Where to watch The Missing (2014) in the United States & Canada | Watch it on Disney Plus

watch The Missing in the United States.

The Missing is a British Television show that aired on BBC for the first time on October 28, 2014. It is a psychological drama / Mystery Thriller consisting of two seasons with 16 episodes. The show’s director is Ron Howard, a very reputed director who has directed many notable films, including The Da Vinci Code (2006) and A Beautiful Mind (2001).

The show starred James Nesbitt, Tcheky Karyo, Frances O’Conner, and Laura Fraser in the lead cast. The show has been canceled, so there will not be a third season. If you are looking to watch The Missing in the US then this blog will guide you.

How to watch The Missing in the United States | Watch it on Disney Plus

The Missing is a British crime drama that was streaming on BBC iPlayer in the beginning. The distribution rights of the series is now with Disney Plus and if you are looking forward to watching The Missing in the US then follow these steps:

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  6. Enjoy
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Where else can you watch The Missing online?

The Missing is available on several VOD services, some of which are listed below:

  • In the United States, you can watch The Missing on Starz, Direct TV, Prime Video, Fubo TV, etc. The series is also available for digital purchase on Vudu, Apple iTunes, Redbox, etc.
  • In the UK, you can watch The Missing on Disney Plus, BritBox, Virgin TV Go, and Discovery Plus. You also have the digital purchase option on Google Play Movies, Amazon Video, and Apple iTunes.
  • In Canada, the first season of this series is available on Knowledge Network and two seasons of this series are available for digital purchase on Apple iTunes and Google Play Movies.
  • In Australia, you can watch The Missing on Disney Plus (with a VPN) and get a digital copy on Fetch TV.

What else can you watch online with a VPN?

With a VPN on your side you have the power to cross borders with a single click, here are some movies and TV shows you should check out:

The Missing- Trailer

The Missing- Plot

The story of the show focuses on the Hughes family. On holiday, the whole family travels to France, including Tony Hughes, Emily Hughes, and their five-year-old son. Things get worse when their car breaks down one night on the way to their destination, and they are stuck in a small town. Then the tensions reach their peak when they lose their son, and they become unable to find him.

The show progresses as the French Police get involved in the case. In contrast, due to this horrible incident, the already weakened relationship between Tony and Emily Hughes gets weaker.
The show has been nominated for 24 awards, including Emmy Primetime, and won 6.

The show has been a great success due to its engaging storyline and the thrill factor, which is present till the last episode of the show.

The Missing- Ratings

According to some theories, the story is loosely based on a real story of the disappearance of the four-year-old Madeleine McCann in almost the same scenario. The Missing has a very high rating both on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes, as it has a score of 93% on Rotten Tomatoes, and it is rated 8.3 out of 10 on IMDb.

The Missing- Cast

  • David Morrissey¬†as Captain Sam Webster
  • Keeley Hawes as Gemma Webster
  • Tch√©ky Karyo¬†as Julien Baptiste
  • Anastasia Hille as Celia Baptiste
  • Roger Allam¬†as Brigadier Adrian Stone
  • Laura Fraser as Sergeant Eve Stone
  • Abigail Hardingham¬†as Sophie Giroux
  • Jake Davies as Matthew Webster
  • Chelsea Edge as Alice Webster
  • √ďlafur Darri √ďlafsson¬†as Stefan Andersen
  • Filip Peeters as Kristian Herz
  • Lia Williams as Nadia Herz
  • Derek Riddell as Major Adam Gettrick
  • Florian Bartholom√§i as Jorn Lenhart
  • Brian Bovell as Lieutenant Colonel Henry Reed
  • Daniel Ezra as Trooper Daniel Reed, Henry’s son
  • Diana Kent¬†as Penny
  • Indica Watson¬†as Lucy

Wrap Up

If you are into crime drama and mystery shows then you would love watching The Missing on Disney Plus. The show is streaming on Disney Plus but in a limited number of regions, if you are located in the United States or Canada then get ExpressVPN and enjoy watching The Missing from the US.

Written by Mickel Clark

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