Is Gantz on Netflix| How to watch Gantz on Netflix from the US, UK or Canada (Update for 2023)

How to Watch Gantz on Netflix

Gantz is a Japanese animated series that aired from 2004-2005. The series deals with the story of a teenager who is bound to participate in an alien-hunting game after his death. The anime series is streaming on Netflix, and this blog will talk about how you can watch it.

Is Gantz on Netflix in 2023?

Gantz is now available on Netflix, but the anime is streaming in a limited number of countries on Netflix. If you reside in the United States, Canada, or the UK, you won’t be able to find it on Netflix, and that is because of the copyrights.

However, you can change your IP address and access a Netflix region streaming Gantz with a VPN. Follow the below-mentioned steps to watch Gantz on Netflix from anywhere.

How to Watch Gantz on Netflix| Quick Guide

Is Gantz on Netflix in 2023?
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Gantz is streaming on Netflix in India, Germany, and Spain. If you reside in the United States, Canada, or the UK, get an ExpressVPN subscription and watch Gantz on Netflix in English. Follow these steps:

1- Get ExpressVPN for Netflix (12+3 month special deal with a 30day money-back guarantee)

2- Download the VPN app on your preferred device (ExpressVPN works on Android, iOS, Linux, and Windows)

3- Select the Indian IP address from the country list

4- Now open on your browser or in the app

5- Search Gantz (2004) on Netflix

6- Enjoy the movie

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Watch Gantz (2004) on Netflix from the United States (Detailed Explanation)

1- Get ExpressVPN for Netflix

Gantz is now available in limited Netflix libraries. Get ExpressVPN to watch it on Netflix from anywhere in the world. ExpressVPN offers an amazing 3-month free special deal on their annual subscription plan with a 30-day money-back buy

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2- Download the ExpressVPN on your device

ExpressVPN offers applications for every device you use, like PC, Mobile, or Smart TV. The VPN service has dedicated apps for PS4 and Xbox.

You can secure five devices simultaneously with a single paid subscription.

3- Connect to an Indian IP address

Since Gantz is available in the Indian library of Netflix, you have to connect to an Indian server in the Express VPN app to stream all episodes of Gantz on Netflix.

Is Gantz on Netflix in 2023?
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4- Enjoy the Anime

After connecting to an Indian IP address, you have to open Netflix and search for Gantz on Netflix. You will see the anime series “Gantz (2004)” appearing in front of you like magic.

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Gantz Netflix Countries

Fans from around the world keep asking and searching about where to watch Gantz on Netflix or which country has Gantz on Netflix.

We have checked several Netflix libraries and found Gantz in the following Netflix libraries:

  • India
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Singapore
  • Thailand

If you do not live in the above-mentioned countries, get an ExpressVPN account and watch Gantz on Netflix from anywhere in the world.

Gantz Release Date

Gantz was released on April 10, 2004, and aired for two seasons and 26 episodes. The series had an interesting story and was praised by viewers and critics. If you like watching animated series, Naruto Shippuden, Hunter x Hunter, My Hero Academia, and Rick and Morty are also available on Netflix, and you can watch them with an ExpressVPN account.

Gantz Trailer

A Short Synopsis of Gantz| What to Expect

Kei Kurono and Masaru Kato are the main characters of this Japanese anime. The story starts when both characters die when a metro train crushes them as they try to rescue a drunken person who had collapsed onto the railway line. After passing away, both of them are suddenly teleported to a barren flat in the city of Tokyo, Japan.

Here they encounter senior Gantz player Joichiro and many unskilled contestants. Both quickly realize that they can’t exit the premises. A vast black spherical, also known as the Gantz device, is located there. The sphere eventually opens, and a guy with cables hooked to him, a respiratory mask, and many kinds of weapons for them to utilize.

A green inscription saying that they all are dead and now all the players belong to Gantz emerges on the top of the sphere whenever it emerges. After displaying a photograph and some basic details about them, he instructs them to assassinate some of his enemies. All the targets to be eliminated are Earth-dwelling aliens who come in a range of shapes and sizes. Ordinary human beings are unable to see the participants or the alien creatures during the assignment.

They are brought to the operation’s location by Gantz, and they are unable to leave or come back until all the adversaries have been neutralized or the specified amount of time has passed. Each participant received points when they eliminated their target and if they made it out without getting killed while eliminating their target successfully. When a player reaches 100 scores, a “100 score selection” will show up. There are three choices on the selection tab:

First choice: The person can go back to their life as a living being, and he will never be approached by the Gantz. But they will forget all the things they experience here.

Second Choice: The person acquires rare and potent weaponry.

Third choice: Using Gantz’s memory, the person can resuscitate a person who died while eliminating its target.

What Else Can You Watch on Netflix

Netflix has some of the best and top-rated anime for its subscribers. Here is a list of them:

Can I Use a Free VPN to Watch Gantz on Netflix

We have tested dozens of free VPN services, but the result was the same. Not a single free VPN was able to provide the premium streaming experience we were expecting. We got the Netflix Proxy Error several times, along with slow streaming speed.

Therefore it is highly advised to invest in a paid VPN like ExpressVPN and watch Gantz on Netflix hassle free from anywhere.

Wrap Up

We have equipped you with the knowledge of watching Gantz on Netflix from the United States, Canada, or anywhere else. We have tested ExpressVPN to watch several anime series on Netflix, and it worked perfectly. Therefore we highly recommend it to all our readers and subscribers.

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