Is Godfather of Harlem on Netflix? | How to watch Godfather of Harlem online in 2023?

Godfather of Harlem Netflix

Godfather of Harlem is an American Crime Drama Series. It is written by Chris Brancato and Paul Eckstein. Forest Whitaker is the lead star in the series, and he is the executive producer alongside Nina Yang Bongiovi, James Acheson, John Ridley, and Markuann Smith. The Production companies were ABC Signature Studios and Significant Productions. The Theme Music was composed by Mark Isham, while the opening theme, “Just in Case,” was composed by Swizz Beatz.

Are you looking to watch The Godfather (1972)? The movie has been released on Netflix and streaming right now.

Is Godfather of Harlem on Netflix?

If you search Godfather of Harlem on Netflix, you won’t be able to see the title on your screen. That is because the series is not available to stream on Netflix anywhere in the world. But we have listed some alternate streaming hacks for you.

How to Watch Godfather of Harlem on Amazon Prime Video?

Godfather of harlem Netflix

The Godfather of Harlem is available to stream on Prime Video but in limited locations. Here is the catch; you can not directly stream the series on prime video. You will need an Epix Amazon channel addon to watch Godfather of Harlem on Prime video.

If you are not in the United States and want to stream the series on Prime Video, here is what you need to do:

1- Get Express VPN for Prime Video (30day money-back guarantee)

2- Download and Install it on your device

3- Select an American server from the list

4- Open Prime Video in your browser

5- Search Godfather of Harlem or click here

6- Enjoy

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Note: You can stream the Godfather of Harlem on prime video with an Epix channel addon, which costs around $0.99/month for two months.

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Watching Godfather of Harlem on Prime Video with ExpressVPN | Detailed Explanation

Our dedicated team of streaming specialists conducted extensive testing on ExpressVPN’s performance when it comes to accessing and enjoying a wide range of series and movies on Amazon Prime.

Below, we outline the step-by-step process we followed while watching Godfather of Harlem on Prime Video with ExpressVPN, providing comprehensive details:

1- Sign up for ExpressVPN

To gain access to the US library of Prime Video, it is essential to have an active ExpressVPN account subscription by availing yourself of ExpressVPN, which is affordably priced at $6.67/m and comes with a reassuring 30-day money-back guarantee.

With ExpressVPN, you unlock the extensive Prime Video catalog and also gain the ability to explore different Netflix regions, access Hulu from anywhere, and even enjoy BBC’s news coverage.

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2- Download it on your preferred device

Upon completing the subscription process, proceed to download the user-friendly ExpressVPN application on your preferred device. ExpressVPN caters to a wide range of daily-use devices, ensuring compatibility across various platforms such as PC, Mac, iPhone, Linux, and Android devices.

Additionally, you can connect up to five devices simultaneously using a single ExpressVPN subscription.

3- Connect to an American server

After successfully downloading and signing in, select an American server from the country list provided within the application.

Since the Godfather of Harlem series is exclusively available on Amazon Prime in the US, it is imperative to obtain an American IP address for seamless viewing.

4- Enjoy

Once you have established a connection to an American IP address, open your preferred web browser or the Prime Video app, search for Godfather of Harlem, and voila! The series will appear on your screen, so click the play button and enjoy.

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Note: We have also tested NordVPN to watch Godfather of Harlem on Amazon Prime, and it worked perfectly. It is your choice to decide between the two.

Where else to watch Godfather of Harlem in the US?

If you are residing in the United States and want to stream Godfather of Harlem on Netflix US, chances are you won’t be successful. This is because the series is not on Netflix US. However, here are some streaming options for you.

  • Direct TV
  • Epix
  • Hulu (1 season)
  • Roku channel

Where to watch Godfather of Harlem in the UK?

If you are from the UK, and want to watch Godfather of Harlem online, the best option you have is to watch Godfather of Harlem on Prime Video with a VPN.

Follow these easy steps below and enjoy watching the show from the UK without any problems:

1- Get Express VPN for Prime Video (30day money-back guarantee)

2- Select a US IP from the list

3- Open Prime Video in the browser or app

4- Search Godfather of Harlem on Prime

5- Enjoy

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Note: You will need Starz Play Amazon channel addon to stream the show on Amazon Prime UK. If you don’t have an active amazon prime subscription, watch the season on Virgin TV Go.

Note: If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, check out how to watch 1923 on Prime Video.

Godfather of Harlem – Release Date

Godfather of Halem released its first episode aired on September 29, 2019. The show has been well-received by viewers and critics and has an 8.1/10 rating on IMDb and a fresh score of 92% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Along with its high ratings, in 2020, the series won the Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Main Title Design. However, The cast was nominated at the NAACP Image Awards for Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Actor in Drama Series, and Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. Godfather of Harlem has made quite a reputation for itself.

Godfather of Harlem – Official Trailer

Godfather of Harlem – What to Expect from the Show?

Godfather of Harlem invites audiences on an immersive journey through the bustling streets of New York City, immersing us in the tumultuous struggles and ambitions of a captivating central character. Against the vibrant and ever-changing backdrop of the city, the series intricately explores the multifaceted realm of crime, power dynamics, and the relentless pursuit of justice.

The Return of Bumpy Johnson

At the heart of the story lies the compelling return of Bumpy Johnson, a legendary figure recently freed from incarceration. As he reemerges onto the bustling streets of Harlem, Bumpy finds himself confronted with a transformed landscape and a new generation of adversaries. Driven by an unwavering determination to reclaim his influential position and safeguard his community, Bumpy embarks on a fervent mission to regain his esteemed status as the Godfather of Harlem.

Navigating Challenges and Forming Alliances

Throughout the series, viewers bear witness to the formidable challenges Bumpy encounters while maneuvering the treacherous realm of organized crime. Rival gangs, corrupt officials, and even treachery from within his own ranks constantly threaten to undermine his authority. Undeterred, Bumpy deftly forges unexpected alliances with influential individuals who share his vision of an improved Harlem, constructing a formidable network of support in his relentless pursuit of justice.

A Captivating Historical Context

Godfather of Harlem not only captivates with its engrossing narrative but also envelops viewers in the vivid tapestry of historical events of the era. Set against the backdrop of the turbulent 1960s, the series masterfully weaves together real-life occurrences and the presence of historical figures, providing a tantalizing glimpse into the civil rights movement and the complex web of social and political tensions that defined the time. Through its authentic portrayal of the era, the show prompts profound contemplation of the intricate dynamics of race, power, and the arduous struggle for equality.

An Unforgettable Ensemble

The series showcases an extraordinary ensemble cast, breathing life into an array of captivating characters. Guided by a magnetic portrayal from the exceptionally talented lead, the cast delivers nuanced performances that delve deep into the realms of ambition, loyalty, and the capacity for personal transformation. Their dynamic interactions and layered acting prowess further enrich the enthralling narrative, ensuring that viewers are consistently enthralled.

Escalating Tensions

As the story unfurls, tensions surge, and the stakes reach staggering heights. Bumpy’s tumultuous journey becomes intertwined with the pulsating heartbeat of Harlem, and the series impeccably captures the essence of the neighborhood’s vibrant culture, its music, and the indomitable spirit of its people. With each successive episode, the audience becomes increasingly invested in the fate of Bumpy and the intricately woven relationships that envelop him.

The Cast of Godfather of Harlem

Godfather of Harlem, a captivating crime drama set against the vibrant backdrop of Harlem, features an outstanding ensemble cast that breathes life into its compelling characters.

  • Forest Whitaker as Bumpy Johnson

With his mesmerizing portrayal, Forest Whitaker captivates as the iconic Bumpy Johnson, the central character of the series. Whitaker’s commanding presence and nuanced acting transport us into Bumpy’s intricate world. Renowned for his versatility, Whitaker has graced the screens in various celebrated projects, including his Oscar-winning performance in “The Last King of Scotland” and memorable roles in “Bird,” “The Butler,” and “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.”

  • Vincent D’Onofrio as Vincent “Chin” Gigante

Vincent D’Onofrio flawlessly embodies the role of Vincent “Chin” Gigante, a powerful figure within the New York Mafia. Known for his transformative performances, D’Onofrio has captivated audiences in both film and television. He gained widespread acclaim as Wilson Fisk, the menacing antagonist in the Marvel series “Daredevil,” and has showcased his talent in movies like “Full Metal Jacket,” “Jurassic World,” and “The Magnificent Seven.”

  • Giancarlo Esposito as Adam Clayton Powell Jr.

Giancarlo Esposito delivers a captivating portrayal of Adam Clayton Powell Jr., a prominent civil rights activist, and political figure. Esposito’s charismatic presence and profound acting skills infuse this influential character with life. Esposito’s notable work includes his critically acclaimed role as Gustavo “Gus” Fring in the hit series “Breaking Bad” and its prequel “Better Call Saul.” He has also made appearances in movies like “Do the Right Thing” and “The Usual Suspects.”

  • Ilfenesh Hadera as Mayme Johnson

Ilfenesh Hadera portrays Mayme Johnson, Bumpy Johnson’s wife, with grace and strength, adding depth to the character’s struggles and resilience. Hadera has left her mark in other notable productions, including her role as Opal Gilstrap in the film “Baywatch” and appearances in TV shows such as “Billions” and “She’s Gotta Have It.”

  • Nigel Thatch as Malcolm X

Nigel Thatch delivers a compelling portrayal of Malcolm X, the renowned civil rights leader and activist. Thatch’s performance authentically captures the charisma and passion of this iconic historical figure. Alongside his role in Godfather of Harlem, Thatch also portrayed Malcolm X in the film “Selma.” He has showcased his talent in TV series like “American Dreams” and “Valor.”

Other notable mentions are the following:

  • Lucy Fry as Stella Gigante
  • Kelvin Harrison Jr. as Teddy Greene
  • Rafi Gavron as Ernie Nunzi
  • Antoinette Crowe-Legacy as Elise Johnson
  • Erik LaRay Harvey as Del Chance
  • Demi Singleton as Margaret Johnson
  • Paul Sorvino as Frank Costello
  • Luis Guzmán as Alejandro “El Guapo” Villabuena

Why is ExpressVPN the best choice to watch Godfather of Harlem on Amazon Prime?

Godfather of Harlem is currently accessible for streaming on Amazon Prime within the US. However, individuals residing outside of the US may encounter challenges when attempting to stream the series. Thankfully, these limitations can be overcome by utilizing a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN is renowned for its exceptional performance. With unrivaled download speeds reaching up to 97Mbps and an impressive upload speed of 88Mbps on a 100Mbps internet connection, ExpressVPN ensures a seamless streaming experience of uncompromised quality.

Moreover, ExpressVPN seamlessly integrates with a wide array of operating systems, including Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Android. It also offers advanced features like Split Tunneling, Internet Kill Switch, and MediaStream DNS, all of which enhance your overall streaming experience.

ExpressVPN currently offers an additional three months of service completely free with its annual plan at an affordable rate of only $6.67 per month. This plan represents a remarkable 49% discount. Furthermore, a generous 30-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 customer support are provided for customer satisfaction.

Is it possible to watch Godfather of Harlem on Prime Video with a free VPN?

Using a free VPN is not something we advise due to the privacy and security concerns associated with it. Free VPNs cannot offer comprehensive online security, leaving you vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Our team of experts has extensively tested various free VPNs, and unfortunately, none of them delivered the premium experience we were seeking.

During our testing, we encountered frequent disconnections and frustratingly slow streaming speeds. Consequently, we strongly recommend investing in a premium VPN like ExpressVPN to enjoy uninterrupted streaming of your favorite movies and TV shows on Amazon Prime. With ExpressVPN, you can also create a watch party and stream movies with your friends and family by sharing your Prime screen via Discord.

Godfather of Harlem – FAQs

1- Is Godfather of Harlem based on a true story?

Yes, Godfather of Harlem draws inspiration from true events. The show delves into the captivating journey of Bumpy Johnson, an African American underworld figure who operated within the Harlem district during the 1960s. It intricately weaves together the historical context and the complex interplay between organized crime and the civil rights movement.

2- How old was Bumpy when he died?

At the time of his death, Bumpy Johnson, the public figure on who the show Godfather of Harlem is based, was 62 years old, leaving a lasting imprint as a highly influential African American figure in the realm of organized crime within the historical backdrop of Harlem during the 1960s.

3- Is there a season 4 of Godfather of Harlem?

The current status of Godfather of Harlem’s fourth season remains unknown, with no official announcements regarding its cancellation or renewal. The fate of the series beyond its existing seasons has not been disclosed at this time.

4- What else can I watch on Amazon Prime after Godfather of Harlem?

After Netflix, Amazon Prime has the biggest subscriber base in the streaming world. Here are a few popular movies and tv shows you should check out on Prime after watching Godfather of Harlem:

Wrap Up

After reading this blog, you are fully equipped to stream Godfather of Harlem on Amazon Prime. It is your choice; if you are outside the US, use a VPN to watch Godfather of Harlem on Prime Video with an Epix channel addon. If you are in the UK, use the Starz Play Amazon channel add-on to stream the movie on Prime Video UK.

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