How to get an use Discord on Xbox in 2024 (Tested in 2024)

Is Discord on Xbox?

Installing Discord on your Xbox will improve your gaming experience but don’t get your hopes too high. This new integration means you won’t need any hacks or Xbox party chat to interact with your friends who are gaming on their PCs.

Discord thrived in the pandemic, increasing its monthly users to 100 million by July 2020. This newest update will bring a new era for Discord, as before its integration with Xbox, it was mainly utilized by PC players.

It’s pretty simple to hit up your friends while playing on the same console, which may save you a lot of time. Just like we taught you how to stream Discord on PS4, let’s go over how to get the app, configure it, and call your friends. 

Is Discord on Xbox in 2024?

It’s important to remember that the Xbox doesn’t have a dedicated Discord app. It functions more like an add-on because it doesn’t let Xbox users access all Discord capabilities.

The Discord voice channels on Xbox don’t support any functionality commonly seen in Xbox party chat; because of this, the integration comes off as a rather basic arrangement.

Another aspect it lacks is that switching your friends from one voice chat to another is quite complicated. Basically, if you are friends on Discord and are speaking with someone in Discord voice chat on Xbox, but you want to switch to Xbox party chat, unless you’re friends on Xbox too, you can’t bring them along. Xbox party chat is still restricted to communication with Xbox buddies.

To make matters worse, the Xbox console doesn’t let you move between Discord voice channels. So you’ll have to switch to your preferred voice channel and then go through the process of transferring audio from Discord to Xbox all over again. As if that wasn’t bad enough, you can’t even access the Discord text channels on the console.

Also, the Discord voice chat will not be streamed to your viewers if you intend to stream your Xbox games. Viewers can see the Discord overlay, but they’ll be unable to hear other party members talking. 

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Can You Get Discord On Xbox?

To smoothly integrate Xbox and Discord, you need to make sure that the following things are in order:

  • Discord integration is only available on Xbox Series X and S and Xbox One consoles. It’s unsupported on the older consoles.
  • You should install the latest updates for the Discord app and your Xbox console.
  • Ensure you have installed the Xbox app and the Discord app.
  • If you’re planning on linking Discord to your Xbox account using the desktop app, then make sure you have downloaded the latest version of the Discord desktop app.
  • Make sure you are signed in with a valid account on both platforms. This is essential since you will need a separate Discord application, either operating on your phone or PC, via which calls will be diverted.

You can easily create a watch party and stream games or watch Netflix on Discord via Xbox.

How to Get Discord on Xbox in 2024

You can easily get Discord on Xbox by linking your accounts. Below are the two methods to get and install Discord on Xbox.

1- Link Through Xbox App

Before we tell you more about how to get Discord on Xbox, you’ll have to link your Xbox and Discord accounts. The procedure is quite basic, and the only requirement is to have the Xbox and Discord apps downloaded on your phone.

  • Open the Xbox app on your phone. 
  • In the bottom right corner, click on the “Profile” icon.
  • In the top right corner of the “Profile” section, click the gear icon to open “Settings.”
  • Click on the “Linked accounts” button in “Settings.”
  • In the menu that opens, click on “Link” next to the Discord option.
  • In the pop-up, click “Continue” to proceed to Discord’s login page.
  • Once you log into your Discord account, a prompt will request permission to let the Xbox app access your profile information. Click on “Authorize.”
  • After that, you will be redirected to the Xbox app and prompted to open the Discord app. 
  • Read on to understand how to transfer your voice call from the Discord app to Xbox.

2- Link Through Discord App

Similarly, you can link your Discord account to your Xbox profile through the Discord app.

  • Open the Discord app on your phone. 
  • Tap the “Face” icon on the bottom of the screen to go to your profile
  • Click on the “Connections” option on the “Profile” page.
  • Click on the “Add” option in the top right of the “Connections” page. 
  • In the list that appears, click on the “Xbox” option.
  • Click “Continue” in the prompt to be redirected to Xbox’s login page. 
  • Once you log in to Xbox, click “Authorize and Continue.”
  • Once this is done, a prompt will remind you to install the Xbox mobile app.

After connecting, watch HBO Max on Discord via Xbox or stream games with your friends.

How to Use Discord on Xbox 

1- Transfer Voice Calls from Discord Mobile App to Xbox

You’re almost there if you’ve linked your Discord and Xbox accounts. You have to follow a few more steps before you can quickly transfer Discord calls to your Xbox. Here’s how to do it:

  • You must first join a voice channel on a server. Open your ongoing Discord call. Swipe up the call options panel at the bottom of the call window.
  • Click the “Transfer to Xbox” option in the options that appear. The option will only appear if you’ve successfully integrated Xbox.
  • You will be taken to the Xbox app, and a prompt will appear. Click on “Transfer Voice.”
  • On your console, press the Xbox button. You can view your Discord call in action by scrolling to the parties and chat window.
  • The overlay includes all standard Discord controls, including Mute, Deafen, and audio settings, available on your desktop or mobile app. 

2- Transfer Voice Calls from Discord Desktop App to Xbox

We have already discussed transferring your call from your Discord app to your Xbox console using your phone. Let’s see how you can transfer your call between Discord and Xbox if you’re using a PC. Although much of the process is the same, some slight differences exist. Here is how it works:

  • Join a voice channel on your preferred server. Navigate to the Discord voice call’s active window. In the bottom left corner, click on the icon showing a “mobile device with a controller.” Click on the “Transfer Voice to Xbox” option in the pop-up menu that opens.
  • A QR code will appear, which you can scan using Google Lens or Apple Live Text. 
  • You will then be redirected to the Xbox app.
  • The Xbox app will display a screen allowing you to move the voice call to your console. Click on the “Transfer voice” option. 

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How to watch Xbox on Discord from the United States?

Streaming in the United States can sometimes differ from the practices in other parts of the world due to specific laws and restrictions that may affect Xbox streaming on Discord. Nevertheless, we have managed to share our Netflix screen on Discord and watch numerous movies and TV shows.

For absolute anonymity, it is advisable to use a dependable VPN capable of altering your IP address. We highly recommend subscribing to ExpressVPN to change your IP address, allowing you to safely stream Xbox on Discord without facing complications such as black screens or other online threats.

Here’s a guide to securely streaming Xbox on Discord within the United States:

1- Sign up for a reliable VPN for secure streaming (We highly recommend ExpressVPN and NordVPN after testing)

2- Download the VPN application on your preferred device. (Both ExpressVPN and NordVPN have dedicated apps for several devices like PC, Mac, and Android devices)

3- Select an American server from the country list (this step will mask your IP address)

4- Now turn on your Xbox

5- Open the Discord app on your Xbox

6- Follow the above-mentioned steps to stream Xbox on Discord

7- Enjoy

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Wrap Up

This was a comprehensive step-by-step guide to using Discord on Xbox. Until Microsoft comes up with a dedicated Discord app for the console, we’ll have to make do with this.

We have tested all the above-mentioned methods to get Discord on Xbox, and it worked for us. Therefore we have prepared this guide for all gamers and the streaming community.

Written by Mickel Clark

Mickel is a streaming aficionado who loves nothing more than to pen down his thoughts about the movies, anime and TV shows he has watched and likes sharing hacks on how to stream them online.