Where to watch Trolls Topia Season 7 in Canada| Watch it on Hulu (100% Working)

TrollsTopia Season 7 on Hulu from Canada

There is no problem that a little bit of singing and glitter cannot solve – or at least that is how it goes in the enchanting world of TrollsTopia, a fantasy animated series heading to Hulu with its latest season.

The musical comedy by DreamWorks Animation is set in the same universe as the movies Trolls and Trolls World Tour. Moreover, it is a sequel to Trolls: The Beat Goes On. The series debuted on the streaming platform on November 19, 2020. After six successful installments, the seventh and final season of this 2D animated series will air on August 11, 2022.

TrollsTopia Season 7 will comprise seven episodes, further divided into 14 segments. It is also worth mentioning that this show is executive produced by Emmy Award-nominee Matthew Beans. If you are here to find out how to watch TrollsTopia Season 7 in Canada, read on.

How to watch TrollsTopia Season 7 on Hulu from Canada

The seventh season of TrollsTopia is set to release on Hulu in the United States, if you are in the US, then all you need is an active Hulu account, and you are all set to stream TrollsTopia Season 7 on Hulu.

TrollsTopia fans in Canada can also watch TrollsTopia Season 7 on Hulu after following these simple steps:

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How to get a Hulu subscription in Canada (Tested)

Hulu is not available in Canada, but that does not mean you can not have a Hulu subscription. Follow these steps to get a Hulu account from Canada:

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  7. Open Hulu.com and watch TrollsTopia Season 7 from Canada on Hulu.

TrollsTopia Season 7- Trailer

The official YouTube channel of DreamWorks released the trailer of TrollsTopia Season 7 on July 27, 2022. The clip shows the trolls laughing around a bonfire and partaking in a series of adventures.

TrollsTopia Season 7- Plot

The upcoming season of TrollsTopia is the ultimate chapter depicting the magical antics of the endearing trolls. The show’s premise revolves around Poppy, who is trying to bring together all the Troll tribes living separately in the forest. To achieve her goal, she chooses a delegate from each tribe so they can live together in her village.

Season 7 of the hit animated series will focus on the teamwork between the trolls and highlight how glitter and hugs can make everything alright. It will shine the spotlight on Poppy and her squad as they work together to make things okay for Val and R&B following their failed vacation and breakfast plans. 

Meanwhile, Cloud Guy will embark on a journey to find a worthy candidate to take his place when he goes to college. After all, someone has to annoy Branch, right?

TrollsTopia features the voice talents of Skylar Astin, Amanda Leighton, David Fynn, Ron Funches, Kenan Thompson, Megan Hilty, Jeanine Mason, and Kevin Michael Richards.

TrollsTopia Season 7- Release and Reception

TrollsTopia has a rating of 5.5/10 on IMDb. It has also turned out to be a hit among kids.

TrollsTopia Season 7- Cast

  • Amanda Leighton as Queen Poppy
  • Skylar Astin as Branch
  • Lauren Mayhew as Val Thundershock
  • Megan Hilty as Holly Darlin’
  • Michael-Leon Wooley as Lownote Jones
  • Vladimir Caamaño as Synth
  • Charles DeWayne as Demo
  • Eric Lopez as Gust Tumbleweed
  • Jeanine Mason as Minuet Sonata
  • Kat Graham as Rhythm & Blues
  • Anita Kalathara as Laguna Tidepool

How Many Episodes of TrollsTopia Season 7 Are There

The seventh season of Trolls Topia is divided into seven episodes. Here is a list of episodes by name in the seventh season of Trolls Topia:

Episode Number


1a A Life Less Score-dinary
1b The Trolls-a-Thon”
2a Air Apparent”
2b “Under New Management”
3a Give Me A Break”
3b Once Bitten, Twice Guy”
4a The Troublesome Trio”
4b Hide and Go Hug”
5a Funder Construction”
5b The Tech-less Breakfast”
6a The Farmer and the House”
6b Val Serves Murray Duty”
7a Gal Pal Getawaycation”
7b Troll Exchange Program”

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Wrap Up

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