How to Watch Noughts + Crosses (Season 1-2) on BBC iPlayer from the United States & Canada in 2023

watch Noughts + Crosses on BBC iPlayer from the US

Noughts + Crosses is a 2020 alt-history drama adapted from the novel series of the same name written by Malorie Blackman. It is set in a world where the social power dynamics are reversed, and the Crosses (Black people) rule over the Noughts (White people).

The series received positive reviews and is available on BBC in the UK. If you are here to find out how to watch Noughts + Crosses in Canada and US for free, read this guide to the last.

How to watch Noughts + Crosses on BBC iPlayer in Canada & US

Noughts + Crosses is available on BBC iPlayer in the United Kingdom. If you reside in the UK, then all you need is an active iPlayer account to watch Noughts + Crosses.

But if you are located in the United States or Canada, then follow these simple steps:

1- Get a reliable VPN to unblock BBC (We recommend ExpressVPN and NordVPN after testing)

2- Download the VPN application on your device (Both ExpressVPN and NordVPN have dedicated apps for several devices, including PC, Mac, iPhone, Linux, and Android devices)

3- Select a British server from the country list

4- Now open on your browser or in-app

5- Search for Noughts + Crosses on BBC 

6- Enjoy

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How to get a BBC iPlayer account in the US & Canada

Unfortunately, BBC iPlayer is restricted to the UK only. You can not stream it from outside the UK, but that does not mean you can not have an iPlayer account from the US and Canada. Follow these steps to get a BBC iPlayer account from outside the UK:

  1. Get ExpressVPN for BBC iPlayer (30-day money-back guarantee)
  2. Connect to a British IP address (UK – Dockland)
  3. Open in your browser or click here
  4. Click on Sign in, which is located in the top left corner
  5. It will redirect you to another page now click on register now
  6. Select your age (Below 16 or Above 16)
  7. Add your date of birth, email ID, and password
  8. Select the United Kingdom as your country and add “E16 1AD or E16 2AF” as the postal code for Dockland
  9. Verify your email address
  10. Done! Now you have access to BBC iPlayer in the US and Canada

Noughts + Crosses release date

Noughts + Crosses is a British TV drama series broadcast on the BBC for the first time on 5th March 2020. It consists of a single season and has a total of 6 episodes. Jack Rowan and Masali Baduza directed it.

The series was widely praised by viewers and critics and managed to score a positive rating of 6.2/10 on IMDb. The series was also nominated for two awards in the Best Television Soundtrack and Costume Design categories.

If you like watching British series, watch Great Expectations, Sherlock, Time and Vigil on BBC.

Noughts + Crosses- Trailer

Where to watch Noughts + Crosses Season 2 in the USA

Both seasons of Noughts + Crosses are streaming on Peacock TV in the US. You can get a Peacock account subscription for $4.99/mo. The second option you have is to watch Noughts + Crosses on BBC iPlayer with an ExpressVPN account.

A VPN lets you bypass geo-restricted content and streaming services like BBC and Hulu from France or outside the US. We have tested ExpressVPN to watch British shows like I May Destroy You and Rain Dogs.

Is Noughts + Crosses streaming on Crave in Canada?

No, Noughts + Crosses is not available on Crave in Canada. However, you can watch both seasons of Noughts + Crosses on CBC Gem. A CBC Gem premium subscription will cost you around CA$ 4.99/mo with a 30-day free trial for every new subscriber.

However, the best way to watch Noughts + Crosses for free from Canada is on BBC with an ExpressVPN account. We have tested ExpressVPN to unblock BBC from Ireland and Canada, and it worked flawlessly.

Noughts + Crosses- Plot

The story focuses on Sephy and Callum, a Cross and Nought, respectively, living in a region called Albion. The two have grown up together and despite the social dynamics that have kept them apart for so long they fall in love with each other. The lovebirds navigate the difficult social landscape to try and stay together.

Sephy is the daughter of the Home Secretary and a dense socialite, with limitless opportunities in front of her, while Callum is the son of a former revolutionary and the Home Secretary’s maid. Where Callum’s brother becomes disillusioned and joins forces with a liberation leader, he himself is an idealist who believes he can change the system from within. 

One could say it’s an alt-world modern-day Romeo and Juliet retelling, with Callum’s heart pulling him in the direction of the woman who is a Cross, people who’ve persecuted the Noughts. But his honor and loyalty to his people pull him in the opposite direction to fight for his people’s right to a life of respectability and equality.

The romantic plot and the political plot are sometimes at odds with each other and don’t go well together. The Aprican Empire still holds influence in the region of Albion which is a territory with an all-Cross executive leadership and a police force also restricted to just the Crosses. The Apricans, the colonizers, keep the Noughts, the Native Europeans, on a tight leash and in deplorable conditions.

Noughts + Crosses- Ratings

The show has a unique story, especially the alternative history concept, so this might not be a show for everyone. The show’s rating is 6 out of 10 on IMDb, and on Rotten Tomatoes, it has a rating of 75%.

The cast of Noughts + Crosses

We see some strong performances from the lead duo of Jack Rowan from Peaky Blinders and Wreck and The Woman King actress Masali Baduza, who play Callum and Sephy, respectively. The supporting cast does a good enough job of trying to salvage the series with Helen Baxendale as Meggie and Avenue 5 actor Paterson Joseph as Kamal Hadley.

The remaining cast members are listed below

  • Josh Dylan as Jude McGregor
  • Shaun Dingwall as Jack Dorn
  • Jonathan Ajayi as Lieutenant Lekan Baako
  • Kiké Brimah as Minerva Hadley
  • Rakie Ayola as Prime Minister Opal Folami
  • Bonnie Mbuli as Jasmine Hadley
  • Jodie Tyack as Elaine Sawyer, a Nought cadet at Mercy Point
  • Michael Dapaah as Mensah
  • Judi Love as Chidi
  • Nathaniel Ramabulana as Sergeant Major Bolade Oluade
  • Jasmine Jobson as Cara
  • Others

What else can you watch on BBC iPlayer from the US?

Here is a list of movies and TV shows you should check out on BBC iPlayer:

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The series is McQueen’s tribute to his community and his and other West Indian immigrants’ experiences in London. It is a timely reminder to the institutions and the wider general audience that the fight against racism needs to be fought on fronts. “Small Axe” is a must-watch for everyone everywhere.

If you are into history and war, you should watch Noughts + Crosses on BBC iPlayer from the United States for free. We have tested ExpressVPN to watch BBC iPlayer in the US, and it worked perfectly fine. Therefore, we highly recommend it.

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