How to watch The Betoota Advocate in New Zealand| Watch it on Paramount+

The Betoota Advocate in New Zealand

Stepping into the realm of news satire and parody can be a hilarious, occasionally baffling, and entirely delightful experience. Perhaps there is no better representative of this niche world than The Betoota Advocate, an Australian satirical news website that is as cutting-edge as it is controversial.

If you are here to find out where and how to watch The Betoota Advocate series in New Zealand, read this guide to the last.

How to watch The Betoota Advocate in New Zealand?

The Betoota Advocate is heading to Paramount Plus in the United States and Canada. Since Paramount is not available in New Zealand, you will need a reliable VPN to access Paramount and watch The Betoota Advocate from New Zealand.

Follow these steps to watch The Betoota Advocate from New Zealand.

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2- Download the VPN app on your preferred device

3- Select a US IP address from the country list

4- Now open on your browser or in the app

5- Search The Betoota Advocate on Paramount+ from New Zealand

6- Enjoy

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How to get a Paramount Plus subscription from New Zealand?

Paramount Plus is expanding its reach and is now available outside the US in several countries. If you can’t find Paramount’s availability in New Zealand, then follow these steps:

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  10. Now you have a Paramount+ account in New Zealand, so enjoy
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The Betoota Advocate release date

The Betoota Advocate is set to premiere on June 14, 2023, on Paramount Plus in the United States, UK, and Canada. There is no word on the global release date of the series. However, we expect to see the series on Neon TV in New Zealand.

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The Betoota Advocate trailer

Paramount has not released a trailer for The Betoota Advocate. We will update this blog once the trailer is released.

What to expect from The Betoota Advocate series?

Born in the Outback, The Betoota Advocate is a testament to the enduring appeal of satirical news and the power of humor to tackle sensitive and contentious issues. To the uninitiated, the publication might appear to be just another local news source. Yet, a closer look reveals a beautifully woven tapestry of satire, parody, and biting commentary that pokes fun at Australia’s socio-political landscape.

Humble Origins

The Betoota Advocate traces its roots back to 2014 when its founders, Clancy Overell and Errol Parker, began crafting clever satirical pieces under the guise of a resurrected outback newspaper. The publication takes its name from Betoota, a real but practically uninhabited Australian town, which lends an additional layer of irony to the publication’s persona.

The Satirical Spectrum

The Betoota Advocate traverses a wide spectrum of topics in its satirical stride, from politics to pop culture, sports, and even everyday Aussie life. The paper’s wit lies in its uncanny ability to mirror the tone and style of traditional news outlets while adding a layer of deadpan humor that takes readers by surprise.

But it’s not just the shock factor that’s won The Betoota Advocate a loyal following. The publication’s brand of humor is a refreshing take on the news that goes beyond just a laugh. It’s a light-hearted and sometimes piercing critique of society, presenting a funhouse mirror to the Australian public and prompting reflection on topics that are often sensitive or difficult to navigate.

Social Impact

As light-hearted as it might appear, The Betoota Advocate doesn’t shy away from controversial subjects. It frequently uses satire as a means of social commentary, subtly challenging societal norms and governmental decisions. Its unflinching approach to societal critique, coated with humor, has led to a massive digital following, with hundreds of thousands of likes on its Facebook page and a strong presence across other social media platforms.

Into The Media Landscape

The popularity of The Betoota Advocate has transcended the digital world and infiltrated traditional media. Overell and Parker have appeared on mainstream television programs, and their annual Betoota Advocate Roadshow has attracted a wide audience, proving that their satirical content has a broad appeal.

Conclusion: Long Live Satire

The Betoota Advocate, with its unique blend of humor and social commentary, has established itself as a significant player in the Australian media landscape. It serves as a reminder that satire remains a powerful tool to provoke thought, stimulate dialogue, and even bring about change.

By pushing the boundaries and defying the conventions of traditional news reporting, The Betoota Advocate has shown that the news can be as entertaining as it is informative. It stands as a monument to the enduring power of satire and a testament to the appeal of humor in an increasingly complex world.

Whether it’s providing a laugh, inciting a double-take, or sparking a heated debate, The Betoota Advocate has certainly made its mark, and Australian news will never be the same. Long live satire!

Can I Watch Paramount+ with a free VPN?

Our team discourages the usage of free VPN services. We have evaluated a range of free VPNs and discovered that none were up to the mark, frequently leading to sluggish streaming and intermittent service disruptions.

For this reason, we strongly suggest opting for a high-quality, paid VPN such as ExpressVPN to ensure seamless access to Paramount Plus from New Zealand and enjoy uninterrupted viewing of The Betoota Advocate.

You can also discontinue your Paramount Plus subscription whenever you wish.

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Wrap Up

Our team of streaming experts has checked all the possible ways to watch The Betoota Advocate in New Zealand, and we found watching it on Paramount+ is the best.

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