Is Naruto on Netflix UK in 2023| How to watch Naruto on Netflix from the UK & Australia

Naruto Netflix UK

Naruto is a story about Naruto Uzumaki, a naughty young ninja who dreams of becoming the Hokage, the village’s leader and most formidable ninja. Masashi Kishimoto illustrated and wrote this Japanese manga series.

Naruto is on Netflix, but the Japanese anime series is streaming in a limited number of countries. Read on if you are here to find out how to watch Naruto on Netflix.

Is Naruto on Netflix UK in 2023?

Yes, Naruto 2023 is available on Netflix, but the anime series is available in limited countries and regions due to copyrights and distribution rights. But that does not mean you can not stream Naruto on Netflix from UK & Australia.

We have prepared a quick guide to watching Naruto on British & Australian Netflix. You will need a VPN to switch your IP address and stream nine seasons of Naruto on Netflix.

How to Watch Naruto on Netflix from the United Kingdom & Australia

Naruto on Netflix UK
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Naruto is streaming on Netflix but in a limited number of countries. If you reside in the United States, you can easily stream naruto on Netflix. But if you are somewhere in the United Kingdom or Australia. The title won’t appear on your screen, and you will probably get the message “The title is not available in your region.”

But we have a solution for this problem, a VPN. A VPN can help you in unblocking the full potential of Netflix and stream Naruto on Netflix in the UK and Australia. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Get Express VPN for Netflix (12+3 month free special deal)
  2. Install it on your device of choice
  3. Select an American IP address from the list
  4. Open Netflix on your Mobile/TV/PC
  5. Now search Naruto on Netflix from the UK
  6. Enjoy the anime

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The second part Naruto: Shippuden, which was directed by Hayato Date, is a follow-up to the original Naruto anime. Its debut was in Japan on February 15, 2007, and on March 23, 2017. One of the great news for the viewers was when TV Tokyo began broadcasting new episodes via internet streaming to monthly subscribers on January 8, 2009.

The third installment of Naruto is also streaming on Netflix, but the name of Boruto: Naruto Next Generation.

Naruto Netflix – Countries

Naruto fans from the United Kingdom and Australia keep asking and searching where to watch Naruto on Netflix, from the UK, or which country has Naruto on Netflix.

Our team of experts has checked several Netflix libraries for the anime series and found it in the below-mentioned regions.

  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Japan
  • USA

Where to watch Naruto in Australia?

Naruto is only available on Funimation Now in Australia. Two seasons of the anime series are available on Google Play Store.

The best way to watch Naruto on Netflix from Australia is with an ExpressVPN account subscription which will cost you around $6.67/m with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Is Naruto available on British Netflix?

Sadly, Naruto was removed from British Netflix in 2022. In 2023 you only have the option to watch Naruto on Funimation Now in the UK, but the user interface will ruin your streaming experience. Therefore it is highly advised to invest in a premium VPN to change your IP address and Netflix region and watch Naruto on Netflix from the UK.

How to Watch Naruto for Free in the UK or from anywhere in the world in 2023

Watch Naruto free
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If you don’t have an active Netflix account at the moment, don’t worry. We have a trick to satisfy your stream quench. Naruto is streaming on Peacock TV for Free but only in the US. Since Peacock TV is restricted to the US only, you would need a VPN to stream Naruto on Peacock. Just follow these steps.

  1. Get Express VPN for Peacock (12+3 month free special deal)
  2. Download the app on your PC/Mobile
  3. Select a US IP address from the country list
  4. Open Peacock on your browser 
  5. Search Naruto on Peacock and enjoy the anime.
  6. Enjoy

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How to get a Peacock account in the UK or Outside the US

Peacock TV is geo-restricted for US streamers only, but a VPN will help you in unblocking it from anywhere in the world. Just follow these steps to get Peacock in the UK

  1. Get ExpressVPN for Peacock ($6.67/mo with 12+3 months free special deal)
  2. Download the VPN app on your device of choice (Mobile, Smart TV, or Tablet)
  3. Connect a US server from the list (USA – San Francisco)
  4. Open on your PC, Moblie or Smart TV
  5. Click Sign In on the top right corner
  6. It will take you to the sign-in screen, it will ask, “New to Peacock? Join for Free”
  7. Click join for free
  8. Enter your details; email address, name, password, and zip code (any US zip code will work, Peacock does not verify)
  9. Done, your account is created, and now you can stream Naruto in the UK on Peacock.

Naruto (2002) – Trailer

What to expect from the Naruto anime series

Naruto opens with our titular ninja-to-be going around Konohagakure, causing trouble and leaving chaos in his wake. 

Illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto, the story follows Naruto Uzumaki, who dreams of becoming the strongest ninja in his village and becoming the Hokage, the leader of his Village.

The series begins with Naruto graduating from the Ninja Academy, where he has been more adept at landing into trouble than at the ninja skills. 

His behavior is nothing but a reaction to the isolation he has been subjected to by the villagers because he has the Nine-Tailed Fox Demon sealed in him. It is the same Tailed Beast that had attacked the village and was sealed inside him at birth.

As Naruto begins his journey as a ninja, he is teamed up with two other graduates, Sakura Haruno, and Sasuke Uchiha, under the guidance of their teacher, Kakashi Hatake. This is the origin of the legendary Team 7. 

Their first mission is going up against Zabuza and Haku in the Land of Waves arc. It’s almost impossible not to be a crying mess at the end of this arc. 

Really sets the tone for the rest of the anime. 

However, Naruto’s past and the Nine-Tailed Fox within him prove to be a constant obstacle to his goals. 

As the story progresses, Naruto learns more about his past, his abilities, and the world of ninjas. 

He perfects his “talk no-Jutsu.” Don’t underestimate the power of this ultimate jutsu.

Then there is the second arc, widely considered one of the best in the anime, the Chunin Exams arc. The Chunin exams are basically in the format of a tournament where ninjas from different villages compete to advance their rank from Genin to Chunin. 

The exams don’t exactly go as planned. Naruto encounters Orochimaru, a dangerous rogue ninja who seeks to destroy the Hidden Leaf Village. 

Naruto has to team up and try to defeat the first of the many super-powerful villains in the anime.

The Chunin Exams arc ends, and the Konoha Crush arc begins. Orochimaru’s all-out assault on the Leaf Village features an outstanding duel between the Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, and Orochimaru. Spoiler alert: the first two Hokage also make an appearance.

Then we have The Search for Tsunade arc, in which we see Jiraiya training Naruto for the first time, as well as the first interaction between Sasuke and Itachi. 

One thing that forms the central theme of the series is Naruto’s bond with his teammates, especially with Sasuke, who becomes his sworn rival and eventually his enemy. 

This takes the front seat in the Sasuke Recovery Mission arc. Naruto and Sasuke have a fight, but the fight gets stopped by Kakashi and ends in a stalemate. Until Sasuke sees something that proves to him that Naruto is stronger than him. 

Enraged, he takes up Orochimaru’s offer to make him more powerful than Naruto and Itachi and decides to leave the village.

In the final arc of the series, Naruto, along with four of his most trusted friends, must face off against the Sound Village Four, who try to transport Sasuke safely to Orochimaru. 

The last canon arc of the series ends in an all-out battle between Naruto and Sasuke, in which we see their Rasengan and Chidori amplified by Naruto’s Tailed Beast Chakra and Sasuke’s curse mark.

With its compelling characters, epic battles, and heartfelt themes, Naruto has become one of the most beloved anime and manga series of all time.

The best part is that this isn’t even the end; the series picks up after a time skip of two and a half years in Naruto: Shippuden.

Naruto – Awards & Ratings

The show has been nominated for several awards. It received the Indonesia KCA award for its favorite cartoon show. Also, the series was ranked as the 38th best animated season on IGN’s top 100, making it one of the show’s most significant achievements. However, the telecast was criticized for having too many fighting scenes. The series even has an IMDb rating of eight out of 10 and an authentic rating of 8.3 on

On its series’ website, Viz began streaming English-subtitled episodes on January 2, 2009. Manga Entertainment licensed the series and released the first DVD collection on June 14, 2010. Moreover, the series was adapted into eleven theatrical films and twelve original video animations. Those who haven’t watched it yet, watch it; you will love it.

Frequently Asked Questions to Watch Naruto on Netflix

1- How many seasons of Naruto 2002 are on Netflix?

Total 9 seasons of Naruto 2002 are streaming on Netflix.

2- Where to watch Naruto in the UK?

You can stream Naruto on Netflix with a VPN from the UK and Australia.

3- How many episodes of Naruto are there?

There are 135 episodes of Naruto 2002 on Netflix. 

4- Why 9 seasons of Naruto are on Netflix instead of 5?

Netflix has divided the series into episodes, which made the 5 season series into 9 seasons grand series.

5- Is there a 10th season of Naruto on Netflix?

No, there 9th season of Naruto is the last one on Netflix.

6- How many episodes are in the 9th season of Naruto?

The ninth season contains 8 episodes, which complete the story of Naruto.

7- Are there any other series like Naruto on Netflix?

Netflix is loaded with a number of Japanese anime series like; Death NoteNaruto ShippuddenRick and MortyIs it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeonFullmetal AlchemistYuri on IceThe Disastrous Life of Saiki K, and others.

8- What episodes in Naruto are fillers | Naruto filler episodes

Here is a list of filler episodes in Naruto:

  • Naruto 26
  • Naruto 97
  • Naruto 101–106
  • Naruto 136–219

9- How to watch Naruto without filler episodes?

Here is the guide to watching Naruto without filler

  • Watch episodes 1-25
  • Skip 26
  • Pick up at 27-96
  • Skip 97
  • Pick up at 98-100
  • Skip at 101-106
  • Pick up at 107-135
  • Drop or Skip at 135-219

Can I watch Naruto on Netflix with a free VPN?

The short answer is no.

Our team of experts has tested dozens of free VPNs, and none of them provided the streaming experience one expects. We were bombarded with ads and frequent disconnections, which destroyed the streaming experience.

Not only that, but we also faced the infamous Netflix Proxy Error several times, along with slow streaming speed. Therefore it is highly advised to invest in a premium VPN like ExpressVPN and watch Naruto on Netflix from anywhere in the world.

You can also create a watch party and watch movies and tv shows by sharing the Netflix screen on Discord.

Wrap Up

If you are into the anime genre, this series will take you to a height of enjoyment you will never forget. You can stream Naruto on Netflix UK with a VPN. If you don’t have a Netflix subscription watch Naruto on Funimation or Peacock for free.

Written by Mickel Clark

Mickel is a streaming aficionado who loves nothing more than to pen down his thoughts about the movies, anime and TV shows he has watched and likes sharing hacks on how to stream them online.