How to watch Deal or No Deal 2023 for free in Canada| On ITV

watch Deal or No Deal 2023 for free

Deal or No Deal is an iconic British show that is returning on screens on Monday, November 20, 2023. Originally, the show was hosted by Noel Edmonds and aired on Channel 4 but it has been off the screens since 2016.

However, the show has been rebranded with a new host and new logo and is set to debut on ITV in the UK. In this blog, you will learn how to watch Deal or No Deal 2023 in Canada for free on ITV.

How to watch Deal or No Deal 2023 in Canada on ITV?

Deal or No Deal is heading to ITV in the UK and is set to premier on November 20, 2023. SInce ITV is a regionally restricted streaming service only accessible in the UK, you will need a reliable VPN to access it and watch Deal or No Deal 2023 from Canada.

Here are the steps you need to follow.

1- Get ExpressVPN for ITV ($6.67/mo with a 30day money-back guarantee)

2- Download the VPN app on your device of choice

3- Select a British IP address from the list

4- Now open on your browser

5- Search Deal or No Deal 2023 on ITV from Canada for free

6- Enjoy the series for free

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Why do you need a VPN to watch Deal or No Deal 2023 in Canada

Deal or No Deal 2023 is heading to ITV, which is only accessible from the UK. You will need a workable VPN to change your IP address to a British IP and watch Deal or No Deal 2023 in Canada for free.

We have tested ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Surfshark to unblock ITV from Canada and watched Deal or No Deal 2023 and all three worked perfectly. However, we would go with ExpressVPN due to its highly optimized servers in the UK.

Why is ExpressVPN a good choice to watch Deal or No Deal 2023 in Canada?

ExpressVPN has been rated the #1 VPN by many review sites for accessing geo-restricted content worldwide. We tested it ourselves and can confirm ExpressVPN successfully unblocked ITV content from outside the UK, allowing us to stream Deal or No Deal episodes from Canada with no issue.

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Watching Deal or No Deal in Canada with NordVPN

NordVPN is considered a top competitor and alternative to ExpressVPN by many reviewers. We tested it for accessing ITV’s Deal or No Deal from Canada, and it worked flawlessly, allowing us to stream episodes without issue.

In our speed tests, NordVPN provided fast 85Mbps speeds on a 100Mbps connection, great for uninterrupted streaming. With over 6000 servers worldwide, NordVPN offers ample options for accessing geo-restricted platforms like BBC, Hulu, and Peacock anywhere.

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Deal or No Deal release date

Deal or No Deal is now back with another fresh season and host. The game series is heading to ITV and will be released on Monday, November 20, at 4 pm. There is no word in the American or Canadian release of the series. Therefore, the best way to watch Deal or No Deal outside UK is on ITV with ExpressVPN.

Deal or No Deal 2023 trailer

Who is the host of Deal or No Deal 2023?

Stephen Mulhern, the prominent host, is taking on the responsibility to make the show great again. He will be joined by a new banker whose name is kept secret and will tempt contestants for deals.

Stephen was asked about the banker, and he said he didn’t know him and don’t want to meet him or become friends. Because that will affect the way he deals with him during the game show. He is hard to deal with and takes no prisoners. He once said, “Tell them if they want to get greedy. I’m gonna get nasty.”

Stephen has been active in the industry and is best known for British shows like Catchphrase, Britain’s Got More Talent, Celebrity Catchphrase and In for a Penny.

What is the format of Deal or No Deal 2023?

Deal or No Deal involves a contestant facing 22 mystery boxes containing various hidden cash amounts. Without knowing the contents, they must eliminate boxes one by one as each is opened to reveal the money inside.

The key element is the Banker, who tempts the player with increasing cash offers to buy their box. The offers get higher as long as the big money prizes remain unopened. This creates tension – if the contestant keeps rejecting deals hoping for more money, they risk losing it all if a high-value box gets opened.

The player must decide when to take the Banker’s deal or hold out, hoping their box has a huge cash prize. It’s a pressure-filled battle of nerves and risk-taking with escalating stakes.

What is the winning prize of Deal or No Deal 2023?

The winning prize (Jackpot) for Deal or No Deal  2023 has been reduced to £100,000 from £250,000. £100,000 is less than the previous prize, but it is still a huge amount of money that can change lives.

Deal or No Deal ratings

Deal or No Deal has been rated 4.6/10 on IMDb. The series has been nominated for several awards and won the National Television UK award in 2006 and 2007.

Deal or No Deal Twitter

Where else can you watch Deal or No Deal?

The game series is available on Amazon Prime Video in several countries. In the US you can watch previous seasons of the game series on Tubi TV, Amazon Freevee, and Pluto TV.

Deal or No Deal 2023 episodes

Wondering how many episodes are there in Deal or No Deal 2023? We have checked several publications and couldn’t find an exact number regarding the episodes of this game series. However, on Wikipedia, the number of episodes is 20 for this season, starting on November 20, 2023, and ending on December 15, 2023.

Unlike its predecessors, the series is likely to have limited episodes.

Has anyone won the £250,000 prize in Deal or No Deal?

There are nine contestants who have won the huge prize of £250,000. Here is a list of who has won the bumper prize with dates.

No. Date Contestant
1 7 January 2007 Laura Pearce
2 12 March 2009 Alice Mundy
3 13 May 2011 Suzanne Mulholland
4 22 September 2011 Tegen Roberts
5 5 August 2012 Nong Skett
6 12 August 2013 Paddy Roberts
7 12 February 2014 Roop Singh
8 15 October 2015 Ann Crawford
9 23 December 2016 Vikki Heenan

What are the critics saying about 2023 Deal or No Deal?

Ruth Lawes from Metro says the winning prize should not be decreased with the current inflation.

The revived Deal or No Deal will stick to the same format as the original Channel 4 version, which aired for 11 years before being cancelled in 2016. However, the top prize money has reportedly been cut significantly for the reboot.

Whereas contestants in the original could win up to £250,000, now the maximum jackpot is said to be only £100,000 – over 50% less. When accounting for inflation, £250,000 in 2016 would equal about £363,248 today. So the new £100,000 top prize is equivalent to just £70,000 or so back in 2016, based on an online inflation calculator.

So while the reboot will follow the classic game show format, the top winnings appear to be dramatically lower than on the original Deal or No Deal series. The big question is if lower potential prizes will impact the show’s ability to attract contestants and build suspense.

What else can you watch?

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  • Boat Story
  • I’m a Celebrity 2023
  • Planet Earth
  • Survivor Season 3

Wrap Up

There you go. The topic of watching Deal or No Deal 2023 in Canada has been discussed in detail. You will need a reliable VPN to access ITV from Canada and watch Deal or No Deal 2023 for free.

We have tested ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Surfshark to access ITV in the past and all three worked perfectly. However, we would recommend ExpressVPN to watch Deal or No Deal 2023 for free in Canada.

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