How to watch Quiz Lady in Canada on Hulu in 2023| Updated

How to watch Quiz Lady in Canada

Quiz Lady is a new comedy show on Hulu. It is about two sisters played by Awkwafina and Sandra Oh. The sisters are not close anymore. They end up on a TV game show together.

We have prepared an extensive guide about everything you need to know about Quiz Lady, especially where and how to watch it in Canada.

How to watch Quiz Lady in Canada| on Hulu

Quiz Lady is a Hulu original comedy show which will be available on Hulu in the US. Since Hului is only accessible in USA, you will need a reliable VPN to access it from Canada.

Follow these steps to access Hulu and watch Quiz Lady in Canada.

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4- Open Hulu and search Quiz Lady from Canada

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Where to watch Quiz Lady in Canada?

Quiz Lady will be available on Hulu in the US on November 3, 2023. You can get a reliable VPN to access Hulu from Canada and watch Quiz Lady.

The series will also be available on Disney Plus internationally. If you like watching movies and TV shows, watch Naruto Shippuden, Across the Spider-Verse, All American Season 5, Rick and Morty, and many more.

Quiz Lady release date

Quiz Lady is scheduled to premiere on Hulu on November 3, 2023, in USA. Internationally, the movie will be available on Disney Plus.

Quiz Lady runtime

Quiz Lady will be 1 hour and 39 minutes long.

Quiz Lady trailer

Quiz Lady Synopsis

In Quiz Lady, Awkwafina plays Anne. Anne loves game shows and is very smart but also uptight. Sandra Oh plays Anne’s sister, Jenny. Jenny and Anne are not close anymore. Jenny’s life is messy.

Their mom owes money from gambling. When Anne’s dog gets kidnapped, Anne and Jenny need to get money to get the dog back.

The only way they know how to get money is for Anne to go on game shows and try to win. So they turn Anne into a game show champion.

Quiz Lady is about two very different sisters, Anne and Jenny.

Anne likes to stay home. She loves her pet dog and watches a game show called Quiz Show every day.

Jenny is more outgoing. She went off on her own to start a business.

The sisters are not close anymore. But then they find out their mom owes a lot of money from gambling at casinos.

Anne is really good at trivia on Quiz Show. So, the sisters come up with a crazy plan. They will reunite, and Anne will try to win money on Quiz Show to pay back their mom’s debt.

This silly plot shows Awkwafina playing a character who has to earn money weirdly. Like her other upcoming movie, Grand Death Lotto.

Quiz Lady will have comedy with some violence, like an MA or R-rated movie. It focuses on Anne and Jenny’s sister’s relationship while Anne tries to win on the game show.

Who are the creators of Quiz Lady?

The director of Quiz Lady is Jessica Yu. She has directed episodes of TV shows like The West Wing, This is Us, and Billions.

The screenplay was written by Jen D’Angelo. She has written for comedy shows like Young Rock and Workaholics. She also helped write the Hocus Pocus sequel movie last year.

Some of the producers are Jessica Elbaum, Itay Reiss, Maggie Haskins, Will Ferrell, Awkwafina, and Sandra Oh.

Adrian Peng Correia was the cinematographer. He worked on the show Ramy.

The editors were Nat Sanders, who edited the movie Moonlight, and Susan Vaill, who has edited Grey’s Anatomy.

The cast of Quiz Lady?

In Quiz Lady, Awkwafina plays the game show contender Anne. Awkwafina is a comedian, rapper, and actress. Her real name is Nora Lum. She has been in shows and movies like Girl Code, Neighbors 2, Ocean’s 8, Crazy Rich Asians, and Jumanji 2. She won a Golden Globe award for The Farewell.

She also has her own comedy show called Awkwafina, which is Nora from Queens. Awkwafina has voiced characters in animated movies like The Little Mermaid, The Bad Guys, and Raya and the Last Dragon.

Sandra Oh plays Anne’s sister Jenny in Quiz Lady. She is best known for playing Eve Polastri in Killing Eve. She also played Dr. Cristina Yang on Grey’s Anatomy. Sandra Oh has also been in shows and movies like The Chair, Sideways, Under the Tuscan Sun, and Umma. She has voiced characters in animated shows like Invincible, Gremlins, The Sandman, She-Ra and Turning Red.

You will also see Will Ferrell as the show’s host, along with Jason Schwartzman, Holland Taylor (Two and a Half Men), and Tony Hale.

Can I watch Quiz Lady from Canada with a free VPN?

You can use a free VPN, but it’s not the best choice. Free VPNs don’t provide the best online protection and can’t always access certain content.

We checked out Tunnel Bear and Hotspot, two popular free VPNs. Tunnel Bear only gives you 500 mbs of data, which isn’t enough to watch Quiz Lady in Canada. With Hotspot, you’ll see ads often, about every 15 minutes.

So, paying for a good VPN like ExpressVPN is better if you want to watch Quiz Lady or other US shows on Hulu without issues.

Why is ExpressVPN the best choice?

Many, like PCMag and Techradar, say ExpressVPN is the top VPN in 2023. We wanted to see if it really lets you watch Hulu from Australia or Canada.

It does! We tried it and got almost full speed (95mbps on a 100mbps connection) watching Quiz Lady in Canada. ExpressVPN has apps for Windows, iOS, Android and Linux devices. You can also use it on your gaming consoles like PS4 and Xbox.

With one ExpressVPN plan, you can use it on eight devices. It has new tech to watch Hulu even from Europe, easily.

Right now, ExpressVPN costs $6.67 a month with a big discount and an extra 3 months in a special deal. Their round-the-clock help makes it a great choice for watching Quiz Lady in Canada.

What else can you watch on Hulu?

Hulu is the most popular option when it comes to streaming in USA. Here are a few popular shows and movies on Hulu.

Wrap Up

The topic of watching Quiz Lady in Canada has been discussed in detail. The best option is to watch it on Hulu from Canada or wait for it to be released on Disney in your country.

We have tested ExpressVPN to unblock Hulu from Thailand and outside USA, and it worked perfectly. Therefore, we highly recommend it to all our readers.

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