Is Fury on Netflix in 2023| How to watch Fury (2014) on Netflix in the United States

How to watch Fury on Netflix

If you love watching War movies, Fury should be on your list. Bradpitt’s Fury tells the story of the courage of five soldiers fighting for their lives in enemy territory.

If you are here to find out where to watch Fury online or if Fury is on Netflix or not, read this guide to the last.

Is Fury on Netflix in 2023?

Fury is now available on Netflix, but the movie is only streaming in limited countries. If you reside in the United States, you won’t find Fury on Netflix, and that is due to the copyrights.

However, with a workable VPN, you can easily change your IP address and access geo-restricted content online. We recommend ExrpessVPN watch Fury on Netflix from the United States.

How to watch Fury on Netflix| Quick Guide

Is Fury on Netflix in 2023?
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Looking to watch Fury on Netflix in the United States? Bad luck because Brad Pitt’s Fury is not available on American Netflix in 2023.

Get an ExpressVPN account to change your IP address and stream Fury on Netflix.

1- Get ExpressVPN for Netflix (12+3 month special deal with a 30day money-back guarantee)

2- Download the VPN app on your preferred device (ExpressVPN works on Android, iOS, Linux, and Windows)

3- Select the British IP address from the country list

4- Now open on your browser or in the app

5- Search Fury on Netflix

6- Enjoy the movie

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Watch Fury (2014) on Netflix from the United States (Detailed Explanation)

Fury is streaming on Netflix in the UK and Canada. Get an ExpressVPN account to change your IP address and watch Fury on Netflix from anywhere.

1- Get ExpressVPN for Netflix

Fury is now available in limited Netflix libraries. Get ExpressVPN to watch it on Netflix from anywhere in the world. ExpressVPN offers an amazing 3-month free special deal on their annual subscription plan with a 30-day money-back buy

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2- Download the ExpressVPN on your device

ExpressVPN offers applications for every device you use, like PC, Mobile, or Smart TV. The VPN service has dedicated apps for PS4 and Xbox.

You can secure five devices simultaneously with a single paid subscription.

3- Connect to a British IP address

Since Fury is available in the UK library of Netflix, you have to connect to a British server in the Express VPN app to stream Fury on Netflix.

Is Fury on Netflix in 2023?
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4- Enjoy the movie

After connecting to a UK IP address, you have to open Netflix and search for Fury on Netflix. You will see the movie “Fury (2014)” appearing in front of you like magic.

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Fury (2014) Netflix countries

Brad Pitt fans from around the world keep searching which country has Fury on Netflix or where to watch Fury on Netflix.

Our team of streaming experts has checked every Netflix library and found Fury in the following Netflix regions.

  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Colombia
  • France
  • Germany
  • UK
  • Others

Fury (2014) release date

Fury was released on October 17, 2014, in the United States and immediately became an instant hit. The movie was well received by the viewers and grossed $211 million worldwide.

The movie has a positive rating of 7.5/10 on IMDb and was nominated for several awards. It won the Editor of the Year at Hollywood Film Award. If you like watching war movies check out 1917, Saving Private Ryan, Dunkirk, and many more on Netflix.

Fury (2014) Trailer

What to expect from the movie| Fury synopsis

As the sun set over the desolate battlefield, a lone tank roared through the smoke and debris. Inside, five men huddled together, their faces smudged with dirt and sweat. They were the crew of the Fury, a tank that had seen more than its fair share of death and destruction.

Wardaddy, the commander, sat in the driver’s seat, his eyes fixed on the horizon. His hands were steady, his face grim. He knew what lay ahead, and he knew that his men were counting on him to lead them through it.

Behind him, Boyd, Grady, Trini, and Gordo sat in silence, their minds racing with thoughts of home and the loved ones they had left behind. They had been through hell together, and they knew that the only way to survive was to rely on each other.

As they approached their target, Wardaddy barked out orders, and the crew sprang into action. The sound of gunfire and explosions filled the air as they fought their way through the enemy lines. They were outnumbered and outgunned, but they refused to give up.

For hours, they battled on, their tanks and bodies battered and bruised. But they pressed on, driven by a fierce determination to see the mission through.

Finally, as the sun began to rise, the Fury emerged victorious. The enemy was defeated, and the crew survived. They sat in their tank, exhausted but proud, their faces lit by the orange glow of the rising sun.

For them, the war was far from over, but at that moment, they knew that they had done something truly remarkable. They had fought for each other, and they had come out on top. And as they drove away from the battlefield, they knew that they would always be the Fury, the tank that had never given up, no matter what.

The cast of Fury

The cast of Fury is led by Brad Pitt. Pitt does not need an introduction, as we all know him for the iconic character of Tyler Durden in Fight Club. He has recently appeared in Bullet Train, and the movie became a blockbuster. He has also acted in movies like Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, 12 Monkeys, and Troy.

Joining Pitt is the Transformer guy “Shia LaBeouf”. Shia is best known for Transformer movies and has appeared in the latest Indian Jones part released in 2008. Fury cast is joined by the Ant-Man’s friend Michael Peña. He has also worked in movies like The Martian and Crash.

Joining the cast is Jon Bernthal, best known for his role in Wolf of Wall Street. He has also acted in tv shows like The Walking Dead and The Bear. Jim Parrack from The Suicide Squad is also on the cast list of the movie. The Fast 9 actor has acted in several hit movies & TV shows like Battle Los Angles, The Blacklist: Redemption, etc. The remaining cast members are listed below.

  • Logan Lerman as Norman “Machine” Ellison
  • Brad Henke as Sergeant Davis
  • Jim Parrack as Sergeant Binkowski
  • Xavier Samuel as Lieutenant Parker
  • Scott Eastwood as Sergeant Miles
  • Kevin Vance as Sergeant Peterson
  • Anamaria Marinca as Irma
  • Alicia von Rittberg as Emma

Can I watch Fury on Netflix with a free VPN?

We don’t recommend the use of a free VPN, but you can try it at your own risk. A free VPN does not guarantee complete only privacy and security and can leave you vulnerable to hackers and data breach activities.

Our team has tried several free VPNs to watch Fury on Netflix from the US, and they were unable to provide fast streaming speed. We often face the Netflix Proxy Error along with frequent disconnections.

Therefore it is highly advised to invest in a premium VPN like ExpressVPN and enjoy watching movies and tv shows, regionally unavailable in your country. You can create a watch party and watch your favorite movies with your friends and family by watching Netflix on Discord.

What else can you watch on Netflix?

Netflix has some of the best tv shows and movies. The streaming giant is heavenly investing in Korean dramas these days. Here is a list of movies you should check out on Netflix.

Wrap Up

The topic of watching Fury on Netflix has been discussed in detail. You can watch the movie directly on Netflix if you are located in Canada or the UK. For American streamers, get an ExpressVPN subscription to change your IP address and watch Fury and other regionally restricted movies on Netflix.

We have tested ExpressVPN to watch Fury on Netflix in the United States, and it worked perfectly on our Smart TV. Therefore we highly recommend it to all our readers.

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