Where to watch Santa Evita in Canada| Watch it on Hulu

watch Santa Evita in Canada

Based on the best-selling book of the same name by author Tomás Eloy Martnez, Santa Evita is a Latin American television series that centers on the former Argentine first lady, Eva Perón. The upcoming historical drama will tell the compelling and bizarre tale of what happened to her embalmed corpse following her death from cancer in 1952. 

Directed by Rodrigo Garcia and Alberto Maci, Santa Evita will explore the fascinating story throughout seven parts. The television series will focus on the aftermath of Eva’s death and how her body awaited burial for years. Moreover, it will give a glimpse into the lives of those around her.

Santa Evita will premiere on Hulu on July 26, 2022, in the United States, if you are wondering where to watch Santa Evita in Canada then read on.

How to watch Santa Evita in Canada on Hulu

Santa Evita is an American Historical drama that will stream on Hulu in the US, if you are residing in Canada or anywhere else then follow these steps to watch Santa Evita on Hulu from Canada or anywhere else:

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How to get a Hulu subscription in Canada

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Santa Evita- Trailer

The YouTube channel of Star+ Latino America released the official trailer for Santa Evita on June 21, 2022.  The clip captures how Eva Perón’s body was left without a grave and kept hidden for years as political and social unrest raged around her. 

Santa Evita- Plot

Focusing on the mythology surrounding the corpse with no grave, Santa Evita will showcase how Eva Perón had become an important political figure in the days leading up to her sad demise in 1952. She was the wife of Argentinian President Juan Domingo Perón, who was deposed in a military coup three years later. 

To prevent Eva’s corpse from becoming a political symbol against the government, the military removed her body from its resting place. Her body went missing for over 20 years, plaguing the nation’s political and social scene. 

Santa Evita boasts a brilliant multinational cast, with Natalia Oreiro portraying Eva Perón, Ernesto Alterio starring as Colonel Moori Koenig, and Diego Velázquez playing the role of Mariano. In addition, Francesc Orella will take on the character of Doctor Pedro Ara, while Daro Grandinetti will star as Juan Domingo Perón.

Santa Evita- Release and Reception

Given its fascinating origin story, Santa Evita is expected to become a hit among viewers. However, as the show has not yet premiered on Hulu, its ratings are not presently available. Meanwhile, over 42K people have watched its official trailer on YouTube.

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Wrap up

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