Is Netflix offering a free trial| How to get the Netflix free Trial in 2023? (Tested)

how to get netflix free trial

If you take a look at the overall history of the OTT platforms, Netflix started it all. Back in the day, cable TV networks were the primary source of entertainment at a household level. This entertainment distribution was super restricting for most of us.

But in the year 1997, Netflix made its first appearance in America. The rest, as they say, is history. Today, Network has become a global OTT sensation ahead of its competitors. It is normal to say that Netflix has a monopoly over the OTT industry.

How to Get Netflix 1 month free trial in 2022

Netflix offers one month’s free trial inĀ VietnamĀ and Kenya on Android phones. If you reside in the countries mentioned above, all you need is an Android Phone, and you can get the Netflix 1-month free trial.

If you are residing in the US, UK, or anywhere else then, follow these steps to get the Netflix free subscription:

  1. Get ExpressVPN for Netflix (30day free trial)
  2. Download the VPN app on your Android phone
  3. Select a Vietnamese IP address from the list
  4. Now open on your phone
  5. Enter your email address and select the password
  6. Netflix will not ask for a payment method
  7. Done! enjoy streaming Netflix for 1 month freeĀ 
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What else can you do with a Netflix VPN?

A VPN for Netflix lets you unblock American Netflix in Canada or anywhere else, which means you can watch geo-restricted content anywhere.

The movie “Saving Private Ryan” is not available anywhere on Netflix except the American library. You can get ExpressVPN, select a US IP address, and stream it from anywhere in the world.

You can also try a free VPN to unblock Netflix, but it won’t work. We have tested several free VPN services and got the Netflix error code M:7037-1111 a lot of times.

Additionally, the slow streaming speed and the frequent disconnections with a free VPN can ruin the streaming experience. Therefore it is highly advised to get a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN and watch your favorite movies and TV shows on Netflix.

ExpressVPN is offering a 30day money-back guarantee on its annual plan, which means you can get your money back if you don’t like the VPN service. There is no loss for you in this deal, so what are you waiting for?

The Netflix promise

The Netflix promise was super simple. To provide quality entertainment at the very core level of a household. The very concept behind the launch of Netflix was to revolutionize the way people usually watch their favorite shows. Today, Netflix hosts the vastest database of series and movies available throughout the globe.

If you look at the company’s official site, its vision statement is quite resonating with this idea.Ā ‘Becoming the best global entertainment distribution service.’ And almost after two decades after its launch, Netflix can finally claim that they have achieved the vision of its founders.

What the future holds?

Netflix is planning some massive changes shortly. These changes cover the internal working dynamics of the platform and services distribution models. But one thing is quite straightforward, Netflix has attained a spot where getting beaten by the competition is not something that can’t happen. Disney+, Amazon Prime, and other OTT services are investing heavily in content development and acquisition which is a threat to Netflix.

That’s why the service provider is now focusing on enhancing the service end of the platform. Netflix is all set to shake up the ratings and progress indicators of the platform altogether. The estimations would be made upon the hours watched rather than Netflix accounts used in a particular region. Similarly, the distribution plans are set to include new partner countries in the Netflix program.

How to Netflix free trial | Get Netflix free Subscription in 2022

Before getting deep into the Netflix free trial dynamics, you need to understand that the Netflix free trial has finally ended in most countries. The reasons behind this step will be explained in detail later on.Ā 

The free trial feature offered is considered a genius OTT marketing strategy. This was the very reason why so many people signed up to Netflix and potentially got addicted to the quality content provided by the platform. The free trial usually lasts from 1 month to 3 months, depending on your country.

Why have the trials now stopped | Is Netflix offering one month’s free trial?

The major reason behind stopping the free trials by the platform is that it no longer requires this level of a marketing campaign. As an OTT platform, Netflix has become a brand with great stability. The name of the platform alone is enough to market the platform.

Also, the whole free trial campaign was suitable for a particular time frame, at the time when Netflix was still expanding in countries throughout the globe. That’s why the budget intake for such campaigns is usually high, and Netflix believes that now there is no need for that.

The dark side of the free trials privilegeĀ 

Netflix initiated the whole free trial campaign to promote its services throughout the globe. Today, the majority of the OTT platforms other than Netflix are offering these services. This is more like an approach to get to the level of Netflix in one way or the other. The whole free-trial campaign was successful, no doubt about that.

But with the rise in popularity of Netflix, the whole Netflix subscription scam reached new heights. The scam included selling Netflix profiles to consumers at a very affordable. But on the contrary, the scamming agent was paying nothing for these IDs in the first place as a part of the free trial.

Why can’t you sign up for a Netflix free trial now?

1- Change in the marketing strategy

This is why you can’t access Netflix’s free trial anymore. The platform doesn’t need to host such campaigns throughout the globe. According to experts, the Netflix platform has become completely sustainable. Consumers are now attracted to the Netflix services on their own.

But to reach such a level of success, the Netflix free trial campaigns played a vital role. The very same reason why the majority of the rising OTT platforms follow Netflix’s free trial campaign models. But Netflix itself has finally bid a farewell to the free trial campaigns mostly.

2- Misuse of trial models

The Netflix free trial campaign was a massive success. This campaign alone made Netflix a global sensation in a few years. But, the misuse of these campaigns has downgraded the customer acquisition statistics for Netflix as well.

Scammers usually ran campaigns where accounts were sold at a very affordable rate. But the accounts used to get blocked on their own once Netflix authorities found out about their misuse. This led to court cases springing up in certain countries around the globe, forcing Netflix to pay attention to its security usage dynamics.

3- Free sampling

Although this is not confirmed yet, Netflix is on its way to making some major changes in its marketing campaigns. Some experts believe that a halt on the free trial campaign is also a part of the major marketing upgrades in the Netflix services.

Netflix is seriously considering following the free sampling campaign this time. The platform is looking forward to allowing users to enjoy some Netflix originals and documentaries completely free for a certain amount of time. This will lead to consumers getting a detailed idea about the quality entertainment service the platform is providing in the first place.

How to Get Netflix free trial for 3 months?

1- Selecting the right network provider

The Netflix free trial program has ended in most countries. The platform itself has made the decision. But there are still some tactics to enjoy the classic Netflix three-month free trial. The very first one is to focus on the network service provider.

There are network service providers specific to the region you reside in strategic deals with Netflix. These deals allow the new or existing users of the Network to enjoy Netflix’s free trial services just like in the old days.

2- Harnessing the power of VPNs

Netflix as an OTT platform is not restricted to the United States alone. The platform has its presence in major countries throughout the globe. But still, there are countries where Netflix streaming services have just started. These are the countries targeted by the Netflix free trial campaigns. You just need to harness the power of a VPN to get your free trial.

First, get a reliable and powerful VPN. Once you have got the VPN, you need to search countries still enjoying the three-month Netflix free trial. Once you have located such a country, connect the VPN to the server of that country. Now you can make a new account and enjoy the Netflix three-month trial.

3- Looking for discount coupons

Looking for Netflix’s 3-month free trial doesn’t mean getting three months of free streaming for the platform itself. You can get similar or even longer streaming benefits by looking for coupons. Netflix usually collaborates with companies and service providers on a local level.

With some research, you can find out companies that collaborate with Netflix. Now, you can get discount coupons from these companies that will apply to your Netflix account. As a result, you can enjoy Netflix for a certain period completely free of cost.

Get Netflix free trial for one month | Netflix 1 month freeĀ 

1- Using a virtual credit card

Compared to the three-month free trial dynamics, the one-month free trial campaign is still active in the majority of the countries. Netflix is also in close collaborations with corporates and organizations, offering free one-month Netflix trials against certain services.

Quite recently, financial giants around the globe have launched a virtual credit card campaign. The card is similar to the credit card we all carry around in our wallets in terms of services. Using a virtual credit card can easily allow you to enjoy Netflix’s one-month free trial. You just need to make sure that the credit card is active.

2- Accessing country-specific Netflix service

Like the Netflix three-month free trial, the one-month trial is also country-specific. The chances are that outside USA and major European countries, you will be able to access the one-month free trial service. Netflix has just started ending the free trial campaign and is analyzing results in the European countries.

But let’s say you cannot access the free trial service in your country. The best way to cope with this issue is to use VPN again. Connect to the virtual server where the free one-month Netflix trial is still available. Create a separate account and enjoy.

Final Note

Netflix has revolutionized the OTT platform distribution throughout the globe. From a company that was restricted to the US, Netflix has now become a global sensation, with Netflix’s original breaking all sorts of records. It is convenient for the platform to end the free-trial programs and explore new marketing streams.

Written by Mickel Clark

Mickel is a streaming aficionado who loves nothing more than to pen down his thoughts about the movies, anime and TV shows he has watched and likes sharing hacks on how to stream them online.