Is Hulu available in Israel| How to watch Hulu from Israel in 2023 (A complete walkthrough)

Is Hulu accessible from Israel?

Hulu is a streaming service available only in the United States and Japan that offers a wide range of TV shows and movies, and live sports.

Only the countries stated above can access the service. However, you may simply access Hulu in Israel by utilizing a premium VPN service.

The usage of a VPN to unblock Hulu content in Israel, despite the limitations, has been thoroughly covered in this post. This doesn’t necessarily require specialized technical knowledge. Therefore, anyone can do it.

Not to worry, we know just how to solve that problem for you.

Is Hulu available in Israel?

Hulu is not available in Israel or anywhere else except Japan and the US. The Disney-owned streaming service does not have a plan to expand its reach outside the United States. However, if you are an American living in Isreal or traveling to it, you can access Hulu with a reliable VPN.

We have tested ExpresVPN and NordVPN to watch movies and tv shows on Hulu from Isreal, and it worked perfectly.

How to watch Hulu in Isreal| Quick Steps

Hulu is a regionally restricted streaming service only accessible in the United States. If you are one of the American ex-pats living in Isreal, you will need a reliable VPN to change your IP to an American IP and access Hulu from Isreal.

Here are the steps you need to follow to watch Hulu from Isreal in 2023.

1- Get a reliable VPN to unblock Hulu from Isreal. (We recommend ExpressVPN and NordVPN after testing them)

2- Download the VPN app on your preferred device (Both ExpressVPN and NordVPN have dedicated apps for daily use devices)

3- Select a US IP address in the ExpressVPN app

4- Now open on your browser or in-app

5- Search your favorite shows or movies on Hulu from Isreal

6- Enjoy

express vpn
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Watching Hulu in Isreal with ExpressVPN| Detailed Steps

Our team of experts has tested ExpressVPN to stream movies and tv shows on Hulu from Isreal. ExpressVPN provided the ultimate streaming experience we were looking for. Here are the steps you need to follow to stream Hulu in Isreal.

1- Get ExrpessVPN to Unblock Hulu

You will need an ExpressVPN account subscription to access Hulu from Isreal due to its unavailability. ExpressVPN offers an amazing three-month free special deal on the purchase of its annual subscription. Not only that, you can get your money back if you don’t like the product with the 30-day money-back guarantee.

2- Download it on your devices

After signing up, download the ExpressVPN app on your preferred device. ExpressVPN supports Mac OS, Windows, Android, Linux, and more.

You can also download and use the ExpressVPN app on your gaming consoles like PS4 and Xbox. Here is a complete guide to using ExpressVPN on Nintendo Switch.

3- Connect to an American Server

Hulu is only accessible from the US, you will need to connect to an American server in the VPN app to watch Hulu from Isreal.

4- Enjoy

After connecting to an American server, open in your browser or app and enjoy watching your favorite movies and tv shows on Hulu from Isreal.

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Why is a VPN Necessary to Watch Hulu in Israel?

Is Hulu accessible in Israel? Unfortunately, it isn’t. You need a VPN to use Hulu in France because it is only available to users in the US and Japan.

If you’re wondering why you need a VPN to watch Hulu in Israel, it is because of geo-blocking. Geo-blocking technology is capable of ensuring that a particular website can only be accessed within a specific region.

Why is Hulu not Available in Israel?

Geoblocking usually occurs when a website has licensing problems or is unable to get distribution rights. The only areas where Hulu is streamable right now are the US and Japan.

The user’s IP address, a unique identifier provided by their internet service provider, is sent to each website they attempt to access. Hulu then uses this information to determine the user’s location. 

If the IP address is from a country other than the United States or Japan, access to Hulu’s content is denied. 

However, a VPN can be used to circumvent this geo-blocking technology. A VPN masks the user’s local IP address and replaces it with an American one, making it appear as if the user is located in the USA. This allows users in countries such as Israel to access Hulu.

Best VPNs to Watch Hulu in Israel in 2023| Tested

Our team of experts has tested dozens of VPNs to access Hulu from Isreal, and none of them provided the ultimate streaming experience we were looking for. Only ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Surfshark came closer to giving us fast and lag-free streaming of Hulu.

Here are the three best VPNs you should consider to unblock Hulu from Isreal.

1- Express VPN- The Best VPN to watch Hulu in Isreal

ExpressVPN is one of the leading Virtual Private Network (VPN) providers in the market today. It offers numerous benefits to its users, making it a popular choice for people who want to protect their online privacy and access restricted content. Here are some of the pros of ExpressVPN:

ExpressVPN uses highly secure encryption technologies such as AES-256 and OpenVPN to ensure that its users’ online activity remains private and secure. It also employs a kill switch that automatically cuts off the internet connection in case the VPN connection drops, preventing any data leaks.

It has over 3,000 servers located in more than 90 countries worldwide. This extensive network allows users to bypass geo-restrictions and access content that is not available in their region. ExpressVPN has 24 servers in the United States that are highly optimized for streaming. If you are looking forward to unblocking Hulu from Isreal, do it with ExpressVPN’s blazing fast servers in the United States. We tested the Dallas server to watch Hulu in Isreal, and it worked perfectly.

To go with the impressive number of servers, it also has fast and reliable connections, which is essential for smooth streaming. It also has unlimited bandwidth, meaning users can use the VPN without worrying about data caps or speed throttling.

Furthermore, ExpressVPN offers a 12-month special deal at $6.67/month that includes three months of free access.

express vpn
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2- Nord VPN- Larget VPN Server Network in the world

NordVPN is an excellent choice for users looking to access Hulu from Israel due to its highly reliable servers. It offers 15 server locations in the United States, allowing users to bypass geo-restrictions. 

NordVPN uses military-grade encryption technologies such as AES-256 along with OpenVPN to ensure that your online activity remains private and secure. 

It also offers features such as Double VPN, which routes traffic through two servers for added security, and CyberSec, which blocks malicious websites and ads.

NordVPN has over 5,500 servers located in more than 60 countries worldwide, providing users with a wide range of options to choose from. It also offers dedicated servers for specific purposes such as P2P file sharing, dedicated IP addresses, and Onion over VPN.

It is currently offering a 24-month special deal on three packages, with the cheapest being $3.49/per month.

3- Surfshark- Affordable and Pocket Friendly

If you’re not sold on Express VPN or Nord VPN, Surfshark is a highly regarded alternative for streaming Hulu in Israel. It provides more than 3200 servers across more than 65 nations, including more than 20 Hulu-specific servers in the US.

Surfshark provides military-grade encryption to protect your data from hackers and other malicious actors. It also uses protocols like OpenVPN, IKEv2, and WireGuard to ensure a secure and stable connection.

Surfshark is based in the Netherlands, which has strong privacy laws and no mandatory data retention laws. This means that Surfshark is not required to store any of your data and can protect your online privacy.

One of the best parts of getting Surfshark is that it allows you to connect an unlimited number of devices to a single subscription simultaneously. 

A very underrated but highly appreciated feature Surfshark gets you is an ad and tracker blocker, which helps to protect your privacy and security by blocking ads and tracking scripts.

It also has a MultiHop feature, which allows you to connect to two VPN servers at once. This adds an extra layer of security and anonymity to your online activities.

Surfshark is not only the cheapest option among the three recommended VPNs, but it also offers a 2-year special deal at just $2.30/month.

How Do I Pay for My Hulu Account in Israel?

Even the payment is scrutinized closely because the website and all of its content are geo-blocked. So, you won’t be given access if your payment method in any way suggests you are from somewhere other than Japan and the US.

Don’t worry; we have several safe and secure ways for you to pay for your Hulu subscription in Israel.

1- Get a Hulu subscription in Isreal with Hulu gift cards

  • Open either one of the three premium VPNs we’ve discussed.
  • Sign Up and buy their subscription.
  • Connect to a US-based server.
  • Open the Hulu website.
  • Choose to start a free trial.
  • Choose your preferred pricing plan.
  • Fill in the rest of your credentials.
  • Open and click on Shop.
  • Choose Hulu cards, and choose the one corresponding to your pricing plan.
  • Once you complete the purchase, you will get a code in your email.
  • Go back to Hulu.
  • Enter the code in the Gift and Promotional Code.
  • Choose your plan and enjoy watching Hulu content.

2- Pay with PayPal (Suited for US Expats)

Disclaimer: You must have a US PayPal if you wish to use this method.

  • Open either one of the three premium VPNs we’ve discussed.
  • Sign Up and buy their subscription.
  • Connect to a US-based server.
  • Open the Hulu website.
  • Activate your account and select PayPal as your payment option.
  • Choose your plan and enjoy watching Hulu content.

3- Pay with a Virtual Credit Card

  • Open either one of the three premium VPNs we’ve discussed.
  • Sign Up and buy their subscription.
  • Connect to a US-based server.
  • Open
  • Create your own US Virtual Credit Card, it will likely cost you AU$ 5.74/month.
  • Open the Hulu website.
  • Activate your account using the Virtual Credit Card.
  • Choose your plan and enjoy watching Hulu content.

4- Get Hulu with iTunes

  • Open either one of the three premium VPNs we’ve discussed.
  • Sign Up and buy their subscription.
  • Connect to a US-based server.
  • Log out of any existing iTunes account.
  • Open and click on Shop.
  • Choose iTunes cards, and choose the one corresponding to your pricing plan.
  • Once you complete the purchase, you will get a code in your email.
  • Using the code, sign up for a new iTunes account.
  • Choose your plan and enjoy watching Hulu content.

5- Sign Up for a Hulu account from Isreal with the help of an American citizen

If the above-mentioned ways aren’t viable for you, you can always call upon your US-based friends or family (if you have any).

You can either use their credentials for their subscription to Hulu, and with one of the three premium VPNs we have discussed, you can watch all the content you want.

Or you can ask them to pay on your behalf using their US credit/debit cards.

How Much Does Hulu Cost in Israel| Hulu Price & Plans

Hulu offers its subscribers three different pricing plans, each with different features.

1- Hulu Basic 

The basic plan costs €7.45/month. This is the most affordable plan, and with this plan, users can stream all of Hulu’s content library, including TV shows, movies, and Hulu original content. However, this plan includes sitting through advertisements.

2- Hulu (No Ads)

This plan will cost €13.97/month. All the features available in Hulu Basic are available with the advantage of not having to sit through advertisements.

3- Hulu + Live TV

The best bundle the streaming service provides will cost you €71.57/month. Apart from all the features available in the other two plans, this also offers live TV and Disney Plus and ESPN+ exclusive content. It also gets you 50 hours of DVR cloud storage to record live broadcasts to watch later. The only drawback? You have to suffer through advertisements.

4- Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV 

This plan costs €77.35/month and includes access to all of Hulu’s content without any commercials, along with live TV channels. You’re just paying around €6 more to get rid of ads on Hulu + Live TV.

Can I Use a Free VPN To Get Hulu In Israel?

Although utilizing a free VPN can seem like a simple way to access information that is blocked in your area, there are several possible hazards and disadvantages.

First off, bandwidth, speed, and server locations are frequently constrained by free VPN services. This may lead to sluggish streaming rates, poor video, and buffering problems. No one can have that much patience.

Free VPNs may also jeopardize your online security and privacy. Companies frequently keep track of their online activity and sell your information to other businesses or third-party advertising.

Live TV channels on Hulu to stream from Israel

Hulu channels
Image source:

Following is the list of channels you can watch on Hulu from Isreal:




ESPN Bases Loaded MyNetworkTV
ABC News Live ESPN College Extra


ACC Network

ESPN Goal Line National Geographic
ACC Network Extra ESPNews

Nat Geo Wild

Animal Planet


Big Ten Network

Food Network

Olympic Channel

Boomerang FOX



Fox Business Pop
Cartoon Network/Adult Swim Fox News

Regional sports networks


FS1 SEC Network
CBS Sports Network FS2

Smithsonian Channel

Cheddar Business

Freeform SYFY
Chiller FX





CNN International

Golf Channel The CW


Discovery Channel

History TNT
Disney Channel HLN

Travel Channel

Disney Junior

Investigation Discovery truTV
DisneyXD Lifetime

Universal Kids


Marquee Sports Network USA Network
ESPN MotorTrend


What Device Does Hulu Israel Work On?

Hulu has dedicated apps for all devices of daily use. You can get Hulu on PC, Mac, iPhone, Android devices and phones, Smart TV, Apple TV, Roku devices, Firestick, and many more.

How to get the Hulu app on iOS| Get Hulu in Isreal

Hulu is only available in US app stores, so if your device is registered on one outside of the US, you’ll need to either

  1. Change the location linked with your app store account or
  2. Create a US app store account.
  3. Go to a third-party app repository and get the Hulu APK (Android only)

We’ll teach you how to get the Hulu app for iOS from France:

  1. Launch your VPN and select a server in the United States.
  2. Log out of your Apple ID and establish a new one.
  3. Alternatively, to transfer an existing account to the United States: Go to Settings > iTunes & App Store > View Apple ID > Country/Region > Change Country or Region on your iOS device.
  4. Select the United States as your country.
  5. Select None as your payment option (you will still need a US payment method to pay for Hulu
  6. Accept the terms and conditions.

How to get Hulu App On Android in Isreal

If you are wondering how you can get the Hulu app on your android devices, then follow these steps:

  1. Download our recommended VPN
  2. Open your VPN and connect to a server located in the USA
  3. Go to
  4. Go to Settings > Edit
  5. Change your address to a US one. Make sure the zip code matches.
  6. Accept changes
  7. On your device, close the Play Store
  8. In Apps, find the Google Play Store
  9. Select Force Stop and Clear All Data
  10. Open the Play Store again, and you should be able to download and install Hulu

How to get Hulu on Smart TV in Isreal

You can get Hulu on your SmartTV in Denmark. It is, however, a little more difficult than usual. Because most smart TVs and platforms, such as Apple TV, Chromecast, and Roku, do not allow VPN services.

Get an Amazon Fire TV Stick that supports VPN services, or use an HDMI cable to connect a laptop to a TV. To download the Hulu app if you already have an Amazon Fire TV Stick, adjust your location to the United States.

  1. Open a web browser and then go to your current Amazon account.
  2. Select Accounts & Lists, then Manage Your Account, then Content.
  3. Change your location to the United States.
  4. Navigate to your Amazon Fire TV device now. Select Settings and then My Account.
  5. Log out of your Amazon account and sign back in.
  6. Get Hulu for free.
  7. If you recently purchased an Amazon Fire TV Stick, simply pick the United States as your region.

Watch Hulu in Isreal| On Windows

  1. Exit the VPN app and disconnect.
  2. Enter the Run prompt by pressing Windows Key+R.
  3. To access your Network Connections, type ncpa.cpl and press Enter.
  4. Right-click the connection you’re using and choose Properties.
  5. Uncheck the “Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)” box on the Networking or General tab.
  6. To save your modifications and close the window, click OK.
  7. Press Windows Key+R to open Command Prompt (Admin), then click Yes when prompted if you want the application to make changes to your machine.
  8. Type ipconfig /flushdns into the command prompt (black window) and press Enter.
  9. Join back to the VPN, then reload the Hulu page to watch the video.

Stream Hulu in Isreal| On Mac OSX

  1. Exit the VPN app and disconnect.
  2. Select Apple from the navigation bar.
  3. Select System Preferences > Network > AirPort > Advanced from the drop-down menu.
  4. Choose TCP/IP.
  5. Select Off from the Configure IPv6 pop-up menu.
  6. Select OK and then Apply (to apply the change).
  7. Connect to the VPN, then refresh the Hulu page to watch the video.

Best Movies and TV Shows on Hulu

Hulu has some of the best movies and tv shows for its subscribers. Here is a list of a few good hulu series and movies.

What is coming to Hulu in May 2023?

Hulu has more than 100 shows released this May. Here is a list of them with the release date.

Available May 1

Naruto Shippuden, complete seasons 7-8 (DUBBED) (Viz)
After Earth
Best in Show
Black Dynamite
Billionaire Boys Club
Bless MeUltima
Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius
Blue Thunder
The Book of Eli
Bottle Rocket
Boogie Nights
Clash of the Titans
The Comedian
The Darkest Hour
Eat Pray Love
El Condorito
The First Monday In May
The Haunting in Connecticut
Horrible Bosses
The Hunger Games
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1
IT (2017)
Johnny Mnemonic
The Joy Luck Club
Last Action Hero
The Last Exorcism
Little Man
The Little Things
The Mask
The Meddler
Meet the Spartans
Once Upon a Time in America
Out of the Furnace
Patriots Day
Pokemon Detective Pikachu
The Power of One
Premium Rush
Sex Drive
Speed 2: Cruise Control
Stan & Ollie
Stuck on You
Taken 2

Available May 2

A Small Light, limited series premiere (National Geographic)

Available May 4

1000-lb Sisters, complete season 1 (TLC)
Beach Hunters, complete seasons 1-3 (HGTV)
Build It Bigger, complete seasons 2-4 (Discovery)
Cake Wars, complete seasons 3-4 & 9 (Food Network)
Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery, complete season 1 (ID)
The Cast That Haunts Me, complete season 1 (ID)
Children of the Snow, complete season 1 (ID)
Curb Appeal, complete seasons 20-21 (HGTV)
Curb Appeal: The Block, complete seasons 1-2 (HGTV)
Cutthroat Kitchen, complete season 7 (Food Network)
Dr. Pimple Popper, complete seasons 1-3 (TLC)
Evil Talks: Chilling Confessions, complete season 1 (ID)
Flea Market Flip, complete seasons 6-9 (HGTV)
The Golden State Killer: It’s Not Over, complete season 1 (ID)
Island Life, complete seasons 1-4 (HGTV)
Jodi Arias: An American Murder Mystery, complete season 1 (ID)
Man Vs Wild, complete seasons 1-3 (Discovery)
Murder Comes Home, complete season 1 (Discovery)
Naked and Afraid, complete season 3 (Discovery)
Pamela Smart: An American Murder Mystery, complete season 1 (ID)
Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta, complete seasons 1-4 (TLC)
Susan Powell: An ID Murder Mystery, complete season 1 (ID)
Unexpected, complete seasons 1-3 (ID)
Who Killed Jeffrey Epstein, complete season 1 (Discovery)
Apollo 18
A Walk to Remember
Both Sides of the Blade
The Libertine

Available May 5

Taste the Nation with Padma Lakshmi, complete season 2 (Hulu Original)
Alone at Night
Elton John Live: Farewell from Dodger Stadium (Disney+)
Manifest West

Available May 8

Beyblade QUADSTRIKE, season 7A (Disney XD)
To The End

Available May 9

Jeopardy Masters, series premiere (ABC)
The Last Warrior

Available May 10

FX’s Class of ‘09, two-episode series premiere (Only on Hulu)
Judge Steve Harvey, season 2 premiere (ABC)

Available May 11

Bar Fight!
Bono & The Edge: A Sort of Homecoming with David Letterman (Disney+)

Available May 12

The Great, complete season 3 (Hulu Original)
Boonie Bears: Back to Earth
The Last Unicorn
Saint Omer

Available May 13

The Locksmith

Available May 15

Dangie Bros Ultimate Mishmash, complete season 1 (Pocketwatch)
District D13
Hammer of the Gods
Point Break

Available May 16

La Chica Invisible, complete season 1 (Star)
The Break-Up
Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

Available May 17

Queenmaker: The Making of an It Girl (Hulu Original)

Available May 18

Texas True Crime, complete season 2 (ABC)

Available May 19

White Men Can’t Jump (2023) (Hulu Original)
American Murderer
Sliding Doors
Sophie’s Choice

Available March 20

The Secrets of Hillsong, two-episode docuseries premiere (FX)

Available May 23

How I Met Your Father, season 2B premiere (Hulu Original)
Crime Scene Kitchen, season 2 premiere (Fox)
Paris Can Wait

Available May 24

The Clearing, two-episode series premiere (Hulu Original)
Beat Shazam, season 6 premiere (Fox)
Don’t Forget the Lyrics, season 2 premiere (Fox)

Available May 25

The Kardashians, season 3 premiere (Hulu Original)
Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars, series premiere (Fox)
MasterChef, season 13 premiere (Fox)
Mayans M.C., final season premiere (FX)
Prank Panel, series premiere (ABC)
I Still Believe

Available May 26

The Old Way

Available May 30

Jelly Roll: Save Me, special (Hulu Original)

Available May 31

The Square

Is it legal to watch Hulu in Israel with a VPN?

Yes, it is legal to watch Hulu in Israel with a VPN. 

How Do I Share My Hulu Israel Account?

Hulu allows 2 multi-logins only, so only two devices can utilize the same subscription at the same time.

Is Hulu Free In Israel?

No, Hulu isn’t free anywhere. It does offer subscribers a 30-day free trial.

Wrap Up

If you are one of those Americans who decided to live in Isreal and are looking to watch American channels in Isreal. The best possible way is to get an ExpressVPN account subscription and stream Hulu from Isreal.

We have tested ExpressVPN to unblock Hulu from Mexico, Hulu in France, and several other countries, and it worked perfectly. Therefore we highly recommend ExpressVPN over any other VPN brand.

Written by Mickel Clark

Mickel is a streaming aficionado who loves nothing more than to pen down his thoughts about the movies, anime and TV shows he has watched and likes sharing hacks on how to stream them online.