How to watch The Equalizer 2 on Netflix in 2023? Tested!

The Equalizer 2

The Equalizer stars Denzel Washington as Robert McCall, a seemingly ordinary man with a mysterious past. When he decides to help a girl named Teri (Chlo√ę Grace Moretz) escape the Russian gangsters who control her, his extraordinary skills become clear. As a prior black ops commando, McCall dishes out justice using his lethal tactics and cold calculation.

In this blog, you will learn how to watch The Equalizer 2 on Netflix, so read till the end.

Is The Equalizer 2 on Netflix?

The Equalizer 2 is available on Netflix but not globally. If you are in the United States or the UK, you won’t find the movie in your Netflix library, and that is due to licensing issues.

But take it easy; we have the perfect hack for watching The Equalizer 2 on Netflix. All you need is a reliable VPN to change your IP to a Canadian IP and access the Canadian Netflix library.

How to watch The Equalizer 2 on Netflix in 2023?

The Equalizer 2 is streaming on Netflix but not globally. Get an ExpressVPN account to watch The Equalizer 2 on Netflix from anywhere.

Follow these simple steps to watch The Equalizer 2:

1- Sign up for a reliable VPN to unblock Netflix (We recommend ExpressVPN and NordVPN after testing)

2- Download the VPN application on your preferred device. (Both ExpressVPN and NordVPN have dedicated apps for several devices like PC, Mac, and Android devices)

3- Select a French server from the country list

4- Now open Netflix in your browser or in-app

5- Search The Equalizer 2 on Netflix

6- Enjoy the movie

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Watching The Equalizer 2 on Netflix with ExpressVPN| Detailed Explanation

Yes, you have heard it right. The Equalizer 2 is now streaming on Netflix in specific regions, and you can watch it from anywhere in the world after following these detailed steps:

1- Sign up for ExpressVPN

To watch The Equalizer 2 on Netflix, you will need ExpressVPN. You are in luck because ExpressVPN offers a 12+3 month free special deal on the purchase of its annual subscription.

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2- Download it on your preferred device

After signing up, download the ExpressVPN app from your respective app store. ExpressVPN has dedicated Windows, Android devices, Mac OS, iPhones, and Linux applications. You can also use ExpressVPN on your gaming consoles like PS4 or Xbox.

With a single ExpressVPN subscription, you can secure up to five devices simultaneously.

3- Connect to a French Server

After downloading the ExpressVPN app, connect to a French IP address from the country list in the ExpressVPN app.

Since The Equalizer 2 is streaming on Netflix France, you will need to connect to a French server to watch it.

4- Enjoy

After connecting to a French server, open Netflix in your browser or in-app and search for The Equalizer 2 on Netflix from the United States. Now you can stream The Equalizer 2 and enjoy.

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Note: The Equalizer (2014) is also available on Netflix in France, and you can easily stream it by following the same steps.

Equalizer 3 release date

The third installment in Denzel Washington’s Equalizer universe was released on September 1, 2023. The movie was completed with a budget of $70 million and has grossed $ 42M-$43.5M in four days, the best box office opening of Labour Day after Shang-Chi,¬†which did $94.6M.

The Equalizer 2 – Netflix Countries

Denzel Washington fans from around the world keep searching for where to watch The Equalizer 2 on Netflix. Our team has checked several Netflix libraries and found The Equalizer in the following Netflix countries.

  • France
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Italy
  • South Africa
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • Spain
  • Japan
  • India
  • Greece

Note: We personally recommend using the French server because both parts of The Equalizer film series are available on Netflix France.

Where Else to watch The Equalizer 2 online?

The movie The Equalizer 2 is streaming on several streaming services, some of which are listed below:

1- Where else to watch The Equalizer 2  in the US?


You can watch The Equalizer 2 on Netflix in the United States with a VPN. Direct TV is your second-best bet if you have a cable subscription.

If you are looking for a streaming option other than Netflix, you can watch The Equalizer 2 on Prime Video (Straz channel), Roku (Straz channel), and the Straz app. If you want to rent the movie, go to Amazon Video, Vudu, Apple iTunes, and Google Play Movies.

Direct TV, Redbox, and YouTube are some of your best options for getting a digital copy.

The best way to watch The Equalizer 2 from the United States is on Netflix with ExpressVPN.

2- Where Else to watch The Equalizer 2 in the UK?

You can also stream The Equalizer 2 on Prime Video and Virgin TV Go (cable subscription). For renting, Rakuten TV and Sky Store are some of your best options, and to purchase a digital copy of the movie, head over to Chili, Apple iTunes, or Amazon Videos.

The Equalizer 2 release date

The Equalizer 2, starring Denzel Washington, was released in theaters on July 20, 2018 in the United States. The film proved to be a commercial success, earning $190 million worldwide at the box office.

With getting an IMDb score of 6.7 out of 10, The movie was widely praised by the viewers, especially by Washington’s fans. If you like watching movies and tv shows on Netflix, watch Hotel Transylvania, Remember Me, Amelie, Don’t Mess with Zohan, and Get Hard on Netflix.

The Equalizer 2 – Official Trailer

The Equalizer 2 – What to Expect from the Movie?

Robert McCall lives a solitary life, keeping a low profile while working at a Home Depot-style store. But his humble existence masks a mysterious past. We learn McCall was a highly skilled black ops commando, now trying to put his violent skills behind him.

Guardian Angel for Alina

His quiet life is disrupted when he befriends Alina, a young sex worker controlled by the ruthless Russian mob. When Alina confides that she‚Äôs desperate to escape her abusers, McCall‚Äôs conscience is stirred. Utilizing his lethal tactical abilities, he confronts the Russian gangsters to secure Alina’s freedom.

The Man Who Can’t Be Killed

This sets off a conflict with a powerful crime gang used to operating with impunity. They use extensive monitoring to discover McCall’s identity. Conversely, McCall remains an elusive, unpredictable force, relentlessly destroying those who pursue him.

The Avengers War

McCall’s restraint will be challenged as the attacks get more daring. He is waging a one-man campaign of intimidation and revenge. The body count grows as McCall breaks down the group with brutal efficacy.

Justice at a Moral Cost

Finally, McCall faces the Russian kingpin Teddy, who lives abroad. McCall kills Teddy and his inner entourage as a final act of revenge. Justice is served but comes at a moral cost to McCall’s soul.

Back at home, he tries to find peace by calling his ex-wife. We’re left to think about the collateral damage that comes from combating evil with evil.

The Cast of The Equalizer 2

The Equalizer 2, the exhilarating action thriller helmed by Antoine Fuqua, captures viewers with its captivating plot and heart-pounding action sequences.

Here are the main cast members in the movie.

  • Denzel Washington as Robert McCall

Denzel Washington, a titan in the realm of acting, delivers a mesmerizing performance as the film’s protagonist, Robert McCall. Renowned for his magnetic on-screen presence, Washington’s portrayal exemplifies his versatility and prowess as an actor. With an impressive filmography that includes unforgettable roles in movies such as The Little Things, Malcolm X, and Inside Man, Washington continues to leave an indelible mark on the industry.

  • Pedro Pascal as Dave York

Pedro Pascal’s portrayal of Dave York, a former colleague of Robert McCall, brings depth to the narrative. Pascal’s star has risen prominently in recent years, garnering acclaim for his notable performances in the widely popular series Game of Thrones and his captivating role in the hit Star Wars series, The Mandalorian. His on-screen charisma and range make him a perfect fit for the world of The Equalizer 2. Pedro Pascal is also known for his portrayal of Joel Miller in HBO’s¬†The Last of Us.

  • Ashton Sanders as Miles Whittaker

Ashton Sanders delivers a riveting performance as Miles Whittaker, a young artist caught in the midst of chaos. Sanders gained prominence with his critically acclaimed role in the coming-of-age drama Moonlight, which garnered widespread recognition. His talent and ability to convey emotional depth make his portrayal of Miles truly remarkable in The Equalizer 2. Sanders is also known for his role in Wu-Tang: An American Saga.

  • Orson Bean as Sam Rubinstein

The late Orson Bean infuses charm and warmth into his portrayal of Sam Rubinstein, an elderly individual in need of assistance. Bean’s extensive film, television, and theater career spanned several decades, leaving a lasting impression through memorable appearances in shows such as Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, and films like Being John Malkovich. His presence in The Equalizer 2 adds a touch of seasoned wisdom and authenticity.

  • Melissa Leo as Susan Plummer

Melissa Leo takes on the role of Susan Plummer, a former colleague of Robert McCall. Leo’s remarkable talent has earned her critical acclaim, including an Academy Award for her role in The Fighter. She has also made a significant impact in popular TV series such as Treme and Homicide: Life on the Street. Leo’s ability to embody complex characters adds depth and emotional weight to The Equalizer 2.

Here is a list of other actors you will see in The Equalizer 2:

  • Bill Pullman¬†as Brian Plummer
  • Jonathan Scarfe¬†as Resnik
  • Sakina Jaffrey¬†as Fatima
  • Kazy Tauginas as Ari
  • Garrett Golden as Kovac
  • Tamara Hickey¬†as Grace Braelick
  • Rhys Cote as Grace’s daughter
  • Adam Karst as Grace’s Turkish ex-husband
  • Antoine de Lartigue as Mr. Calbert
  • Abigail Marlowe as Jana Calbert

Is it possible to watch The Equalizer 2 using a free VPN?

Free VPNs may look good, but they have big risks. They don’t have the strong protection of paid VPNs. This means hackers could spy on you online or steal your personal information and bank details.

Free VPNs also limit how much data you can use. For example, TunnelBear only lets you use 500MB before disconnecting. That’s not enough to stream a full movie on Netflix before hitting the limit.

We recommend choosing a reliable paid VPN like ExpressVPN, even if it costs some money. With ExpressVPN, you get lots of data, strong encryption, and peace of mind your information is secure.

Then you can watch anything online without worrying about hackers or running out of data. We tested ExpressVPN, and it works great for streaming Netflix shows and movies like Divergent and Cocaine Bear.

Why is ExpressVPN the best choice to watch The Equalizer 2 on Netflix?

ExpressVPN is a top-quality VPN service that experts and customers love. Our review shows it’s great for speed, security, and reliability.

In our tests, ExpressVPN was super fast. It reached speeds up to 91Mbps for downloading and 84Mbps for uploading, even with a 100Mbps connection. This means you can access blocked content smoothly and stream Netflix movies like Megan or Yellowstone anywhere without buffering. Their Australian servers are excellent for streaming Netflix’s Divergent.

One ExpressVPN subscription lets you use it on up to 5 devices at the same time. This makes it easy to share with family and friends. The user-friendly apps work on Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, PlayStation, Xbox, and more. Their Lightway protocol gives fast connections with strong encryption so you can access websites and stream anything.

With 49% off the 15-month plan, ExpressVPN costs just $6.67 per month. This is a cost-effective solution backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee for risk-free testing. Their 24/7 customer support provides prompt help whenever you need it. For great speed, price, and service, ExpressVPN is a solid choice for private and convenient internet access.

The Equalizer 2 – FAQs

Yes, The Equalizer 2 is the direct sequel to the 2014 movie, The Equalizer, which is based on the 1985 action thriller tv series of the same title.

The third installment of the popular action thriller film series is officially confirmed to release in September 2023 and is titled The Equalizer 3.

Robert McCall is an ordinary individual with extraordinary attributes. His proficiency, adaptability, and remarkable combat skills set him apart. McCall's true power stems from his resolute determination, astute strategic thinking, and unwavering dedication to righteousness. These qualities make him an imposing and formidable presence, ensuring that he leaves an indelible impact on those who oppose him.

The MPAA has assigned an R rating to The Equalizer 2, indicating its inclusion of intense and graphic scenes of violence, strong language, and depictions of drug use.

Viewer discretion is advised due to the film's portrayal of brutal and impactful violence, its use of explicit language, and drug-related content.

We have checked the American Netflix library and could not find The Equalizer 2 streaming, and there is no word about its release date either.

Therefore the best way to watch the movie on Netflix is by following the above-mentioned steps.

The Equalizer 2 started streaming on Netflix in the Canadian library on November 28, 2020.

What else can you watch on Netflix?

Netflix has a lot of content in its arsenal. Here is a list of some of the most popular titles that you can watch on Netflix after The Equalizer 2:

  1. Rick and Morty
  2. Annabelle
  3. Bullet Train
  4. The Conjuring 3
  5. Spiderman into the spider-verse
  6. Hotel Transylvania 3
  7. Attack on Titan
  8. Friends
  9. The Walking Dead
  10. Spider-Man: No Way Home
  11. Naruto Shippuden
  12. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Wrap Up

If you have followed the blog, you can now watch The Equalizer 2 on Netflix from the US or anywhere else in the world.

We have tested ExpressVPN to unblock American Netflix from Australia and vice versa, and it worked flawlessly.

Therefore we highly recommend using ExpressVPN to watch all your favorite movies, TV shows, and animated series which are geo-restricted in your country.

Written by Mickel Clark

Mickel is a streaming aficionado who loves nothing more than to pen down his thoughts about the movies, anime and TV shows he has watched and likes sharing hacks on how to stream them online.