How To Watch Lopez vs Lopez Season 2 in Canada on Peacock

Lopez vs Lopez

The 2023-2024 TV season has ended in the most delightful way possible, as the Lopez family has returned with their hilarious dysfunctionalities in the second season of NBC’s hit sitcom.

Lopez vs Lopez features the sitcom legend George Lopez portraying a fictionalized version of himself who begins living with his distant daughter Mayan, interestingly played by his real-life daughter.

If you’re ready for another season of this chaotic father-daughter duo with a rollercoaster of emotions, read this blog to watch Lopez vs Lopez Season 2 in Canada.

How to watch Lopez vs Lopez Season 2 in Canada?

Lopez vs Lopez Season 2 airs on NBC in the USA, but there is an easy way to stream it online on Peacock in Canada. However, it is important to know that this OTT platform isn’t directly accessible outside American borders.

Well, how is it going to work then? The answer lies in using a reliable premium VPN, that can change your IP address, granting unrestricted access to your desired content from anywhere.

Check out the quick and easy steps below and watch Lopez vs Lopez Season 2 in Canada:

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Why do you need a VPN to watch Lopez vs Lopez Season 2 in Canada?

Using a VPN to watch Lopez vs Lopez Season 2 in Canada is a solution, but you must understand the problem as well. Much like almost every other streaming service in the world, Peacock is subject to geographic restrictions and content licensing policies.

These are legal agreements between a platform and the content owners to maintain the exclusivity of the titles by ensuring only users in specific countries or regions can access them.

The reason behind this difference in availability can vary from protecting the content from piracy to different demographic preferences. If a specific title or service is not licensed in a country, it won’t be accessible there.

Peacock is a US-exclusive platform, meaning only users with an American IP address can access it. Knowing that, if you want to watch Lopez vs Lopez Season 2 in Canada on Peacock, a premium VPN is an essential tool.

All you have to do is connect to an American server via the VPN, which will change your original IP address, virtually relocate you to the USA, and grant you unrestricted access to Peacock’s library, where you can easily watch Lopez vs Lopez Season 2 in Canada.

Why is ExpressVPN the best choice to watch Lopez vs Lopez Season 2 in Canada?

When you’re looking to bypass geo-restrictions for shows like Lopez vs Lopez Season 2 in Canada on Peacock, you’ll find many VPN services available online.

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Testing NordVPN to watch Lopez vs Lopez Season 2 in Canada?

When considering the best VPNs for streaming Lopez vs Lopez Season 2 in Canada, NordVPN is a strong competitor and an excellent alternative to ExpressVPN.

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Where can you watch Lopez vs Lopez Season 2 in Canada?

Lopez vs Lopez Season 2 is currently streaming on Peacock in the USA, but unfortunately, none of the Canadian platforms, such as Crave, CBC Gem, or CTV, have announced their plans to stream this sitcom anytime soon.

We have conducted detailed research and have found that the best way to watch Lopez vs Lopez Season 2 is by using a premium VPN to connect with an American server and changing your IP address to the USA.

As this sitcom is available to watch on the US-exclusive OTT platform, Peacock, getting an American IP address with the help of a trustable premium VPN like ExpressVPN or NordVPN will allow you to access it from Canada or anywhere else in the world.

So, don’t hesitate and rely on a premium VPN to watch Lopez vs Lopez Season 2 in Canada, as we have already tested this approach on numerous geo-blocked titles like Pilgrimage: The Road Through North Wales, The Famous Five: Peril on the Night Train, and Fright Krewe Season 2.

Lopez vs Lopez Season 2 – Release Date

Lopez vs Lopez initially debuted on the American network NBC on November 4, 2022. The show was generally well-received by the fans of the genre and George Lopez, who also got nominated for an Imagen Award in the Best Actor – Comedy category.

It’s no surprise that the sitcom got renewed for a second season as it got an IMDb rating of 6.1/10 and had an average viewership of 4.7 million viewers.

The second season of Lopez vs Lopez premiered on NBC on April 2, 2024, and is also available for online streaming on Peacock.

Lopez vs Lopez Season 2 – Is There a Trailer?

NBC did release a 30-second teaser for Lopez vs Lopez Season 2, but for undisclosed reasons, it got taken down from all online platforms.

It is currently not confirmed if an official trailer will be released again but it is highly expected that NBC will drop it sometime soon, and when it does, we’ll be updating this blog promptly. So, stay tuned, folks!

Lopez vs Lopez – What is the Show about?

Initially, Lopez vs Lopez follows George Lopez, who has lost his moving business to bankruptcy and finds himself with no choice but to live with his daughter Mayan.

This move comes at a time when George and Mayan have only recently reconnected after years of estrangement during her adolescence. Together, they are on a path to mend their relationship and deepen their understanding of one another.

At the same time, Quinten, Mayan’s husband, along with their son, Chance, are getting used to having George around the house. Additionally, Rosie, Mayan’s mother, and George’s former wife, makes regular appearances, either to visit Mayan or to cast veiled criticisms.

Lopez vs Lopez Season 2 – What to Expect from the Show?

In contrast to many sitcoms that typically reset everything by the episode’s end, the finale of the first season of “Lopez vs. Last Call” meaningfully progressed the narrative, especially in terms of character development, and laid the groundwork for the subsequent season.

The episode highlighted Mayan confronting her father’s troubling habits, notably his alcohol use, signaling that the next season might focus on her adopting a stronger stance towards him. At its core, Lopez vs. Lopez revolves around the complex dynamics between George and Mayan.

Beyond the expected comedic moments, the second season could delve deeper into their father-daughter relationship, exploring significant evolutions in their connection.

The Cast of Lopez vs Lopez Season 2

In the heartwarming and humorous series Lopez vs Lopez, we dive into the nuanced and fictionalized dynamics of the father-daughter relationship between George and Mayan Lopez.

This sitcom not only provides laughs but also explores deeper themes of family and reconciliation, brought to life by a stellar cast.

Let’s take a closer look at the talents behind the characters in Season 2:

  • George Lopez as George Lopez

George Lopez plays a version of himself, drawing on his vast experience in television comedy. Lopez is a seasoned actor and comedian, widely recognized for his work on the groundbreaking sitcom George Lopez, which aired in the early 2000s.

He has also starred in Saint George and Lopez, showcasing his ability to blend humor with personal and societal issues.

In Lopez vs Lopez, George’s character grapples with personal shortcomings and seeks to rebuild his relationship with his daughter, Mayan, adding a layer of authenticity and depth to the show.

  • Mayan Lopez as Mayan Lopez

Mayan Lopez steps into the spotlight alongside her real-life father, marking her first starring role on television. In Lopez vs Lopez, she portrays a fictionalized version of herself, navigating the complexities of rekindling a relationship with her father after years of estrangement.

This role offers Mayan a unique platform to showcase her acting abilities and contribute to the show’s exploration of family dynamics.

  • Selenis Leyva as Rosie

Selenis Leyva, known for her memorable role as Gloria Mendoza in Orange Is the New Black, plays Rosie, Mayan’s mother and George’s ex-wife.

Rosie is a strong and independent character who often drops by to visit her daughter or engage in witty exchanges with George. Leyva brings depth and humor to the role, drawing on her extensive acting experience.

  • Matt Shively as Quinten

Matt Shively portrays Quinten, Mayan’s supportive and loving husband. Shively has appeared in various television shows, including Players, where he demonstrated his comedic timing and versatility as an actor.

In Lopez vs Lopez, Quinten navigates the challenges and joys of having George move into their home, adding another layer to the family’s dynamic.

  • Brice Gonzalez as Chance

Brice Gonzalez plays Chance, the son of Mayan and Quinten, who adapts to having his grandfather, George, live with them. Although relatively new to the acting scene, Gonzalez brings a fresh and genuine portrayal of his character, contributing to the show’s heartwarming moments.

Al Madrigal as Oscar

Al Madrigal, known for his role in Air and his background in stand-up comedy, plays Oscar. Oscar’s character details and his relationship with the Lopez family add another dimension to the series, with Madrigal’s comedic expertise shining through.

  • Guest Stars

Lopez vs Lopez Season 2 continues the tradition of featuring notable guest stars. Comedian Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias appears as Iggy, George’s AA sponsor, bringing his signature humor to the role.

Diana Maria Riva, celebrated for her role in Dead to Me, plays Olga, a formidable negotiator George encounters.

Additionally, former NFL star Marshawn Lynch makes a cameo as himself, adding an exciting twist to the series.

Lopez vs Lopez Season 2 – Episode Details

NBC has revealed that Lopez vs Lopez Season 2 will feature a total of 10 episodes. The first two episodes of the new season have already premiered on April 2, 2024, and will be followed by back-to-back two episodes every Tuesday.

We have mentioned the details of the first two episodes of Lopez vs Lopez Season 2 with the complete release schedule of the season below:

Episode 1 – Lopez vs Sobriety

Release Date: April 2, 2024

In this episode, Mayan finds out that George becoming sober hasn’t made him any more bearable. He puts the family to the test by asking them to quit their vices, while his new mentor, Iggy, illustrates just how challenging sobriety can be.

Episode 2 – Lopez Vs Moving On

Release Date: April 2, 2024

Following her job loss, Mayan starts working at George’s moving company, Lop-EZ Movers, only to realize that the job is far from simple. Meanwhile, Rosie extends a loan to Quinten, but it comes with numerous conditions.

  • Episode 3 – Lopez vs. Swap Meet – April 9, 2024
  • Episode 4 – Lopez vs. Pizza – April 9, 2024
  • Episode 5 – April 16, 2024
  • Episode 6 – April 16, 2024
  • Episode 7 – April 23, 2024
  • Episode 8 – April 23, 2024
  • Episode 9 – April 30, 2024
  • Episode 10 – April 30, 2024

Lopez vs Lopez Season 2 – News

Variety has exclusively reported that Lisa Rinna is set to appear in a guest role on NBC’s Lopez vs. Lopez. In the show, she will play a character who becomes romantically involved with George Lopez’s character after using his moving service.

Rinna is widely recognized for her significant role in the soap opera Days of Our Lives, where she was featured in over 600 episodes. Additionally, she played a key role in Melrose Place, a popular drama on Fox, for three seasons. Rinna has also been seen in more recent television projects, including Hulu’s American Horror Stories and CBS’s So Help Me Todd.

Lopez vs Lopez Season 2 on Twitter


1- Is Lopez vs Lopez Season 2 available in Canada?

Lopez vs Lopez Season 2 is available to watch on Peacock, but this OTT streaming platform is not accessible in Canada. This unfortunate news stems from the licensing content distribution problems, which limit Peacock’s reach within the USA.

This new season of the popular comedy show isn’t going to be available on any of the Canadian streaming platforms in the near future either, which is why you’ll need a premium VPN to access it on Peacock.

Utilize the services of ExpressVPN or NordVPN to connect with an American server and get an IP address based in the USA, unblocking Lopez vs Lopez Season 2 in Canada.

2- Can I watch Lopez vs Lopez Season 2 on Netflix in Canada?

Our team of expert researchers has scoured almost every regional library of Netflix and found that Lopez vs Lopez Season 2 is not streaming anywhere. This could be due to NBC not lending the official streaming rights for this season to Netflix.

However, the first season of Lopez vs Lopez is available to watch on Netflix in the USA and you can access it with a VPN by changing your Netflix region.

VPNs can also allow access to Lopez vs Lopez Season 2 in Canada on Peacock. You can get an American IP address and change your IP address to the USA to bypass the geo-restrictions and watch Lopez vs Lopez Season 2 in Canada.

3- Can I watch Lopez vs Lopez Season 2 on Prime Video in Canada?

Are you a Prime Video subscriber in Canada? You’ll be able to watch various movies and TV shows on this global OTT streaming platform, but unfortunately, that’s not going to be of any use to you if you’re looking for a way to watch Lopez vs Lopez Season 2 in Canada.

Why? NBC hasn’t lent the rights of Lopez vs Lopez Season 2 to Prime Video, and due to this legal roadblock, you’ll need to find another option for watching this series in Canada.

Our recommended option is to watch Lopez vs Lopez Season 2 in Canada by changing your IP address and regional content library to the USA via a premium VPN like ExpressVPN and accessing it on the geo-blocked platform, Peacock.

4- Who is the creator of Lopez vs Lopez?

Lopez vs Lopez was created by George Lopez, Mayan Lopez, and Debby Wolfe, with Wolfe also taking on the roles of showrunner and executive producer.

George Lopez is recognized for his roles in comedy shows like George Lopez, Lopez, and Saint George, and Debby Wolfe is known for producing shows like One Day at a Time, The Conners, and Love, Victor.

5- Lopez vs Lopez Season 2 Filming Locations?

Lopez vs Lopez Season 2 was mainly filmed at Universal Studios Hollywood in Universal City, California. This served as the filming location for the first season as well.

6- What is the genre of Lopez vs Lopez?

Lopez vs Lopez is a Sitcom on NBC.

What else can you watch on Peacock?

Peacock offers a diverse range of content, that you can enjoy from Canada or anywhere in the world with the help of a VPN. Check out our top recommendations of what you can watch on Peacock below:

Wrap Up

Lopez vs Lopez offers another ride of heartwarming chaos and genuine laughter that only this dynamic father-daughter duo can provide.

With George and Mayan Lopez bringing their real-life chemistry to the small screen, the sitcom has carved out its niche, blending comedic escapades with poignant moments of family reconciliation.

You can watch Lopez vs Lopez Season 2 in Canada with the help of our guide and top recommended VPN, ExpressVPN, on Peacock. So, give it a shot today!

Written by Jacob Ant

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