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watch Clique on Netflix

Clique is a Drama, Psychological Thriller TV miniseries released on the BBC for the first time on March 5, 2017. It is currently on two seasons, with six episodes in season one and six episodes in season two. With 12 episodes, the story has reached its completion, and the chances are it wouldn’t be renewed for another season. If you are here to find out how you can watch Clique on Netflix then read on.

The final episode of the second and last season aired on December 15, 2018. The show is created and co-written by Jess Brittain. Three to four directors directed it, but Robert McKillop directed most episodes.

Is Clique on Netflix?

The British thriller drama, Clique can be streamed on Netflix, but due to distribution and licensing agreements, the is exclusively available on Netflix within the United Kingdom. While viewers in the UK can enjoy this thrilling drama without any issues, it is currently regrettably inaccessible to individuals in all the regions outside of the UK, like the United States, Canada, and Australia. To bypass this geographic restriction, opting for a premium VPN service such as ExpressVPN provides an optimal solution, granting access to this captivating series on Netflix regardless of your location.

How to watch Clique on Netflix?

Clique is a British TV show comprising two seasons, both seasons of the show are available for streaming on Netflix but only in the United Kingdom. If you are located in the United Kingdom, then you can easily watch Clique on Netflix. If you are traveling or residing outside the UK, then follow these quick steps:

  1. Subscribe and take advantage of a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN (12 months of service plus an extra three months at just $6.67)
  2. Download and install the ExpressVPN application on your device.
  3. Choose a UK-based server from the available server list within the ExpressVPN app.
  4. After connecting to a British server, open the Netflix app or website.
  5. Search for Clique, and once you find the show, start streaming and enjoy the show.

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Watching Clique on Netflix | Detailed Explained

Clique, an enthralling British thriller drama, is currently available for streaming exclusively on Netflix in the United Kingdom. However, viewers outside the UK, such as those in Canada, Australia, or the United States, can access it using a premium VPN service. Follow these detailed step-by-step instructions:

1- Select a reputable premium VPN provider like ExpressVPN

After considering various options for VPN providers, we have picked our top recommendation, ExpressVPN. It offers an exceptional deal, including an additional three months for free with an annual plan purchase. They also provide a 30-day money-back guarantee for every subscription.

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2- Download the VPN app on your streaming device

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3- Connect to a server in the United Kingdom

To access Clique on Netflix, connect to a server located in the United Kingdom from the list provided by the ExpressVPN app. This will assign you a British IP address.

4- Begin streaming Clique on Netflix

Once you’ve successfully established a connection to a United Kingdom server and obtained a British IP address, launch Netflix on your browser or app. Search for Clique, and that’s it. You can now enjoy the show.

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Clique – Netflix countries

Enthusiastic viewers of captivating international TV series frequently inquire about the availability of Clique on Netflix in various countries. Through our comprehensive investigation, we have discovered that, at present, Clique can exclusively be streamed on Netflix in the United Kingdom only.

Clique – Release Date

The British thriller drama series, Clique first debuted on BBC Three on March 5, 2017, and ran for two seasons till airing its final episode on December 15, 2018. The show has received critical acclaim and positive reviews from fans and critics alike. Clique has an IMDb rating of 6.9/10 and a perfect 100% fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Clique – Official Trailer

Clique – What to Expect from the Show?

Clique mesmerizes audiences with its captivating storyline and thought-provoking themes, making it an enthralling British thriller drama. Written by Jess Brittain and first aired in 2017, this compelling series masterfully blends psychological suspense, drama, and mystery, resulting in an unforgettable viewing experience.

Compelling Narrative and Surprising Turns

Clique presents a captivating narrative that immediately immerses viewers in its world. The story revolves around childhood friends Holly McStay, brilliantly portrayed by Synnove Karlsen and Georgia Cunningham, brought to life by Aisling Franciosi. As Holly embarks on her first year at a prestigious university, she finds herself entangled in a group known as the “A-list clique.” The series takes audiences on a suspenseful journey filled with unexpected plot twists and dramatic revelations, keeping them on the edge of their seats and eager for what lies ahead.

Rich Characterization

Clique features a diverse cast of complex characters skillfully portrayed by talented actors, resulting in rich characterization that adds depth to the series. Synnove Karlsen delivers a remarkable performance as Holly McStay, depicting her as an intelligent and ambitious young woman whose unwavering loyalty to her best friend is tested as she navigates the enigmatic world of the clique. Aisling Franciosi infuses Georgia Cunningham with an intriguing enigma, captivating viewers with her charm and manipulative nature.

Power Dynamics and Complex Relationships

Clique is a show that explores power dynamics and the intricate dynamics of female relationships. The series delves into themes of loyalty, ambition, and the impact of social structures on personal identity. Through the lens of the A-list clique, Clique peels back the layers of privilege and examines the allure of power, shedding light on the consequences of obsession and blurring the boundaries between right and wrong. It provokes contemplation and fuels discussions about the choices individuals make when faced with the pressures of conformity and the innate desire to belong.

Tense Atmosphere and Stylish Visuals

Clique sets a palpable atmosphere that intensifies the overall viewing experience. The series artfully employs visual aesthetics, utilizing dark and visually striking cinematography that mirrors the secretive and often ominous nature of the storyline. The meticulously crafted production design and atmospheric soundtrack heighten the tension, fully immersing the audience in the gripping world of the show.

Relevance to Contemporary Society

Beyond its thrilling plot and compelling characters, Clique offers astute social commentary and resonates with contemporary issues. The series shines a light on the challenges faced by young people in today’s society, particularly within environments where power dynamics and manipulation prevail. It raises pertinent questions about the sacrifices made in the pursuit of success and examines the impact of toxic relationships on personal well-being. By delving into these themes, Clique prompts viewers to reflect on their own experiences and critically analyze prevailing norms.

The Cast of Clique

In the captivating British thriller drama series, Clique, a talented cast is seen breathing life into the complex characters, contributing to the show’s riveting plot. With their exceptional acting abilities, these actors have garnered acclaim and left an indelible impact on the television landscape. Let us dive deeper into this remarkable cast.

  • Synnove Karlsen as Holly McStay

Bringing intelligence and ambition to the screen, Synnove Karlsen captivates the audience with her compelling portrayal of Holly McStay. Besides her role in Clique, Karlsen has showcased her talent in other notable projects like Medici and The Midwich Cuckoos.

  • Aisling Franciosi as Georgia Cunningham

Aisling Franciosi delivers a mesmerizing performance as Georgia Cunningham, leaving a lasting impression with her enigmatic charm and manipulative nature. Franciosi’s talent extends beyond Clique, as she has graced movies like The Nightingale and The Unforgivable.

  • Sophia Brown as Louise Taggart

Sophia Brown adds depth to the series with her portrayal of the intriguing character Louise Taggart in Clique. Her remarkable talent has garnered recognition in other projects as well. Brown appeared alongside Anna Friel in the hit series Marcella and showcased her versatility in the compelling drama series Giri/Haji.

  • Rachel Hurd-Wood as Fay Brookstone

Rachel Hurd-Wood captivates audiences with her captivating performance as Fay Brookstone, contributing to the suspenseful atmosphere of Clique. Her acting prowess extends to other renowned projects. Hurd-Wood portrayed the iconic character Wendy Darling in the fantasy-adventure film Peter Pan and the Horror thriller film Dorian Gray.

Clique also features other supporting cast members:

  • Ella-Rae Smith as Phoebe Parker-Fox
  • Emma Appleton as Fay Brookstone
  • Louise Brealey as Jude McDermid
  • Emun Elliott as Alistair McDermid
  • Jack Bannon as James Buxton
  • Leo Suter as Jack Yorke
  • Barney Harris as Barney Bowen
  • Izuka Hoyle as Dani

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Is it possible to watch Clique using a free VPN?

After conducting extensive testing on various complimentary VPN services, our thorough analysis definitively establishes that none of the free VPN alternatives come close to delivering the exceptional streaming experience offered by top-tier VPN providers such as ExpressVPN.

Throughout our comprehensive evaluation process, we encountered the widely recognized and frustrating Netflix Proxy Error Code M:7037-1111 on numerous occasions, alongside frequent disruptions and disappointingly sluggish streaming speeds. Consequently, we strongly advise against relying on these free services and instead highly recommend opting for a secure premium VPN service like ExpressVPN if you desire a seamless streaming experience while enjoying Clique or any other content on Netflix.

Clique – FAQs

1- Is Clique a good show?

Clique captivates audiences with its mesmerizing storytelling, skillful execution, and captivating characters. The show immerses viewers in its thrilling storyline, skillfully delves into meaningful subjects, and boasts exceptional acting, making it a worthwhile viewing experience.

2- Will Clique have a third season?

As of May 2023, the hit British thriller drama series, Clique has not been canceled or renewed for a third season by BBC Three.

3- How does Clique end?

As Clique comes to its conclusion, the enthralling narrative builds towards its peak, unraveling concealed truths. Intensifying conflicts culminate in a riveting confrontation, forever changing the characters’ trajectories. The finale delivers a satisfying resolution while provoking contemplation and lingering uncertainties for the audience.

4- Who does Holly date in Clique?

In Clique, Holly has a romantic relationship with a captivating individual named Rory. Their connection exerts a substantial influence on the story of the show, profoundly impacting their individual existences and reshaping the intricate dynamics of the show.

5- Who attacks Rayna and Fraser?

Rayna and Fraser find themselves entangled in a dangerous accident where they are attacked by two men. Fraser gets beaten up while Rayna gets stripped of her clothes, and the words “no thanks” are written across her back with a marker pen.

6- What else can I watch on Netflix after Clique

Netflix is investing heavily in content development and acquisition, but the internet is plagued with geo-restrictions. Here is a list of movies and TV shows you can watch on Netflix after watching Clique:

Wrap Up

Clique is available on Netflix but only in the UK; if you are in the United States or Canada and want to watch Clique on Netflix, then follow our guide, get ExpressVPN, and watch it from the comfort of your home. We have tested ExpressVPN to unblock Netflix, and it worked every time; therefore, we highly recommend this VPN service to watch blocked movies and TV shows on Netflix.

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