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Something Undone

Something Undone is a captivating psychological thriller series coming to ITVX on December 14, 2023. Set in an era where true crime stories captivate the masses, this Canadian drama follows the journey of two content creators who risk everything to solve the mysteries of a disturbing, unsolved case.

ITVX is a geo-restricted streaming platform only available in the UK, so if you want to watch Something Undone in USA for free, we suggest you read this detailed guide to the end.

How to watch Something Undone in USA for free?

The Canadian drama series Something Undone will be streaming on ITVX for free. However, there’s a little roadblock for the American viewers. ITVX is only available to use in the UK.

To get past this problem, you will need to use a reliable VPN and follow the quick steps below:

1- Sign up to ExpressVPN for ITVX (12+3 months free special deal with a 30-day money-back guarantee)

2- Download ExpressVPN on your devices of choice (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and more)

3- Select the British Server from the country list

4- Now open ITVX in your browser or in-app

5- Search Something Undone on ITVX

6- Enjoy Something Undone in USA for free

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Why do you need a VPN to watch Something Undone in USA for free?

Geo-restrictions are the primary reason why you can’t access ITVX. This streaming platform operates under content distribution licenses that limit its viewership to the UK. Therefore, if you want to watch titles like Something Undone in USA for free, you’ll find it’s not possible directly.

ITVX employs advanced firewalls to detect the origin of its user’s IP address. If you try to access ITVX with an American IP address, the system will recognize and block your access to the content immediately.

You can use a VPN service to circumvent this IP-tracking firewall. By connecting to a British server through a VPN service, such as ExpressVPN, your location will appear as if you’re in the UK.

This virtual relocation trick lets you bypass the geo-restrictions and access ITVX, allowing you to watch Something Undone in USA for free.

Why is ExpressVPN the Best Choice to Watch Something Undone in USA for free?

ExpressVPN rises as the leading choice among various VPN services we tested for accessing regionally restricted platforms and content. It’s highly recommended for those wishing to experience the upcoming thriller drama Something Undone in USA for free on ITVX.

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Testing NordVPN to watch Something Undone in USA for free

Our evaluation of more than 20 VPN services brought us to NordVPN following our positive experience with ExpressVPN. This premium VPN service provider stands out with its extensive global server network of over 5800 servers in more than 60 countries.

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Where to watch Something Undone in USA for free?

We have an unfortunate piece of news for Americans: Something Undone is currently not confirmed to be streaming anywhere for free in USA.

The show will be available for free on ITVX in the UK and on CBC Gem in Canada, but as for the status of major American streaming platforms, nothing is confirmed yet.

If you don’t want to wait any longer and enjoy the upcoming thriller drama series Something Undone in USA for free as soon as it premieres, the best option at your disposal is using a VPN and watching it on ITVX.

This can be done by simply subscribing to a premium VPN, connecting to a British server to change your IP address, and that’s it; you will be able to watch Something Undone in USA for free without any limitations.

Something Undone ‚Äď Release Date

Something Undone is going to be released on December 14, 2023, on ITVX in the UK and on CBC Gem in Canada. The show has an IMDb rating of 7.2/10.

If you like to watch TV shows, you can also watch Vigil Season 2, EastEnders: The Six, Strife, and Killing Sherlock: Lucy Worsley on the Case of Conan Doyle.

Something Undone – Trailer

Something Undone ‚Äď What to Expect from the Show?

Something Undone is a story centered around two podcast creators, Farid and Jo. Farid delves into true crime stories for their podcast, while Jo, a foley artist, creates the necessary sound effects.

The plot thickens when Farid travels to Briddus, Newfoundland, in Canada, to uncover the truth behind the Chaffey family’s murder in the 1980s.

This investigation leads him into a web of deceit involving corrupt police and individuals intent on concealing the truth, with rumors hinting at connections to satanic practices.

Simultaneously, Jo finds herself isolated in her deceased mother’s rural house. Here, she begins to hear unsettling noises, leading her down a harrowing path that reveals a chilling family secret.

The Cast of Something Undone

Something Undone, the upcoming Canadian drama series on ITVX, features an impressive group of actors who bring the narrative of the series to life. Check out our in-depth analysis of the cast and characters from Something Undone below:

  • Michael Musi as Farid

Michael Musi portrays the character Farid, a dedicated podcaster focused on unraveling the mystery of an unsolved murder. Musi’s acting credits include roles in various productions such as Kim’s Convenience, Take Note, and Blink Twice.

  • Madison Walsh as Jo

Madison Walsh portrays the character Jo, a foley artist grappling with mental health issues. Her acting career includes performances in Hudson & Rex, Don’t Say Its Name, and Mrs America.

  • Billy Campbell as Pastor Cape

Billy Campbell is portraying Pastor Cape. Campbell has had a diverse acting career and has appeared in several popular TV shows such as Dynasty, Tales of the City, The O.C., and Helix.

Some of the additional names that are a part of Something Undone’s cast are listed below:

  • Amanda Brugel
  • Kyra Harper
  • Shawn Doyle
  • Nicole Power
  • Maria Vacratsis

Something Undone – Episode Details

The Canadian thriller series Something Undone originally had two seasons, which were released on CBC in 2021 and 2022, but now, merging both seasons with an additional four new episodes, the series is set to be reborn as a brand new 10-episode series.

We have discussed some brief details about each episode below to give fans of the series a better idea of what they can expect from the show:

Episode 1: Farid reaches the hostile town of Briddus to delve into the Chaffeys’ family murder case. Meanwhile, Jo is editing her podcast at her mother’s house, where she starts hearing unusual sounds inside the home.

Episode 2: Jo stumbles upon alarming recordings left by her mother, leading her to suspect a hidden entity is trying to reach out to her. Farid gains an unexpected companion.

Episode 3: Farid persistently probes into the Chaffey family’s homicide, stirring discomfort.

Episode 4: The tension between Farid and Jo escalates, affecting their bond. Jo confronts the spirits that torment her.

Episode 5: Having uncovered the truth, Farid realizes he needs to return to Jo.

Episode 6: Jo faces a horrifying truth and confronts her inner demons, while Farid chooses his love for Jo over his professional ambitions and quest for justice.

Episode 7: Half a year later, Jo and Farid retreat to an island to mend their relationship.

Episode 8: On the island, Farid links a local woman’s disappearance to their future.

Episode 9: Farid interrogates the island’s pastor with tough questions, and Jo battles with her mental well-being.

Episode 10: Jo and Farid find themselves in a perilous situation, trapped by the murderer.

Something Undone on Twitter


1- Will Something Undone be available in USA?

As the Canadian series Something Undone is coming on ITVX in the UK and on CBC Gem in Canada, it can be expected that eventually, the thriller drama will get picked up by one of the primary streaming platforms in USA. However, as of yet, nothing is confirmed.

We recommend using a premium VPN like ExpressVPN to access Something Undone in USA for free on ITVX by changing your IP address to the UK.

2- Can I watch Something Undone on Netflix in USA?

Unfortunately, Something Undone isn’t confirmed to be coming on Netflix in USA or in any other country. However, there’s an alternative for viewers to watch Something Undone in USA for free on ITVX.

Although ITVX isn’t available in USA, you can bypass the geo-restrictions by using a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN. By connecting to a British server, you can stream Something Undone in USA for free without any restrictions.

3- Can I watch Something Undone on Prime Video in USA?

At the moment of writing this blog, Something Undone doesn’t seem likely to be streamed on Prime Video in USA or any other region due to content licensing issues.

However, you can go for the next best alternative to enjoy the series. You can use a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN or NordVPN to access Something Undone in USA for free on ITVX.

4- Is It possible to watch Something Undone in USA with a free VPN?

We strongly advice our readers to steer clear of free VPNs when attempting to watch geo-restricted content like Something Undone in USA for free on ITVX because there are serious drawbacks to using these unreliable free alternatives.

These free VPNs suffer from sluggish streaming speeds and frequent connection drops and can even trigger proxy errors due to their lack of optimal encryption.

If you want to have a worry-less streaming experience of Something Undone in USA for free on ITVX, then we recommend you invest in a trustable premium VPN like ExpressVPN.

5- Something Undone Filming Locations?

The main filming location for the upcoming Canadian drama series on ITVX Something Undone was Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

6- What is the genre of Something Undone?

Something Undone is a Mystery, Drama, and Thriller series that is set to premiere on ITVX and CBC Gem on December 14, 2023.

7- Who is the director of Something Undone?

There are going to be a total of 10 episodes in Something Undone. Hannah Cheesman, who is known for directing The Boathouse (2021), Caught in His Web (2022), and The Definites (2017), directed 7 episodes of the series.

The remaining 3 episodes of Something Undone were directed by Nicole Dorsey. She is known for directing Black Conflux (2019).

8- Who is the writer of Something Undone?

Something Undone is written by Michael Musi and Madison Walsh. The writer duo also stars in leading roles in Canadian drama series and is also known for writing Christmas on the Alpaca Farm (2023).

Wrap Up

Wrapping it up, Something Undone is a thrilling Canadian drama series that is set to release on ITVX on December 14, 2023, and will be available to watch for free in the UK.

We’ve provided thorough instructions that will allow you to access it anywhere outside UK. So what’s the delay? Get an ExpressVPN subscription today, change your IP address, and watch Something Undone in USA for free.

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