Where to watch Grand Crew Season 2 in Canada| Watch it on NBC

watch Grand Crew Season 2 in Canada?

Your favorite wine-drinking buddies are returning to your television screens in a brand new season of Grand Crew. The sitcom, starring Nicole Byer and Echo Kellum, premiered on NBC on December 14, 2021. The show received positive reviews and was renewed for a second season, which is heading to the network on March 3, 2023.

Created by Phil Augusta Jackson, who previously wrote for Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Grand Crew revolves around a group of young Black professionals in their early 30s. The friends hang out at a wine bar in Los Angeles, where they discuss the highs and lows of their respective lives. Here is everything you should know about the upcoming season of this lighthearted comedy series and where to watch it.

Where to watch Grand Crew Season 2 in Canada?

The second season of Grand Crew is heading to NBC in the United States. You can watch all episodes of Grand Crew for free if you are in the US since it’s free there.

Things get a little tricker for Canadians because nbc.com is not accessible here. But don’t worry. With a workable VPN, you can easily access nbc.com and watch Grand Crew Season 2 from Canada.

How to Grand Crew Season 2 in Canada?

Grand Crew season 2 is heading to NBC in the US. Get an ExpressVPN account subscription to change your IP address to an American IP and access nbc.com from Canada.

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Grand Crew Season 2 Release Date

Grand Crew season 2 is set to premiere on Friday, March 3, 2023, at 8:30/7:30c  in the United States. The previous season was released in 2021 and was widely praised by viewers. It managed to gain a positive score of 6.9/10 on IMDb.

There is no word on the international release date of the series. However, the best way to watch Grand Crew season 2 is on NBC with an ExpressVPN account from outside the US.

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Grand Crew Season 2 Trailer

What to Expect From Grand Crew Season 2

Adult life may be hard, but navigating its ups and downs with your friends makes it a little bit easier. Grand Crew follows the same mantra as it shows a group of friends struggling with their careers, personal growth, romantic life, and families. However, even when things get tough, they rely on each other for backing and guidance.

Meet the Crew

The group consists of six friends. There is Noah, who hasn’t had much success in his love life but wants to settle down as soon as possible, and his sister Nicky, a confident young woman who is living her best life while working in real estate. 

Meanwhile, Wyatt is the happily married friend of the group that always has sound advice, and Sherm is a genius who likes to explore his options when it comes to dating. Anthony is a vegan who works as an accountant and is living with Sherm as his roommate. Last but not least, Fay is the newest addition to the gang. She is divorced and works at the wine bar where the buddies spend time together.

Celebrating Small Victories

At its heart, Grand Crew is a celebration of small victories that we often tend to ignore in our adult lives. The friends in the show face a series of obstacles when it comes to their professional and personal lives, though the hilarious jokes and heartrending moments really drive home the importance of healthy friendships – particularly as you grow older.

The Cast of Grand Crew

The main cast of the sitcom is listed below.

  • Echo Kellum as Noah Koles
  • Nicole Byer as Nicky Koles
  • Justin Cunningham as Wyatt Fields
  • Aaron Jennings as Anthony Holmes
  • Carl Tart as Sherm Jones
  • Grasie Mercedes as Fay

Echo is leading the cast as Noah. He is best known for Mr. Terrefic in Arrow. Aside from acting, he has voiced characters in Rick and Morty and Solar Opposite. Echo is joined by Nicole, best known for Woke, Carl from the superhit series Superstore.

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Wrap Up

Grand Crew is the perfect sitcom for those seeking something light and fun to watch at the end of a hectic day. The brilliant cast and their funny moments will surely keep you glued to your television screens. So, check out the show’s second season as it airs on NBC this March.

The best way to watch Grand Crew season 2 from Canada is on NBC with an ExpressVPN account. We have tested it before, and it worked perfectly. Therefore we highly recommend it to all our readers.

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