How to watch The Responder Season 2 in Australia for free on BBC

The Responder Season 2

Dr. Wattson (Martin Freeman as Chris Carson) is back in action fighting crime in the new season of The Responder. The first series was widely praised by viewers, attracting more than 9.6 million viewers in 28 days. The second season looks promising and will continue the story six months after the first series ends.

The series star cast is led by Martin Freeman as Chris Carson. He is joined by Adelayo Adedayo as Rachel Hargreaves and many others.

Here is everything you need to know about the series including its release date, cast, trailer, episodes, and where and how you can watch The Responder Season 2 in Australia for free.

How to watch The Responder Season 2 in Australia for free?

The Responder Season 2 will air on BBC One and stream on BBC iPayer in the UK. To watch the new Freeman series, you will need a VPN to access the BBC from abroad.

Here are the steps to watch The Responder Season 2 for free in Australia.

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Where to watch The Responder Season 2 in Australia for free?

There is no word on the Australian release date of BBC’s The Responder Season 2, but we believe it will stream on SBS On Demand in Australia, like its previous season. The series can also be released on Disney Plus in the UK.

SBS is a free streaming service in Australia, but it charges an on-demand fee for a series. We recommend using the VPN to watch The Responder Season 2 in Australia.

The Responder Season 2 release date

The Responder Season 2 is heading to BBC One in the UK and will air on Sunday, May 5, 2024, at 9 pm. The complete series will be released on BBC iPlayer on the same day.

The first season was nominated for six BAFTA Awards and has a 7.4/10 rating on IMDb.

The Responder Season 2 trailer

What to expect from the second season?

The first season concluded with Chris Carson intercepting cocaine from Casey and handing it over to Carl Sweeney’s widow to ensure her silence. He also advised Dr. Diane Gallagher, who was managing her brother’s drug operations while he was incarcerated, to misinform her superiors that the police had confiscated the drugs.

In the closing scenes, we saw the conflicted detective return home, promising his wife Kate (played by MyAnna Buring) a fresh start, before resuming his duties on patrol alongside his partner, Rachel Hargreaves (played by Adelayo Adedayo).

Season 2 will resume six months after the first season’s end, focusing on Chris trying to mend his life and relationships while coping with the ongoing stress of his role as a night response officer.

The upcoming season will further explore Chris’s intense feud with Ray Mullen, whose cunning plan to undermine Chris in the previous season disastrously failed, leading to the loss of his family and career.

When we last saw him, Ray was a mere shadow of his earlier self, and it remains uncertain whether his expression was one of true regret or a desire for vengeance.

The Responder Season 2 episodes

The second season of the series will have five episodes, which will air weekly. Here are more details on The Responder Season 2 episodes.

The Responder Season 2- Episode 1

Chris is working to reform his ways, but DCI Barnes manipulates him into a questionable car stop, pulling him into a drug conflict between two of Liverpool’s leading dealers.

The Responder Season 2- Episode 2

Chris and Rachel are indebted to Franny, and the only resolution is payment. Chris’s plan? Secure money from Jodie by collecting a bag of drugs from the docks.

The Responder Season 2- Episode 3

Chris needs a daytime job from Franny, so he agrees to locate a man named Vernon Hartley for Franny. However, he must persuade Vernon’s mother and grandmother to cooperate.

The Responder Season 2- Episode 4

Chris possesses Franny’s encrypted phone and is torn between giving it to the drug squad or returning it to Franny. As Chris hesitates, Franny relentlessly pursues him across the city.

The Responder Season 2- Episode 5

By accepting a new apartment from Franny, Chris becomes thoroughly corrupt. His first assignment is to deliver Casey. The question is, will Chris betray Casey to gain favor with his new boss?

The cast of BBC’s Responder Season 2

Here is the complete list of the cast members returning to the series.

  1. Martin Freeman as Chris Carson. Known for The Hobbit, Sherlock, and Fargo.
  2. MyAnna Buring as Kate Carson. Known for The Descent, Ripper Street, and Downton Abbey.
  3. Warren Brown as Raymond Mullen. Known for Luther, Good Cop, and X Company.
  4. Josh Finan as Marco. Known for Cobra, Save Me Too.
  5. Emily Fairn as Casey. Known for Clique, The Trial of Christine Keeler.
  6. Philip S McGuinness as Ian. Known for Doctors, No Offence.
  7. Faye McKeever as Jodie Sweeney. Known for Trollied, Little Boy Blue.
  8. Mark Womack as Barry. Known for Murphy’s Law, Emmerdale.
  9. Amaka Okafor as Deborah Barnes. Known for The Split, Luther.
  10. Adam Nagaitis as a new cast member. Known for The Terror, Chernobyl.
  11. Bernard Hill as a new cast member. Known for Wolf Hall, Lord of the Rings, and Titanic.
  12. Ian Puleston-Davies as a new cast member. Known for Tin Star, Pennyworth.
  13. Others

The Responder Season 2 in News

The official synopsis teased that the lead character is “trying to be a better police officer, a better man, and most importantly, a better father to his daughter Tilly.”

However, he “wants” and “needs” a day job, “but is he prepared to risk everything to get one?”

Wrap Up

The Responder was one of the most-watched series on BBC in 2022. The second season was highly anticipated, and so far, we have discussed its release date, cast, trailer, episodes, and where and how you can watch The Responder Season 2 in Australia.

We have personally tested ExpressVPN and NordVPN to access BBC iPayer from abroad and left a review so you can make an educated purchase decision to watch the series.


What channel is The Responder Season 2 on?

The Responder Season 2 will air exclusively on BBC One in the UK. There is no word on any Australian channel broadcasting the series.

What is the genre of The Responder Season 2?

The series is placed in the crime, drama, and thriller genre.

Is The Responder Season 2 releasing on Netflix or Prime?

No, it won’t. The series will stream exclusively on BBC iPlayer in the UK and might release on Disney+. We will update this review if The Responder Season 2 gets a Netflix or Prime release date.

Who is the director?

Jeanette Nordahl, Mounia Akl, and Charlotte Regan directed the series, which Tony Schumacher wrote.

Who is the producer?

Barrington Robinson is the series producer. Laurence Bowen, Chris Carey, Tony Schumacher, Toby Bruce, and Martin Freeman are the executive producers.

What is the filming location of The Responder Season 2?

The series is filmed in different locations in Liverpool.

What is the runtime of The Responder Season 2 episodes?

Every episode in the series will be 50 minutes long.

What else can you watch?

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