Where to watch Girl in the Box in New Zealand| watch it on Paramount+

Where to watch Girl in the Box

Based on an utterly horrifying story that shocked the world with its gory details, Girl in the Box is an upcoming true-crime documentary that takes the word terrifying to a whole new level. The movie, which has been deemed “disturbing” by many viewers, explores the ordeal of Colleen J. Stan – a woman who was kidnapped while hitchhiking and spent years trapped in a wooden coffin-sized box for 23 hours a day.

Written and directed by Stephen Kemp, the movie was released on September 10, 2016. However, it is finally heading to Paramount+ on September 19, 2022, and if you are wondering where to watch Girl in the Box in New Zealand, then read this guide to the end.

Where to watch Girl in the Box in New Zealand| watch it on Paramount+

Stephen Kemps’ Girl in the Box is heading to Paramount Plus in the United States. If you reside in New Zealand and want to stream Girl in the Box, you need a workable VPN because Paramount is still unavailable in New Zealand. Follow these steps to watch Girl in the Box in New Zealand:

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  4. Now open Paramountplus.com on your browser or in the app
  5. Search Girl in the Box on Paramount+ from New Zealand
  6. Enjoy
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How to get a Paramount Plus subscription from New Zealand?

Paramount Plus is expanding its reach and is now available outside the US in several countries. If you can’t find Paramount’s availability in New Zealand, then follow these steps:

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  7. Now sign in/ sign up on Paramountplus.com but don’t choose a package
  8. Enter your details, name, and email address. Use 90210 (California) or google another zip code for zipping because Paramount+ does not verify your location via Zip code. 
  9. Redeem your Paramount+ gift code here by entering the PIN code you received via email
  10. Now you have a Paramount+ account in New Zealand, so enjoy

Girl in the Box- Trailer

The official YouTube channel of Paramount+ is yet to release a trailer for Girl in the Box – the latest addition to its streaming library.

Girl in the Box- Story|Plot

Girl in the Box retells the real-life story of Colleen Stan, who was kidnapped in 1977 at the age of 22 while hitchhiking from her hometown in Oregon to a friend’s place in Northern California. She was a seasoned hitchhiker who only agreed to get in the van driven by Cameron Hooker because he was traveling with his wife, Janice, and a baby. 

However, her life took a turn for the worst when the couple kidnapped her and moved her to their home, where Cameron sexually abused and tortured her. Colleen was even forced to sign a slavery contract to stay alive. She had also been manipulated into believing that a larger organization was watching her every move and would kill her family if she ever tried to escape.

Moreover, the assailant kept her in a coffin-sized box for almost the entire day. The contraption was placed under the waterbed used by him and his wife. The unimaginable torment lasted for seven years before Colleen managed a dramatic escape. Although several movies and television shows have covered this tragic story in one way or another, the portrayal of Colleen’s trauma in Girl in the Box has gained critical acclaim. 

The bone-chilling movie features the acting talents of Addison Timlin, Zane Holtz, and Zelda Williams.

Girl in the Box- Release and Reception

Girl in the Box has a rating of 6.2/10 on IMDb based on 1.9k user reviews. It also has an audience approval score of 55% on Rotten Tomatoes.

What else can you watch on Paramount with a VPN?

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Wrap Up

If you are into the horror genre and love watching movies with a thrilling touch, then Girl in the Box is for you. Watch Girl in the Box on Paramount Plus from New Zealand with ExpressVPN. We have tested ExpressVPN with Paramount Plus, Hulu, HBO Max, and several restricted streaming services, and it worked.

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