Where to watch Death in Paradise in Canada & US for Free| Easy Guide

watch Death in Paradise in Canada & US

Death in Paradise is a British–French criminal drama television series developed by Robert Thorogood and starring Ben Miller, Kris Marshall, Ardal O’Hanlon, and Ralf Little. The whole series was filmed on the French Caribbean Island of Guadeloupe, which serves as the setting.

It was aired on BBC One in the UK for the first time on October 25, 2011. Since its premiere, Death in Paradise has had strong ratings and a generally good critical reaction, resulting in many season extensions for the series.

The show has been renewed for at least one another season, assuring that it will continue to air until 2023.

How to watch Death in Paradise in Canada & US for Free

Death in Paradise is a British show which is streaming on BBC iPlayer in the UK. If you want to watch Death in Paradise in USA and Canada without any hassle, then follow these steps:

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  6. Enjoy the series
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How to get a BBC iPlayer account in the US & Canada

Sadly, BBC iPlayer is only available in the United Kingdom, but that doesn’t mean you can not use it from the United States or Canada. Follow the following steps to watch Death in Paradise  on BBC from Canada and USA:

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  5. It will redirect you to another page now click on register now
  6. Select your age (Below 16 or Above 16)
  7. Add your date of birth, email ID, and password
  8. Select the United Kingdom as your country and add “E16 1AD or E16 2AF” as the postal code for Dockland
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Death in Paradise-Trailer

Death in Paradise- Plot & Synopsis

Detective Inspector Richard Poole (Ben Miller) is assigned to the fictional Caribbean island of Saint Marie to investigate the death of a British police officer.

To his dismay, his superiors instructed him to replace the victim and continue as the island’s DI, solving fresh crimes and being the subject of countless fish-out-of-water jokes.

In Series 3, Poole is killed, and bumbling London investigator Humphrey Goodman (Kris Marshall) is sent in to investigate. After his wife leaves him, he becomes the newly introduced investigator.

However, In the second half of Series 6, he resigns to go to London with his girlfriend Martha Lloyd, whom he met while on holiday in Saint Marie. DI Jack Mooney (Ardal O’Hanlon), a recent widower suffering the loss of his wife, replaces Goodman on Saint Marie.

Death in Paradise– Ratings

The show was liked and appreciated by audiences and critics from all over the world. The Rotten Tomato score for Death in Paradise is 78%, which is pretty good.

The IMDb rating for Death in Paradise is 7.8/10. Both ratings can guarantee that the show is a good watch and a favorite for crime-thriller drama fans.

Death in Paradise-Cast

  • Ben Miller as Richard Poole
  • Sara Martins as Camille Bordey
  • Danny John Jules as Dwayne Myers
  • Gary carr as Fidel Best
  • Don Warrington as Selwyn Patterson
  • Elizabeth Bourgine as Catherine Bordey
  • Kriss Marshall as Humphrey Goodman
  • Josephine Jobert as Florence Cassell
  • Tobi Bakare as Jean Pierre (JP) Hooper
  • Ardal O’Hanlon as Jack Mooney
  • Aude Legastelois Bide as Madeleine Dumas
  • Shyko Amos as Ruby Patterson
  • Ralf Little as Neville Parker
  • Tahj Miles as Marlon Pryce
  • Shantol Jackson as Naomi Thomas
  • Ginny Holder as Darlene Curtis

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Wrap Up

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