Where to watch Kindred (2022) in Canada| Watch all episodes of Kindred On Hulu from Canada

How to watch Kindred in Canada

Based on the 1979 Hugo Award-winning sci-fi classic of the same name by author Octavia E. Butler, Kindred is an upcoming television series. It centers on a young African-American woman who is time-traveling between the brutal past of pre-civil war America and her life in Los Angeles in dizzying spells of clarity.   

The fantasy drama is helmed by Obie Award-winning playwright Branden Jacobs-Jenkins and is slated to arrive on Hulu on December 13, 2022. If you are wondering where to watch Kindred in Canada, read this guide to the last.

How to watch Kindred in Canada| On Hulu

Kindred is heading to Hulu in the United States. Since Hulu is restricted only to the United States, you will need a workable VPN to access it from Canada. We recommend ExpressVPN to unblock Hulu from Canada and watch Kindred. Follow these steps:

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How to get a Hulu subscription in Canada (Tested)

Hulu is not available in Canada, but that does not mean you can not have a Hulu subscription. Follow these steps to get a Hulu account from Canada:

  1. Get ExpressVPN for Hulu (12+3 month free special deal with a 30day money-back guarantee)
  2. Download the VPN app and connect to a US server (the USA – NewYork)
  3. Get a Hulu gift card from Mygiftcardsupply [cost is around $25]
  4. You will get the Hulu code in your email
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  6. Select your Hulu streaming plan & use zip code (91942,91945). You can google other zip codes; Hulu does not verify.
  7. Open Hulu.com and watch Kindred from Canada on Hulu.

Kindred- Release Date

The first season of Kindred is heading to Hulu in the United States and is set to premiere on December 12, 2022. There is no word for when the series will stream in the United Kingdom or Canada. We can only anticipate seeing Kindred streaming on Disney Plus in the UK and Canada, but nothing is confirmed.

Kindred- Trailer

The trailer for Kindred was released on FX Network’s official Youtube channels and has gained more than 2.4 million views in three weeks. This shows the popularity of the series among viewers.

Kindred- Plot & Synopsis

Dana James is a young African-American writer who moves to Los Angeles with her Caucasian husband, Kevin Franklin. As she tries to settle into her new home, Dana finds herself being pulled back into a different time when slaves were still used at plantations, and racial discrimination was at its worst.

Time Traveling Between Two Eras

 The rules to time traveling can be a little hard to understand – and Dana learns them the hard way when she suddenly experiences bouts of dizziness before realizing she has been transported to a distant past. To make matters more complicated, time doesn’t seem to pass at the same pace between the two periods. Therefore, Dana can spend hours running for her life in the 19th century, and it could just be a minute in the present. 

Saving Lives and Getting Chased

The first time Dana travels back in time, she saves a white boy from drowning in a river. However, as she resuscitates him, a white man with a shotgun confronts her. The writer is still terrified and screaming when she finally returns to her timeline. However, this time, her husband is next to her, asking her the same question the other man had asked her, but in a different tone.

Dana Experiences Traumatic Events

Every time Dana gets pulled back into the past, she finds it more difficult to return to her life in modern-day LA. Plagued by the horrors she witnessed during her time travels, she grows agitated and frustrated in the present, disrupting her daily life and affecting her marriage.

It consists of eight episodes and features the acting talents of Mallori Johnson as the protagonist, Dana James, and Micah Stock as her husband, Kevin Franklin. Here is everything we know about Kindred so far. 

Kindred- Cast

Here is a list of the main cast and crew in Kindred:

  • Mallori Johnson as Dana James
  • Micah Stock as Kevin Franklin
  • Ryan Kwanten as Thomas Weylin
  • Gayle Rankin as Margaret Weylin
  • Austin Smith as Luke
  • David Alexander Kaplan as Rufus Weylin
  • Louis Cancelmi as Carlo
  • Brooke Bloom as Hermione
  • etc

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Wrap Up

Kindred may be your cup of tea if you enjoy time travel and sci-fi thrillers. The fantasy drama explores the issues surrounding race and discrimination in America while still focusing on the mystery at the center of Dana’s adventures. So, don’t forget to check out the television series on Hulu this December.

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Written by Mickel Clark

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