How To Watch Indian Netflix from anywhere In 2023 (Tested By Our Team)

How To Watch Indian Netflix from anywhere

Do you have a question about how to watch Netflix India from the US? This guide has answers to every question you might have. Netflix India has content that can only be accessed in India, and you can’t watch these geo-restricted titles from outside of India due to copyright issues. 

We understand that if you’re an American streamer and want to access Indian content from the US. For that, you need a secure VPN. With a VPN, you can change your IP address and access content that is geographically restricted in your region. To learn more details about how to watch Netflix India anywhere, read this blog to the end.

How to Watch Netflix India anywhere in 2023?

Unblock all the geo-restrictions that you might face while accessing Netflix India from anywhere by using a VPN. Follow the easiest steps below and get access to Netflix India from anywhere in the world with the help of a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN: 

1- Get ExpressVPN to access Netflix India. (12+3 months free with a 30day money-back guarantee)

2- Download and install the VPN application, then sign in.

3- Connect to an Indian server. 

4- Visit the official Netflix website or use the Netflix app on your device. 

5- Sign in and enjoy watching Netflix India anywhere.

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Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch Netflix India anywhere

Being a Netflix streamer, you might know that you can’t access a lot of content from your region because of copyright issues. Netflix is the biggest streaming platform that offers a lot of titles, but when you try to access the Indian Netflix library from the United States, you might get an error. 

So, you need a VPN to connect with an Indian server. This will give you a temporary IP address in India, which makes you appear as if you’re located in India, even if you’re accessing the service from the US or anywhere else.

With a premium VPN like ExpressVPN, we could get an Indian IP address and even access Disney+ Hotstar from the US. Not only that, but a VPN allows you to watch American Netflix from India without any issues as well. 

Best VPNs to Access Netflix India anywhere

If you want to get the best VPNs to unblock Netflix, you should check the VPN services we’ve listed below. These VPN services have the fastest unblocking speeds and provide you with outstanding features at affordable prices. So, without any further delay, read about them and give them a try now. 

1- ExpressVPN – Best VPN to watch Netflix India anywhere

Total Servers: 3,500+ │Countries: 105+ Trustpilot Rating: 4.7 │Simultaneous Connections: 8

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to change your Netflix region to watch Netflix India from the US. You can have 3,000 servers in 105+ countries, allowing you to give other regions Netflix content libraries. 

ExpressVPN allows you to choose the app you want to access VPN while other apps or devices access the internet with a split tunneling feature. It protects the traffic you choose, without losing access to local network devices. 

ExpressVPN keeps your data safe even if your VPN connection drops, blocking all internet traffic until protection is restored. With ExpressVPN, it handles your DNS request with the same encryption and tunneling protocols as all your other activity. 

It will hide your IP address and mix your traffic with that of other users. ExpressVPN will encrypt your traffic between secure VPN servers and your computer. It keeps your data safe from being read by third parties. 

This VPN will never log traffic data or anything that could be used to identify you. Additionally, ExpressVPN will block all harmful devices. It give you control over your online experience. 

In addition, ExpressVPN is vital when using public Wi-Fi. It protects you against rogue Wi-Fi networks and more. With ExpressVPN, you can connect up to 8 devices. ExpressVPN also provides you with unlimited bandwidth and downloads as much as you want. 

ExpressVPN provides you an edge for cloud gaming and game consoles by lowering overall lag. ExpressVPN protects your entire home network on your router, even Smart TVs and game consoles. Not only that, you can access it on different devices, including Netflix on Kodi

ExpressVPN offers all these features for $6.67 per month. You can get this subscription for 12 months with 3 months extra. With ExpressVPN, you will get a 30-day money-back guarantee with 24/7 chat support.

2- NordVPN – The Best Alternate to ExpressVPN 

Total Servers: 5,500+ │Countries: 60+│Trustpilot Rating: 4.5 │Simultaneous Connections: 6

Are you looking for the fastest VPN to unblock Netflix? NordVPN is the best choice. It has 5,500 servers in 60+ countries, giving you easy access to Netflix of other regions’ content libraries without any issues. 

Connect up to 6 devices with a single subscription to NordVPN. It is compatible with multiple devices, such as Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, and other devices. With NordVPN, you can unblock all the streaming platforms, such as Prime Videos, HBO, Disney+, and Hulu from India

Also, it will block all the trackers and unwanted ads and stop you from landing on malicious websites with a threat protection feature. With a dark web monitor feature, NordVPN continuously scans dark web forums and sites for credentials. It will continue to protect your accounts as long as you have it enabled. 

With the Meshnet feature, you can safely reach files on your home PC, laptop, or tablet with just a few clicks. NordVPN lets you create secure private networks for intense gaming sessions. 

With NordVPN, you can get it for $4.79 per month with 3 extra months for 2 years. You can save up to 54% off. You can get a 30-day money-back guarantee with 24/7 chat support. 

3- Surfshark – The Most Affordable Alternate 

Total Servers: 3,000+ │Countries: 100+ │Trustpilot Rating: 4.3 │Simultaneous Connections: Unlimited

Surfshark is an affordable VPN, giving you access to other regions’ Netflix content library without any interruption. Surfshark provides you with 3,000 servers in 100+ countries that connect unlimited devices. 

Surfshark allows specific apps and websites to access the VPN. Surfshark is perfect and accessible on every device. You can access American Netflix on Chromecast without any interruption. 

Additionally, your online activities will never be monitored or tracked by Surfshark because it has a strict no-log policy. You can have a net of protection with Surfshark in case your VPN connection drops. It is a secure VPN that will never expose your online activities and sensitive data. 

Surfshark takes your security to the next level, providing you with private DNS and leak protection.  Additionally, Surfshark makes sure your internet connection is safe and secure with the Camouflage mode feature. You can make your browsing experience clean with no ads, trackers, or malware with a CleanWeb feature

And you know what? You can get all these features for just $2.69/month with 4 months of extra services, You can save up to 85% with a 30-day money-back guarantee. In this subscription, you can also get a 7-day trial. 

Can I Use a Free VPN to Watch Netflix India in the USA? 

When it comes to a free VPN, it looks good, but they are not sufficient to give you access to Netflix. That’s why we never tell you to use a free VPN to access Netflix India from the US. There are a lot of issues you might face when you use a free VPN. 

First of all, a free VPN uses limited servers and blacklisted IPs that can cause you to block your access. With a free VPN, you might get Netflix proxy errors. A free VPN offers you limited bandwidth that doesn’t allow you to download much.  Using a free VPN can be a risk, as they can access your personal data without your permission and can sell it to third parties. 

So, it’s better not to use a free VPN. You can go for a secure VPN, like ExpressVPN instead to get a secure connection. It will allow you to change your IP addresses without revealing your original IP address. Not only that. A reliable VPN allows you to access American Netflix on Firestick without any issues. 

Netflix India vs. Netflix America

Indian Netflix contains a total of 6,423 titles in its library. You can’t watch a lot of content from the United States that is available in the Indian Netflix content library. To know how many titles are available in both countries, go through the table below and learn more about them. 

Region Movies Shows 
Netflix India 3704 2719
Netflix America 3857 2536

Netflix Price Comparison 

Do you want to know about the pricing plans of Netflix India? If so, don’t worry, we’ll tell you about it. As an American Netflix streamer, you might know about American Netflix’s pricing plans, but you might not be aware of the pricing plans of India.

So, check the pricing plans of Indian Netflix below. Additionally, you to compare them with American Netflix and see the differences:

  • Netflix US

Standard with ads: $6.99/month

Standard: $15.49/month (extra member slots can be added for $7.99 each/month)

Premium: $19.99/month (extra member slots can be added for $7.99 each/month)

  • Netflix India

Mobile: ₹149 INR/month

Basic: ₹199 INR/month

Standard: ₹499 INR/month

Premium: ₹649 INR/month


Is using a VPN to watch Indian Netflix anywhere illegal?

No, it is not illegal to use a VPN to watch Netflix India from the US. It is simple: being a streamer, you want to access different content from your region, but geographical restrictions block your access.

That’s why you need a VPN to access Netflix India from the US. Use a reliable VPN, like ExpressVPN, which provides you with secure servers that will give you an easy streaming experience. 

Can I watch Netflix India in the USA?

You can watch Netflix India from the US by using a VPN. If you want to access Netflix India from the US, choose a reliable VPN, like EpxressVPN, and change your IP address with an Indian server. It will allow you to access Netflix India from the US.

Why doesn’t Netflix allow using a VPN?

Netflix has a vast content available in its library. But you can’t access all the content from your region due to geo-restrictions.

But if you still use a VPN to access Netflix, keep this thing in mind that Netflix doesn’t allow you to use a VPN because VPNs usually use limited servers that are blocked by Netflix. So, to access Netflix from your region, you need a secure VPN, like ExpressVPN. 

What you can watch on Netflix with a VPN?

Due to copyright issues, you can’t access all of your desired content from your region. But with a secure VPN, you can access all the content from any region without any restrictions.

Now you know how you can watch other regions’ Netflix. Here is a list of recommendations; you can watch on Netflix with a VPN:


 With a secure VPN, like ExpressVPN, you can connect to an Indian server. This will allow you to change your Netflix region and grant you access to Indian Netflix from the US or anywhere else without any issues. We have already watched South African Netflix from the US with ExpressVPN, and we recommend it to everyone.

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