Is Blood Diamond on Netflix| How to watch Blood Diamond (2006) in the United States on Netflix in 2023?

Blood Diamond Netflix

Blood Diamond is a 2006 American historical drama film directed by Edward Zwick and starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Djimon Hounsou, Jennifer Connelly, and Arnold Vosloo.

The movie portrays a time period during the Sierra Leone Civil War in 1999. A smuggler (DiCaprio) partners up with a Mende fisherman (Hounsou) in search of a precious pink diamond and rescues the fisherman’s son, whom rebels have kidnapped.

You will find the instructions you need to follow to watch Blood Diamond on Netflix from anywhere around the world.

Is Blood Diamond on Netflix?

Blood Diamond¬†is available on Netflix but in limited countries like Australia. If you reside in the United States or the UK, then you won’t find it in your Netflix library, and that is due to copyright issues.

However, you can watch Blood Diamond on Netflix from anywhere with a reliable VPN.

How to watch Blood Diamond on Netflix in 2023?

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Blood Diamond – Netflix Countries

With an engaging storyline and powerful cast, Blood Diamond attracted a huge fanbase, making people curious about where they can watch the movie online.

Our team of experts has checked several Netflix libraries and found Blood Diamond in the Netflix library of the following countries:

  • Australia
  • Hong Kong
  • Israel
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines
  • Russia
  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • Thailand

Blood Diamond – Release Date

Blood Diamond was released in the United States on December 8, 2006, and grossed a worldwide revenue of $171.7 million. The movie has a solid 8/10 rating on IMDb and a fresh score of 63% on Rotten Tomatoes. It is also noteworthy that Blood Diamond was nominated for the Academy Awards in 5 different categories; however, it couldn’t secure a win in either of them.

If you like watching movies, watch Amadeus, 21, Ocean’s 8, It Chapter Two, and Vacation¬†on Netflix.

Blood Diamond – Official Trailer

Blood Diamond – What to Expect from the Movie?

In the 1990s, there was a civil war in Sierra Leone. Rebel groups were fighting the government and scaring civilians. While working, a local fisherman named Solomon Vandy found a rare pink diamond. Before Solomon could sell it, rebels attacked his village.

A Fisherman’s Discovery

¬†They captured Solomon, and his family ran away. The rebel leader took the pink diamond. The rebels used slave labor to mine “blood diamonds” to fund the revolution. Solomon was forced to work mining diamonds.¬†

A Father’s Hope

The rebels brainwashed Solomon’s young son Dia to become a child soldier. Solomon secretly took back the pink diamond when smugglers came and buried it to keep it safe. Soon after, Solomon was rescued by Danny Archer, an arms dealer.¬†

A Deal for Freedom

Archer learned about Solomon’s hidden diamond. He thought he could make a lot of money from it. Archer offered to help Solomon find his family if they shared the diamond.

Hunting Diamond and the boy

As they searched rebel territory for the diamond, they were joined by American journalist Maddy Bowen. She was investigating blood diamonds. Avoiding rebels and government forces, Solomon desperately hoped to find his son Dia alive.

Exposing the Truth

 Ultimately, the men found the diamond but did not know what happened to Dia. Archer sacrificed himself so Solomon and his family could escape with the diamond to start new lives abroad. But Solomon decided to use the diamond to expose the blood diamond trade to the world.

The Cast of Blood Diamond

The powerful movie Blood Diamond featured a famous cast that brought emotional depth and gravitas to the story. The main movie cast includes:

  • Leonardo DiCaprio as Danny Archer

Fresh from acclaimed roles in The Departed and The Aviator, DiCaprio took on the complex role of the opportunistic yet conflicted smuggler Danny Archer. He garnered his second Oscar nomination for the performance. DiCaprio also appeared in the widely acclaimed film The Revenant, for which he won a deserving Oscar for Best Actor. 

  • Djimon Hounsou as Solomon Vandy

Hounsou delivered a heartwrenching turn as grieving father Solomon Vandy, earning Golden Globe and SAG Award nominations. He’s known for roles in Amistad, In America, A Quiet Place 2, Constantine, and Shazam.

  • Jennifer Connelly as Maddy Bowen

Oscar-winner Connelly portrayed crusading journalist Maddy Bowen. She starred in acclaimed films like A Beautiful Mind and Requiem for a Dream. Connelly recently also made an appearance in the blockbuster film Top Gun: Maverick.

  • Michael Sheen as Simmons

Sheen brought a slippery menace to the role of illegal diamond dealer Simmons. The British actor later earned acclaim in Midnight in Paris and Underworld.

  • Arnold Vosloo as Colonel Coetzee

Vosloo’s Colonel Coetzee was the ruthless head of a private military company. He’s known for action films like The Mummy and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.

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What else can you watch on Netflix?

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Blood Diamond – FAQs

Yes, the critically acclaimed 2006 movie Blood Diamond starring Leonardo DiCaprio draws inspiration from actual events and concerns associated with the African diamond trade. Although the movie features fictional characters and storylines, its setting is rooted in the real-life conflict that engulfed Sierra Leone in the late 1990s, primarily driven by the diamond trade.

Africa is predominantly associated with the presence of blood diamonds, with several nations like Angola, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Zimbabwe having witnessed the extraction of these conflict diamonds within their borders.

Blood Diamond has been assigned an R rating, and this classification accurately reflects its content. The film includes intense scenes of violence where children are both victims and perpetrators, depicting graphic incidents of gun violence, bloodshed, explosive sequences, and instances of people burning. The narrative primarily revolves around the pervasive violence in Africa, ensuring that even the slower-paced moments are brief.

Unfortunately, the acclaimed film Blood Diamond is not included in the list of movies available to stream on Hulu in the United States. However, American fans eager to watch the movie have an alternative option. By using a VPN service like ExpressVPN, you can securely access the Australian Netflix library that offers Blood Diamond for streaming.

Connecting through servers in other countries gives you the ability to virtually cross borders and unlock a wider selection of content.

Blood Diamond is currently available for streaming on Netflix, but it's important to note that its availability is restricted to specific regions within Netflix's content libraries due to geo-restrictions. Unfortunately, there have been no official announcements regarding its release date in the United States.

To solve this problem, consider using ExpressVPN, a remarkable VPN service that can seamlessly modify your IP address, allowing you to access Netflix Australia, where Blood Diamond is available for streaming along with a range of other geo-restricted content.

The 2006 dramatic thriller Blood Diamond, was filmed across multiple locations in Africa and Europe. Initial filming took place in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa, including at the popular Victoria and Alfred Waterfront area.

Other South African locations utilized were Port Edward in KwaZulu-Natal province, as well as Goba, Mozambique. Additional shooting was done in Maputo, the capital of Mozambique. For select scenes, the production travelled to London, England in the United Kingdom.

Thus, the filming spanned two continents, taking advantage of the diverse landscapes and urban environments of South Africa, Mozambique, and the UK. By filming on location, the production was able to authentically capture the atmosphere of 1990s Sierra Leone and South Africa for the story about conflict diamonds.

Blood Diamond achieved a box office revenue of $57,377,916 in the United States and Canada and an additional $114,029,263 internationally. In sum, the film garnered a worldwide total of $171,407,179 in ticket sales, all while being produced on a budget of $100 million. The movie was also praised by the critics.

Claudia Puig, writing for USA Today, offered a favorable assessment of the film, describing Blood Diamond as a standout amidst a season filled with noteworthy movies. She particularly commended Leonardo DiCaprio's performance, noting that it marked a significant transformation for the typically youthful actor, portraying him as a more mature presence on screen.

Peter Rainer, a critic for The Christian Science Monitor, also expressed a positive view of the movie and echoed Puig's praise for Leonardo DiCaprio's acting. Rainer lauded DiCaprio's remarkable performance, placing it in the same league as his outstanding work in The Departed from the same year.

Wrap Up

Blood Diamond is a powerful and disturbing film that shines a light on the ugly reality of the conflict diamond trade. The film is well-acted and beautifully shot, and it features some intense and suspenseful action sequences.

We have tested ExpressVPN to change our Netflix regions, and it worked perfectly. Therefore, we highly recommend it to all our readers.

Written by Jessica Lynch

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