Is Karakuri Circus on Netflix| How to watch Karakuri Circus (2018) in the United States on Netflix in 2023?

Karakuri Circus Netflix

Attention, anime fans! I just have to vent about this crazy new show called Karakuri Circus. Karakuri Circus is a 2018 anime television series based on the manga of the same name by Kazuhiro Fujita. 

The series follows Masaru Saiga, a young boy who receives a vast fortune after his father’s death. However, Masaru is also the target of assassins trying to kill him and claim his inheritance.

If you want to watch Karakuri Circus on Netflix from anywhere around the world, then go through this entire blog.

Is Karakuri Circus on Netflix?

Karakuri Circus is available on Netflix but only in Japan. If you reside in the United States or Canada, then you won’t find it in your Netflix library, and that is due to copyright issues.

However, you can watch Karakuri Circus on Netflix from anywhere with a reliable VPN.

How to watch Karakuri Circus on Netflix in 2023?

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Karakuri Circus – Netflix Countries

Karakuri Circus is a visually stunning anime with a complex and engaging story that engages anime fans, making them curious about where to watch the series online.

Our team of experts has checked several Netflix libraries and found the anime in the Netflix library of Japan only.

Karakuri Circus – Release Date

Karakuri Circus is a Japanese anime series that aired from October 2018 to June 2019 and received an average of Around 1.5% rating in Japan.

With an IMDb score of 7.1/10, the series also got nominated for several awards, including the Kodansha Manga Award and the Seiun Award.

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Karakuri Circus – Trailer

Karakuri Circus – What to Expect from the Anime?

Karakuri Circus centers on Masaru Saiga, a teenager who inherits a mysterious power after his father’s murder. Masaru gains the ability to detect killer puppets known as Karakuri through a heightened sense of smell. The evil Karakuri Circus organization creates these puppet assassins to remove anyone opposing their plans for world domination.

The Puppet Hunters

After his father’s research lab is destroyed, Masaru is taken in by a traveling circus group led by the acrobat Shirogane. He soon learns this circus troupe consists of warriors battling against the Karakuri. Each member has a tragic past connected to the evil puppets.

Narumi’s Hitman Obsession

As Masaru joins the circus to train his new powers, he’s pursued by Narumi Kato, a skilled Karakuri Circus hitman. Narumi once had a promising future in the regular circus before becoming entangled in the organization’s web. He develops an obsession with defeating Masaru.

A Boy’s Journey to the Truth

Masaru also gains an ally in Automata, a female Karakuri developed by his father to have emotions. Together, they continue researching his father’s work to reveal more about the Karakuri Circus and its shadowy leader, Alex.

A Journey to a Better Future

The series follows Masaru and the circus warriors traveling worldwide to recruit allies and prevent Karakuri attacks while uncovering dark secrets from the past. Romance also blooms between Masaru and the magician Lucy.

A Clash of Circuses

After many battles, the two warring circus troupes finally clash in Alexandria in a stunt-filled finale. Masaru learns the tragic origin of the Karakuri Circus and defeats Alex in an epic acrobatic showdown on a massive circus stage.

The Cast of Karakuri Circus

The action-packed anime Karakuri Circus debuted in 2018 and followed a circus troupe battling evil puppets. Below are the main cast characters of the series:

  • In the lead role of Masaru Saiga was voice actress Marina Inoue. She’s known for other anime like My Hero Academia, Noragami, and Yona of the Dawn. Inoue has voiced characters in popular video game franchises like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts.
  • The voice of Narumi Kato, Masaru’s puppeteer rival, was Yoshimasa Hosoya. The prolific voice actor has played prominent roles in shows like Drifters, Demon Slayer, and Attack on Titan. Western fans may recognize him as Reiner from Attack on Titan.
  • Providing the leading lady’s voice, Lucy was veteran actress Shizuka Itou. She’s voiced characters in Hokuto no Ken, Ghost in the Shell, and the long-running detective anime Case Closed. Itou also sings character songs for many anime.
  • Kappei Yamaguchi, the distinctive voice behind Usopp in One Piece, portrayed the quirky puppet Apple. His prolific résumé includes significant roles in Ranma 1⁄2, Death Note, and Naruto.

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What else can you watch on Netflix?

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Karakuri Circus – FAQs 

If you’re a fan of action anime, then Karakuri Circus is the perfect one for you. The plot of this anime can keep you devoted to it. However, the puppets in Karakuri Circus are unique and quite scary. 

Karakuri Cirus has 3 seasons with 36 episodes in total.

Harlequin is considered the strongest character in Karakuri Circus.

Karakuri Circus is not available on Hulu, but don’t be disappointed. Viewers can watch this highly captivating anime series on Netflix by using ExpressVPN. It’ll change their IP address to a Japanese one, which will allow viewers to access Japanese Netflix and watch Karakuri Circus from the US without any restrictions. 

Netflix has not released any official statement about Karakuri Circus while writing the blog, so we are unsure when the anime series will be available for viewers in the US. 

However, if you can’t wait anymore and want to watch it as soon as possible, then just utilize ExpressVPN to connect with the Japanese server. This will make you able to access Karakuri Circus on Netflix in the US without any restrictions. 

Wrap Up

Karakuri Circus is a well-made and enjoyable anime. It is a must-watch for fans of action, adventure, drama, mystery, and horror.

We have tested ExpressVPN to change our Netflix regions, and it worked perfectly. Therefore, we highly recommend it to all our readers.

Written by Jessica Lynch

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