How to watch Top Chef Season 21 in Canada on Peacock (Updated)

Top Chef Season 21

Top Chef is one of the most popular cooking reality shows in the USA. It follows chefs competing against each other through various cooking challenges.

Bravo’s beloved culinary competition is set to make a grand return with its 21st season after nearly two decades of gourmet battles, and this time, it will take us right into the heart of Wisconsin.

As the show promises to embrace the diverse food scene and traditions of the midwestern state, we are here to guide you on how you can watch Top Chef Season 21 in Canada on Peacock.

How to watch Top Chef Season 21 in Canada on Peacock?

If you’re excited to witness another round of epic food battles in the upcoming Top Chef Season 21 in Canada on Peacock, we have slight bad news for you: this OTT platform is inaccessible everywhere outside the USA.

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Why do you need a VPN to watch Top Chef Season 21 in Canada on Peacock?

Watching Top Chef Season 21 in Canada on Peacock can be quite a daunting task due to annoying geo-restriction policies. These legally binding agreements between content owners and the American OTT platform prevent users residing outside the USA from accessing their desired titles.

If you ever try to watch Top Chef Season 21 in Canada on Peacock with your original IP address, you’re bound to face a location error saying:

“Peacock is not yet available in your territory”

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Why is ExpressVPN the best choice to watch Top Chef Season 21 in Canada on Peacock?

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Testing NordVPN to watch Top Chef Season 21 in Canada on Peacock

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Where to watch Top Chef Season 21 in Canada?

Top Chef Season 21 is headed to officially premiere on Bravo in the USA and is set to be available for online streaming on the US-exclusive OTT platform Peacock. But are there any local streaming options for Top Chef Season 21 in Canada? Fortunately, yes.

The new season of this popular culinary competition will premiere in Canada on Hayu, an international streaming partner of Bravo, which allows you to watch various shows on this popular American TV network from countries outside the USA, such as Canada.

You will easily be able to enjoy all-new episodes of Top Chef Season 21 in Canada on Hayu by getting a $6.99/month subscription. Besides that, another option is to use a premium VPN like ExpressVPN or NordVPN to watch Top Chef Season 21 in Canada on Peacock.

We are suggesting this method because, first of all, Peacock will cost you less than what Hayu does at just $6 a month. The other benefit of using a VPN to access Peacock is that you will also get access to a range of other titles, such as In The Know and Extended Family, which would otherwise be unavailable in Canada.

Top Chef Season 21 – Release Date

Top Chef is undoubtedly one of the most popular reality competitions in the USA, and it originally debuted on Bravo on March 8, 2006. The show has won 2 Primetime Emmys and is currently sitting on an impressive 7.7/10 rating on IMDb.

It has delivered us 20 mouth-watering seasons packed with thrilling challenges and competitiveness over the years, and is now set to return for its 21st season on March 20, 2024, on Bravo at 9pm.

Viewers will be able to watch these upcoming new episodes online on Peacock in the USA and on Hayu in Canada and other countries.

Note: The next episode of Top Chef Season 21 will air on Wednesday, April 24.

Top Chef Season 21 – Sneak Peek

Bravo released the following exclusive first-look video for Top Chef Season 21 on YouTube in February 2024:

Another special sneak peek video of Top Chef Season 21 featuring Kristen Kish, Gail Simmons, and Tom Colicchio was released recently on Bravo’s official YouTube channel. You can check it out below:

Top Chef – What is the Premise of the Show?

Top Chef is a competitive reality TV series where chefs face off in culinary challenges to showcase their cooking skills, creativity, and ability to perform under pressure.

The competition is structured around Quickfire Challenges, which are brief and test specific skills through constrained tasks, and Elimination Challenges, which are more complex and often involve cooking for special events or guests.

A panel of judges, including renowned chefs and food critics, assesses the dishes based on taste, presentation, and creativity. Contestants can win privileges or face elimination based on their performance. The show culminates in a finale where the remaining chefs vie for the title of “Top Chef,” earning them significant prizes and recognition in the culinary world.

Top Chef has become an international sensation, with more than 100 victors from 29 versions around the world. NBCUniversal Formats holds global licensing rights, with adaptations in various countries, including 14 seasons in France, 10 in Canada, seven in the Middle East & North Africa, and three in Brazil, among others.

Since its inception in the United States in 2006, the original series has been broadcast in over 175 territories globally. Notably, last year, the Middle East edition of Top Chef received a nomination for an International Emmy Award, becoming the first reality show from the region to achieve this recognition.

Top Chef Season 21 – What to Expect from the Show?

Top Chef Season 21 is bringing the competition to Wisconsin. This season’s challenges will pay homage to Wisconsin’s culinary heritage, featuring a competitive cheese festival, as well as tasks highlighting Door County cherries and Wisconsin-grown cranberries.

The journey culminates in a thrilling finale on a Holland America cruise ship, where finalists must impress with an eight-course fish-tasting menu, including a special appearance by chef Masaharu Morimoto, for a chance to win $250,000, a feature in Food & Wine, and an appearance at the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen.

This season also introduces a new host, Kristen Kish, winner of Season 10. Transitioning from contestant to guest judge and now host, Kish is set to bring her unique insights to the competition alongside veteran judges Gail and Tom, adding an exciting new layer to the show’s dynamic.

Top Chef Season 21 – Who are the Judges?

As the culinary world braces itself for another enthralling season of Top Chef, the anticipation around the judges’ panel is as high as ever. Season 21 of this esteemed cooking competition brings together familiar faces, promising to elevate the series to even greater heights.

Here’s a closer look at the judges of Top Chef Season 21:

Tom Colicchio

Tom Colicchio, a name synonymous with Top Chef, returns to the judges’ panel, bringing his vast experience, critical eye, and deep passion for the culinary arts. Colicchio, a celebrated chef and restaurateur, has been an integral part of the show since its inception.

Best known for his advocacy for sustainable food practices and his award-winning restaurants, including the famed Craft in New York City, Colicchio’s expertise lies in American cuisine, with a focus on simplicity and flavor.

Gail Simmons

Gail Simmons returns to Top Chef with her insightful critiques and profound knowledge of the culinary world. Simmons, a culinary expert, food writer, and dynamic television personality, has been a staple on the show and is known for her balanced and thoughtful feedback.

Her experience as a judge on Top Chef is complemented by her background in culinary journalism, including her work with Food & Wine magazine.

Simmons’ expertise extends beyond just critiquing; she is deeply involved in the food and beverage industry, from exploring global cuisines to understanding the intricacies of food trends.

Kristen Kish

Kristen Kish steps into a new role as a judge of Top Chef Season 21, bringing a unique perspective as a former contestant and winner of Season 10.

Kish’s journey since her victory has been nothing short of remarkable, having established herself as a formidable force in the culinary world. Known for her innovative approach to cooking, which blends classical French techniques with global flavors, Kish has captivated food lovers with her creativity and skill.

Top Chef Season 21 – Who are the Contestants?

The latest batch of “cheftestants” with their eyes set on the prize of Top Chef Season 21 has been revealed, and we have explored each of them in detail below:

Kaleena Bliss, Chicago

With over 18 years in the field, Kaleena has worked in notable restaurants in Portland, Seattle, and the Puget Sound area, earning a “40 Under 40” honor from Puget Sound Business Journal in 2022 and winning national cooking shows.

Now in Chicago, she is the executive chef at the Chicago Athletic Association hotel, leading Cindy’s Rooftop and its banquet program. Her menus draw on her Pacific Northwest background, featuring seasonal and locally sourced ingredients, seafood, and foraged items.

Kévin D’Andrea, Austin

After being a finalist on Top Chef France in 2015, Kévin D’Andrea trained with Michelin-starred chef Alain Llorca and worked with Alain Ducasse and Yannick Alléno. Post-training, he contributed to London’s Bob Bob Ricard, opened Mensae in Paris, and later moved to Houston as La Villa’s executive chef, embracing Texas.

Now, he’s in Austin at Foliepop, transforming it from a street cafe to a B2B kitchen supplying French pastries. Kevin, with his global culinary experience, is excited to compete again on Top Chef.

Alisha Elenz, Chicago

Alisha Elenz, from Chicago’s suburbs, is a James Beard-nominated chef known for her work with Spanish and Mediterranean cuisines.

Starting young, she became an executive chef at 23 and now operates “Whisk the Night Away,” offering private chef and event services with a unique approach to flavor combinations.

Danny Garcia, New York City

Brooklyn-born Danny Garcia grew up in a Dominican-Puerto Rican family, focusing on culinary arts thanks to a scholarship to Johnson & Wales University.

After winning a young chef competition and experiencing stages like the Bocuse d’Or, he worked at the French Laundry and later in Hong Kong. Returning to New York, Danny joined James Kent at Saga Hospitality Group, prepping for a late 2024 restaurant opening.

Valentine Howell Jr., Boston

Valentine Howell Jr., a Boston native with a B.S. in hotel, restaurant, and hospitality management, has worked in Boston’s top kitchens and was a 2023 James Beard finalist.

He is now promoting his international food concept, Black Cat Eatery, through pop-ups featuring a mix of Caribbean, Afro-Latin, and Latin cuisines.

Dan Jacobs, Milwaukee

Chicago-native Dan Jacobs moved to Milwaukee, opening EsterEv and DanDan. A 6-time James Beard semi-finalist, Dan is active in the Independent Restaurant Coalition, contributing to the Restaurant Revitalization Fund.

Diagnosed with Kennedy’s Disease, he successfully runs his restaurants while raising awareness for the condition.

Manny Barella Lopez, Denver

Originally from Monterrey, Mexico, Manny Barella left law for culinary arts, gaining experience in luxury resorts and Michelin-rated kitchens.

In Colorado, he became a James Beard Emerging Chef semi-finalist and now leads Camp Pickle and Jaguar Bolera, focusing on Mexican and southern cuisines, set to open in multiple cities.

Savannah Miller, Durham, NC

Savannah Miller, a North Carolina native, transitioned from hospitality jobs to professional cooking, joining M Tempura in Durham as chef de cuisine. Focused on local sourcing, she plans to open her own restaurant while enjoying personal time with her fiancé and pets.

David Murphy, San Francisco

Texas-born David Murphy pursued culinary arts and earned a Michelin star with Madera before becoming a chef in San Francisco. He opened Shuggie’s, focusing on food waste reduction and climate change. The restaurant has received acclaim for its innovative approach to sustainability.

Kenny Nguyen, Athens, GA

Philadelphia-born Kenny Nguyen, influenced by his Vietnamese grandmother, worked in various culinary settings before becoming the executive chef at the Expat in Athens.

His upcoming Vietnamese restaurant, Pretty Boy, honors his heritage and has earned him the title of Rising Star of Georgia.

Laura Ozyilmaz, San Francisco

Mexican-born Laura Ozyilmaz trained globally and worked in top-tier restaurants before opening Dalida in San Francisco, highlighting Middle Eastern cuisine. Her work has earned her several accolades, including a 2024 James Beard Best Chef Semifinalist nomination.

Charly Pierre, New Orleans

Charly Pierre, raised in a Haitian family in Cambridge, opened Fritai in New Orleans, blending his heritage with local flavors. Recognized with various accolades, he focuses on employee welfare and community involvement.

Amanda Turner, Austin

Amanda Turner, with over a decade in Austin’s culinary scene, has worked under renowned chefs and studied in Japan. As chef

de cuisine at Olamaie, she’s received numerous awards and focuses on modern Southern cuisine with influences from the African diaspora.

Rasika Venkatesa, San Francisco

Chennai-born Rasika Venkatesa, after working at the French Laundry and Mourad in San Francisco, focuses on reinventing Tamil cuisine through local learning and collaboration, backed by her StarChefs’ Rising Star Award.

Michelle Wallace, Houston

After pivoting from healthcare to culinary arts, Michelle Wallace gained experience in fine dining and barbecue before opening B’tween Sandwich Co. in Houston, specializing in comfort food and smoked meats, and was nominated for Rising Star Chef by CultureMap Houston.

Top Chef Season 21 – Episode Guide

The series might have fourteen episodes airing weekly. Here are more details on Top Chef Season 21.

  1. S21 E01 – Chef’s Test: “Top Chef” launches in Wisconsin with 15 new chefs, introducing new rules and host Kristen Kish. The episode skips the Quickfire Challenge, instead featuring a unique test where Kristen, Tom, and Gail each assign five chefs to prepare a dish showcasing their culinary skills.
  2. S21 E02 – Living the High Life: Joe Flamm, winner of “Top Chef Colorado,” joins Kristen for a Quickfire Challenge where the chefs must create dishes featuring hops.
  3. S21 E03 – Take It Cheesy: The chefs create dishes with Door County cherries and a mystery ingredient. For the Elimination Challenge, they participate in a Cheese Festival, making dishes that highlight one of 13 different cheeses.
  4. S21 E04 – The Wright Way: As the chefs follow the Frank Lloyd Wright trail to Madison, they face an Elimination Challenge to create dishes in pairs that embody duality and honor Frank Lloyd Wright’s impact as “America’s Architect.”
  5. S21 E05 – Supper Club: While in Madison, the chefs receive an ambiguous message about their next Quickfire Challenge, informing them they’ll need to shop for ingredients without knowing the specifics of the task ahead.
  6. S21 E06 – Episode 6: A Last Chance Kitchen twist shocks the chefs and changes the dynamics of the competition. In a dessert-focused Quickfire Challenge, guest judge Christina Tosi of Milk Bar helps oversee the chefs as they prepare desserts incorporating dairy.
  7. S21 E07 – Episode 7:

Note: We will update this blog once new details about Top Chef Season 21 episodes become available online.

Top Chef Season 21 on Twitter


1- Will Top Chef Season 21 be available in Canada?

Yes, you will be able to watch Top Chef Season 21 in Canada directly on Hayu. This OTT platform will cost you $6.99/month and allow you to enjoy all episodes of Top Chef Season 21 in Canada without any problems.

Additionally, you also have the option to watch Top Chef Season 21 in Canada on Peacock with the help of a premium VPN, such as ExpressVPN or NordVPN.

By simply connecting to an American server, you will be able to virtually relocate yourself to the USA and stream Top Chef Season 21 in Canada on Peacock.

2- Where is Top Chef Season 21 filming?

Top Chef Season 21 chose Wisconsin as its filming location for the first time since the show’s 4th season. The announcement from Bravo reveals that the competition will take place in both Milwaukee and Madison.

3- Can I watch Top Chef Season 21 on Netflix in Canada?

Netflix offers only two seasons (Season 6 and Season 12) of Top Chef in its Canadian library, and there hasn’t been any official announcement on whether the OTT platform is goingg to stream the upcoming 21st season of the reality cooking competition in Canada or anywhere in the world.

This could most likely be due to licensing issues with Bravo, but you don’t have to worry about that because you have the option to watch Top Chef Season 21 in Canada on Peacock or stream this show on Hayu directly.

Using a premium VPN like ExpressVPN to get an American IP address will allow you to watch Top Chef Season 21 in Canada on Peacock without any geo-restrictions.

4- Who replaced Padma Lakshmi for Top Chef Season 21?

The culinary world was taken aback when Variety reported on Padma Lakshmi, revealing her decision to leave Top Chef after its 20th season in June 2023. Her exit sparked widespread speculation about her successor.

Fortunately, searching for a new host and judge didn’t extend far. Kristen Kish, the champion of Top Chef Season 10, is set to take over the role in Season 21. Having experienced the competition firsthand and even participated as a guest judge, Kish brings a wealth of familiarity with the show.

Beyond her victory on Top Chef, she has honed her hosting skills on other culinary programs, including the Travel Channel’s 36 Hours and Netflix’s revival of Iron Chef.

5- Are there any rule changes in Top Chef Season 21?

In a groundbreaking change for Top Chef Season 21, the Quickfire challenge winner will no longer receive immunity. This new rule opens up the possibility for any contestant to be eliminated at any point in the episode, regardless of their earlier success.

6- Is Last Chance Kitchen back for Top Chef Season 21?

While there has been no official announcement, it is widely believed that Last Chance Kitchen will return for its thirteenth season in the upcoming Top Chef Season 21.

Tom Colicchio is expected to continue hosting this online series, where ousted chefs compete against each other in hopes of re-entering the main competition.

7- Who won Top Chef Season 20?

Buddha Lo emerged victorious in Season 20 of Top Chef, securing the title in the “Top Chef: World All-Stars” finale in Paris. He outperformed finalists Sara Bradley and Gabri Rodriguez to become the first-ever winner of this global competition.

8- What is the genre of Top Chef?

Top Chef is a Reality Cooking Competition show on Bravo.

What else can you watch on Peacock?

Peacock is one of the most popular OTT platforms in the USA, but due to geo-restrictions, it cannot be accessed anywhere beyond the American borders.

However, VPNs can fix that issue and grant you access to Peacock’s wide content library, where you can effortlessly stream a range of titles, such as follows:

Wrap Up

The perfect mix of culinary battles and creative challenges is back. As chefs from diverse backgrounds get ready to showcase their skills in Top Chef Season 21, this cooking competition is expected to break new boundaries.

You can access this reality cooking competition directly on Hayu or use a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN to watch Top Chef Season 21 in Canada on Peacock by following our easy guide.

So, be ready to tune in on March 20, 2024, and experience this mouth-watering battle to satisfy the foodie and reality TV enthusiast in you. Happy streaming!

Written by Jacob Ant

Jacob Ant is a seasoned entertainment writer over a decade of experience in film, TV, and media. With a deep passion for streaming content, he not only enjoys engaging with it but also shares valuable writing hacks and insights to assist others in the field