How to Watch Voot in USA | Stream Voot Select from the United States in 2022

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Hey guys! Here you get to know about another one of our channel blogs. Now today, we are going to tell you about Voot, another extravagant Indian streaming service similar to Hotstar. If you are willing to know about how to stream Voot in the United States or from anywhere around the world, you must read this article. By the very end of this article, we are pretty sure that streaming Voot will not be something that you won’t know how to do.  So buckle up to learn a dozen methods to learn How to stream Voot in the USA.

Is Voot Available in the USA? | Can I Get Voot Select from the US?

Unfortunately, Voot isn’t available in the USA directly. This is mainly due to the fact Voot is an Indian channel and limited copyrights for different shows and programs. Not all of the programming is available all over the world and as such, Voot only has the rights to show those movies and shows in the regions it has the rights for.

However… There are more than a few ways to access Voot in the USA. Some of them are listed below.

  1. With a VPN (recommended, most reliable, and the cheapest method)
  2. Through Amazon Fire TV
  3. Using Roku
  4. With Virgin Media
  5. Via Sling TV
  6. Using Apple TV
  7. Through Android TV, and
  8. Via Chromecast devices

How to Watch Voot in USA | Can I Watch Voot Select in the USA?

watch voot with VPN
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The short answer is yes, you can stream Voot in the USA. Some of the above methods can be deployed to watch Voot in the USA. However, we are going to list in detail the most reliable method that has been tested to work 10/10 times, the VPN method. Some of the benefits of the VPN method include:

  1. No additional cost to subscribe to Sling TV
  2. No additional cost to get a device like Chromecast or Apple TV
  3. It’s a DIY method that works every time

With that said, here’s how you can watch Voot Select in the USA:

  1. Get ExpressVPN for Voot (12+3 month special deal with 30day money-back guarantee)
  2. Download the VPN app from its site or your app store
  3. Log in using your credentials
  4. Connect to the Indian server (India – Mumbai)
  5. Now open a browser on your phone or device and go to Voot’s site
  6. Alternatively, download the Voot app from your app store*
  7. Run Voot (app or webpage)
  8. Sign up for a Voot subscription (free or Select, up to you)
  9. Log in using your credentials
  10. Stream Voot in the USA!

    express vpn
    30 Day Money Back Guarantee

* If the app isn’t available on the app store, you might have to download Voot’s apk from a third-party site.

Can I Subscribe to Voot Select from the USA | Get Voot Select in USA

Voot Select

If you want to watch Voot from the United States then all you need is a workable VPN service with an Indian IP address and you are good to go. On the other hand, Voot Select is the premium version of Voot with a number of newly released web series and movies. If you are looking to get the premium version of Voot “Select” from the US then follow these simple steps:

  1. Get ExpressVPN for Voot ($6.67/mo with 30day money-back guarantee)
  2. Download and Install it on your device
  3. Select an Indian IP server from the country list
  4. Now open on your browser and click on Log-in
  5. Now enter your email address or you can register with your Facebook ID
  6. After entering the ID, select upgrade and it will take you to the payment screen
  7. Voot is currently available for INR 299/year (limited time offer), the regular price is 499/year
  8. You can pay for Voot Select via UPI, Debit Card, Credit Card, Amazon Pay, and Internet Banking. Voot accepts both Visa and Master cards.
  9. Enter your payment details and press the make payment button
  10. Congratulations! you have successfully subscribed to Voot Select from USA

Best VPN to Watch Voot in the USA | Stream Voot Select in USA with the Best VPN

With the VPN method elaborated above, it’s possible the thought of accessing Voot without a VPN might be crossing your mind, but as we mentioned, a VPN is required to access Voot in the USA.

In fact, it is the cheapest way to access Voot in the USA because the other methods namely Sling TV and devices like Chromecast cost way more than a VPN. For example, a VPN will cost around USD 12 a month compared to Sling TV’s USD 35.00 a month. So you are basically saving at least 66%, even more, if you get a higher VPN plan.

With that said, here are two VPNs we highly recommend:

Access Voot in the USA with ExpressVPN | Best VPN to Watch Voot Select in USA

Voot Express
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Now our first pick is obviously ExpressVPN because it just goes above and beyond your expectations of a VPN and like they say on their homepage, it “just works.” You get what you pay for, premium uninterrupted VPN services with the power to connect from 160 locations across the world.

It offers a very good speed in terms of downloading (87+ Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection) and uploading (51+ Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection) based on our tests and offers multiple protocols to choose from.

The price might feel a little high if you’re paying by the month but it’s still a lot cheaper compared to Sling TV and other alternatives.

The ideal thing to do is to go for the annual plan since that costs USD 6.67 a month (billed USD 99.5 once) instead of USD 12.95 each month to bring your cost down.

Plus with the ExpressVPN annual plan, you will also be able to access other streaming channels exclusive to India and UK, from the US, like you can watch Disney+ Hotstar in the USA, and BBC iPlayer in the United States for instance.

express vpn

Access Voot in the USA with NordVPN | Fastest Servers to Stream Voot Select in the USA

Voot Nord
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Another great option on par with ExpressVPN is NordVPN. This VPN does everything Express does but at a cheaper rate. The monthly plan costs USD 11.99 and it also has a best-value, 2-year plan that costs just USD 78.96, meaning it will cost you a measly USD 3.29 a month if you break the cost into a two-year period.

NordVPN also stands out because of its server count which totals more than 5400 across 60 countries. The download and upload speeds are also great (84+ Mbps and 53 Mbps) and like ExpressVPN, you will also gain the ability to unblock any channel from any part of the globe.

With NordVPN you can also watch Voot in Australia, Canada and anywhere outside India.

What Is Voot?

Voot is an Indian VOD platform that provides a subscription-based service, mostly featuring Indian programs while also covering Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Bengali programs. With Voot’s paid subscription, Select, English programs can also be streamed online.

Voot Pricing? How Much Does Voot Cost?

Voot Select Plan

In contrast to Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and Disney+ Hotstar, Voot is cheaper. Currently, Voot is offering two types of memberships i.e. monthly and annual. The prices for both of the packages are;

  1. Special Deal: Voot yearly plan is available for INR 299/year
  2. Regular Deal: Subscription plan per month: INR 99 a month (USD 1.31)
  3. Regular Deal: Subscription plan per year: INR 999 a month (USD 13.24)

But hey, It is also possible to stream Voot without paying anything. It is just that the content is limited that way. 

A Brief History of Voot

Voot was launched in March 2016 and is owned by Viacom 18. It provides more than 40,000+ hours of content which include Nickelodeon, Colors, and MTV originals. Voot primarily broadcasts Indian content, but it also has a regional presence in India, including programming in Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Telugu, Malayalam, and Tamil, among other regional languages.

Along with India, the Indian channel is available in the United States and the United Kingdom. The channel was mostly free in its early days, up until February 2000, but since then, Voot has introduced a subscription plan called Voot Select, the rates of which have been mentioned above.

How to Watch Voot in USA for Free | Stream Voot in USA Free

If you have a VPN subscription and a VPN app, you can watch Voot from any region for free. Even if you don’t want to pay for Voot Select, you can just open your VPN app, connect to the Indian server and then watch the limited programming that is available to free Voot users.

Can I use a Free VPN to Watch Voot in the USA

Voot unavailable

Using a free VPN to stream Voot in the United States is a hit-or-miss thing. Why? Because of the volume of spam they receive from free VPN IPs, most streaming providers block them. However, with a paid VPN, you always have the option of contacting the VPN’s customer service team to resolve any concerns. Even if it doesn’t work, you have nothing to lose because they always have your back with their “money-back guarantee” policy and 24/7 support. The bottom line is that if you want to watch Voot in the United States, you’ll need to pay for a VPN service.

How to Download Voot app in USA | Get Voot Select app From the USA

There are different ways to download Voot app in the USA. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. The Official App Store Method:

Voot is easily accessible by going to your app store and downloading the app from there. If you’re using an iOS device, go to the App Store to search for and download the app; if you’re using an Android device, go to the Google Play Store to search for and download the app. If you can’t find Voot’s app in the app store on your device, move on to the next step because this simply means the app isn’t available in your area.

2. The APK Method

This method is only for Android users who can’t find Voot’s app on Google Play Store. If such is the case:

  1. Open your phone’s browser
  2. Search for “Voot APK”
  3. Click on one of the reliable sites (APK Mirror, APK Pure, etc.)
  4. Download the app
  5. Turn on app installation from third parties from your phone’s settings
  6. Install the Voot app by clicking on it (check your browser’s download history)
  7. Run the app

3. The Browser

This doesn’t technically qualify as a way to get an app, but it surely gets Voot working in the US

  1. Open your phone’s browser
  2. Visit
  3. Sign up
  4. Sign in
  5. Start streaming Voot from the USA
  6. You can also screencast from any device to your TV/Monitor using this method

How to Download the Voot App on Android | Stream Voot with Android Devices from the US

Part of this has been explained above. However, to recap, if you wish to download Voot’s app on Android, just:

  1. Go to Google Play Store from your phone/tablet
  2. Search for Voot
  3. If you see the app, click on it (if not, get the app from third-party APK sites)
  4. Install the Voot app on your phone
  5. Run Voot’s Android app on your phone
  6. Continue with the sign-up process

How to Download the Voot app on iPhone | Watch Voot on iPhone in USA

Downloading Voot on your iPhone is as easy as it is on Android. All you have to do is:

  1. Run App Store application
  2. Search for Voot
  3. When you see the app, click on it
  4. Install the app and then run it
  5. Continue to the sign-up process

If you can’t see the app, you will have to change your App Store’s region to India and even provide an Indian number or a payment option. An alternative is to create a new Indian Apple ID but keep in mind that creating a new ID will also require an Indian number or payment details or both.

Can You Download the Voot app on Smart TV? | Get Voot on Smart TV

Downloading Voot on Smart TV is just like downloading Voot’s app on your Google smartphone. Just:

  1. Head to Play Store
  2. Search for the Voot app
  3. Download the app
  4. Run the app

How to Download Voot Apk in the USA

If you notice Voot’s app on Google Play Store, it shows it’s available in your area, but if not, then as mentioned earlier, it’s not available. In such a case, use the third-party APK option and get the app from a third-party site. The following are the steps to take:

  1. Go to your go-to search engine.
  2. Search for “Voot APK”.
  3. Click on a third-party website’s link that you find reliable.
  4. Download the latest version of Voot’s APK from that site.
  5. Go to your phone’s setting and Enable the installation of “Unknown Apps”.
  6. Install the third-party APK by clicking on it.

Watch VOOT on Your Favorite Devices – List of all the Voot Supported Devices

Voot is accessible with almost any device you can think of. The app is compatible with a wide range of devices, including:

  1. Android phones
  2. Android tablets
  3. iPhones
  4. iPads
  5. Roku
  6. Apple TV
  7. Chromecast
  8. Windows PC and laptops (via website)
  9. Mac OS (via website)
  10. Linux systems (via website)
  11. Smart TVs
  12. Amazon Fire TV

How To Watch Voot On A PC | Stream Voot Select on Windows in US

Many people enjoy connecting their computer to a large TV or monitor screen. Voot does not have an app for PCs, unfortunately. If you can’t acquire the app, you may always use the website approach, which means 

  1. going to, 
  2. signing up, 
  3. signing in
  4. and then streaming Voot online through the website.

What Channels are Available on Voot | Watch Indian TV Channels on Voot from USA

Woot Channels
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Voot does not have a huge channel library like Disney+ Hotstar, but you can still stream the following Indian TV channels from the United States on Voot Select

  • Colors 
  • MTV
  • Comedy Central
  • Colors Kannada
  • Colors Cineplex
  • Colors Tamil
  • Colors Marathi
  • Dangal
  • Voot Classic
  • News 18 India
  • Cnn-News 18
  • Voot Select
  • Voot Originals
  • Others

Best TV shows, and movies to watch on Voot from USA

Now it’s time to move forward to the real stuff: the shows. Voot has a whole lot of shows available, even if you only want to stream some of their free programs before you decide to pay for Voot and switch to Voot Select.

The channel contains over 40k+ hours of programming, which includes TV episodes and movies from all around the world and in a variety of languages. The following are some of the most popular Voot shows:

Premium Programs on Voot | Watch Voot Select Programs in USA

Here is a list of premium content on Voot (Voot Select) that you can watch from the United States:

  1. Halo TV Show
  2. Super Pumped
  3. Shark Tank
  4. Swaran Ghar
  5. The Affair
  6. Why Women Kill
  7. MTV Roadies 2022
  8. London Files
  9. Aparahan Season 02
  10. Neer Dose
  11. Illegal
  12. Crackdown
  13. Candy
  14. Humble Politician Nograj
  15. Ranjis Hi Sahi
  16. Asur
  17. Others

Free Programs on Voot | Watch Voot for Free in USA

When it comes to free content, unlike Disney+ Hotstar, Voot has a lot to offer. Here are some TV shows, movies, and web series you can watch on Voot for free from the United States or anywhere else with an Indian IP address.

  • Shaktiman
  • Brochara
  • The Khatra Khatra Show
  • Love, Lust and Confusion 2
  • Gehraiyaan
  • Ye Kya Hoa Bro
  • and a lot of Indian movies

What Else Can I Watch on Voot from USA?

If your quince of content is still not satisfied with the above-mentioned Indian channels and Indian content, Voot offers 24/7 live News and Sports.

What Sports are available on Voot | Watch Sports on Voot in US

Here is a list of sports events you can watch on Vood from the United States or anywhere else:

  1. NBA
  2. Serie A (Football League)
  3. Badminton World Federation
  4. LaLiga
  5. Ligue 1
  6. ATP Masters (Tennis)
  7. Cricket 
  8. Other

Wrap Up

So, that was all you needed to get started with streaming Voot from the US. With the aforementioned tips, you have the choice to get Voot Select in the USA too, and watch premium content like Bigboss, Udaariyaan, and other top-rated TV shows.

Keep in mind that to access Voot and Voot Select in USA you will need to connect to an Indian server only. We recommend ExpressVPN because of its fast server speeds and the number of Indian servers it has. Now, it is up to you what option you select to watch Voot from the United States.

Written by Mickel Clark

Mickel is a streaming aficionado who loves nothing more than to pen down his thoughts about the movies, anime and TV shows he has watched and likes sharing hacks on how to stream them online.