Is The Emoji Movie on Netflix| How to watch The Emoji Movie on Netflix in 2023?

The Emoji Movie Netflix

The Emoji Movie blows an imaginative concept on a skeptical commercial masked as a family film made by Sony Pictures in 2017 and directed by Tony Leondis. The film portrays the story of an emoji inside a teen’s phone, Gene is an emoji born without a filter, able to make versatile expressions beyond his designated “meh” look.

After wrecking an app, Gene goes on the run with Hi-5 and hacker emoji Jailbreak to find code that can make him normal.

This blog will discuss everything you need to know about the movie and where and how to watch The Emoji Movie on Netflix, so read till the end.

Is The Emoji Movie on Netflix?

The Emoji Movie is available on Netflix but in limited countries like Australia and the UK. If you reside in the United States or Canada, you won’t find it in your Netflix library, and that is due to copyrights and content licensing issues.

However, you can easily watch The Emoji Movie on Netflix from anywhere with a reliable VPN and this blog is all about it.

How to watch The Emoji Movie on Netflix in 2023?

The Emoji Movie is available on Netflix but only in Australia and some other countires. Get ExpressVPN to change your IP address to an Australian IP and watch The Emoji Movie in the US and Canada.

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The Emoji Movie Netflix countries

The Emoji Movie is a surprisingly enjoyable film with colorful and vibrant animation that attracted viewers to explore where they can watch it online.

Our team of experts has checked several Netflix libraries and found the movie in the Netflix library of the following countries:

  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Philippines
  • Poland
  • United Kingdom
  • Spain
  • Others

The Emoji Movie release date

The Emoji Movie was released in theaters on July 28, 2017, and generated $217 million worldwide revenue.

While receiving mixed reviews from critics, the movie proved profitable, making over 4 times its budget, and got nominated for many awards,  including Golden Raspberry Awards and Kids’ Choice Awards.

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The Emoji Movie Trailer

The Emoji Movie | What to expect

Inside the bustling city of Textopolis, within a teen’s phone, Gene is an emoji born without a filter who can make a variety of expressions, disrupting the city’s strict rules. After wrecking an app, Gene is labeled a malfunction and must make his way to The Cloud to be deleted before his actions bring down the whole phone.

Emoji Misfits on an App Adventure

Gene teams up with Hi-5, a once-popular hand emoji trying to regain relevance, and Jailbreak, a hacker emoji disguised as a princess. Jailbreak believes The Cloud has code that can make Gene normal and fix Hi-5’s damaged hand.

Pursued by robots dispatched by Smiler, a creepy smiley emoji obsessed with perfection, the trio embarks on a quest through various apps to reach The Cloud and rewrite Gene’s code.

Data Dangers on the Path to The Cloud

Traveling through Candy Crush, Spotify, Just Dance, and more, the group evades capture while confronted with the shady data practices of the apps.

After helping a bot achieve his dream of becoming a dancer, they reach the trash and make their way to The Cloud. Smiler eventually deletes the bot, showing how interchangeable apps view emojis.

Free to Be Me

In The Cloud, Gene accepts his uniqueness after Hi-5 sacrifices his hand, and Jailbreak rallies emojis to resist Smiler’s oppression.

Gene uses his multifaced expressiveness to reboot the phone, restoring Hi-5 and saving Textopolis. In the end, Gene celebrates joining the newly inclusive world where all emojis are free to be themselves.

The Cast of The Emoji Movie

The film’s cast is a mix of big-name stars and up-and-coming talent. Here is a look at the cast members and their most notable roles:

  • T.J. Miller as Gene: Miller is a well-known comedian and actor who has starred in films such as Deadpool, Silicon Valley, and The Lego Movie. He provides the voice of Gene, an emoji that is accidentally programmed with multiple expressions.
  • James Corden as Hi-5: Corden is a British actor and comedian who is best known for hosting the Late Late Show. He provides the voice of Hi-5, a popular emoji who is Gene’s best friend.
  • Anna Faris as Smiler: Faris is an American actress who has starred in films such as The House Bunny, Scary Movie, and Mom. She provides the voice of Smiler, a female emoji who is Gene’s love interest.
  • Maya Rudolph as Jailbreak: Rudolph is an American actress and comedian who has starred in films such as Bridesmaids, The Good Place, and Saturday Night Live. She provides the voice of Jailbreak, a hacker emoji who helps Gene on his journey.
  • Jennifer Coolidge as Smiler’s Mom: Coolidge is an American actress who has starred in films such as American Pie, Legally Blonde, and 2 Broke Girls. She provides the voice of Smiler’s Mom, a strict emoji who disapproves of Gene.

Can I Watch The Emoji Movie with a Free VPN?

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What else can you watch on Netflix?

Netflix has some of the best movies and tv shows. Cocaine Bear was released on Netflix in Canadian regions. We all are eagerly waiting for John Wick 4 to release on Netflix.

Until that happens, here are a few popular movies and tv shows.

The Emoji Movie is now streaming on Netflix, and you can watch it by following the above-mentioned steps.

The movie is also available on Amazon Freevee, TBS, and TNT for streaming in the United States. Direct TV cable subscribers can watch The Emoji Movie online for free on TV. In Canada the movie is only available on Clubillico.


The Emoji Movie is not streaming on Amazon Prime Video in the US, Canada, or the UK. We have checked several Prime libraries and could not find The Emoji Movie streaming in a single country. However, the movie is available for rent on Amazon Prime.

The best way to watch The Emoji Movie is on Netflix with an ExpressVPN account if you live in USA or Canada.

The Emoji Movie is not streaming on Hulu nor on Disney Plus globally. The movie is only available in certain Netflix libraries which you can access with a workable VPN like ExpressVPN.

The Emoji Movie was made with a budget of $50 million which includes production cost, marketing, and distribution. The movie grossed $217 million globally and was loved by viewers and hated by critics.

David Ehrlich really did not like The Emoji Movie. His review for IndieWire gave it a very bad D rating. He said the movie is just a big advertisement pretending to be a film. It has a silly plot about Spotify saving the world and Sir Patrick Stewart voicing poop. Ehrlich thought the movie was way worse than even really sad things happening in real life.

Alonso Duralde also hated The Emoji Movie. In his review for TheWrap, he called it a complete disaster with nothing good about it. Duralde said the movie is not funny, creative, entertaining or interesting at all. He felt the movie was a total waste of time that had no good qualities.

Overall, both critics thought The Emoji Movie was an awful and pointless film with nothing enjoyable or artistic about it whatsoever. They agreed it was a bad advertisement disguised as a movie.

The Emoji Movie was nominated for several awards and won Worst Picture, Worst Director, Worst Screen Combo, and Worst Screenplay at the 38th Golden Raspberry Awards.

Wrap Up

The Emoji Movie is a fun and heartwarming film with a positive message of being yourself. If you’re looking for a family-friendly film that will make you laugh, I would definitely recommend checking it out.

We have tested ExpressVPN to watch The Emoji Movie on Netflix, and it worked perfectly in changing our Netflix library. Therefore we highly recommend it to all our readers.

Written by Jessica Lynch

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