Where to Watch Bruiser (2023) in Canada| Watch Bruiser in Canada on Hulu with this guide

watch Bruiser (2023) in Canada

Revolving around the themes of generational trauma and toxic masculinity, Bruiser is a coming-of-age movie starring Jalyn Hall as 14-year-old Darious, who befriends a drifter after getting beaten up. The film marks the directorial debut of Miles Warren, and premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival last year before hitting the theaters on December 2, 2022.

Bruiser, which is also the first narrative feature under Onyx Collective, will arrive on Hulu on February 24, 2023. Here is everything you should know about the heart-touching and poignant movie that will surely leave you glued to your screen. If you are here to find out where to watch BruiserĀ in Canada, read this guide to the last.

Where to Watch Bruiser in Canada?

Bruiser is heading to Hulu in the United States, and you can watch it by getting a Hulu account for $7.99/m. If you are in Canada, you will need a workable VPN to change your IP address so you can unblock Hulu and watch Bruiser in Canada.

How to Watch Bruiser in Canada on Hulu

Bruiser is an upcoming American drama film heading to release on Hulu in the United States. If you reside in Canada or anywhere else outside the US, get an ExpressVPN account to watch Bruiser on Hulu from Canada or anywhere else. Follow these steps:

1- Get ExpressVPN for Hulu (12+3 month free special deal)

2- Download the VPN app on your preferred device

3- Select a US IP address in the ExpressVPN app

4- Now open Hulu.com on your browser or in-app

5- Search BruiserĀ on Hulu from Canada

6- Enjoy

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How to Get a Hulu Subscription in Canada (Tested)

Hulu is not available in Canada, but that does not mean you can not have a Hulu subscription. Follow these steps to get a Hulu account from Canada:

  1. GetĀ ExpressVPN for Hulu (12+3 month free special deal with a 30day money-back guarantee)
  2. Download the VPN app and connect to a US server (the USA ā€“ NewYork)
  3. Get aĀ Hulu gift cardĀ fromĀ MygiftcardsupplyĀ [cost is around $25]
  4. You will get theĀ Hulu code in your email
  5. Open Hulu and redeem the gift card code orĀ click here
  6. Select your Hulu streaming plan & use zip code (91942,91945).Ā You can google other zip codes; Hulu does not verify.
  7. Open Hulu.com andĀ watch Bruiser from Canada on Hulu.

Bruiser Release Date

BruiserĀ is set to premiere on Hulu on February 24, 2023, exclusively in the United States. There is no word on the series’ international release date, but we anticipate seeing it released on Disney Plus in the UK and Australia.

For Canadian streamers, you have to get an ExpressVPN subscription to unblock Hulu and watch BruiserĀ in Canada. You can also watch Santo Maldito, Taiwan Crime Stories, Animaniacs Season 3, Wu-Tang: An American Saga, Horario Estelar, and How I Met Your Father Season 2 on Hulu, scheduled to release this month.

Bruiser (2023) Trailer


What to Expect From Bruiser

Telling the story of family structures and father figures, Bruiser centers on a young boy named Darious, who has a somewhat strained relationship with his father. One day, after getting beaten at school, his life takes a turn when he meets with a charismatic man who may just cause havoc in the 14-year-oldā€™s relatively simple life.

Exploring the Boundaries of Adulthood

Bruiser focuses on the importance of familial bonding and how toxic masculinity can impact the relationship between a father and. The protagonist, Darious, is learning what itā€™s like to grow up and be a man from his strict but loving father, Malcolm. However, although things are a little strained between them as their interactions tend to be tense, there is no doubt that Malcolm loves his son.

Meet Porter, a Charming Drifter

After suffering through a violent experience, Darious ends up spending time with a drifter named Porter. The man not only seems to understand the trauma the teenager is going through but also forms a bond with him. Nevertheless, as the story progresses, the young boy unveils Porterā€™s true identity and realizes his idea that a family would never be the same.Ā 

Do Malcolm and Porter Know Each Other?

The newly released trailer for Bruiser shows Malcolm and Porter seated opposite each other at a restaurant, with the former asking the latter his reason for returning after being gone for so long. While Porter tells him he does not want to continue leading his life the way he has been doing so far, it soon becomes apparent that he and Malcolm have different values and goals in terms of how they want to lead their lives.

What will happen when Darious learns the truth about his father and his new friend? Find out by watching Bruiser in Canada on Hulu.

The Cast of Bruiser

The cast of this tv series is led by Jalyn Hall as Darious. Trevante Rhodes is his father in the movie as Porter. Rhodes is best known for Moonlight and has acted in a new tv show on Mike Tyson by the name of Mike. He guest starred in HBO Max’s Westworld.

  • Shamier AndersonĀ as Malcolm
  • Shinelle Azoroh as Monica

Wrap Up

If you are a fan of coming-of-age dramas or want to check out the latest movie under the umbrella of the Onyx Collective, you should definitely check out Bruiser on Hulu this February.

The best way to watch Bruiser from Canada is on Hulu with an ExpressVPN account. We have tested ExpressVPN to unblock Hulu from Canada, and it worked perfectly. Therefore we highly recommend it to all our readers.

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