How to Watch Netflix on Switch in 2022 | Get Netflix on Nintendo Switch in 5 minutes

netflix on switch

Streaming service Netflix provides its users with movies, TV shows, and other multimedia content. You can watch Netflix on your TV by using a computer or connecting your computer directly to your TV.

It is impossible to watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch without an internet connection.

Recently, Nintendo has announced that they are releasing a new version of the Nintendo Switch that has more storage space and more capabilities. That’s not surprising since this is what someone has come to expect from Nintendo.

What is surprising, though, is the release date for the new model of the Switch. The company says the latest model is to release in June 2022. 

There are a lot of questions about this new model, and most people want to find out how to watch Netflix on Switch in 2022 since it will require a stable internet connection and a data plan.

In this guide, you will find how to use the Nintendo Switch as a dedicated web browser for accessing Netflix and other sites that the Nintendo eShop blocks.

Is Netflix available on Switch?

Nintendo switch users keep searching and asking “Is Netflix available on Nintendo Switch or How to watch Netflix on Switch?”.

Netflix is not currently available on the Nintendo Switch. You won’t find it in the eShop, and you can’t download a Netflix app to your console.

There is a possibility that Netflix will be available for free on the Nintendo Switch starting in 2023.

The service will launch with all episodes from “Friends,” which stars Courtney Cox as Monica Geller, Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe Buffay, and Matt LeBlanc as Joey Tribbiani.

The Nintendo Switch is a fantastic gaming console, but it’s not exactly known for its streaming capabilities. Maybe you’re wondering if you will have legal ways to watch Netflix on your Switch in 2022.

How can I get Netflix on Switch?

Netflix offers a great way to enjoy your favorite shows and movies. If you want to use Netflix on your Nintendo Switch, you need to set up your Switch on your TV first. Then, you can install Netflix on the Nintendo Switch. If you’re looking to watch Netflix on your Nintendo Switch, here’s what you need to know:

Setting up the Nintendo Switch on your TV

Get Netflix on Nintendo Switch with these steps:

  1. Setup your Nintendo Switch on your TV by removing the Nintendo Switch Dock’s rear cover.
  2. Connect the NintendoSwitch’s USB port to the AC adapter, then plug the AC adapter’s other end into an electrical outlet.
  3. Attach the HDMI cable to the HDMI OUT terminal and connect the other end to the HDMI port on your television.
  4. Select the HDMI input on your television and turn it on.
  5. Choose the Home menu option on the Nintendo Switch after turning it on.

How to install Netflix on the Switch?

Now that your Switch is set up and connected correctly, let’s install Netflix! Here are some quick steps for doing so:

  1. After the Nintendo Switch has been started on your TV, log in with the account credentials you have created.
  2. You can access the e-shop icon on the home screen.
  3. Once the store has been launched, click the box adjacent to the search bar to access the on-screen keyboard.
  4. Click OK after typing Netflix into the search box.
  5. Browse the results and choose the Netflix app.
  6. Download the Netflix app and sign in with your Netflix account to access unlimited viewing.

How to Watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch in 2022?

You need to know some things about watching Netflix on a Nintendo Switch before you can enjoy the shows and movies from anywhere.

  1. You can watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch with the help of these steps;
  2. You’ll first need to download the app and have a Netflix subscription.
  3. Secondly, you need to download the Nintendo eShop. 
  4. You must ensure that your device is connected via Wi-Fi or a wired Ethernet.
  5. A standard or premium account must also be active to register.

The following devices can be used for watching shows on Netflix:

  • [Nintendo Switch]( (available through Amazon)
  • [Google Chromecast]( (available through Amazon)

Is the Netflix app available on the Nintendo Switch store?

The short answer is No.

During the Wii era, Netflix partnered up with Nintendo to satisfy the streaming needs of switch users. The deal didn’t prove to be fruitful and ended at the start of 2019.

During this time period, the Nintendo switch Netflix app was available on its e-store for specific models like Wii U and 3DS consoles but was removed in December of 2020.

Is it possible to watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch in any other method?

The Nintendo Switch is an excellent piece of hardware, but it does have some limitations. One of the biggest complaints about the console is that it doesn’t support many streaming services, including Netflix.

If you’re looking for another way to watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch, there are a few options. Maybe one of these ways to watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch:

Streaming Services

Streaming services like Hulu and Amazon Prime Video offer Roku and Apple TV devices streaming apps, but not for Nintendo Switch. 

However, these services offer downloadable apps for various other devices and computers, which means you could use any device that supports them (or get an app) to watch the shows you want.


Roku offers various models compatible with different TVs, so there’s sure to be something within your budget range. In addition to providing thousands of channels to stream content worldwide, Roku has its channel store where users can find apps for streaming services like Netflix and Hulu Plus (among others).

You’ll need an internet connection to use these apps, so make sure your router or Wi-Fi service provider has enough capacity before downloading anything new!

Smart TVs

If you have an internet-enabled smart TV from a major manufacturer like Samsung or LG—or even an older model from Sony or Panasonic—then you may already be able to stream Netflix through it. 

Your challenge would be to check out the manufacturer’s website and see if they offer any instructions for connecting their products to Netflix accounts. If not, then try searching for instructions online! 

There are many options for streaming devices that will work with laptops and consoles like this one.

Will Nintendo make us able to watch Netflix in the future?

It’s a question that’s been on the minds of many Switch users for a long time, and it’s about time to find some answers.

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services globally, and it’s easy to see why:

  • There are endless movies and TV shows available at your fingertips.
  • You can watch them on any device.
  • They’re constantly adding new content.

But if you’re a Switch gamer who wants access to all those options while playing games, there’s no way to do it right now—and that sucks. 

Seriously! People who love watching Netflix content while they play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe or Super Smash Bros. can’t because they don’t have an Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

 It’s like they’re missing out on half of their life experience! And luckily enough, Nintendo just confirmed that this problem would be fixed in 2022. Finally!


In short: no, there’s no way to watch Netflix on Switch that does not involve a Nintendo Switch Online membership or a Netflix subscription. As long as you’re willing to do a bit of extra work, you can bypass these requirements and watch Netflix on your Switch without any fee!

First things first: if you have a Netflix subscription but don’t want it anymore, cancel it before getting started. 

This is important because otherwise, when you access our account through the browser-based method below, we’ll see all those movies and shows again and get tempted into watching them instead of playing some Zelda or Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Now that you’ve gotten rid of your monthly subscription (or never signed up in the first place), let’s begin!

Written by Mickel Clark

Mickel is a streaming aficionado who loves nothing more than to pen down his thoughts about the movies, anime and TV shows he has watched and likes sharing hacks on how to stream them online.