How to watch Spy/Master 2023 in Australia for free on BBC


Spy/Master is a Max series that premiered in 2023 and was widely praised by viewers and critics. Set in the Cold War era, it tells the story of Happy Valley star Alec Secăreanu as Victor Godeanu, the right-hand man to the Romanian president.

Victor is the most trusted man to the president, but in reality, he is a Russian spy. He joined the US intelligence and had to avoid his own government and the Russian KGB. Here is everything you need to know about the Romanian series, including its release date, cast, trailer, episodes, and where and how you can watch Spy/Master in Australia.

How to watch Spy/Master in Australia for free?

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Where can I watch Spy/Master in Australia?

Spy/Master series is exclusively streaming on Max in the United States and is not available on any Australian streaming platform. We have checked Stan, Binge, and 9Now’s websites but couldn’t find it.

We were expecting it would be available on Stan like other HBO programs, but sadly, it’s not. Therefore, if you are looking to watch Spy/Master in Australia for free, get a VPN for $6.67/m and watch Spy/Master on BBC iPlayer.

Spy/Master release date

Spy/Master premiered on Max in the United States in May 2023 and became an instant hit. It was nominated for one award and has a 7.5/10 rating on IMDb.

The series is now coming to BBC 4 for UK consumers and will start airing on Saturday, May 4, 2024, at 9 pm. The six-part series will follow a double salte release with two episodes airing back to back on BBC4.

Spy/Master trailer

What is the series about?

Spy/Master follows a critical week in the life of Victor Godeanu, the chief advisor and confidant to Romanian President Nicolae Ceaușescu, portrayed by Claudiu Bleonț. As his government is on the brink of discovering that he’s a Soviet spy, Victor defects to the U.S. during a diplomatic mission in Germany.

His defection becomes major news in the U.S., and he receives aid from Ingrid Von Weizendorff (played by Svenja Jung), an undercover Stasi agent, and Frank Jackson (Parker Sawyers), a rising star in the CIA. However, Victor’s escape draws immediate pursuit from both Stasi and Romanian intelligence, putting his family’s safety in jeopardy back in Romania.

Spy/Master episodes

The series has six episode which will follow a double bill release on BBC. Here are more details on Spy/Master’s episodes.

Episode 1- The Hunting Party

Victor Godeanu, a high-ranking official in Nicolae Ceaușescu’s circle, faces increasing peril as the dictator’s paranoia intensifies and his rival, Mircea, gathers evidence against him.

Episode 2- The Survival Story

Mircea revealing damning evidence of Victor’s Soviet allegiance to Nicolae and his wife Elena. Meanwhile, Victor receives troubling information from his former lover Ingrid, who is dangerously close to uncovering his plans.

Episode 3- The Safe House

News of a missing diplomat spreads rapidly, prompting Frank to push the CIA into action.

Episode 4- The Trust Test

Frank relocating Victor to the safety of the U.S. embassy, while Mircea and Carmen attempt to sow doubt about Victor’s true intentions.

Episode 5- The Bomb Maker

Victor insists that the Americans deliver a message to Ileana and exploits Ingrid’s intelligence regarding an imminent bomb threat.

Episode 6- The Trojan Horse

The German police and CIA scrambling to thwart a second target, while Victor and Frank work together to neutralize the assailants.

The cast of Spy/Master

Here are the cast members you will see in the series.

  • Alec Secareanu as Victor. Known for God’s Own Country and Amulet.
  • Parker Sawyers as Frank Jackson. Notable for portraying Barack Obama in Southside with You.
  • Ana Ularu as Carmen. Recognized for her roles in Siberia and Emergence.
  • Svenja Jung as Ingrid. Known for her work in Nightlife and Tatort.
  • Laurentiu Bãnescu as Mircea. Notable for his roles in Beside Me and Aniversarea.
  • Aidan McArdle as Walter Simpson. Recognized for his work in The Duchess and Ella Enchanted.
  • Nico Mirallegro as John Miller. Known for his roles in My Mad Fat Diary and The Village.
  • Conor Lowson as Scott Dunlop.
  • Andreea Vasile as Adela Godeanu.
  • Alexandra Bob as Ileana Godeanu.
  • Claudiu Bleont as Nicolae Ceausescu.
  • Elvira Deatcu as Elena Ceausescu.
  • Others

Spy/Master in News

Sue Deeks, Head of BBC Programme Acquisition, says: “A classic spy drama set at the height of the Cold War, Spy/Master is an atmospheric, complex thriller, dripping with style and suspense.”

Wrap Up

If you are into thrillers and love watching Spy movies, this series is for you. So far, we have discussed everything related to the series, including its release date, cast, trailer, epidoes, and where and who to watch Spy/Master in Australia for free.

We have tested ExpresVPN and NordVPN to access BBC iPlayer from abroad and recommend you do the same to watch the Romanian series.


What channel is Spy/Master on?

The Spy/Master series will air exclusively on BBC4 in the UK and will be available for free streaming on BBC iPlayer. There is no word on Australian release of the series.

Is Spy/Master on Netflix or Prime?

We have checked several Netflix and Priem libraries and couldn’t find Spy/Master. We will update this blog if the series gets a Netflix or Prime release date.

What is the genre of Spy/Master?

Spy/Master is placed in the action, drama, and thriller genre.

Who is the director?

Christopher Smith is the director.

Who are the producers?

Ioannina Pavel is the producer. Johnathan Young, Anke Greifeneder, and Antony Root are the executive producers, and Viktória Petrányi and Tudor Reu are the co-producers.

Who is the writer?

The series was created and written by Adina Sădeanu and Kirsten Peters.

What is the filming location of Spy/Master?

The series was filmed in different locations in Romania and Hungary.

What is the runtime of Spy/Master episodes?

Every episode in the series is 50 minutes long.

What else can you watch?

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