Is War of the Worlds on Netflix| How to watch War of the Worlds (2005) in the United Stares on Netflix in 2023?

The War of the Worlds Netflix

The War of the Worlds is a 2005 science fiction thriller directed by Steven Spielberg. The film is a remake of the 1953 film of the same name, which was based on the 1898 novel by H. G. Wells. 

The film follows Ray Ferrier (Cruise), a divorced father who is trying to reunite with his estranged son and daughter when aliens invade Earth. 

If you are looking for a way to stream The War of the Worlds in the United States on Netflix, read this blog to the end.

Is War of the Worlds on Netflix?

Yes, War of the Worlds is available on Netflix, but only in India. If you reside in locations like the United States or anywhere outside India, then you won’t find it in your Netflix library, and that is due to copyright issues.

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How to watch The War of the Worlds on Netflix in 2023?

War of the Worlds is available on Netflix but not internationally. The movie is only streaming on the Indian Netflix. However, you can get ExpressVPN to change your IP address and watch War of the Worlds in other countries like the US. Follow the steps below:

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War of the Worlds – Netflix Countries

War of the Worlds is a visually appealing film sci-fi thriller showing devastating alien effects that attracted people, making them curious about where they can watch it online.

Our team of experts has checked several Netflix libraries and found War of the Worlds streaming on Netflix only in India.

War of the Worlds – Release Date

War of the Worlds is a popular sci-fi action film that was initially released in cinemas on June 23, 2005. With a decent IMDb score of 6.5/10 and a fresh score of 76% on Rotten Tomatoes, the movie also won several awards, including the Critics Choice Award for Best Young Actress (Dakota Fanning), COFCA Award for Best Sound Design, and the BMI Film Music Award.

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War of the Worlds – Official Trailer

War of the Worlds – What to Expect from the Movie?

War of the Worlds follows Ray Ferrier, a dockworker trying to protect his children amid an unprecedented alien attack on Earth.

First Contact

Ray is looking after his kids Robbie and Rachel for the weekend when lightning storms start striking all over the world. These are soon revealed to be the landing of massive alien tripods, which begin annihilating cities with advanced heat-ray weapons.

Escape to Boston

As the tripods destroy New Jersey, Ray grabs his kids and flees in a stolen minivan. They get stuck in a massive traffic jam outside Boston as hordes try to escape the aliens. A tripod emerges and begins disintegrating humans to fertilize captured humans in baskets. Ray manages to escape but gets separated from Rachel.

Hiding out

Reunited with Rachel, they break into a basement for shelter with a disturbed man named Ogilvy. Robbie wants to fight the aliens, while Rachel is traumatized. After Ogilvy attracts a tripod, Ray is forced to kill him. They eventually reach Boston, now devastated.

Final Stand

With the military destroyed, Ray decides their only hope is to reach his ex-wife in Boston. On the way, a tripod grabs Rachel, but Ray saves her. A battle ensues between tripods and military jets, allowing the family to reach the ex-wife’s house. But even there, it proves unsafe when a probe infiltrates and nearly snatches Rachel again before dying.

Ending the War

When the tripods suddenly die from earthborne bacteria, Ray and his family finally emerge from hiding, having survived the brutal alien onslaught through grit, sacrifice, and fatherly love.

The Cast of War of the Worlds

The movie follows the aftermath of an alien invasion that has decimated the world. The main cast of War of The Worlds includes:

  • Tom Cruise plays Ray Ferrier, a dock worker trying to protect his children amid the chaos of the alien invasion. Cruise is a hugely popular actor known for films like Top Gun and its sequel Top Gun: Maverick, Jerry Maguire, and the Mission Impossible series.

  • Dakota Fanning plays Rachel Ferrier, Ray’s daughter, who witnesses the extraterrestrial attack firsthand. Fanning was a well-known child actor at the time, having starred in films like I Am Sam and Man on Fire. She has also showcased her voice-acting talents in the acclaimed film Coraline.

  • Justin Chatwin plays Robbie Ferrier, Ray’s rebellious teenage son who gets caught up in the invasion. Chatwin is a Canadian actor who has appeared in movies like The Invisible and Dragonball Evolution.

  • Miranda Otto plays Mary Ann, a woman who joins up with Ray and his children as they desperately try to escape the aliens. Otto is an Australian actress known for roles in films like The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

  • Tim Robbins plays Harlan Ogilvy, a disturbed man who lives in the basement of the house where Ray and his family take refuge. Robbins is an acclaimed actor and director who has starred in movies like The Shawshank Redemption and Mystic River.

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War of the Worlds – FAQs

Yes, the 2005 film adaptation of War of the Worlds, directed by Steven Spielberg, concludes with the aliens meeting their defeat and the peace being restored on earth. The protagonist of the film, Rey, and his daughter, Rachel, are reunited in the end, providing a proper closure to the story.

Yes, the popular 2005 sci-fi action film starring Tom Cruise is actually based on the 1898 best-selling novel by H.G Wells, titled The War of the Worlds. There has been another live-action film adaptation of this story, with the same title, released in 1953.

MPAA has given an official PG-13 rating to War of the Worlds (2005). The reason behind this age rating is intense sci-fi violence and occasional disturbing scenes of extraterrestrial creatures that can be uncomfortable for children to watch.

The movie also features strong language in some moments as Tom Crusie's character can be seen dropping "F-bombs."

No, War of the Worlds is not streaming on Hulu in the US. However, you can still stream it if you have a Netflix account. All you need is to use a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN to change your Netflix region, and you will get uninterrupted access to War of the Worlds and many more geo-restricted content from anywhere in the world.

It is unlikely that War of the Worlds will be coming to Netflix in the US any time soon. We can say this confidently because Netflix has made no such announcements that War of the Worlds is to be added to its American library.

We suggest utilizing ExpressVPN to change your IP address to access the Indian library of Netflix, where War of the Worlds is streaming.

War of the Worlds was shot across various locations in the United States. Filming occurred in Virginia, Connecticut, New Jersey, California, and New York, spanning approximately 73 days. Production teams prepared on both coasts ahead of time, scouting locations along the Eastern Seaboard. They also readied stages and sets for use in Los Angeles after the winter break.

The initial appearance of the Tripods was captured at the intersection of Ferry Street, Merchant Street, and Wilson Avenue in Newark, New Jersey. Additionally, Spielberg filmed scenes in Virginia. The ferry sequence was shot in Athens, New York, while Mary Ann's parents' house was situated in Brooklyn but depicted as being in Boston in the film.

On the other hand, Ray's house was located in Bayonne, New Jersey. The valley war scene was filmed in Lexington, Virginia, and Mystery Mesa, California. The scene featuring a tripod being shot down and crashing through a factory was recorded in Naugatuck, Connecticut, at an abandoned chemical plant.

Lastly, the scene of bodies floating down the river was filmed on the Farmington River in Windsor, Connecticut. Some shots were taken on the Korean War Veterans Parkway in Staten Island, New York.

War of the Worlds had a production budget totaling $132 million. Impressively, within just 24 days of its release, it managed to amass $200 million in revenue, securing its place as the 37th fastest film to achieve this milestone. The movie concluded the year as the fourth highest-grossing film, accumulating a remarkable global box office income of $603.9 million. The movie was both a commercial and critical success.

James Berardinelli praised the film's performances and believed that centering the narrative around one character enhanced its impact. However, he found the ending lacking, despite Spielberg's efforts to infuse it with cinematic drama.

Kenneth Turan from the Los Angeles Times applauded the special effects in the movie and suggested that Spielberg might have succeeded in his directorial role even beyond his own perception. Turan noted that by illustrating the vulnerability of our world, Spielberg posed a thought-provoking question: Is the ultimate fantasy an extraterrestrial invasion, or is it humanity's survival?

However, Dan Marcucci and Nancy Serougi of the Broomfield Enterprise held a different view from Berardinelli and Turan. They believed that Morgan Freeman's narration added little value and that while the first half of the film was "great," the second half became saturated with clichés, pockmarked with inconsistencies, and tainted by Tim Robbins.

Wrap Up

War of the Worlds is a visually stunning film with impressive special effects. The aliens are terrifying, and the destruction they cause is truly epic. If you are a fan of science fiction, then you should definitely check out War of the Worlds.

We tested ExpressVPN to watch War of the Worlds on Netflix, and it worked perfectly. Therefore, we highly recommend it to all our readers and subscribers.

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