Where to watch Big Shot Season 2 in the Philippines| Watch it On Disney Plus

watch Big Shot Season 2 in the Philippines

The American sports tv show Big Shot was produced by David Edward and Brad Garrett for Disney+. On April 16, 2021,¬†season 1 was¬†aired. The show’s central character is Coach Marvyn, who receives a second chance when appointed as a coach at a famous private college after being dismissed from the NCAA.

On Wednesday, October 12, 2022, Big Shot season 2 will premiere on Disney+, and all ten episodes will be available for binge-watching on the same day. Ayo Davis, the head of the division, revealed the news of the second season at the Disney Branded Media event. If can not find Big Shot season 2 on Disney Plus then get a workable VPN and watch it from anywhere.

How to watch Big Shot Season 2 in the Philippines| On Disney Plus

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Big Shot Season 2- Trailer

Big Shot Season 2- Plot

Marvyn Korn gets transferred to the college¬†girl‚Äôs basketball team¬†after getting¬†expelled from the NCAA Men’s Basketball team due to his inappropriate behavior. Marvyn attempts to redeem himself as a coach, but it makes him feel depressed. On the very first day, he discovers that it would not be a simple situation. By letting go of the team’s star player Louise Gruzunisky, Marvyn upsets certain people. To use Destiny’s fullest ability on the court, he fat-shames her into losing a few pounds.

His deputy coach, Holly, invites him for a drink to get to know him better. She is someone Marvyn can relate to. They discover that their lives are remarkably similar, particularly in bad marriages. Marvyn acknowledges that basketball is the only thing that affects him emotionally. On the other hand, Holly understands that her dishonesty caused her marriage to end.

Principal Sherilyn and Marvyn have an unstable connection because she is forthright and knows when to end the conversation. He starts poorly with the players and the faculty but gradually improves his reputation by guiding the squad to a winning streak.

In his private life, Marvyn finds it difficult to make peace with his daughter, who is currently residing with her mother but is ready to move in with him. Marvyn does not meet her emotional requirements. She realizes her dad is obsessed with basketball and game plans as she moves in with him.

Every character discovers how to cope with their issues around the end of season 1. Marvyn recognizes that Basketball cannot be his obsession anymore. Emma passes an assessment for a play. Marvyn gains the ability to manage his professional and personal life. Due to the squad’s support, he can catch the interest of UCSB, who wants to appoint him as their next coach.

Big Shot Season 2- Cast

  • John Stamos as Marvyn Korn
  • Jessalyn Gilsig as Holly Barrett
  • Richard Robichaux as George Pappas
  • Sophia Mitri Schloss as Emma Korn
  • Nell Verlaque as Louise Gruzinsky
  • Tiana Le as Destiny Winters
  • Monique Green as Olive Cooper
  • Tisha Eve Custodio as Carolyn “Mouse” Smith
  • Cricket Wampler as Samantha¬†
  • Yvette Nicole Brown as Sherilyn Thomas

Big Shot Season 2- Release Date

The second season of Big Shot is set to premiere on Disney Plus on October 12, 2022.

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Wrap Up

The second season of Big Shot is heading to Disney Plus in the US, Canada, and other regions. If you are in a country where Disney Plus is unavailable, get ExpressVPN and unblock it.

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