Is Steins;Gate on Netflix in 2023| How to watch Steins;Gate on Netflix from the US, Canada and UK (Update for 2023)

How to Watch Steins;Gate on Netflix

Steins;Gate is a Japanese animated series that aired in 2011. It is one of our favorites due to its interesting story and charismatic characters. The series follows a group of individuals who have created a machine that can communicate with people in the past.

They decided to send messages to avoid wars and humanly created disasters and tried to alter the past, which had consequences. If you like watching mind-boggling moves or series, Steins;Gate is for you. Continue reading if you want to know if Steins;Gate is on Netflix or where to watch it.

Is Steins;Gate on Netflix in 2023?

Steins;Gate is now available on Netflix, and the series is available with an English dub in Italy. if you reside in the United States, Canada, or the UK. Get an ExpressVPN account subscription and watch Steins;Gate on Netflix.

How to Watch Steins;Gate on Netflix| Quick Guide

Is Steins;Gate on Netflix in 2023?
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All episodes of Steins;Gate are now available on Netflix. The series is available in a limited number of Netflix libraries. You won’t find Steins;Gate on Netflix if you reside in the Untied States, Canada, or anywhere else, and that, is due to copyrights.

However, with a VPN, you can easily change your IP address and watch Steins;Gate on Netflix:

1- Get ExpressVPN for Netflix (12+3 month special deal with a 30day money-back guarantee)

2- Download the VPN app on your preferred device (ExpressVPN works on Android, iOS, Linux, and Windows)

3- Select the Italian IP address from the country list

4- Now open on your browser or in the app

5- Search Steins;Gate on Netflix

6- Enjoy the anime

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Watch Steins;Gate Season 1 on Netflix from the United States| Detailed Explanation

1- Get ExpressVPN for Netflix

Steins;Gate is streaming on Netflix but not globally. Get ExpressVPN to watch it on Netflix from anywhere in the world. ExpressVPN offers an amazing 3-month free special deal on their annual subscription plan with a 30-day money-back buy

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2- Download the ExpressVPN on your device

ExpressVPN offers applications for every device you use, like PC, Mobile, or Smart TV. The VPN service has dedicated apps for PS4 and Xbox.

You can secure five devices simultaneously with a single paid subscription.

3- Connect to an Italian IP address

Since all seasons of Steins;Gate are available in the Italian library of Netflix, you have to connect to an Italian server in the Express VPN app to stream all episodes of Steins;Gate Season 1 on Netflix.

Is Steins;Gate on Netflix in 2023?
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4- Enjoy the Anime

After connecting to an Italian IP address, you have to open Netflix and search for Steins;Gate on Netflix. You will see the anime series “Steins;Gate (2011)” appearing in front of you like magic.

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Where to Watch Steins;Gate in English on Netflix?

Steins;Gate is available with English dubbing in Italy. If you reside outside Italy get an ExpressVPN account and change your IP address to watch Steins;Gate on Netflix’s English dubbed version.

Steins;Gate Netflix Countries

Fans from around the world keep asking and searching where to watch Steins;Gate on Netflix or which countries has Steins;Gate on Netflix.

We have checked multiple Netflix libraries and found it in the below-mentioned Netflix regions.

  • Italy (English)
  • Germany
  • South Korea
  • Switzerland
  • Japan

Steins;Gate Release Date

The first episode of the anime series aired on April 6, 2011, and continued for 24 episodes. The series became an instant hit, attracting viewers from around the world. A sequel series by the name of Steins;Gate 0 was made in 2018 and dealt with the events at the end of the original anime. A movie by the same title was also released in Japan in 2013.

Steins;Gate was nominated for several awards, and its lead character, “Rintarou Okabe,” won Man of the Decade at Anime Trending Awards. The series is also rated among the best anime series by IGN, Crunchyroll, and IMDb.

People who liked Steins;Gate also love watching Death Note, Naruto Shippuden, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Attack on Titan on Netflix.

Steins;Gate Trailer

What to Expect from Steins;Gate| Synopsis

The story of this show revolves around Rintaro Okabe, who is a self-described crazy scientist. His buddies Shiina and  Hashida, who operate the Future Device Lab, live in a flat with him.  Okabe discovers Kurisu Makise’s corpse while visiting a time-travel seminar. Makise was a neuroscientist. He texts Daru regarding it, and after some time, he learns that Kurisu is still alive, and apparently, the sms was received before it was sent. The lab participants came to know that they could send sms in the past using the cellphone-controlled microwave. Kurisu joins them as they continue their research, using “D-mails” to transmit sms back in time to alter the current setting. Kurisu finally develops a piece of machinery through which he can send thoughts through a microwave, thus enabling time travel.

When this piece of machinery is discovered, a fictional institution called SERN, modeled after CERN, sends personnel to the facility to recover it. During the search, they murder Mayuri. Okabe tries to stop Mayuri’s murder several times in the past but is unsuccessful each time. He discovers that he must reverse all the alterations that their sms has brought about, and he accomplishes this until he finds that doing so will send him back to the period when Kurisu was found dead.

Daru breaches SERN’s computer, deleting the sms history and sending them back to the time at which everything started. Then Amane shows up in a time portal, who is Daru’s future child. She informs Okabe that stopping Nakabachi from murdering her and seizing her time-traveling concepts is the only method for stopping future armed conflict that might trigger World War 3. He goes back in time and tricks Nakabachi into wounding him, knocking Kurisu out, and placing her in that exact blood-filled spot for the benefit of his old life. As a result, the chronology changes to one in which Kurisu lives, and the third World War is avoided.

The Cast of Steins;Gate

Character Voice actor
Japanese English
Rintaro Okabe Mamoru Miyano J. Michael Tatum
Kurisu Makise Asami Imai Trina Nishimura
Mayuri Shiina Kana Hanazawa Ashly Burch
Itaru “Daru” Hashida Tomokazu Seki Tyson Rinehart
Suzuha Amane Yukari Tamura Cherami Leigh
Moeka Kiryu Saori Gotō Jessica Cavanagh
Ruka Urushibara Yū Kobayashi Lindsay Seidel
Faris NyanNyan Haruko Momoi Jad Saxton
Yugo “Mr. Braun” Tennouji Masaki Terasoma Christopher Sabat
Nae Tennouji Ayano Yamamoto Brina Palencia
John Titor Hiroshi Tsuchida Patrick Seitz

Can I Watch Steins;Gate on Netflix with a Free VPN?

The straight answer is no.

We have tested several free VPNs, and none of them provided the premium streaming experience we were looking for. We repeatedly faced the Netflix Proxy Error with slow streaming speed, which ruined the mood.

It is highly advised to invest in a premium VPN like ExpressVPN and watch Steins;Gate on Netflix from anywhere.

What Else Can You Watch on Netflix

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Wrap Up

If you are into SciFi stuff and like watching this genre, then Steins;Gate is for you. Watch Steins;Gate on Netflix from the United States, Canada, or anywhere else with an ExpressVPN account.

We have tested ExrepssVPN to watch several anime series on Netflix that were not available in the US, and it worked perfectly. Therefore we recommend it to all our readers and subscribers.

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