Where to watch Leverage: Redemption S2 in Canada| Watch Leverage: Redemption season 2 on Freevee from Canada

watch Leverage: Redemption S2

Your favorite band of Robin Hood-inspired criminals is returning to your screens for brand-new heists in season two of Leverage: Redemption. The crime action drama, a reboot of the cult-classic television show Leverage, focuses on a group of criminal masterminds who use their unique skills to con the rich on behalf of their victims.

Created by John Rogers and Chris Downey, the series premiered on July 9, 2021, and was swiftly renewed. Season 2 of Leverage: Redemption will arrive on Amazon Freevee on November 16, 2022.

It will consist of 13 episodes, though the first three episodes will drop on the streaming platform the same day. If you are wondering where to watch Leverage: Redemption season 2 in Canada then read this guide to the end.

Where to watch Leverage: Redemption season 2 in Canada?

Leverage: Redemption was renewed for the second season after the successful run of the first one. The second season is heading to Amazon Freevee in the United States, UK, and Germany and will premiere on November 16th, 2022.

Since Amazon Freevee is not accessible in Canada, you will need a workable VPN at your end to change your IP address and watch Amazon Freevee from Canada. Here is how you can stream Leverage: Redemption season 2 on Freevee in Canada.

How to watch Leverage: Redemption S2 in Canada on Freevee

The second season of Leverage: Redemption is heading to Amazon Freevee on 16th November, exclusively in the United States and the UK. You can watch it on Freevee from Canada with a workable VPN on your side. Follow these steps to watch Leverage: Redemption season 2 in Canada:

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  4. Now open Amazon.com and download the Freevee app
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  6. Enjoy
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Leverage: Redemption S2- Release Date

Leverage: Redemption season 2 is heading to Amazon Freevee and is set to premiere on November 16th, 2022 in the United States and UK. The first three episodes will stream on the same day, with the remaining to follow every week.

Leverage: Redemption S2- Trailer

Leverage: Redemption S2- Plot

A squad of former criminals – the Grifter, the Hitter, the Thief, the Fixer, the Maker, and the Hacker –come together to atone for their past actions by helping out people who have been wronged by those in power. Each member brings exceptional skills to the table, which they collectively utilize to stage elaborate heists against the wealthy and help those suffering. 

Teaching Bad Guys a Lesson

No one understands criminals better than those who have once led that life. Their respective histories give the Leverage team members a fresh perspective on the motives and intents of the bad guys, making it easier for them to create a ruse that can end their dirty deeds. 

From big corporations who don’t hesitate to step on the small folks to dealers who would gladly sacrifice others to sate their hunger for money, our crew of reformed criminal masterminds will teach bad guys a lesson they won’t forget anytime soon.

New Foes and Old Friends

The Leverage team will go against several new adversaries in season two. The main villains include a cunning husband-and-wife duo scamming innocent people through their phony multi-level marketing scheme and a shipping mogul illegally discarding tons of plastic waste. It will also feature a predatory music producer who takes advantage of his position and influence in the industry to abuse women. 

Meanwhile, Sophie Devereaux, aka the Grifter, will unexpectedly run into an old friend, who may prompt her to reevaluate her life decisions. 

Leverage: Redemption S2- Cast

It stars Gina Bellman, Christian Kane, Beth Riesgraf, Aleyse Shannon, Noah Wyle, and Aldis Hodge in the leading roles. Here is everything we know about the upcoming season of the action-adventure thriller so far.

Gina Bellman is best known for her role in Coupling (2000), also called the British version of Friends. Beth Riesgraf is a prominent American actress widely popular for her role as Billy’s mother in Stranger Things and “mother in store” in Alvin and the Chipmunks (2007).

What else can you watch on Amazon Freevee?

Amazon Freevee was launched in 2018 as IMDb and was rebranded in 2022. The streaming service is investing heavily in developing original content.

Recently we saw a rise in original content which will be availabe on Freevee, the titles include “Play-Doh Squished,”- hosted by Sarah Hyland from Modren Family.

High School (2022) depicts the culture and true picture of the 90s culture in High Schools of the United States, and Judy Justice season 2 – the rebranded version of Judy Judge (1996). 

Wrap Up

The first season of Leverage: Redemption generally received positive reviews from the viewers, and the second season is expected to be even better. If you are a fan of fast-paced heist shows with comedy, action, and mystery elements, make sure to check out the show this November.

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