Is Dragon Ball Z on Netflix? | Where to watch Dragon Ball Z Online in 2023?

Watch Dragon Ball Z on Netflix

Toei Animation created the Japanese anime popular TV show Dragon Ball Z. It is a sequel to the 1986 anime and an adaptation of the final 325 episodes of the Akira Toriyama-penned Dragon Ball manga. The show was telecasted on Fuji TV in Japan. It was eventually dubbed for international distribution in 81 countries.

Two follow-up television series, Dragon Ball GT (1996–1997) and Dragon Ball Super (2015-2018), were produced after Dragon Ball Z.

If you are here to find out if Dragon Ball Z is on Netflix or not and how to watch it online from anywhere in the world, then you have landed on the right page.

How to watch Dragon Ball Z on Funimation in 2023?

All seasons of Dragon Ball Z were previously available on Netflix. At the start of 2022, Dragon Ball Z was removed from Netflix. But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. You can watch Dragon Ball Z on Funimation for free.

All you need to do is sign up on Funimation with your email ID, and you are all set to watch Dragon Ball Z online. Follow these steps to get a detailed understanding:

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3- Select a US IP address from the country list

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7- Enjoy the anime

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Watching Dragon Ball Z on Funimation with ExpressVPN | Detailed Explanation

“The legendary Japanese anime series, Dragon Ball Z, has been removed from all Netflix libraries around the world. This is unfortunate news for anime fans that were eager to watch this classic series on Netflix, but there is an alternative to watching Dragon Ball Z on Netflix.

The name of that alternative is Funimation. Follow these detailed steps to watch Dragon Ball Z on Funimation from anywhere in the world:

1- Sign up for ExpressVPN

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3- Connect to an American server

Dragon Ball Z is streaming on Funimation in the US. You must choose an American server to acquire an American IP address to watch Dragon Ball Z on Funimation.

4- Enjoy

After connecting to an American server, open the Funimation website and search for Dragon Ball Z. You will see the anime appearing in front of you, so enjoy!

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Note: All seasons and episodes of Dragon Ball Z are available in the US Library of Funimation. If you are in Canada, the UK, or Australia, you won’t find Dragon Ball Z without ExpressVPN.

Is Dragon Ball Z on Netflix?

All seasons of Dragon Ball Z were available on Netflix in the past, but due to the copyrights, it was removed in 2022. But don’t worry; you can stream all episodes of Dragon Ball Z on Funimation by acquiring an American IP address with the help of a premium VPN service.

Dragon Ball Z – Release Date

The widely popular anime series, Dragon Ball Z, first debuted on Fuji Television on April 26, 1989. The beloved anime consists of 291 extremely entertaining episodes. Dragon Ball Z is considered to be one of the greatest anime series to ever exist and has maintained an 8.8/10 rating on IMDb, a fresh score of 75% on Rotten Tomatoes, and an 8.2/10 rating on MyAnimeList, even after so many years. This proves the impact this anime has made on the genre.

Dragon Ball Z – Trailer

Dragon Ball Z – What to Expect from the Anime?

Prepare to be captivated by the immersive cosmic conflict portrayed in Dragon Ball Z, where viewers are transported into a vast and enthralling universe. Led by the unwavering heroism of Goku, accompanied by his faithful band of Z Fighters, this epic saga unfolds as they bravely confront powerful adversaries hailing from every corner of the cosmos.

The stakes are nothing short of monumental, as the destiny of the entire world teeters on a precipice, igniting a series of battles that surpass the boundaries of imagination. Brace yourself for an awe-inspiring display of martial prowess, as the warriors involved push the very limits of their strength and determination to unprecedented heights.

A Celestial Clash of Good vs. Evil

Dragon Ball Z immerses its audience in a grand cosmic conflict pitting valiant warriors against malevolent forces. Led by the indomitable Goku, the embodiment of heroism, and accompanied by the loyal Z Fighters, the saga unveils a clash of epic proportions.

These noble champions square off against formidable adversaries hailing from the far reaches of the universe, their battle determining the very fate of the world. Brace yourself for an adrenaline-fueled spectacle as the limits of strength and determination are tested to their utmost.

Unleashing Extraordinary Powers

The tapestry of Dragon Ball Z unfolds as Goku and his comrades tap into the depths of their inner power, unlocking awe-inspiring abilities. Witness the explosive spectacle of the Super Saiyan transformation, where raw might surges to unimaginable levels.

Masterful control over energy blasts and martial arts techniques are wielded with finesse, presenting jaw-dropping displays of superhuman prowess. With each new trial they face, these valiant warriors push beyond their limits, unveiling dazzling new forms and astonishing abilities.

Emotional Journeys and Character Growth

Beyond the breathtaking action, Dragon Ball Z delves into the profound personal journeys undertaken by its cherished characters. Triumphs and tribulations intertwine, illuminating themes of loyalty, familial bonds, and self-discovery.

Goku’s unwavering resolve, Vegeta’s relentless pursuit of redemption, and Gohan’s transformative coming-of-age tale are mere glimpses into the intricate tapestry of character development woven throughout the series.

Alliances and Rivalries

Dragon Ball Z weaves a captivating tapestry of relationships, where alliances and rivalries constantly evolve. The rivalry between Goku and Vegeta, once filled with animosity, slowly blossoms into a profound mutual respect forged through countless battles.

Meanwhile, enduring friendships between figures such as Piccolo, Krillin, and Bulma add layers of depth and emotional resonance to the narrative. The ebb and flow of allegiances, coupled with unexpected unions, intricately shape the multilayered web of connections, intensifying the overarching story’s complexity.

Unveiling Enigmatic Mysteries

As the series unfurls, Dragon Ball Z unravels cosmic enigmas and ancient prophecies that indelibly shape the destinies of its characters. The quest for the fabled Dragon Balls, mystical artifacts that bestow wishes, propels the narrative forward.

Hidden truths concerning the Saiyan race, Goku’s origins, and the delicate equilibrium of cosmic forces gradually emerge, imbuing the saga with an aura of mystery and intrigue. Prepare to be enthralled as layers of cosmic secrets are artfully peeled away, revealing a captivating and ever-expanding mythology.

The Cast of Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z, the classic anime series that has captured the hearts of fans across generations, features a diverse and talented cast of voice actors. From mighty Saiyan warriors to wise martial arts mentors, each character contributes uniquely to the epic tale.

  • Masako Nozawa as Goku/Gohan

Goku is the central character of Dragon Ball Z. He is a valiant Saiyan who fearlessly defends Earth against formidable adversaries, and Gohan is his compassionate and courageous son who grows up to be a strong warrior just like his father.

Masako Nozawa portrays both Goku and Gohan in the series and her versatile performance has reached legendary status, perfectly embodying the characters’ unwavering determination and indomitable spirit. Apart from her memorable performance in Dragon Ball Z, Nozawa has also showcased her distinct vocal talents in popular anime series like One Piece.

  • Ryo Horikawa as Vegeta

The enigmatic and multi-dimensional anti-hero, Vegeta, is brought to life by the exceptionally talented Ryo Horikawa. Sabat skillfully depicts Vegeta’s transformation from a fierce antagonist to an unexpected ally, demonstrating his versatility as a voice actor.

In addition to his captivating performance in Dragon Ball Z, Horikawa has lent his voice to various other prominent anime series, including Detective Conan: Magic Files, solidifying his prominent position in the world of voice acting.

  • Toshio Furukawa as Piccolo

Piccolo, the stoic Namekian warrior and mentor to Gohan, who was originally a main antagonist in the original Dragon Ball, is voiced by Toshio Furukawa. Furukawa’s commanding voice perfectly captures Piccolo’s wisdom and strength, establishing him as an integral part of the Dragon Ball Z universe. He has also lent his voice in the hit shonen anime series, Hunter X Hunter.

  • Ryusei Nakao as Frieza

The merciless and cunning Frieza is portrayed by Ryusei Nakao. Nakao infuses the character with a chilling and sinister quality. He has also lent his voice to Mayuri Kurotsuchi in the hit shonen anime series Bleach.

  • Hiromi Tsuru as Bulma

Hiromi Tsuru’s skillful portrayal breathes life into the dynamic character of Bulma. With a deft touch, Tsuru captures Bulma’s spirited nature and resourcefulness, establishing her as a central figure in the series. Bulma’s intellect and knack for innovation make her an invaluable asset in the ongoing adventures of the Z Fighters. Other than Dragon Ball Z, Hiromi Tsuru has also voiced in the anime Blue Exorcist.

Other names that are attached to Dragon Ball Z’s cast are:

  • Mayumi Tanaka as Krillin
  • Naoko Watanabe as Chi-Chi
  • Takeshi Kusao as Future Trunks
  • Kohei Miyauchi as Master Roshi
  • Toru Furuya as Yamcha
  • Koichi Yamadera as Tien Shinhan
  • Joji Yanami as King Kai

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Is it possible to watch Dragon Ball Z using a free VPN?

It is strongly discouraged by us to depend on Free VPN services as they have frequently demonstrated themselves to be unreliable alternatives. Instead, we wholeheartedly endorse investing in a trustworthy and secure premium VPN service, like ExpressVPN, if you desire a smooth and uninterrupted streaming experience for Dragon Ball Z or any other content on Funimation.

Dragon Ball Z – FAQs

1- How many years did Dragon Ball Z last?

The legendary anime series that has been capturing the hearts of anime fans for over three decades, Dragon Ball Z, first debuted on April 26, 1989, and ran for 291 episodes in total till airing its final episode on January 31, 1996.

2- Is Dragon Ball Z famous?

Dragon Ball Z is considered to be one of the greatest if not the greatest and the most popular shonen anime series of all time. The anime is adapted from the best selling manga Dragon Ball by Akira Toriyama, and is the sequel to the original Dragon Ball (1986).

3- Which Dragon Ball to watch first?

Dragon Ball Z is the direct sequel to the 1986 anime series called Dragon Ball. The correct order to watch all Dragon Ball series is the following.

  1. Dragon Ball (1986)
  2. Dragon Ball Z (1989)
  3. Dragon Ball Super (2015)

The reason we haven’t include Dragon Ball GT (1996) is because it is not a part of the original Dragon Ball story.

4- Is Dragon Ball Z more famous than Naruto?

Many anime fans have been arguing for years about which anime is more famous, Dragon Ball? or Naruto? The answer to this question depends on the generation we are talking about. While Naruto is a part of the Big Three in shonen animes, its popularity is among the fans from early 2000s, and Dragon Ball has been around for much longer, that’s why it is possible that the majority of Dragon Ball Z fans are from late 90s. Both animes are famous in there own sense.

What animes can you watch on Netflix?

Dragon Ball Z is not available on Netflix anymore; however, you don’t have to worry because Netflix still has a lot to offer. Here is a list of the best anime on Netflix to satisfy your anime lovers:

  1. Tokyo Revengers
  2. Fullmetal Alchemist
  3. Attack on Titans
  4. Sword Art Online
  5. Disastrous Life of Saiki K
  6. Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?
  7. Death Note
  8. Code Geass
  9. Ouran High School Host Club
  10. Hunter x Hunter
  11. Naruto Shippuden
  12. Boruto: Naruto Next Generation
  13. Jujutsu Kaisen

Wrap Up

Dragon Ball Z is one of the biggest and most popular animes of all time. It is unfortunate that the series is not available on Netflix anymore. But fans of anime can still watch Dragon Ball Z on Funimation.

Follow our step-by-step guide and utilize a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN to acquire an American IP address and stream all episodes of this classic anime on Funimation from anywhere in the world.

Written by Mickel Clark

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