the country list

4- Now open Netflix in your browser or in-app

5- Search It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on Netflix

6- Enjoy the show

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Watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on Netflix with ExpressVPN | Detailed Explanation

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is streaming on Netflix only in the UK. If you are located in the US or anywhere else, then follow these detailed steps to watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on Netflix:

1- Sign up for ExpressVPN

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2- Download it on your preferred device

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3- Connect to a British server

After downloading the ExpressVPN application, connect to a British server from the country list. Since It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is available on Netflix UK, you have to use a British IP address to watch it on Netflix.

Watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 15 on Netflix?
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4- Enjoy

After connecting to a British IP address, open Netflix and search It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. You will now see 15 Seasons of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia appearing on your screen, so hit the play button and enjoy.

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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Netflix Countries

Fans of comedy shows from around the world keep searching, “Which country has It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on Netflix?”. We have done extensive research and found that It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is currently only available for streaming on Netflix in the United Kingdom.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Release Date

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia first debuted on FX on August 4, 2005, and since then has run for fifteen successful seasons. From the beginning of the ninth season, the show was moved to FXX, and it has 162 episodes throughout fifteen seasons.

The show is well-received by both critics and fans and has a rating of 8.8/10 on IMDb and a 94% fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 16 is currently streaming on Hulu and FX in the United States.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Official Trailer

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – What to Expect from the Show?

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia stands out as an exceptional comedy series that has captured the affection of viewers since its inception. With its distinct brand of humor and unforgettable ensemble, this show has firmly established itself as a standout in the realm of television. From its ingenious writing to its uproarious performances, there are countless reasons why fans continually return for more.

Unconventional Storylines and Unexpected Situations

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia thrives on its ability to deliver offbeat storylines that push the boundaries of comedy. The show fearlessly tackles taboo subjects and explores contentious themes with audacious and irreverent aplomb. Audiences can anticipate being both astonished and entertained as the characters find themselves entangled in ludicrous and unforeseen circumstances, resulting in side-splitting outcomes.

Imperfect yet Memorable Characters

At the core of the series reside the endearingly flawed characters that populate Paddy’s Pub. From the self-obsessed persona of Dennis Reynolds to the hapless charm of Charlie Kelly, each character brings forth their own idiosyncrasies and comedic sensibilities. The undeniable chemistry among the cast members engenders a dynamic that is simultaneously uproarious and endearing.

Clever Banter and Spontaneous Ad-Libs

One of the distinctive attributes of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” lies in its astute banter. The writing is sharp, brisk, and adorned with razor-sharp one-liners that incessantly tickle the audience’s funny bone. The talented cast often showcases their improvisational talents, injecting a delightful spontaneity and hilarity into an already comical script.

Social Commentary Infused with a Twist

While primarily a comedy series, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia deftly incorporates elements of social commentary, proffering satirical insights into various facets of contemporary society. The show dauntlessly addresses topics such as politics, relationships, and cultural norms, utilizing its distinct comedic lens to furnish a fresh and thought-provoking perspective.

Unforgettable Catchphrases and Indelible Moments

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has become synonymous with its iconic catchphrases and unforgettable instances. Whether it involves Charlie’s ill-fated schemes, Frank’s audacious machinations, or Mac’s eccentric obsessions, the show has birthed a multitude of memorable quotes and scenes that have permeated popular culture.

A Visual Style that Harmonizes with its Tone

The visual style of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia flawlessly aligns with its comedic tone. The series exhibits a vibrant and dynamic aesthetic that amplifies its overall vigor and liveliness. The utilization of handheld cameras and a documentary-style approach imbues an added sense of authenticity, inviting viewers to become immersed in the uproarious misadventures unfurling on screen.

The Cast of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

The uproarious comedy series It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has not only amassed a dedicated following due to its audacious humor, but it has also introduced audiences to a talented ensemble cast who flawlessly embody the show’s eccentric characters. We will delve into the exceptional individuals behind the hit series and explore some of their remarkable contributions to other renowned shows and movies.

  • Charlie Day as Charlie Kelly

Charlie Day, a versatile and multi-talented actor, breathes life into the lovable yet dim-witted character of Charlie Kelly. While It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia served as Charlie Day’s breakthrough role, his talent has shone in memorable appearances in films like Horrible Bosses and Pacific Rim, showcasing his range and versatility as an actor.

  • Glenn Howerton as Dennis Reynolds

Portraying the narcissistic and self-proclaimed golden god, Dennis Reynolds is the exceptionally talented Glenn Howerton. In addition to his role in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Howerton has garnered praise for his portrayal of Jack Griffin in the sitcom A.P. Bio. His impeccable comedic timing and ability to portray morally ambiguous characters have made him a beloved figure among fans.

  • Rob McElhenney as Mac

Rob McElhenney not only brings the character of Mac to life but also serves as one of the creators and executive producers of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. McElhenney’s unwavering dedication to the show’s success and brilliant comedic timing have earned him acclaim. Additionally, he ventured into the world of Apple TV+ with the series Mythic Quest.

  • Kaitlin Olson as Dee Reynolds

Kaitlin Olson masterfully embodies the hilarious and often misguided character of Dee Reynolds. With her sharp wit and prowess in physical comedy, Olson’s performance stands out in the show. Outside of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, she has made notable appearances in the sitcom The Mick and lent her voice to animated films like Finding Dory.

Other noticeable names that are a part of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia are:

  • Danny DeVito as Frank Reynolds
  • Mary Elizabeth Ellis as Waitress
  • David Hornsby as Cricket
  • Artemis Pebdani as Artemis
  • Lynne Marie Stewart as Charlie’s Mom
  • Sandy Martin as Mrs. Mac
  • David Zdunich as Ernie the Barfly
  • Lance Barber as Bill Ponderosa
  • Andrew Friedman as Charlie’s Uncle Jack
  • Gregory Scott Cummins as Luther

What to Expect from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 16?

As “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” strides into its 16th season, the gang continues to be delightfully chaotic and absurdly self-absorbed. In the premiere episode “The Gang Inflates,” Dennis and Mac make a literal interpretation of the economic crisis, trying to turn a profit by peddling inflatable furniture.

When they rope in Frank to fund the venture, it rankles Charlie, who has his own ideas about combatting inflation. Meanwhile, Dee, ousted from her apartment by a rapacious landlord, protests by gluing her hands to various surfaces.

This episode, a perfect curtain-raiser for the season, showcases the show’s knack for astutely spinning contemporary issues into comedy. However, the subsequent episodes, including “Frank Shoots Every Member of the Gang,” have a mix of hits and misses.

As the series is on its 16th season, it’s leaning heavily on the characters’ rich pasts, deriving humor from callback moments. We encounter Mac’s Uncle Donald, Charlie’s sisters, and recurrent characters like Rickety Cricket and Charlie’s creepy Uncle Jack.

Celebrity appearances by Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul spice up “Celebrity Booze: The Ultimate Cash Grab,” an episode that satirizes actors endorsing their own alcohol brands.

While longtime fans relish the in-jokes and references, they could potentially bewilder newer viewers or make the narrative harder to follow. Iconic Sunny episodes typically are stand-alone, requiring no prior knowledge of previous storylines for viewers to enjoy them, much like The Office or Friends.

This season, however, the show’s humor is largely predicated on recognizing its self-referential elements.

Since its 2005 debut, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” has evolved from a TV show to a cultural phenomenon, with fans investing in themed merchandise and attending live performances of the creators’ podcasts. Its irreverent humor, nonchalant approach to controversial topics, and its unapologetic characters keep viewers flocking back to Paddy’s Pub.

The charm lies in the characters’ refusal to evolve or aspire, providing viewers a refreshing break from the relentless pursuit of self-improvement and proving that there’s humor in schemes, failures, and the cycle that ensues.

What makes It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia different from other sitcoms?

“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” is refreshingly frank in its approach, offering on-screen content that genuinely intends to amuse you.

Classic sitcoms are typically finely tuned pieces of entertainment that appease particular desires and fantasies. They provide dramatic versions of everyday events, except the on-screen performers are often exponentially more attractive than average individuals. While the overt humor comes from the presented absurdity and the relatable moments interspersed in every scene, there’s a subtle manipulation at play.

These sitcoms strive to lure you in, making you long to be a part of their world. Flaws in the humor or the stale predictability of the plot are easily forgiven due to your desire to appreciate the show and its characters. This has been my experience with shows like “Modern Family” and “Friends.” Although my exposure is limited, I would venture to guess “How I Met Your Mother” also follows this pattern.

My initial exposure to “It’s Always Sunny” was unsettling. The apparent reason for this was the characters’ blatant unlikability, but other elements also differed from typical sitcom standards, like the intentional lack of vivid colors in costumes and sets. The show initially appeared aimless and bleak.

You begin to appreciate the series when you cease searching for a ray of hope or a false semblance of depth, which is a common trait of other sitcoms. The creators of “It’s Always Sunny” deliberately construct their unique atmosphere and characters, an aspect that may be overlooked due to the series’ on-screen presentation.

What sets this show apart for me is the dialogue, which mimics real-life conversations but with a slight exaggeration. Characters often interrupt each other and stumble over words, reflecting the authenticity of actual dialogue. This starkly contrasts the structured setup of many sitcoms that alternate between jokes and laughter tracks.

On the flip side, the scenarios presented in the series are often absurd and don’t aim to depict reality. The setup of the episodes is not overly deliberated – I recall an interview where Kaitlyn Olson mentioned an entire episode was constructed simply because they wanted to perform a Boyz II Men song. There is no effort to draw the audience into a deeper connection with the plot.

The characters themselves are generally portrayed as unappealing, dim-witted, and malevolent. Dennis and Dee are the only conventionally attractive characters. While traditional sitcoms would downplay their attractiveness by labeling them “awkward,” “It’s Always Sunny” uses their looks to show how they exploit their beauty in the funniest ways.

Inferior sitcoms often feature inconsistent characters that adjust according to the ongoing joke. Popular ones, on the other hand, maintain character integrity but cater to the audience’s expectations by perpetuating certain clichés. The brilliance of “It’s Always Sunny” lies in its characters being consistently distinctive yet entirely original.

In conclusion, the primary distinction between mainstream sitcoms and “It’s Always Sunny” could be described as follows: while the former provides a pleasant experience with sporadic smiles or chuckles over a half-hour runtime, the latter keeps you engrossed, eagerly waiting for that single line, facial expression, or situation that has you pausing the show to laugh uncontrollably for several minutes.

What are some of the best episodes of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia?

Here are a few episodes we consider to be the best.

  • “Charlie Gets Crippled” (Season 2, Episode 1) kick-starts the second season of “Sunny,” marking a turning point for the series with the introduction of Frank (DeVito). This episode sees Charlie using a pseudo-disability to his advantage, with Tiffany Haddish making a quick cameo.
  • “Dennis and Dee Go on Welfare” (Season 2, Episode 3) demonstrates the show’s knack for long-term jokes, particularly Dennis and Dee’s brief crack addiction that humorously haunts them in future seasons.
  • “Sweet Dee’s Dating a Retarded Person” (Season 3, Episode 9) offers a comical view of Dee’s denial about her boyfriend’s mental disability and introduces the amusing song “The Nightman,” which recurs later in the series.
  • “The Gang Solves the Gas Crisis” (Season 4, Episode 2) showcases the group’s unique personas and interactions through a convoluted plot, which a Rolling Stone ranking highlighted as encapsulating the essence of Sunny.
  • “Sweet Dee Has a Heart Attack” (Season 4, Episode 10) is a memorable episode featuring a conspiracy-driven meltdown by Charlie, as well as a nod to DeVito’s “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”
  • “The Nightman Cometh” (Season 4, Episode 13) is Sunny’s iconic musical episode with unforgettable songs, sets, and the infamous Dayman codpiece.
  • “The Gang Hits the Road” (Season 5, Episode 2) stands out as a rare episode set outside of Philadelphia, and marks Charlie’s first time leaving the city.
  • “The D.E.N.N.I.S. System” (Season 5, Episode 10) provides an unsettling insight into Dennis’s manipulative approach to relationships, highlighting his character’s complexities.
  • “Mac’s Big Break” (Season 6, Episode 4) is a testament to Sunny’s impressive world-building, featuring beloved secondary characters like Rickety Cricket, Ben the Soldier, and the Waitress.
  • “The Gang Goes to the Jersey Shore” (Season 7, Episode 2) takes place outside Philadelphia at the Jersey Shore, introducing the unforgettable “rum ham” and other hilariously disastrous antics.
  • “Chardee MacDennis: The Game of Games” (Season 7, Episode 7) is an episode filled with humor, highlighting how much fun the gang can have within the confines of the bar.
  • “The Gang Gets Analyzed” (Season 8, Episode 5) finally sends the deluded characters into therapy, offering unprecedented insight into their absurdities.
  • “The Gang Dines Out” (Season 8, Episode 9) is a heartwarming episode that captures the rare moments of camaraderie among the gang members, with a lively competition at Guigino’s.
  • “The Gang Misses the Boat” (Season 10, Episode 6) shows the gang on separate missions, proving they’re equally entertaining when they’re apart.
  • “Mac & Dennis Move to the Suburbs” (Season 11, Episode 5) explores the comedic tension between Mac and Dennis as they grapple with life in suburbia, underlining the brilliance of the series when it takes the gang out of their comfort zone.

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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is exclusively available on Netflix only in the UK; due to geographical restrictions, people residing outside the UK cannot access this delightful sitcom on Netflix. However, with the use of a VPN service, you can change your IP address and easily access It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia from anywhere in the world.

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Is it possible to watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia using a free VPN?

Relying on free VPN services to stream content like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on Netflix is not a viable solution. During our rigorous testing of these free VPN options, we encountered recurring issues, including the Netflix Proxy Error, frustrating buffering, and disappointingly slow streaming speeds.

Based on our findings, we wholeheartedly encourage you to opt for a reliable and secure premium VPN service like ExpressVPN if you wish to seamlessly watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia or any other Netflix content.

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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – FAQs

1- Why is It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia so popular?

The immense popularity of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia stems from its audacious humor, unique and unpredictable plotlines, an unforgettable cast of characters, and fearlessly addressing controversial topics, making it a comedy series that captivates and connects with viewers.

2- Does It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia have a plot?

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia adopts a flexible narrative structure, with each episode presenting a self-contained storyline. However, the series incorporates overarching themes and ongoing character progressions. While episodes may not interconnect directly, the show delves into the dysfunctional dynamics of the Gang as they navigate absurd exploits, morally dubious endeavors, and comedic mishaps, resulting in a cohesive and captivating storytelling experience.

3- How long does it take to watch all of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia?

To fully indulge in the entirety of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, one must be prepared to invest a considerable amount of time, as the series encompasses approximately 60 hours across its 15 seasons. However, the duration may vary depending on individual viewing preferences. With an average episode duration of approximately 22 minutes, viewers can anticipate immersing themselves in around 162 episodes to complete the series.

4- How much of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia scripted?

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is renowned for its daring and edgy comedy, which, interestingly, is predominantly unscripted. Remarkably, the cast has openly acknowledged behind the scenes that a significant portion of the episodes that ultimately make it to broadcast are comprised of spontaneous improvisation.

5- What Other Shows and Movies Can I Watch on Netflix after It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia?

When it comes to content, Netflix is one of the best in business; here is a list of movies and TV shows you should check out on Netflix after It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia:

Wrap Up

If you are into the comedy genre, this show is for you. Watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on Netflix and see how the gang of friends continue teasing each other and still be friends. The show is only available on Netflix UK, and to access it from regions outside the UK, you will need to get a reliable premium VPN service like ExpressVPN, and follow our detailed guide.

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