How to watch Last Christmas on Netflix from the US or Anywhere Else? | Stream Last Christmas (2019) on Netflix in 2023

stream Last Christmas on Netflix

Last Christmas came out in 2019. It is a romantic comedy film directed by Paul Feig, Emma Thompson, and Greg Wise gave the story. It was one of the best Christmas-themed films ever made. The plot was great, the film was genuinely funny, and it didn’t go overboard with the holiday cheer, a nice change from other Christmas films released in recent years.

If you are here to learn how to watch Last Christmas (2019) on Netflix, read on.

Is Last Christmas of Netflix?

Last Christmas has been removed from Netflix in 2023.

How to watch Last Christmas on Netflix in 2023?

Last Christmas is a romantic story of what we need in life: family and love. The movie is streaming on Netflix but only in Italy; if you are residing in the US or anywhere outside Italy, then follow these steps to stream it on Netflix:

1- Sign up for a reliable VPN to unblock Netflix (We recommend ExpressVPN and NordVPN after testing)

2- Download the VPN application on your preferred device. (Both ExpressVPN and NordVPN have dedicated apps for several devices like PC, Mac, and Android devices)

3- Select an Italian server from the country list

4- Now open Netflix in your browser or in-app

5- Search Last Christmas on Netflix

6- Enjoy the movie

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Watching Last Christmas on Netflix with ExpressVPN | Detailed Explanation

You can stream Last Christmas on Netflix. However, it’s important to note that access to the movie is restricted exclusively to Italy. But worry not, as we have compiled a comprehensive set of instructions to help you watch Last Christmas on Netflix from anywhere in the world, including the United States.

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3- Connect to an Italian server

Since Last Christmas is not available on Netflix worldwide, subscribe to ExpressVPN and select an Italian server.

This will provide you with an Italian IP address, granting you access to Last Christmas on Netflix.

4- Enjoy

Once you have successfully connected to an Italian server, open Netflix and search for Last Christmas. The movie will be readily available for you to enjoy without any limitations.

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Last Christmas – Netflix Countries

Based on our thorough research, it has been determined that Last Christmas can solely be found on Netflix in Italy.

If you happen to reside outside of Italy, we highly recommend employing ExpressVPN to modify your IP address, granting you access to the Italian Netflix library and allowing you to stream Last Christmas effortlessly.

Where else can you watch Last Christmas online?

Last Christmas is streaming on a number of VOD services, some of them are listed below:

  • In the US, Last Christmas is not streaming on any VOD service; however, you can watch it on Netflix with a VPN. The movie is also available for rent on Apple iTunes, Google Play Movies, Amazon Vidoe, and other video renting stores.
  • In the UK, you can watch Last Christmas only on Virgin TV Go.
  • In Canada, Last Christmas is only on Netflix. You can also
  • In Australia, the movie is not available on any streaming platform; however, you can rent the movie on Google Play Movies, Apple iTunes, and other stores.

Last Christmas – Release Date

Last Christmas was initially released on November 8, 2019. The film grossed $123.4 million worldwide while having a production budget of just $25‚Äď30 million. Last Christmas was a box office success but got an IMDb rating of 6.5/10 and a rotten score of 46% on Rotten Tomatoes, which wouldn‚Äôt be called a good rating, but despite critics giving it poor scores, the movie indeed does the job if you are looking for an entertaining film to watch in the holiday season.

Last Christmas – Official Trailer

Last Christmas – What to Expect from the Movie?

“Last Christmas” is a captivating romantic dramedy set against the backdrop of London during the festive season. This enchanting tale revolves around Kate, a spirited young woman who finds herself adrift in life. Let me provide you with a fresh synopsis of the film:

Challenges in Kate’s Journey

Kate, portrayed by the talented and beautiful Emilia Clarke, is a whimsical character grappling with a sense of disillusionment and a lack of direction in life. Working as an elf in a year-round Christmas shop, her life is plagued by ill-advised choices and a dearth of motivation. Though she yearns to pursue her dream of becoming a singer, she remains trapped in a self-destructive cycle.

An Encounter with Tom

A fortuitous encounter brings Kate face to face with Tom, portrayed by the charming Henry Golding. Tom, a benevolent and enigmatic soul, seems to possess an uncanny knack for appearing in the right place at the right time. He encourages Kate to embrace the magic inherent in life and inspires her to alter her perspective.

Transcending through Festive Magic

As Kate spends more time with Tom, she is gradually exposed to the transformative power of festive magic. She begins to perceive the inherent beauty surrounding her and discovers a newfound sense of purpose. Through her interactions with Tom, Kate learns invaluable life lessons about love, forgiveness, and discovering joy in the simplest pleasures.

Uncovering Tom’s Secret

As Kate’s life undergoes a positive transformation, she becomes increasingly intrigued by Tom’s mysterious nature. Questions arise regarding his true identity and the enshrouded secrets he may harbor. The film tantalizes the audience with a captivating narrative, keeping them guessing about Tom’s background and his connection to Kate.

Embracing the Spirit of the Season

The story further unfolds as Kate learns to embrace the spirit of the season, reestablishing bonds with her family, particularly her mother, portrayed by the talented Emma Thompson, who also wrote and produced the film. Last Christmas dives deep into themes of forgiveness, family dynamics, and the profound significance of cherishing one’s loved ones.

Heartwarming Moments and Romance

“Last Christmas” weaves together heartwarming moments and a delightful romance. As Kate unearths her true self, she embarks on an affectionate journey with Tom‚ÄĒtheir relationship blossoms with tenderness, wit, and a hint of intrigue.

A Melodic Soundtrack

The film features a soul-stirring musical score, prominently showcasing the timeless melodies of the late George Michael, including the iconic holiday anthem “Last Christmas.” The soundtrack enhances the film’s emotional depth and nostalgic ambiance, seamlessly complementing the characters’ individual journeys.

The Cast of Last Christmas

“Last Christmas,” a heartfelt romantic dramedy, features an exceptional ensemble cast that breathes life into its warm and uplifting story. Each actor delivers outstanding performances while infusing their own distinct charm and talent into their respective roles. Let’s delve into the enchanting world of “Last Christmas” and explore the gifted individuals who grace the screen and their notable contributions to renowned shows and movies.

  • Emilia Clarke as Kate

Emilia Clarke, our beloved Khaleesi, renowned for her unforgettable portrayal of Daenerys Targaryen in the acclaimed series “Game of Thrones,” takes on the role of Kate in “Last Christmas.” Kate is a quirky and somewhat lost young woman employed as an elf in a Christmas-themed store.

Emilia Clarke’s depiction brings profound depth and vulnerability to the character, beautifully capturing Kate’s journey of self-discovery and personal transformation with authenticity and grace. She is also known for her roles in the critically acclaimed film Me Before You.”

  • Henry Golding as Tom

Henry Golding, who rose to prominence for his role in the widely celebrated film “Crazy Rich Asians,” embodies the enigmatic and charismatic Tom in “Last Christmas.” Tom serendipitously crosses paths with Kate, playing a pivotal role in her quest to rediscover hope and embrace the magic of life.

Golding’s natural magnetism and effortless presence captivate audiences as he weaves an aura of intrigue and allure around the character of Tom. Besides¬†Last Christmas, Henry Golding is also known for his work in the G.I Joe spin-off “Snake Eyes.”

  • Emma Thompson as Adelia

Emma Thompson, an immensely talented actress celebrated for her versatile performances in movies like “Good Luck to You, Leo Grande” and “Love Actually,” portrays Adelia, Kate’s mother, in “Last Christmas.” Thompson not only delivers a compelling performance but also lends her screenwriting expertise to the film, having co-written the screenplay. Adelia’s character adds layers of emotional depth to the story, delving into themes of family, forgiveness, and the transformative power of love.

  • Michelle Yeoh as Santa

Michelle Yeoh, acclaimed for her exceptional martial arts skills and memorable roles in films like “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” and “Memoirs of a Geisha,” assumes the role of Santa in “Last Christmas.” Santa, the proprietor of the Christmas store where Kate works, becomes a mentor and a source of wisdom for her. Yeoh infuses the character with her signature elegance and warmth, enriching the film with her unparalleled charm. She is also known for her Oscar-winning performance in “Everything Everywhere All at Once.”

Some other noticeable names that are a part of Last Christmas’ cast are:

  • Lydia Leonard as Marta
  • Boris Isakovińá as Ivan Andrich
  • Ritu Arya as Jenna
  • Fabien Frankel as Fabien
  • Ansu Kabia as Rufus
  • Jade Anouka as Alba
  • Peter Mygind as The Dane a.k.a. ‘Boy’
  • Ben Owen-Jones as Danny

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Is it possible to watch Last Christmas on Netflix using a free VPN?

Throughout our extensive evaluation of various Free VPN solutions available online, we consistently encountered Netflix Proxy Errors, frustrating buffering problems, and disappointing streaming speeds.

Considering these challenges, we strongly advise against relying on these unreliable alternatives and instead encourage you to invest in a reputable and secure premium VPN service like ExpressVPN.

To enrich your viewing pleasure and foster a sense of shared entertainment, we suggest exploring the possibility of hosting a watch party. Platforms like Discord offer an excellent opportunity to share your Netflix screen.

Last Christmas – FAQs

1- What is the age rating for Last Christmas?

“Last Christmas” has received a PG-13 rating, indicating that the content of the film may not be suitable for viewers under the age of 13. It contains elements that could be considered more mature or complex, including mild language, themes, and instances of suggestive content.

2- Is Michelle Yeoh actually the Santa in Last Christmas?

No, Michelle Yeoh does not portray the role of Santa Claus in “Last Christmas.” Within the movie’s narrative, Michelle Yeoh assumes the character named “Santa,” albeit not in the conventional depiction of Santa Claus. Her character represents a shop owner named “Santa” who offers guidance and unwavering support to Emilia Clarke’s character throughout the movie.

3- What is the twist at the end of Last Christmas?

In the climactic turn of events in “Last Christmas,” an unexpected revelation takes place. It is unveiled that Tom, portrayed by Henry Golding, transcends the realm of ordinary humanity, assuming the form of a celestial being or an angelic entity.

As the narrative unfolds, the audience gradually learns that Tom departed from this world in the preceding year and selflessly donated his heart, which was fortuitously transplanted into the character played by Emilia Clarke, Kate.

Throughout the film’s progression, Kate wrestles wth the tribulations of her existence, battling an ailment that brought her perilously close to the thrshold of mortality. The revelation of Tom’s ethereal nature dawns upon viewers, illuminating the profound purpose behind his presence in Kate’s life.

4- What else can I watch on Netflix after Last Christmas?

Several movies and tv shows are available on Netflix. Here are some of them you should check out after watching Last Christmas:

Wrap Up

The bottom line is yes; you can watch Last Christmas on Netflix from the US and anywhere in the world but with the help of a workable premium VPN service. We have tested ExpressVPN to unblock American Netflix from Canada and other countries, and it worked every time.

Therefore, we recommend ExpressVPN to unblock Italian Netflix to stream Last Christmas easily from anywhere. The movie is also available for rent on Amazon Video, Apple iTunes, and other leading stores, but the best way to watch Last Christmas is on Netflix.

Written by Mickel Clark

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